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Little Anal Alice (Part 2)

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Daddy makes sure Alice’s little bum is super clean before they make a little video.

Her name is Alice, and she has recently developed hyper-sexuality disorder, triggered by overexposure to internet porn. It’s not just that she likes sex, though she does like it. No, it’s more than that. Now she needs it, the way other people need air or water. And most of all, more than anything, she wants her Daddy’s cock in her little bum. Since she’d shared this fact with her dirty daddy, they’d started playing games together whenever mum was out.

As the hot water cascaded over her petite form, Alice closed her eyes and let out a contented sigh. Her long, wavy brown hair flowed freely down her back, tickling her spine as it soaked up the warmth of the water from the shower head. She stretched lazily, feeling the supple muscles in her back and legs relax beneath the soothing touch of her daddy’s rough hands. He expertly scrubbed away the dirt and grime of the day, leaving her skin squeaky clean and ready for the next adventure. His big fingers slowly working their way into her tight rear hole.

Alice let out a moan, feeling a shiver of pleasure course through her body. “Daddy, can I help you with that?” she asked playfully, arching her back invitingly. Her eyes sparkled with mischief as she looked up at him from beneath her long lashes.

Her daddy chuckled, his warm breath tickling her ear. “Oh, you’re such a little tease, Alice,” he said, continuing to work his fingers deeper inside her. “But I think I’ve got you pretty good and clean right now. In fact I’m going to make sure your spotless back here.”

David turns off the water and starts unscrewing the shower head from its hose. “Sweetheat, do you trust daddy?” David asked quietly.
“Yes, Daddy.” She replies automatically.

David takes the end of the metal shower hose and starts working it into her 12 year old ass hole.

“Oh, Daddy!” Alice cries out, her voice a mix of surprise and pleasure. “That feels so good!” She tilts her hips back, inviting him in deeper. Her body trembles with anticipation as he slowly but surely works the hose into her most private of places. David slowly pushes a good 6 inches of the hose into his little girls tight pucker.

“You know you’re my special girl, Alice,” David whispers, his voice thick with emotion. “And I’m going to take care of you, no matter what.” He reaches around her, squeezing one of her tiny breasts in his hand, rolling her erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger. “Do you feel how much you belong to me, baby?”

Alice moans, arching her back further into his touch. “Yes, Daddy,” she breathes, her eyes half-closed. “I’m all yours.” She shudders as he continues to feeds the hose in to her, filling her up and stretching her. It feels so good, so right. She wants to feel her insides filled, wants to be completely claimed by him.
“Now sweetheart, I want you to clench your bum for daddy, and hold as much water inside you as you can.” Her father gently instructed her before turning the water back on.

Clenching her buttcheeks together, around the hose Alice felt the water rush into her, the sensation of her bowels filling with water, stretching her insides was intense. She felt the water pouring into her, but she fought against the urge to empty her bowels. Trying to keep as much water inside as she could. Her father reached around and began to roughly massage her pubescent breasts, the rough fingers of his free hand teasing her nipples.

“That’s it, Alice,” he groaned. “You’re such a good girl.” He leaned forward, pushing the hose further into her. The movement breaking the tight seal of her little ring around the metal hose, allowing water to gush out of her tiny bottom.
“Daddy, I feel so full”, she whined.
David, could see her beautiful little preteen belly swelling below her as the water filled her bowels.
“Hold on sweety, just a little bit longer” he said , seconds before pulling the metal hose roughly from her tiny abused ring.
Alice, groaned loudly as the hose came free of her bottom, releasing a gush of shit and water from her now gaping preteen pucker.

“That’s my little girl, nice and clean for daddy.” David praised her, “I’m so proud of you, you did great.” He let the stream of her waste trickle down into the drain, before rinsing her clean again. “Now, what do you say we get you all nice and dry and ready for bed?” He asked, his hand still resting on her lower back.

Alice felt a mix of relief and disappointment at being cleaned out. A part of her wanted him to keep filling her up, to make her feel so full and needed. But she knew she had to be good for her father, so she nodded and said, “Yes, Daddy.”

He dried her off with a towel, making sure to pay extra attention to her most private areas, and then led her back to her room, where he’d set his phone up on a tripod next to her bed.

“Okay, sweetheart, it’s time to go to bed now.” He kissed her forehead gently. “But first, we are going to make a movie for daddy.”

He helped her climb into bed, before positioning the phone on the tripod. “Now, I want you to lie there and be a good girl for daddy. I’m going to tell you exactly what to do. Understand?”

Alice nodded, her heart racing a little. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Now get down on all fours on your bed, face down, bum up. With your ass towards the camera,” he instructed.

Alice hesitated for a moment, feeling nervous and excited, but she did as he said. She knelt on the bed on all fours, her bottom sticking up in the air, and her face pressed down into the pillow. She could feel her heart racing, and her body tense up with anticipation. Her hairless little pussy was leaking juice, and her asshole still throbbed from the hose.

