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Izzy the Sports Star

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A popular teen sports at the local high school gets taken down and punished for her beauty.

*Important Note*

The following story is 100% fiction with zero real world relevance.

Izzy was everything you’d expect from the most popular girl in school. At 16 years old her body was developing perfectly with every passing day, she had beautifully long blond hair, and a smile that lights up the room. Her slender sporty body was complimented by leggy skinny legs, and tight physique. But of course it didn’t stop there, she was heavily involved in many sports at the school being captain of the swim team, on the track team, and a cheerleader. Despite being an innocent good Mormon she was still happy with kissing boys, making her quite the tease.

She was the object of the desire of every straight man and boy at the school, she had eyes ogling her everywhere she went. She knew it and she just loved it. But what she didn’t realise was that with that extra attention came the attention of boys and men who wanted to do horrible things to her. One of those boys was 17 year old Brayden, who was the opposite to her. Nerdy, geeky, ugly, loner, gawky, acne riddled, and into so many things that were counter to Izzy. He was essentially atheist but still enjoyed listening to heavy metal that often referenced satan, and despite him being good at school work his teachers often found him difficult and disruptive. He got bullied by the popular kids all the time and one day he brought a screwdriver in to defend himself against attack. When the attach did come he stabbed the screwdriver into the football captains leg, the 17 year old who was known to be Izzy’s crush had been terrorising Brayden the whole year without punishment but he fought back once and he got expelled.

He was angry, he wanted payback to the boy he stabbed, and the school. To him there was only one person who he could take his anger out on that would impact the school; Izzy. He managed to buy a crap box van off the internet and in no time at all the day came along for him to implement his plan. He’d watched her for weeks, his best chance was after cheerleading practice, she had to walk past the back of the sports building and was often on her own. Half an hour before she was due he snipped the cable to the security camera back there. Face concealed by a balaclava, armed with a taser he readied himself with his heart thumping. He jumped her clasping one hand over her delicate mouth and shoving the taser into her back. She convulsed and dropped into his arms, without missing a beat he threw her into the back of the van quickly taping her wrists tightly behind her back, taping her ankles together and shoving a pair of his soiled jocks in her mouth that he’d also used as a cum rag several times he taped her pretty mouth shut.

He drove away to the forest clearing he’d scouted at a distant and secluded location (but not too far away so he could get started soon). By the time he arrived Izzy was stirring herself awake aware that she was in a very bad situation, he opened the van doors (wearing his ski mask) with very mean and angry intentions in his eyes. “Welcome to your nightmare, little miss popularity and fucking perfect! By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be anything but perfect!!!” Izzy squealed in terror into her foul tasting gag (not knowing she’d been tasting cum all this time). He dragged her out and threw her onto the ground right next to an old disgusting stain riddled mattress Brayden had found on the side of a road. He threw bag duffel bag next to her which had a number of items to abuse her with, first though he grabbed a pair of scissors and started cutting her out of her cheerleading clothes by cutting from bottom to top right in the middle of her uniform. He pulled it open and dragged in down her arms leaving it crumple behind her back. He then swiftly cut off her bra and panties leaving the innocent popular cheerleader naked.

Izzy was shaking in fear at what this man, who she couldn’t tell if she knew, was going to do to her. In his eyes he could see hatred, anger, and pure animal lust. Brayden wasn’t wasting time, he’d been hard the whole journey and knew he was likely to blow his load quickly. He sliced off the tape around her ankles freeing them but the bent each leg and taped the top and bottom parts tightly together meaning her pussy was totally on show with her completely helpless. He furiously pumped his cock as he saw her beautiful virgin pussy available to him. He rubbed the tip of his cock on her pussy lips and then paused for effect as he looked her squarely in the eye and thrusted brutally into her.

