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A 10 year old boy’s first sexual experience was with a man

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I was a cute, thin but athletic, a star pitcher for a little league baseball team, it never crossed my mind that a man would use me for pleasure.

My relationship started with this man when I was 7 years old, it just so happens my family and me we were invited to a Christmas charity event to benefit poor family’s, like us, even though we didn’t know we were poor. The event took place at a very large Airforce base, where we were introduced to a lot of active solders that were amazing men and women in uniform, we had never seen solders in person before, it was over whelming. I have four great brothers and four beautiful sisters, My next story will be about the rape of my two younger sisters by the two men that took them and raped them My family grew up in church, we were naïve about sex, it was never talked about, however I was going to get a lesson in sex that would change my prospective on women and how I looked at my sisters. After that Christmas event, our dad and mom kind of adopted these two Airman I was only 7 years old when they became friends with our family, they became apart of the family. “Bud” was the younger of the two, they called him “Airbud” he was never out of uniform he was a very squared away soldier his body was hard from head to toe with big strong hands, over the last three years I grew to love Bud The day before my tenth birthday Bud bought me a new base ball glove, I was so happy, I could hardly sleep that night, but sometime during the night I did go to sleep but I was awakened by Bud he was whispering in my ear,, “shh” be very quite” gently turning me over so I was facing up, I know he didn’t want to wake my big brothers up “Larry my oldest he was Seventeen and would be leaving to join the Marines in a couple weeks, and Roger he was thirteen. I had gotten used to bud putting his big hands on me but it never felt like this, he began running his fingers up and down my naked chest and stomach I was still half asleep when pulled my shorts down and started foundling and to playing with penis I realized he was naked he was laying on his side and he had rested his big cock on me stomach bud began kissing me my ear and whispering “put your hands on my cock” I reached down and put my hands around it, It was so smooth and fat I could feel the veins popping, I felt so knotty but when he was stroking my small dick it felt good I did not want him to stop I started feelin a sensation I had never felt my dick was pulsating
at that moment I would have let Bud do anything he wanted, he whispered “you just came” I wasn’t sure what he was talking about he checked my balls and nothing came out, he told me my balls had not dropped yet, then he kissed me on the mouth
, he tongue filled my mouth he was moaning he whispered “I want to fuck you” I wasn’t sure what that meant, I said “what do you want to do” he said turn over on your side, so I did he began with his big fat fingers he reached down to the floor and he put some kind of oil on me and pushed his big finger deep inside my little butt hole I grunted and moaned with pain I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head, but he said “don’t make a sound” It seemed to take forever but as he moved his fingers in and out for a while I started getting aroused again, he turned me on my back again and moved down and he put my dick in his mouth and sucked so hard I came again, he moved his body up to my face and put his tongue in my mouth, then his shaft was pressing against my ass he put some oil on my butt, I felt a sharp pain move up my body I was screaming in pain with his mouth over my mouth I thought this is what fucking is. Bud was steady pumping his big dick in & out of me, after a while It just began to feel better, I than he whispered “I’m going to cum inside you” at that moment he began to moan and long grunts I thought he was going to wake up my brothers so I put my hand on his mouth, he laughed at me he said sorry if I hurt you, I’ll let you fuck me next time. he pulled his cock out of me & I felt how soft it was I started playing with before I fell sleep

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  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck8fp4f4ga0

    Isn’t strange, what we call good, exciting and down right good feeling, society calls it abuse. So, if you like it, is it abuse. I can understand, that all might not like what happened to them. I was never threatened, coherence, or held by any means of restraint. I didn’t suffer no ill feelings or torment any kids or person as an adult to a child. So I didn’t do what I enjoyed as a child. Then, am I perverse, or just regular old person.l

  • Reply Sounds like fun ID:8gi4073vg22

    Brings back memories

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    • Horny teacher ID:55x8ywvqk

      How old are you?

  • Reply Famcockwhore ID:1ck7lb7iekp0

    I loved being used as a young boy it started out when I was 5 or 6 I was used like a whole everyday by my older brother and my dad I loved when my brother eats my dad’s cum out of my cup filled ass

    • G ID:faet3vyd3

      I sucked my first cock when I was five

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0wleu41

    Oh, Bud sounds great! I have such sweet memories of being used and abused as a yo ung boy (8yes old my first time)