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Safari holiday in Kenya

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We took out 13 year old granddaughter on a Safari holiday to see big anminals but there was more big think we both see

I’m steven 60 my wife name jess she 64 slim 36 d bust our granddaughter Melissa Mel for short 13 just beginning to develop we had see a Safari To Kenya on a wed site it was in our price we had asked our son if the granddaughter Mel would like to come with us as she loved animals he asked her yes she said. we had never taken her away before Jess was a bit apprehensive about in as we would be staying in tents but Mel said she had been camping with the scouts and it was great fun so it was booked for two weeks a two days stay in a hotel then 10 days safari then back to the hotel for two days then home
We arrived in Kenya we had two days in a hotel before we went on the safari
it had a swimming pool on the roof which Mel loved we were shocked when Mel come out of the bathroom in a bikini but it one that her mum had pick it she only had little bust but the bikini made the look bigger the bottoms were like normal ones not like you see girls on the beach wear
Jess had a swimming costume a little high cut that she had to shave her virgina which I did not mind I got my costume on off we went to the pool
There ws a few people round the pool Mel jump in I got the sun bed Jess layed out our towels
We were there for a while when I said that Mel should have sun cream put on so we call her over .
Jess started to put it on her then said you finish her I need the to loo got up and went she had done Mel back so that just left her front I did her arms she did her belly she ask me to do her legs she sat on the sun did lifted her leg up so I put the cream on her legs has she lifted her leg a gap appeared between her bikini bottoms and her legs showing part of her young Virginia I was shocked at myself that I was looking granddad Mel said I look up come on finished my other legs so I did the other leg again as I lifted it the gap was there again I was aroused I pulled my towel over my lap I finished then she run off to the pool .
Jess can back everything ok she said yes fine she looked at the towel I said put there so I did not get any sun cream on my costume she was ok with that.
We left the hotel took a plane to the safari the tent was large a big bed and a bed to the side at the end of the tent a partitioned area in the middle was the zip door it was the bathroom which had a shower in jess look and said this is great we knew about the beds .
We go settled in at 12 we had lunch 1330 we were in a jeep go out in the park to see anminal we were all excited see lots of amazing sites and anminals.
We did this for the next day then the third day was a very early start we had to pack clothes for five days so now we was going out into the Bush.
Mel go very excited jess got a bit apprehensive again about the fertility but I told her where here now so just go along with it
We got to the transport there was two jeeps on for us the other one had four black men sitting in it there was a tall black man he said he was on guide
His name was akee he explained that we would do a lot of driving to day seeing the sites and anminals we would be stopping for lunch which the other men would cook if we needed to do to the toilet tell him and they would find a place to go jess look at me Mel pipe up nun grand don’t worry we do what the tribesmen do I laughed but jess just look at me
Off we went we had one stop for lunch and another for me and Mel to go to for a wee
We arrived at a river which had a water fall the staff put up the tents akee said it was safe to go into the river to wash
We got into the tent jess said we will have to wash in our swim wear I went out side the staff was in the river mucking about akee was standing by the jeep I walk over to him he told me that on the third day we would be going to a real tribal Village where we would stay for the rest of the safari we would go out from there using it a a base camp you will like this the chief put traditional tribal dancing and lots of food and drink the girls come out I went and put my costume on then we all went onto the river.
We wash under the water fall it was nice and cool when I came out I noticed the men were all standing talking to akee by the river bank but they were naked I could notice that there cock were all large hanging down between there legs just then the girls come out from under the water full jess said that was so refreshing then look over to the men talking to akee it took her a few minutes to realize that they were naked she shouted at Mel to turn away to late she was just standing there with her mouth open and eye glued to the men akee said something to the men and they turned and walk up to there tent.
Jess said how could they do that, before I could answer Mel spoke up nan it natural for them to do it we are in there country .
We quickly went back to our tent jess fuming about what happened saying she was going to report then to the company I told her to calm down she said Melissa should not been in there that position to see that .
Mel was sitting listening to her nan ramping and ragging she got up sat by her nan said nan it no big deal jess said you should not have seen that .
Mel than said in a very Stern voice nan we are in the 21st century so stop making a mounted out of a mole hills then turned and walked out of the tent.
Jess sat there her mouth open looking at me to say something before Mel left the tent i just said if you are going swimming stay were you can be seem she turned and said OK granddad then left what the hell are you doing letting her go out there I turned jess
Mel right were in there country so jess take a deep breath and calm down and walk out leaving my wife to think about things .
Mel was in the water swimming I got in she said sorry granddad talking to nan that way said it ok she need someone to say something to her she asked me where was nan sitting in the tent.
