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Guys Next Door

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The “Chinese Cold” isn’t Covid-19, but may as well be interchangeable. Just to differentiate this world from our’s.

I knew that kids these days were into things we didn’t really get to do, when we’re that age. Now, my parents were hippies, so I heard stories before the AIDS crisis put a bit of a damper on the free love culture.

Then, I met Paul, and we got married. Had kids, and sent them off to school, before this Chinese Cold crisis hit, and it was like the Hepatitus scare all over again. So, , I had to home school, and i didn’t think anything of it, at the time.

Paul offered to go out, and do yard work, I suppose I just thought that was to get out of the house. Some fresh air, and sunshine, but then it got quiet, when the kids were reading. I realized what I didn’t hear, and went out to see if Paul was having trouble with the mower.

The grass was up to the tops of my ankle socks, and still damp from raining this morning. Which revealed the trail of his footprints, to follow around the corner of the house. He didn’t even go for the shed, where the mower was, and I vaguely remember him glancing out of the kitchen window, before he left.

He was just standing there, holding a pair of pruning shears, but nowhere near the overgrown apricot tree, by the gate. Instead, he was staring over the fence, and I noticed his hand, rubbing his crotch.

“One of the guys have a girlfriend over, again?” He dropped the pruning shears, then bent over to pick them up. Carry them over to the tree, and start cutting suckers off the lower branches, to cover his erection.

Now, I knew about Paul’s tastes, or some of them. The fact that he was a voyeur, and the kinds of pornography he liked to look at. From the history on the computer, before he started clearing it, and had to get some program to block the popups, when our eldest came to ask me about them.

On the computer, to get his lessons off the school website, they had to telecommute to stop the spread of the Chinese Cold.

“Huh!” I was surprised to see that no. The college guys next door hadn’t brought a girl over, to have a threesome with, again. It was just the 2 of them, Frank laid out on the couch, with a pornographic movie on the television, and his room-mate, Carl. Kneeling on the side of the couch, with his knee by his head, naked with his cock standing straight up, and Frank sucking his clean shaven scrotum. “Uh, that’s.” I shook my head, trying to find the words, “Incredibly sexy. Did you know that they were bisexual?”

Glancing over at the big screen TV, with the laptop set up on the side-board. Plugged in to show 2 women going at it, with a strap-on.

“They just stared, I guess.” My husband dropped the shears, and stopped pretending to do yard work, to come over, and watch with me. “You really think it’s sexy?”

“Two young horny guys, cooped up together, with no other way to satisfy their sexual urges, do you know how it happened?”

“I guess,’ he started feeling me up, “They didn’t tell me, or anything.” His breath hot on my neck, nuzzling my hair out of the way with his nose, and nibbling on my earlobe. “After they started banging the same chick, and then, like you said.” He pulled up the back of my blouse, to feel under it for the clasp on my bra.

“It’s in front.” I forget what he was doing, when I got dressed this morning, and chose a front clasp bra. “Huh!” I turned around in his arms, and closed my eyes, with the vision of them sucking dick next door, fresh in my head. “Uh!” He dropped the baby feeders out, before he kissed me. Rubbing the stretch marks, and the dried up milk glands with his thumbs, then following them to my nipples, to pinch and rub them.

I felt his hardness through his fly, and rushed to free it, as quickly as my fingers could work the snap, and zipper. The snap waste ones, nice, I hungered for it, in my mouth. Going down to squat on my heels, and only pausing to sniff his sweat. “Oh honey,’ he ran his fingers through my hair, and the turgid shaft through my lips. So the skin slipped off the hot head, and I felt the little nugget.
Like a clitorus, in the cleft up to the sperm hole.

“Oh, fuck, hun! Uh, huh!”

“Huh!” I looked up surprised, but his eyes were clenched tight, and he cracked them, just enough to raise his chin, and look through the window, into their living room. “Huh, you haven’t finished that quickly in years!” I let go of my collar, and felt the fresh wet mess sticking to my throat, and running down. Licking it off my fingers, and standing up.

He turned me around, “See for yourself.” Frank was flaccid now, but there were fresh streaks up his pale toned midriff. A last drop clinging to the satisfied end of his circumcised penis, but his hands free, and sticky. He grabbed his room-mate’s pud, and started pumping it for all he was worth. Tickling his balls with the fingers of his other hand, until Carl’s tight muscular buns clenched tight, and he started shaking.

Spurting his wad all over his room-mate’s chest, only sideways, and even spattering the back of the sofa, until the last of it dribbled out, and he went soft. The skin bunching up in wrinkles until they popped over the head, and he drooped, dripping on the floor.

“Huh!” My husband licking my shoulder, and neck. The fresh spermy spunk, he’d just shot off, watching Frank jack off, sucking dick.

“You like that? You like the taste of jizz?”

He smacked his lips, “Yeah, huh. I just started eating it. Like you do, after you get done sucking me off, with a facial.” He kissed my cheek, and licked the corner of my jaw. “Or fucking your tits, or licking it off your back, after i fuck you up the ass.”

I shook my head, “You’ve never done that.” We hadn’t tried anal in years, but I would have remembered him licking it up off my back.

“Not yet.” He let go, and helped my hold my bra cups up. So I could hook the loops up front, and lick my top. Then, I heard him zip, and snap his fly. Turning around, and seeing the tops of our children’s heads disappear.

My husband didn’t notice, tucking in his shirt, but they ducked down over the sink, and went back to the table by the time we came around to the kitchen door.

“I’m gonna go take a shower.” He patted my rum, and the kids didn’t even look up from their reading, but I knew what they saw. So, there wouldn’t be any explaining, the wet spots on the front of my blouse, and the fresh gobs we’d missed, running down to collect in my cleavage.

“Hm.” I heard the water start running, in the bathroom. Cleared my throat, “Ahem. I suppose I should explain what was going on out there.”

“Mom,” they looked up, “Are Frank, and Carl homosexuals?”

“Well, I don’t know. they really should close the blinds or something, but I suppose they must be bisexual, honestly.” I don’t suppose they have any right to the closet, when they do so in front of the window, where anyone, including my children can see them. “Possibly exhibitionists as well.” I picked up the step-ladder they left in front of the sink, started folding it, then set it back down to use as a chair.

The didn’t ask what Exhibitionist ment, like I was expecting. “That means they like boys, and girls.” Tommy, our eldest told his brother, and sister. “And group sex.”

“Not necessarily. I suppose you can put your books away for a little lesson in sex education.” I took a breath. “First of all, we can’t assume that because they’re bisexual, they’re likely to cheat on. Each other, or.” I shook my head. “You haven’t seen them, doing anything else over there.”

“Yeah, they love group sex, and have sex parties, all the time.”

“Well, I’m going to have to talk to them about that. You’re too young to.”

“Mom, I’m 13, and almost in high school.”

“Yes, however your brother, and sister aren’t.” I turned to them, “So if either of you to have any questions, you come to me, or your father. All right?”

“Okay, mom.”


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    Am like not into bixeual and sort of staff but its pretty cool though

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    Sounds hot, would love to hear more or share experiences we’ve had 3-somes, groups, gangbangs, wife swapping, exhibitionism, voyeurism and more from 20+ yrs of swinging. [email protected]