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Losing my virginity and taking my little sister’s at the same time

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How my incestuous relationship started with my sister

I was 14 tall for my age almost 6 feet tall with a athletic build. I already had a 7 inch cock that would get to almost 9 a couple of years later. And as thick as a polish sausage. I probably didn’t weigh much more than 150 pounds.
My little sister was 10 almost 11 years old with little mosquito bites nipples that poked through her shirts when they were hard on top of tiny puffy bumps hardly more than a mouth full for a few years. She was about a few inches over 5 feet with long dark brown hair and eyes like me.
Our family lived in a two bedroom home and me two my sister shared a bedroom with bunk beds with mine on the top.
We lived up northeast in the early 1970s and don’t have any air conditioning in the summer time we had fans in the windows and all the doors open at night in the summer.
One night I went to bed but didn’t fall asleep I heard our parents I knew that they were having sex. When I got off of bed I woke my sister up. I was already looking at mom giving dad a blow job when brandy came over and asked what are you doing. Watching mom and dad have sex. We were both peeking through the door ss he had a hold of the back of her head as she was kneeling in front of him.
After about a couple of minutes mom stood up and bent over the bed with her ass in the air and said fuck me and make me cum daddy.
They had a candle burning and it left little to the imagination as we watched my cock was rock hard and I was stroking it slowly. After about ten or fifteen minutes dad stopped thrusting in and out and moaned I’m Cumming .
When my dad got up we scurried out of sight.brandy jumped in her bed. When I went to climb into bed she grabbed my hand and whispered
Does your thingy get as big as daddy’s.
Sometimes when I watch mom and dad like now. I’ll let you hold it if you don’t tell on me.
Okay she said I sat on her bed I was already naked I put her hand on my cock with my hand on top of hers showing her how to stroke it. It felt good to have someone stroking my cock besides me..
I rubbed my hands across her chest feeling her hard little nubs she had on a pair of little girl panties when I rubbed my hand across them I could feel the outside of her slit. I leaned over and kissed her belly button nibbling my way down. I mouthed my way across her panties finally pulling them aside and licking along her hairless slit.
My cock only inches from her face as she stroked it
Suck it like mommy did to daddy. With that I put my hand on the back of her head and was slowly face fucking her as I licked her slit up and down sticking my tongue in and out of her tiny hole. In less than a minute probably I pushed my cock to the back of her throat and held her there struggling to get away and gagging as I shot the biggest load of my young life.
What was that did you pee in my mouth
After explaining to her as best I could she asked if was going to put it in her like daddy did to mommy. We tried when my dick got hard but I couldn’t get it in her tiny pussy and came all over her hairless crotch and ended up licking her till she came all over my face. We did this almost every night after that till I finally got inside her vigin pussy.

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  • Reply HornyGuy ID:5xrqep0zm

    i wish this could happen to me


  • Reply Dennis ID:1euafugzk8bk

    Tell us more

  • Reply Slutforbroscock ID:1dw9wvgfhz3p

    As someone who was her brothers fuck toy I hope you ended up fucking all her holes. My brother told me all brothers fuck their sisters, and that good sisters love it. He fucked my little girl pussy since I was 7 right up until his wedding night. His wife loved seeing us fuck but wanted his cock to herself

    • Perv 1 ID:keek9zf9ezt

      My sis was same age when we started. We both been married for yrs but still sneak and play

  • Reply Cherry popper ID:2t4xyhnzmg0

    Did you give it to her proper rough and make her cry,smashing your dick into her cervix and watching your dick fill her small belly then turn her over and fuck her tight bum and fill it with cum.

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