Mel then shocked me she said did you see the size of them granddad I look at her puzzled as to what she meant she look at me them said there cocks the size they even erect Melissa I said she just look at me and said I know all about sex granddad then swam away.
I got out and went back to the tent jess had been crying I sat down beside her I said I had just spoken to Mel jess said what did have to say.
She apologized to me about what she said to you ok then she went on to say about the men jess asked what she said just then Mel walk in she heard what jess had said nan I said to grandad about the size of the mens cock and they weren’t even erect how big they were jess did not say anything but just look a me then at Mel.
Mel spoke come on nan you must have seen the size of them and before you start to start shout I know all about sex this had Court Jess off guard she look at me well I said what did you think of there cocks Mel said come on nan stop being old fashion getting with the times.
There was a long wait Mel said did you see the one on the left he was the biggest jess then spoke I think the end one was bigger Mel said you did look at there size and we all started laughing we got ready for dinner I went to go out side but Mel said you don’t have to granddad she look at Jess and said it ok nan we can all at changed together jess look at me shakta shoulders Mel said is it ok nan jess said yes so we all got changed at the dinner table Mel was whispering to jess they were both looking at the men when they brought the food over .
After dinner we sat round the fire talking to akee about the next day he said that the chief was putting on a special show for us the hut we wewould be staying in was one of the chiefs special hut there was three beds the girls were looking over at the men who had some sore of cloth covering there cock jess whispered to Mel and they look at my and started laughing
Time for bed I said we went to the tent I took of my shorts and top Jess took of her shorts she had a thorn on and then her top she put on a large t shirt
Mel took of her shorts I was surprised to see that she a sexy knickers on for a young girl but had a nice training bra jess see me looking at her she hit me hit me in the ribs we all got in our bed Iwait a while then cuddled up to jess my cock was so hard she was still awake I put my hand down the front of the thorn and slowly rub her clit then move down to her opening she was so wet she pulled my hand away and quietly said about Mel sleeping only a few feet away we talked about what happened today she owned up that she got wet looking at the size of the men but needed to hide it was Mel
She put her hand on my cock she asked me did I like looking at our granddaughter she squeezedmy cock hard .I just tried to get my cock know her virgina she moved and placed my cock by her pussy and I slip in she was so wet very quietly I started to fuck her did not went to wake up the granddaughter up I whispered in her ear about the black man’s cock she push into more I said about the size would she like to have one fuck her her breathing got faster I come a she had her orgasms we fell a sleep
Next morning I got up I look and see if Mel was asleep her eye was closed I got up got a towel I still had on my underwear and went to the river the men and akee were already up I said good morning the river water was cold as I got in I washed the went back to the tent I look and I through they were a sleep Mels eye was close I drop my underwear and was dry myself I was near my wife head her mouth was open a bit my cock got hard so I pushed it she started to suck it I was moving it in and out she opened her eyes looked up at me I was very close to coming she suck hard and moved her mouth up and down I could see she had her hand betwwen her legs so she was making herself come then she stop just as I was coming I help her head she swallowed my come she pulled away looking over at Mel to make sure she was still asleep but to her surprise and mine she was looking over at us her hand was under the bed sheet and we could make out that she was rubbing her self then she let out a moan and her body shuck i look at jess I saw that she was rubbing her self and she let out a a loud moan and she orgasms as well my cock had was rock hard again Mel looked and smiled I rubbed it pulled jess face round to face my cock she look up I said please open piece of cloth piece of cloth mouth she did I pushed in I come straight away she swallowed it there was not a lot but enough I pull out I wiped my cock put ony clean underwear and shorts and legt the tent.
A short time later both girls came out in there swim wear went to the river to wash came back got dressed both put on shorts and tops we had breakfast nothing about what had happened earlier akee said we now go for drive to see elephants loins zebras and giraffes then we end up and the village for two night so bring clothes you can leave other clothes in this came as we will be coming back here so we did what we were ask to do got in the jeep off we went it was amazing to see lion cubs we see a cheetah up a tree had lunch by a river watching crocodiles in the river we had another two hour driving then akee said we were going to the village.
When we arrived all the women where walking around any top on and just a piece of cloth covering there bottom haft the men just a clothes covering there bottom haft we all at each other both girls smiled so did I The chief come out of a hut with some women he spoke to akee .akee translated what he said he welcomed us he name was Howell and these were his five wife’s akee told him our name’s we were taken to our hut for the two night it was nice two bed one very large the other one small there was wooden boxes to put clothes which we did put our in them
We were shown the toilets hut just four toilets water bucket no cubicles .
