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Amy Tale/s – My Brother’s Wife and His Dog/s Pt. 3 (Conclusion)

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…we did have sex the next day with the dog fucking me and she was underneath, and she got sprayed with pussy juice and dog cum.

What am I doing? I just had lesbian sex my brother’s wife. We are lying breast to breast on her sewing room floor and kissing now. She has laid her head on my shoulder and I am rubbing her hair. Her hand is going up and down my side slowly, and she says, your brother also told me he fucked you that night when he caught you having lesbian sex with your cousin. [see Amy Tale/s – My Brother for details]. I flipped out! I said, no, that did not happen! She said, your brother said it did. I denied it, I was not going to admit this. How could my brother tell his wife about that? She kept it up, and she could tell my denials were not up to the task. She said, your brother has a nice cock, doesn’t he? I was still denying, and she pressed, and I said, yes, he has a pretty good cock.

She continued to prod, and she said, your brother also said he fucked you the weekend he came home with the dogs. [see Amy Tale/s – My Brother and His Dog/s Pt. 1 for details]. I undoubtedly denied it! However, she and I were so intimate right now, and she was so convincing. She said, why deny what your brother has already admitted? My brother’s wife continued, I am not mad, I am glad because I got to experience lesbian sex for the first time. She was touching me sweetly, and she was not mad, and I capitulated to her inquiries and admitted fucking my brother the last time I was here. We sat up and started dressing, and she said, I don’t care if you fuck my husband, it’s not like he is going to leave me for his sister. I shook my head and wondered, what the hell is going to happen next, is my dad going to knock on the door naked yelling, I want some pussy my daughter?

We went back to the living room downstairs and my brother said, what were y’all doing, it sounded interesting? His wife said, well if you heard, can’t you guess? My brother said, you were making out with each other, and his wife said, that’s right! She said, you want to know what else, I know you fucked Amy the last time she was here with the dogs. [Now, if my brother were drinking something, he would have spewed]. I am going to summarize what happened next. There was a heated discussion (not a fight). Last night when they went to bed, my brother’s wife pestered my brother about watching me while I was naked downstairs and fucking the dogs with her. She twisted my skinny-dipping story against my brother, but only said that I had told her he saw me naked with my cousin (no skinny-dippy) and we were having lesbian sex (she just made a guess about the lesbian sex).

My brother thought I had revealed the lesbian sex with my cousin to his wife (which led to me having lesbian sex with his wife). My brother’s wife then made a supposition last night to my brother that he had fucked me then too, and he ignorantly admitted it, and told his wife the whole story about me, my cousin, and him from the time when we were teenagers. Then, after my brother’s wife and I finished our lesbian tryst in the sewing room, she played the same trick and goaded me into revealing the secret about fucking my brother the last time I was there with him and the dogs. This is why my brother kept looking at me funny at the breakfast table. The next hour or so downstairs revolved around this topic. Now we have settled down, ate some lunch, and deciding what to do next. My brother’s wife gets up and leads the dogs to another room and shuts them in. She comes back with a thick blanket and she spreads it on the floor. My brother asks, what are you doing? My brother’s wife says, well, now that there are no secrets, we can have some fun, that is what you always wanted, to relive your childhood experience with your sister and cousin?

My brother’s wife continued, I knew were infatuated with your sister, the way you look at her, the way you talk, and it is probably because your sister and your cousin was only your second time having sex, and it was far better than your awkward first time you told me about, wasn’t it? You want to play that out again, don’t you? My brother was speechless. My brother’s wife got undressed and I was staring at her hips again and her hairy pussy, and I was checking out her tits. She walked over, and she lifted me off the couch and undressed me. She was rubbing my breasts, and I reached down and grabbed that big ass of hers, her hips and ass were so inviting I could not help but squeeze her ass cheeks. Her ass was soft, like mine, and I rubbed and squeezed it for a bit, then pulled both hands around to her stomach and pushed them down across the hair of her pussy into her thighs.