Izzy closed her eyes as she felt Brayden’s cock slide into her pussy feeling it breach past her hymen destroying the virginity she’d coveted. She squealed, screamed, and cried into her gag as Brayden pumped his cock in and out of her. Brayden was in heaven, he was a virgin as well and for his this was the ultimate dream way for him to lose his virginity. “Fuck yes little princess perfect!!!! I fucking took your virginity you cunt!!!! I’m gonna fuck you so hard you little bitch!!! You think you’re better than everybody, you think you’re the best thing to happen to that shit school!!! Well now you’re gonna learn that you’re nothing but fuckmeat, you’re a set of holes for men to fuck as hard as they want!!” As he was yelling these vile words at her he clasped his hands around her neck and squeezed, choking her while his cock rammed into her. He could feel his balls ready to explode, and upped his tempo grunting like an animal.
“Ahhh fuck yeah, you’re gonna take my fucking cum you slut!!!!!!!” With those final words his seed exploded inside the cheerleader, Izzy felt her rapists seed shoot into her, she shivered at the realisation that she could get pregnant knowing that as Mormons her parents would force her to have the baby.

Brayden was loving every second of this; her pained cries, the tears streaming down her tape gagged face, the look of humiliation as she shot his load into her. This was everything he wanted, he wanted her to feel worse than how he’d been made to feel as all those boys who had thrown themselves at her had tortured him. Finally his cock started going soft and he withdrew his bloodied cum coated cock from her batted pussy. She sobbed hard as she felt the cum dribble out of her, Brayden saw this as a perfect opportunity to humiliate her. He ripped the tape off her mouth and pulled his jocks out of her mouth, she just continued to sob “w-why? Why are you d-doing this to me?” He didn’t answer her, instead he scooped up the blood stained cum dribbling down her leg with one finger and shoved it in her mouth. “Suck it and swallow my cum. Taste your fucking virginity mixed with my cum, maybe you’ll get the gift of a baby from me. I’ve never seen a pregnant cheerleader or swim captain!” Izzy just did as she was told, fearful of what he’d do to her if she disobeyed. He pulled his finger out satisfied he’d watched he swallow his cum.

“P-please let me go. Please don’t hurt me, you’ve had your fun!”
“Had my fun?! Fuck Izzy there’s way more fun to be had!!!”
Izzy sobbed desperately, she didn’t know what to say. Clearly this man wanted to hurt and humiliate her. He flipped her over so her face was hard up against the mattress, her ass pointing up in the air. Brayden could feel himself getting turned on again already seeing her pussy and ass on show, he can a very clear idea of what he was doing next though. He reached inside the bag and pulled out a screwdriver, the exact screwdriver he’d stabbed the asshole footballer with. It was fitting where this screwdriver was next going to be shoved. He put it in a condom and dribbled lube onto her puckered ass, Izzy was shaking in fear and couldn’t see what he had in his hands, “w-what are you doing?! P-please stop! My parents will pay you!” “Bitch, you really think I care about your money, you privileged slut you fucking deserve all of this for being a teasing cunt!!! Every man who walks past you wants to do all of what I’m doing to you!!! Oh and you want to know what I’m doing?! I’m about to shove a screwdriver in your ass!!!!”

With last comment he pressed the screwdriver against her asshole and pushed in inside of Izzy’s perfect ass. “Ahhhhh stop please, take it out!!!” But Brayden just happily pushed it in all the way down to the handle and began to fuck her with the handle taking it almost all the way out and shoving it right back in. Izzy sobbed at the humiliation of getting fucked in the ass by a screwdriver, every so often she felt the sharp edges of the tip go up against her anal cavity but thankfully the condom was doing its job of preventing it from causing internal damage. Though Brayden at one point had it all the way down and angled the screwdriver so it was being pushed harshly against insides, this renewed her screams and protests, “oh god please stop!!!! Please stop!!!!”
“I’ll stop cunt, if you beg me to fuck your ass!!!! Beg me to fuck your ass or I’ll take the condom off it and fuck you even harder!!!!!”
Izzy couldn’t fathom the choice he was giving her, but she was petrified at the thought of the screwdriver cutting her up inside. She realised she had no choice, “oh g-god, p-please!!! F-fuck my ass!!” She said it with fear and no conviction, sobbing.
Izzy could hear the anger in his voice so at the top of her lungs she yelled, “PLEASE FUCK ME IN MY ASS!!!!”