It was 7 o’clock food was come from everywhere we sat down the chief come out of he’s hut every one stood up so we did Howell spoke to akee they both laughed then akee pointed to me you sit there I was about five people away from jess was sitting on the left hand side of Howell then there was akee then Mel then there was a women next to her she looked about 40 no top on her tit look very firm akee said eat and we all started to eat then the drink came out I was handed a cup with liquid in which tast sweet but nice jess and Mel was all so hand some drink jess said to akee that Mel should not drink wine or alcohol he told her it was juice from a plant that the village grew jess tasted her then said OK and call to Mel that she could have it they both drunk it with a few seconds as it tasted so nice the cup was immediately filled up .
Some drums started and women got up and started dancing they had no tops on then men came out of some huts they had cloths covering the cock
my cup was fill up I drunk it while watching the dancing it was very erotic I was fill hot and my cock was rock hard I looked over at Jess she was just watching The dancing her cup was filled up again I look to Mel the women next to her had her arm round her and was over bust and it look like she was rubbing it .
The woman next to me put hand on my cock and was rubbing it when I look again at Jess Howell had his hand on her tits rubbing the left one she had her head back and her I closed one of Howell wife yhat was sitting next to her was rubbing between her legs the dancing had stopped 6 men and three women were standing there Howell spoke three men lay down the women took the clothes of the men there cock must have been over 10 inches long and 5 inches wide the three men standing removed the women clothes they had no hair between the legs Mel was look very hot the women had taken off her top and train bra akee was now suck on one of her young nipples look to jess her top was off Howell had his cock out it was so big over 14 inches and thick 6 inches and jess was rubbing it she could not get her fingers round it
On the dance floor the three women wad now was sitting over the men cock Howell spoke again and the three women just pushed down on the men cock all of the cry out the cock went straight in until they hit the man balls they stay that way for a few minutes then started to move up and down then the stopped they were pulled forward so the ass could be seen then the other men got behind them rub something on the ass and on there cocks then they pushed there cock in the women cry out the cock were pushed fully in then both men started fucking them my shorts had been undone and my cock was being sucked I saw jess being stood up and strip she did not resist when I looked at Mel she was already naked laying on the table with two of Howell wife sucking her tit and playing with her virgina I was stood up and strip Howell call out something then men fucking the women started fucking real fast the one would stop and then the other two akee call over to me The men have just come he said that the women had never had sex before this was there first time did you like I was just shooting my load down this women throat I said yes back
Howell then said something to akee he said to me to come with him I asked about the girls they come to Howell got up and walk down the village and into a hut we had not.been into jess and Mel was help along my Howell wife’s I was help along by akee he was talking to me say they are going to be very aroused I said that Mel was only 12 he look and just smiled the girls got to the hut first akee stopped me from going in he said few minutes when I wslk in jess was on some sort of table.
Mel was sat in this weird chair both were strapped down two of Howell wife were rubbing cream on there body on there virginas I was told to lay on this thin table I was strapped down cream was rubbed ony cock then we were all give a large cup on the juice to drink the wife help us to drink it all Howell was talking to akee who had strip of omg his cock was bigger and thicker then Howell
Akee came over to me said girl virgin I said I did not know he said wife check she a virgin then he said you are going first I said I can’t I’m her granddad he said yes I look over to jess she was have pushed into her virgina I could not see it but there was a wire attached to it and one of the wife’s had a box .
The chair that Mel was on was wheeled over the top on my face there was a hole cut into the bottom of the chair so I could see her cunt one of the wife open her lips up found her clit rub it so it came out the the table move up until my mouth was on her clit and akee told me to suck it then a mouth was on my cock suching me so I suck Mel clit she was trying to move but then she Stopped say don’t stopped I’m coming for a 13year old did she come right in my mouth then the chair was move until my cock line up with Mel cunt her bum was right out of the hole in yhe chair so when I fuck her my cock would go right in some cream was rubbed on my cock some was rubbed on mels cunt
Mel chair was lifted high my cock was line up with her cunt the chair was lowered until my cock was just in her hole a hand was holding my cock so it stayed in place the the chair was then lowered so my went into her a wife was rubbing her clit another was sucking her small tits and playing with her nipples my cock was inside a little the chair was moving up and down slowly going lower so my cock was going in I had about 2 inches in I could fill her hymen akee said now you make her a women and the chair was lowered and felt my cock brake through she screen out I was trying to get more of my cock inside her I was trying to push up but I couldn’t akee said let the chair do the work it started to move a little quicker Mel just said yes the two wife left her she was now rubbing her own tits and clit I was given more to drink I was fully in Mel cunt Mel kept saying omg I’m coming over and over I felt my cock get ready hard the chair was move quiet fast I was pushing up as much as I could then I felt my balls tighten akee ask if I was about to come fucking yes I shouted the chair stopped as it got to the lower point I was fully in Mel and was shooting my load right into her she cry out yes after a few minutes the chair was lift up my cock come put I was still harded I was moved away .