David smiled at the sight of his preteen daughter in this position. He walked around the bed, admiring her from different angles, before sitting down on the edge of the bed He reached out and gently stroked her hair, trying to calm her nerves.

“That’s it, Alice. Just relax for daddy. You’re doing great.” He whispered, before leaning forward and slowly kissing her earlobe. “Now, I want you to spread your legs a little wider for me.”

Alice hesitated for a moment, feeling the weight of his words. She knew she was supposed to be a good girl and obey her father, but the request made her feel exposed and vulnerable. Nonetheless, she obeyed, shifting her weight and wiggling her hips until her legs were spread as wide as she could manage on the bed.

David watched as she complied, his heart racing with anticipation. He leaned forward, pressing his lips to her earlobe again. “That’s it, baby girl. Show daddy how much you trust him.” He whispered, the warmth of his breath sending shivers down her spine.

As she spread her legs wider, he could see her little pink hole glistening in the bright light of her bedroom. He traced a finger along her slit, getting his fingers slick with her juice, teasing her sensitive flesh before slowly, carefully pressing it against her anus. She tensed up at the sensation, her muscles tensing under his touch, but he remained steady, reassuring her with gentle words.

“That’s it, Alice. Relax for daddy. Show daddy how much you want this.” He whispered, pushing his finger deeper into her ass, filling her up. Her breath hitched, her body trembling as he began to move his finger in and out of her, stretching her tight little hole for the camera.
“Tell me how that feels, baby,” Her daddy murmured.

“It…hurts…Daddy,” she managed to say between gasps. “It…feels…so…full. Please daddy more.”

David smiled at her words, his heart racing with excitement. He continued to finger-fuck her little asshole, thrusting deeper and faster, feeling her tight muscles grip around his finger as she tried to take more of him. He moved his other hand to stroke her slit, teasing her sensitive clit with his thumb. He then squeezes a second finger inside her tight preteen bum.

“That’s it, Alice. Take all of it. Show daddy how good you are. How much you want it,” he whispered, watching her face contort in pleasure and pain as he finger fucked her ass. He could see the desperation in her eyes, the need to please him, to make him happy. It was almost too much for him to bear.

His other hand moved from her smooth slit to her tiny breast, massaging and squeezing her small, perfect nipple. She arched her back into his touch, her hips bucking wildly as she tried to take more of his fingers in her ass. He could feel her tight muscles gripping him, holding him in place as she rode out her orgasm. He pushed a third finger inside her. Alice squealed with pleasure.

“Oh god, Daddy! I’m…I’m cumming!” she cried out, her body convulsing around his fingers as her juices flowed freely down her thighs. He kept up the pace, thrusting deeper and faster, feeling her muscles relax as the wave of pleasure subsided. When he was sure she had recovered, he pulled his fingers out of her ass and thrust them back inside her gaping rear hole, filling her up once again.

“That’s it, baby. Show daddy how much you love it.” He whispered, his breath hot against her ear as he continued to finger fuck her. He could feel her muscles beginning to loosen again. She was so beautiful, so perfect. He couldn’t help but wonder if she knew how much she turned him on.

His thumb pressed against her clit, rubbing it gently, teasing her sensitive flesh. He pushed his fingers deeper into her ass, feeling them slide against her insides as she moaned in pleasure. Her tight little hole was almost too full. He wondered how she could possibly take more. He picked up the fat 8 inch dildo from next to the bed.

“Are you ready for this, Alice?” he whispered in her ear, the big rubber toy brushing against her skin.

She nodded, biting her lip. “Yes, Daddy,” she managed to say. “Please…”

He removed his fingers from her little gaping pucker, and positioned the thick dildo at her entrance, watching as it pushed her little asshole open. She let out a sharp cry, her body tensing as he slowly thrust it inside her. It felt so big, so foreign, pushing past her tight ring of muscle. He pushed it deeper, inch by inch. She arched her back, her breath coming in ragged gasps, as she pushed back onto the huge toy.

“That’s it, Alice. Take it all,” he whispered, his voice rough with desire. He began to thrust the dildo in and out of her, feeling the resistance of her insides grip around the toy. He reached down to stroke her clit, teasing her sensitive flesh with his thumb. She moaned loudly, her hips bucking wildly as she took more and more of the dildo inside her tiny body.

Her eyes rolled back in her head, her face flushed with pleasure and pain. He could see her muscles tensing and relaxing around the fake cock, her body giving itself over to the sensation of being taken so roughly. He picked up the pace, thrusting deeper and harder, feeling her tight channel resist and grip the toy with each movement.

“That’s it, baby,” he murmured, his lips brushing against her ear. “Take it all, such a good girl.” He reached down between her legs, his fingers finding her swollen clit again. He circled it slowly, teasing her as she continued to take the cock-shaped toy in her ass. Her moans grew louder, more urgent, and he knew she was close.

