My cousin and me

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I m an eighteen yr old girl with 36 d firm tits and an firm athletic body I like to work out some but not every day,I went to visit my first cousin who lived a couple of blocks away from me in a nice apt, I was wearing shorts and a tshirt it was ahot summer day, after I got there it felt nice to be in the a/c cooling off, my cousin is twenty and he worksout some also and I think he hot, I ve always had a little crush on him. We were chatting on the couch about working out and stuff and he smiled as he caressed over my stomach and feeling my abs telling how firm I was as I smiled and he slowly squeezed my firm tit and said how nice it was as I smiled and blushed a little and I smiled and whispered in his ear that if that was all that was firm and I slowly slid my hand down on his dick and rubbed it through his pants,he was almost hard and it felt big,I giggled a little and we kissed, he hispered in my ear to follow him to his bedroom and I did. After we got there we embraced and kissed a little and then we undressed,I went over to him and I slid my arms around his neck and we kissed I felt his hard dick against me it felt huge and he smiled as he had me lay back and I spread my legs wide and I looked at his dick he had 10″ and I wanted it,he smiled as he got down between my legs and started eating my wet pussy it felt great as I moaned,soon I orgasmed and he sucked my tittties and he positioned him self, I felt him slide slowly into me filling me as he wentmy tight pussy wrapped around his dick as he went deeper ,soon I felt him going into my cervix I moaned as he did and then he was all inside of me, smiled as I wrapped my legs around him and he started to fuck me slowly I wanted him and soon I was moaning with pleasure in his ear, I whispered in his ear I wanted him to cum inside of me and he said ok ,he fucked me a little harder and soon I felt his dick swell a little and he pushed deep into my cervi and I felt the hot rush of his sperm rushing ito me as he held still, I orgasmed on him after he finished he pulled out and laid next to me.Soon we were chatting a little and I told him I wanted him to fuck me any time he wanted to,he smiled and told me how great I was and that he would be fucking me regular and he smiled as he asked me if I wanted to be his submissive slut I agreed to. He asked if I minded fucking a friend or two of his also and I smiled and said only if they worked out like him and he smiled and said they did, I knew this was the begining of our hot relatenship

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    👍🏼 let us know how it goes with the friends