The straps were removed akee sat me on a chair he said look at lovely wife jess was on the bed She had two women playing with her sucking her cunt and tits they lifted her head and gave her a drink akee said she really for Howell now .
Howell come over to me told akee something akee looked at me said you get Howell hard and grabbed my hand and put it on Howell cock it was so big I just started to rub it one of his wife put some oil on it and was helping me it got so big about 12 inches akee spoke and said his 14 inches and 5 wide your wife well like I said she could not take the monster akee said you watch Mel was now laying next to jess two women were playing with her q young black man come in akee said now she’s a woman she feels a bug cock in her I looked this young man’s cock was about 8 inches two more then me but 2 inches wider .
Akee said Howell go first I was still rubbing his cock it was now rock hard Jess was moved so her legs were over the edge of the bed Howell walked to the bed The bed move up so he was inline with jess cunt all the her tits and clit where being rubbed.
Howell spike to akee again he told me to go the the bed then I was told to finger fuck jess to make her wet I push a finger in and was finger fucking her Howell spoke again to akee he said put more fingers in get her to come quickly he grabbed my hand pushed three fingers in told me to finger fuck quickly I did it took jess just a short time and she was having a orgasms akee pull my fingers out told me to put Howell cock in my wife he shouted out ne do it now so I got hold of his cock and put it in by my wife cunt a wife was holding open jess cunt lips another was squirting some liquid
On jess cunt and on Howell cock so the head of his cock was just in her cunt Howell push my hands away got hold of his cock and pushed forward the head was in jess .
Jess cry out it to big get it out akee told her it would fit some cream was rubbed on her clit she was given more drink akee spoke to Howell he smiled akee said drink would help wife take chief cock we give it a jew minutes Mel was laying next to jess she was bring played with she was.give more drink akee said few minutes she be ready cock was so hard akee told me to lay on he bed next to Mel a wife got over my cock and sat on it and we started fucking akee said Howell pushing more cock in wife that was it I came right up the women she got of my sperm was running down her leg I got up Howell had got half his cock in jess she was shouting out for more akee said see she can take it I heard a cry out I look it was Mel the young black men was pushing his cock into Mel she had taken haft her hips was pushing up to get more I said to akee do not hurt her he said men go slow I heard jess cry out again Howell spoke to akee jess said his hitting my cervix then he push in more omg his in my womb he still had about 2 inches to go then he push right in jess cry out no more akee told her he was all the way in now you enjoy as Howell started to fuck her really slowly l look at Mel she now had all the cock in her and he was fucking her like Howell was akee said just like his father taking it nice and slow ii looked at akee yes chief son I move up to Mel head to speak to her her eye were closed her head was turned to my side her mouth was open my cock was.hard again I move forward putting my cock in her mouth she opened her eyes looked up at me smiled got her hand took my cock pull it into her mouth and started sucking it I put my hands on her head and face fucked her akee come up told me to push it into her throat he said to Mel to breathe through her nose I push in Mel gag I pulled out akee said do it again she get used to it so I did after a few time I was.throat fucking her I did not last I shoot me load down her throat she just look at me I pulled out just as she was having a orgasms.
I look at jess at she was saying fuck me Howell was now fucking her so fast and hard akee said his going to come very soon wife will fill it just then Howell pushed heard in and stopped jess cry out omg I can fill his come shooting into my womb there so much akee took my hand put it on jess belly I could fill Howell cock he pulled out about half way the pushed it back in I could fill if I took jess hand and put it on her belly fill the cock Howell laughed pull out and pushed back in so jess could fill his cock in her womb.
Howell pulled out jess just layed there l look and saw that akee had strip his cock was a lot wide and longer then Howell he smiled and said now she fill a real man he took hold of jess legs lifted them up jess said no more please she was give another drink she drunk it I ask why she had taken it she said she was thirsty akee just smiled and said we give her time put her legs down he got two drinks gave me one no thanks he said its OK and took a drink from the cup he was giving me so I took it it tasted like water after a bit I felt funny and very horny akee move me to the bed layed me next to jess I could not move very well one of the wife come over as started sucking my cock my legs were hanging over the end of the bed like jess.