Hearing that he pulled the screwdriver out of her ass, the sharp bit on the end causing her paid as it came out. She was glad when he took it out but immediately was scared again as he pressed his hard cock against her ass hole, “you begged for it and now you’re gonna get it!!!!” And with that he pushed hard into her ass forcing the tip and using the lube the screwdriver had worked in he managed to get it deeper and deeper inside her. “AHHHHHHHH, OH MY GOD STOP IT’S TOO BIG!!!” Brayden thrusted his hand into the duffle bag and pulled out a clear plastic bag and threw it over her head pulling it tight cutting off her ass supply as he fucked her ass. “SHUT THE FUCK UP CUNT!!!! YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE ALL MY COCK IN YOUR ASS!!!!”

As he said that he put all his energy and strength into forcing his cock into the cheerleaders ass, she couldn’t help but scream into her plastic bag while she gasped for air. It was a terrifying and painful experience for Izzy, she thought she was about to die while being raped in her ass, but just when she thought she was about to pass out Brayden ripped a hole open where her mouth was. Izzy sucked in the fresh air grateful she wasn’t dying in that moment of hell, Brayden watching her panting in terror and shock used both hands to grab her butt checks and brutally fucked her ass. Brayden could feel his second orgasm coming and furiously fucked her hard sending all his hatred and anger for the world into every thrust, finally he could feel his balls about to explode and he quickly pulled his cock out of her ass and pumped his cock furiously as he moved around to her face.

He shoved his cock hard into her pretty mouth from the face that everyone loved, she gagged as he forced it deep into her, the foul taste of her ass making her feel like she might vomit. But suddenly he pulled out and with his cock aimed at her face and mouth he yelled in ecstasy, “FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCK, SWALLOW MY CUM YOU LITTLE SLUT!!!!!!!” His cock exploded shooting cum into Izzy’s mouth and onto her face, Brayden ripped the hole wider to ensure his cum painted her gorgeous face with his cum. Once he’d stopped shooting his loads he put in back in her mouth and threateningly said, “suck it clean and swallow my cum!!” Fearful of his wrath she did as she was told, shivering at the foul taste of her ass and his cum, as well as the brutality of what he’s just done to her.

After a while Brayden finally pulled his cock out of her mouth and stepped back allowing her her first break since the rape began. She just panted and sobbed, her face was stained with tears and cum, he perfect body now looked thoroughly abused. Brayden smiled to himself as he took several photos of her and then starting a video he said with a voice modulator on his throat, “hello Izzy, what has happened to you?”
“You-you raped me.”
“Why yes I did! Where did I rape you first?”
“My-my pussy.”
“Oh no, so you’re no longer a perfect little virgin?! Where did I just fuck you?”
“In my-in my ass.”
“Mmmmm yeah I fucked you’re ass, and you begged for it didn’t you? You begged me to fuck your ass, isn’t that true? Don’t lie!”
“Yes I did, I begged you to fuck my ass.”
As she said this he moved the camera around her showing off her abused body, her pussy smeared with blood and cum, her ass slightly gaping though recovering from its rape. He gave her ass cheeks a couple of hard spanks, and fingered her ass causing her to squeal.
“Well I’ve had so much fun with you Izzy, do you think it’s over?”
She paused, she didn’t want to answer because she suspected she knew the answer.
“You don’t think it’s over?! You think I can do more to you? Well you’re right!!!”

Brayden kept her for a total of 5 hours of hell, he raped her several more times in both her ass and pussy, cumming in her pussy twice. He had whips, dildos, butt plugs, clamps, pegs, and more stuff in his bag which he used on her. He also raped her pussy with the screwdriver and made her suck on it, by the time he was done with her she was a broken mess barely resembling the innocent perfect sports star she was when he first kidnapped her. He’d taken loads of videos of the assault all for his own personal pleasure, although he anticipated he’d release it over time.

He dumped her in the middle of the oval of one of the schools fiercest rivals in football that her school had recently beaten, with “cum slut”, “rape whore”, and “fuck my ass” written on her. They were never able to connect the link to Brayden for the rape, while Izzy had indeed got pregnant from her rape and her parents forced her to have it despite begging for an abortion. She never played any sport again, and became a complete slut, getting off on them treating her like a whore.

Brayden got his revenge.

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