My brother’s wife wanted to lie on the blanket, but she wanted me on the bottom in a 69, and my mind wondered to the night my brother caught me with my cousin, and just how much of what happed did my brother’s wife know? She was almost reenacting that night. She started eating my pussy and I ate hers, and I turned to look at my brother and he was getting undressed and I saw his cock. His wife stopped, and looked at me and said, you do want your brother’s cock, don’t you? I was tired of resisting, and wanted a little satisfaction over her, so I said, if he wants to, he can fuck me. She looked at my brother and said, go get the Lucky. My brother came back, and the lab was following, and the dog immediately stated licking my brother’s wife’s pussy and asshole as I ate her too.

She said to my brother, you can fuck your sister, I know you want to, and my brother knelt between my legs as his wife ate my pussy. I wanted to get off, and the dog was starting to mount her, and I said to my brother’s wife, don’t you want to get off? She said yes, and she told the dog, down Lucky, and he listened. I told my brother, just rub my pussy with your dick until I get off. I focused on eating my brother’s wife’s pussy while the dog licked her pussy and asshole, she ate me while my brother rubbed my pussy with his dick, and it did not take long, and I got off. When I settled, I went back to work on my brother’s wife’s pussy, and told my brother to, go ahead, fuck me.

My brother glided his 8.5” dick into my wet pussy and he began to thrust. I was finally able to bring his wife to pleasure with the help of the dog, and when she was done, she tuned and said, come on Lucky, mount, come on? The dog jumped up and was stepping on my head every now and then and he hit his mark and his feet planted and moisture from the dog fucking her pussy was dropping on my face. I turned my head a little, and my brother’s wife was kissing my stomach and the hair of my pussy and my brother was getting faster and deliberate with his cock strokes in my pussy. I was moaning from pleasure from my brother’s dick and his wife was grunting with the dog’s thrusts, and all of the sudden, she grunted hard and I looked, and the dog had knotted her.

The dog’s humps lessened, and I assume his cock was throbbing in her pussy, and the dog just stayed stuck in my brother’s wife’s pussy. It was about two minutes longer, and I felt my brother cum hard as his wife grabbed his ass and pulled him deep into my pussy. I glanced down to see what they were doing, and she maintained her pressure and seemed determined not to let my brother go. This was fine with me, because I like a dick deep in my pussy while it throbs after ejaculation. Another five minutes passed by and the dog’s cock slipped outside her pussy. I should have been aware, because his spunk ran down the hair of her pussy and hit my forehead. I just let it happen and she let go of my brother and he withdrew, and we moved, and I used the towel to wipe off.

My brother’s wife watched me toweling off, and she said she wanted to try that position while the dog fucked me later. I said, okay, but now I want to wash this off, and she took me by the hand, and we went upstairs to her shower. We both got in, douched, and I washed my hair while she washed me everywhere else, but she enjoyed washing my pussy hair. I washed her too, and we had fun rubbing and lathering each other’s body and we even kissed a number of times. We got out and dried off, and before I could leave the room, she pulled me onto the bed, and we laid down against each other’s naked body. My brother came in the room naked, but limp, and said he was going to shower. He finished, and he came back, and his wife grabbed his hand and pulled him down onto the bed, and she began sucking his dick.

My brother’s wife looked at me and said, do you want to help me? I moved in and started licking my brother’s balls and on his shaft and she sucked and licked toward the top and he was getting hard again. We did this for about 10 minutes taking turns sucking my brother’s dick, and after he had been totally hard for 5-10 minutes, my brother’s wife got serious about her efforts of sucking and jacking him off. I licked his balls like I was eating his wife’s pussy and we got my brother off. She did not remove his dick from her mouth and swallowed his cum, and I remembered back to the time he tried that with me. My brother was used to this from a blowjob, and when I spit it on him, I don’t think he was expecting that.

She told him to go downstairs and do something and we laid there petting each other softly and I fell asleep. I awoke a couple of hours later and she was asleep with her arm and leg across me, and I just laid there. I began to rub down her side to those big hips and onto her soft ass. I stayed on her ass area because I liked the way it felt and eventually, she awoke. We had another pussy eating session of just me and her, and then went downstairs and ate something less sweet. I spent another night, and we did have sex the next day with the dog fucking me and she was underneath, and she got sprayed with pussy juice and dog cum. I left later that evening and went back to my parents.

I do not go home much anymore, it is about a 20-hour drive now, but when I do, we still get together. I flew back to the Army base with the kids and spent the next 8 months there while my husband was deployed. I did have some visitors from the states, I will decide if they are a tale worth telling another time.

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