Akee took hold of jess legs a man walk up to me took my legs and they both lifted our legs together akee said something to the man he lent over put his fingers in jess cunt pulled our a lot of come rubbed it on his cock put his fingers back in pulled more come out onto his fingers then rubbed it on my bum then both smiled at each I could not move what ever was in the drink had disabled my body .
Jess look over at me she smiled and said I love you then her face changed o m g no akee was now pushing he cock into her I was just about to shout at him when the man between my legs pushed his cock up my ass in hurt like hell l tried to move but he had hold of my legs I heard jess saying its so big the cock in my ass had stopped pushing akee look and said you like I was about to speak when the cock moved in more the pain was going my cock was so hard he was now fucking me I was trying to push back so I could get more in just like jess was doing akee hand hold of her hands and was putting the on her belly he reached over with one hand took hold of my hand put it on jess belly then he said now fill and he pushed right into he womb passed her bell button jess just cry out fuck me the man fucking me was going nice and slow.
Mel come between me and jess she asked if we were both OK jess look and her smiled just as she was have a large orgasms Mel look and said granddad your being fuck up the ass and look at your cock it so hard do you like it well I just said yes she said I help you with that cock of your if you help me with my horny cunt she put both her legs over my body then move her cunt over my face I could see come still dripping out I look over to jess her eyes were wide open she said you couldn’t do that she your granddaughter Mel look at her and said he has already taken my virginity jess just look at me another orgasms hit her Mel lowered her head onto my cock her mouth sucking it her cunt was lowered onto my month so I suck and tongue it sucking her clit I only lasted a few minutes and I came in her mouth she swallowed it it took her a few minutes to orgasms all over my face she was still dripping come she moved over to her nan put her legs over her nan face and lowered her cunt onto jess mouth jess stuck out her tongue and was licking Mel cunt Mel bent forward and sucked on jess clit jess orgasms again the man fucking me come up me he pull out I was getting my filling back me cock was still hard akee said fuck her up the ass pointing to Mel he spoke to one of the men he got a cup of drink lifted mels head up and help her to drink it then he went to her ass it still on jess face her cunt was being licked he had some cream and a bottle of liquid with a tube on the end I was now by jess head watch her lick Mel cunt.
The man rubbed cream on mels ass waited then put the tube up her ass Mel did not move she was still having a orgasms he squeezed a little of the liquid up her ass and was about to pull it out when Howell spoke he stopped and squeezed all the liquid up her ass Howell look at akee spoke and then they both smiled akee was still fucking jess he spoke to two women they come to me positioned me so that I was over jess face and my cock was at Mel ass one rubbed some cream on my cock the other one put it by Mel ass and was rubbing it up and down she pushed two fingers into Mel ass Mel just Mound she finger fuck her ass then pull out and push me forward into her ass about 2 inches then stopped jess eyes widened she could not speak and Mel cunt was on her mouth Mel stopped suck jess clit and turn round you could see it hurt her then she smiled and said slowly granddad so I push in more she started to move back and forth on jess mouth pushing her ass on to my cock I was now fully in and was fucking her akee made a loud noise I look up he push into jess and stopped jess push Mel cunt of the mouth fucking hell his fill me up just like Howell did she was having orgasms after orgasms her breathing was very heavy her eyes were wide open Mel said go for it nan I was fucking Mel ass like there was no tomorrow I said I was coming Mel said pull out put it in nans month jess open her mouth ant pulled out of Mel ass just as I started to shoot my loan I pushed it in her mouth she immediately suck my cock at I was shooting I look at Mel she had akee cock she could not get it in her mouth but was sucking the head and licking all his cock right down to ball getting nan juice and his come off his cock .
Jess had swallowed all my come we were all shattered akee said time for bed we were all help into the big bed every one left Mel was asleep with in minutes jess said what have we done you took our granddaughter virginty I licked her out until she come you fucked her ass I said she did not do bad herself jess went quiet then we fill asleep.
Mel was on the other side of jess she was asleep but her legs were open and one was bent she was saying ho yes when I look for mel her head was not on the pillow where was she there movement at the bottom of the bed I moved the covers off us there was Mel between her nan legs sucking and fingerings her cunt I moved down we move jess legs so they were wide open Mel suck jess clit I was finger fucking her we heard jess started to say what then her orgasms took over she grabbed Mel head and pulled it into her cunt yes don’t you stop .
After she had organised Mel said morning nan nice come morning granddad then looked at my cock it was very hard with a words said bent down and took my cock in her mouth and was give me a blow job jess just looked at me I had my hands on her head face fucking her I last 3 minutes shooting my morning load down my granddaughter throat she sat up and thanks for bringing me on this Safari.

There another part that’s later

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    Worst story I’ve ever read, I couldn’t finish it…very bad grammar

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