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Samantha Training part2

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The next day at breakfast was a little awkward for me and Sammy I could tell she was embarrassed I think during the night she realized that she actually came and was embarrassed by it so I started to talk about school and if she done all her homework this broke the tension and I sent her off to school as I watched her walk to the bus stop I am stroking my cock imagining me fucking that beautiful little ass as the bus moved off I go into her room and grab her panties the smell and taste sends me over the edge and this time I grabbed a clean pair and wipe my cum off in the crotch of her clean pantys I fold them for later all day at work I can’t concentrate all I’m thinking about it her sm hairless pussy how puffy her mound was her lips my god I find myself rubbing my dick at my desk I decided to leave work early I head home masterbating in my car on the way home
as the day moves on I here the bus my heart is pounding Sammy walks in drops her backpack and gets something to drink she sits down and we watch a little Tv she then ask me what that smell is I realize I smell like cum from masterbating all day I then tell her she find out later as we sit there she ask if she can take a bath immediately I say yes I follow her in and say don’t forget I have to teach you she say blushing I know I than start to undress her I again get on my knees taking off her sneakers and socks I then start to undo her pants I remember the excitement unzipping her pants seeing her panties as I slid them down I’m now facing her I look up at her she’s breathing heavy and so am I
I look back and slowly start pulling down her panties then her puffy lips come into view I instinctively pull her to me and kiss her lips the smell of soap and the soft warm skin is amazing I hold her hand as she sits down and I start to wash her this time I start tell her how amazing her body is she smiles with pride I am now rub her ass and pussy together my knee on the tub I’m face to face with her this time I tell her the inside of her vagina needs to be cleaned she shakes her head she’s in heaven I am feeling her little pussy as I line up my finger I push it in she lets out a little screech I tell her it’s ok that it will get easier as I clean the heat of her pussy is amazing she so tight I now am in a trance like state I am no longer talking about cleaning I am finger fucking Sammy she is making a variety of grunts and soft moans I have her against the shower wall she has both her hands on my arm and I’m gently but forcefully fingering my daughter I try two fingers but she’s too tight and then start rinsing her off as quickly as I can, and I carry her into my bedroom I give up the storyline of keeping her clean because it’s beyond that point pure less is running through me so I carry my little girl into my bedroom. She looks confused. I lay her on the bed and I immediately get between her legs and start eating her, she just stares at me mouth open. I tongue fuck her My mouth is all over her I than suck her whole clit hood into my mouth I have one hand on her belly the other is fingering her she’s moving her legs like she trying to walk away she squirms she’s in sexual bliss I see goosebumps all over her body than as if out of nowhere she gouges my eyes her legs clamps down on me her groan is loud like a scream and grunt at the same time there nothing she can do I am locked onto her I feel her contractions on my finger I suck on her clit her legs start to shake and she is now shivering she in a state I never seen anyone in it pure lust I don’t stop till I hear her saying dad please stop so I get my tongue in one last time the taste is pure sex I climb next to her and kiss her as I rub her shaking body I go in her room and get her pajamas and the underwear I came in earlier still damp with my cum I walk in and dress her she’s like a rag doll as I slide her underwear on I make sure to rub the cum lined crotch against her pussy she shakes to my touch I lay with her than I call Karen on the line to tell her what happened.
I hope you liked part 2 of our story there is so much more Sammy training advance so fast from this moment on if you like to here about me putting her on the phone with Karen and how we meet her a few days later let me know my email is [email protected]
If there is anything you like to share I live to hear it

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