With one final thrust, he pushed the dildo deeper inside her, feeling it hit something deep and unyielding. He massaged her clit, teasing her to the brink. Her body tensed, her muscles clenching around the toy, and he could feel her orgasm building inside her.

“That’s it, Alice. Let it go,” he whispered, his voice low and rough.

She let out a long, shuddering moan as her body convulsed around the huge intruder. Her muscles contract powerfully, squeezing the fake cock as she came, her juices coating the thick rubber. He held her tightly, thrusting it into her again and again. He could feel her ass muscles squeezing and relaxing every time he thrusts it into her channel gripping and releasing it with every movement.

He pulls the dildo from her ruined preteen asshole with an obscene wet noise.

“There, there,” he says, gently patting her gaping little bumhole, “All done, good girl.” He tosses the dildo aside with a clatter. “Now, are you ready for Daddy’s cock?” He repositioned the camera to one side, before stripping naked.

She lay there on all fours, her face on the bed her ass in the air, still trembling from the intensity of her orgasm, her body slick with sweat and her asshole throbbing from the intrusion of the toy. She nodded, biting her lip. “Yes, Daddy,” she managed to say. “Please…”

He moved behind her, his hard cock pressed against her back. He grabbed her hips, pulling her back against his body. Looking down at his young daughter swollen, gaping little rear hole.

“You’re so ready for this, Alice” he told her, his voice low and rough. “You want Daddy’s cock in your little asshole?”

She nodded again, feeling the cool air on her overheated skin as he moved behind her. He gripped her hips, guiding his cock to her waiting entrance. She felt the head of his erection press against her all too loose sphincter, and then, with a thrust that made her gasp, he pushed inside. In one movement pushing his hole cock into her 11 year old hole. Alice, screamed in agony, and pushed back.

“Shhh, it’s alright, baby,” he murmured, his voice low and soothing. “Daddy’s here, and he’s got you. Just relax and let me take care of you.” His hips began to move, thrusting slowly at first, then faster, deeper, driving his cock in and out of her. Her asshole stretched and flexed around him, her muscles clenching and releasing, milking his cock with every movement. Her ass making greedy sucking sounds and farting noises as he hammered into her.

Her head thrashed from side to side on the bed, her hands clawing at the sheets as he took her roughly. He gripped her hips tightly, slamming into her, his thighs slapping against her little bottom. Her breath came in ragged gasps, her body shuddering as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her.

“Oh, Daddy, that feels so good,” she moaned, arching her back to meet his thrusts. “Don’t stop, please…”

His hips slammed into her again and again, her body bouncing on the bed with each impact. His hand gripped her hair, pulling her back toward him, forcing her to take his cock deeper. Her asshole stretched taut around him, her muscles clenching and unclenching in rhythm with his thrusts. Her breath came in ragged gasps, her little chest heaving as she struggled to catch her breath between moans.

“That’s it, Alice,” he growled, “take Daddy’s cock, take it all…” His other hand reached under her, finding her clit and roughly rubbing it. “Oh fuck, you’re so wet, you’re going to come again, aren’t you?”

She moaned, her body shuddering as her orgasm crashed over her once more. “Yes, Daddy,” she whimpered, her hips bucking helplessly against his thrusts. “I can’t stop… I need you…”

He grunted, feeling his own climax building within him as he watched her lose control. His thrusts grew faster and harder, his cock buried to the hilt in her ass with each thrust. She felt every inch sliding into her raw preteen hole. His hand tightened in her hair, holding her still as he took her roughly.

Her body arched up off the bed, her back bowing as she cried out his name. Her asshole milked his cock with each powerful contraction, her muscles clenching and unclenching around him. The headboard slammed against the wall behind her, the bed creaked under their combined weight.

“That’s it, baby,” he groaned, his voice raw with need. “Let Daddy feel it.” His hips bucked, driving his cock deeper inside her, his thrusts growing more urgent. Her fingers dug into the sheets, her nails leaving tiny impressions in the fabric as she tried to find purchase against the onslaught of pleasure.

“Fuck, that feels incredible,” he groaned. “You’re going to make me come.” He thrust harder, deeper, his hips slamming against her ass as he lost control. Her breath came in ragged gasps, her fingernails digging into the sheets as she tried to find purchase against the onslaught of sensation.

His cock twitched inside her, releasing its hot, salty load. He felt it pulse and spasm, filling her up with his seed. Her asshole gripped him tightly, milking his cock with every movement. Her ass making greedy sucking sounds and farting noises as her hammered into her.

“Oh God,” he groaned, thrusting one final time before collapsing on top of her. His weight pressed her into the mattress, their sweaty bodies sticking together. His breath came in ragged gasps, his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. “Fuck, Alice, that was…”

She rolled out from underhim, her arms wrapped around him, holding him close. She nuzzled her face into his neck, her breath hot against his skin. “Mmhmm,” she murmured, her voice still shaky from the aftermath of their passion. “I’m Daddy’s good little girl.”

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