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My husband left me stranded in a parking lot at the mercy of a stranger

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John fucks a girdled wearing wife of another man who left her stranded in the parking lot while she was going to a theatric audition for a 1950’s play

I was always involved in theater ever since I was a young teenage girl, dressing up in different time period costumes. That was over twenty years ago and now I’ve been married for quite a while and my husband just retired and wants to go on vacation. That’s when my girlfriend Kim told me about period actors are looking for some men and woman to audition in 1950’s dress attire.

So, I was able to talk my husband into letting me go and driving me to the audition, and I thanked my friend Kim for letting me know. I went to my closet and decided to put on my vintage, white open bottom girdle with tan nylon stockings, that are attached to four garter straps on each leg. I put on my black pencil skirt and a dark red silk blouse and a red lacy brassier and white lace silk panties that I wore over my open bottom girdle.

Finally, I slipped on a pair of black and white 3-inch heels and applied red lipstick to my lips, as I was leaving with my husband, I put on my fawn mid-calf trench coat, and a black pillbox hat that has black netting on the front. I looked in the mirror and I definitely looked the part of a lady from the 1950’s .

We had a wonderful morning riding on the train, and we met some lovely people and had brunch in the station cafe, it was shortly after this that things went downhill fast. My husband and I came out of the cafe and we stood talking to a group that we had met in there, who were 1940’s re-enactors and I wanted to learn more about their theatric company.

My husband wandered off to look at a locomotive engine. When he came back most of the group of people that I was talking to left, and I was talking to a young man who gave me his phone number to contact the group. When the young guy left my husband said, “What the hell are you doing taking another guys number”???

“It wasn’t his phone number ! it’s the number of the secretary of the re-enactment group ! who happens to be a woman”!!!!! As I gave him the note.

“Yeah right”!!! he said as he threw the note into the trash without even looking at it.

“If you think you’re going to spend the day talking to young guys you got another thing coming ! we’re going home now”!!!!!

“Oh !! come on honey !! it’s not like that and you know it”!!!! He wasn’t having any of it, his mind was already made up, and I knew there was no chance on changing it.

“Okay ! but I need to use the lady’s room before we go”! I disappointedly said to him.

“Well !! be quick about”!!!!

I headed off to the lady’s room and when I returned, my husband was nowhere to be seen. I looked up and down the train platform, but I couldn’t find him. I was thinking that he was near our car, so I walked to the car parking lot as my four-inch heels are making that click clacking sound as my heel tips made contact with the hard concrete of the parking lot, while I saw our car leaving.

Oh my god !! I thought as I took my phone out of my pocketbook, only to find out that there was no signal in this area. While panicking, I frantically looked around the parking lot to see if I could get a ride to some place with a signal. There were only three cars with anyone inside them.

One car had four young men in it, and I didn’t dare ask them, thinking that they would have taken me and do unspeakable acts to me. The second car had a family just getting out of the car and they were arguing amongst each other. The third car was further down the parking lot and had a guy walking to it.

I hurried as fast as I could in my tight black pencil skirt and four-inch heels and shouted out ,

“Excuse me !!!! Excuse me !!!!” He didn’t react so I kept shouting. He didn’t acknowledge me until I was almost next to his car, and by this time he was sitting inside . He saw me coming and quickly shut the door, I tapped on his window and he rolled it down a bit.

“What do you want”?? he asked in an annoyed voice.

“Please ! please ! can you give me a lift”?? I asked out of breath .

“Why the hell should I”? He rudely responded .

“My husband has driven off and left me here and I can’t get a signal on my phone ! Please help me get somewhere with a signal ! Please !! please ! help me”!!?

“I really don’t want to get involved in a domestic dispute ! Your husband might not like me picking you up”!!!

“He won’t know ! even if he comes back, he won’t know where I’ve gone”!!!

“OK !! Give me your phone ! I don’t want him tracking me”!

I can see his logic and passed him my phone, he took it and shut it off and put it in his pocket. As I walked around the car, he told me to put my coat and handbag in the trunk, I heard a click and the trunk lid opened and I put them in and shut the trunk.

I got inside of his car, and it was very big inside with the lovely smell of leather, as he started to drive, he asked me what the argument was all about, and I told him everything. As I was talking to him, I got a good look at him. He was older than me and on the plump side, and he was dressed to the nines a white dress shirt, blue tie and a dark blue pinstripe suite.

He was a good looking man with a neatly trimmed brown beard, with all this going on I hadn’t noticed which way he turned out of the parking lot.

“Where are you taking me ! I thought you were taking me somewhere with a phone signal”?

“I said that I will take you where there is a signal ! and I will ! The nearest place is in the opposite direction”!!

“OK ! But please hurry up ! I need to contact my husband”!!!

He didn’t say anything for a while, then he said, “I’ve saved you from being stranded ! I think you should do something for me”!!!

I was appalled and scared, I could think of a few things that he might want to do with me. None of them I would want to do. I certainly wasn’t going to have sex with him, and besides I haven’t had a cock inside my mouth for years, and I didn’t fancy that now. I might give him a hand job, but that’s all.

“What do you have in mind”? I nervously asked .

“You have big tits ! show them to me”??

“I can’t do that ! I’m a married woman”!!!

“Fine ! I’ll let you off here”!!!! he said .

I looked out at the desolate place we were in, and there was nothing insight for miles and it started to rain. Reluctantly I unbuttoned my red blouse and opened it.

“Are you happy now”?? I asked.

“That’s a lovely red brassier ! but I said your big tits”!!!

“I…I can’t do that !! I’m married and it’s too much”!!! I nervously said to him.

“It’s very quiet and wet out there and I’m losing my patience with you”!!! he sternly told me.

I got the hint and with my shaking fingers I unhooked my brassier and lifted it up over my tits.

“My god !! Their big and beautiful”!!!!! I was pleased that he liked them as I started to put them away,

“Keep them out”!! he sternly told me.

I didn’t have much of a choice as I started to feel naughty sitting in a stranger’s car with my tits hanging out, I guess it’s a small price to pay for having him help me out.

As I sat aimlessly looking out the window at the wild countryside as the rain is pouring, he sprayed some type of mist at my face and I began to relax.

Shortly after that, I began to feel horny as he slowed his car down and pulled off the side of the road in a secluded area.

“Why are we stopping”?? I nervously asked him .

“You’ll find out soon”!!! he replied .

He leaned over to me as I moved away from him as much as I could, which wasn’t much. He touched a button on my seat and it started to recline, as I went down, I felt his mouth and beard attached to my right tit and nipple.

“Please get off me !! I didn’t say you can do that ! Stop it !! now !!!”

He didn’t listen to me, he just kept on sucking and nibbling my nipple and tit. My tits have a hotline to my pussy, and I was getting very aroused, and my mind didn’t want this, but my body did.

“What do you think you’re doing ! I don’t want this”!!! I gasped out.

“Well I do !! and that’s what matters”!!! he said lifting his mouth off my tit.

I was so lost in the sensations that I didn’t realize that his hand was up my black pencil skirt until I felt his fingers on my silk lace panties.

“No !!! This has gone to far !! I’m a married woman and I shouldn’t be doing this”!!!! I gasped out in fear.

It felt so good, and I felt my resistance weakening. His fingers kept on playing and his bearded mouth kept on sucking my tits and my body wanted more of him.

I opened my legs as much as I could in both of my tight open bottom girdle, and my pencil skirt as his fingers slipped between my nylon stocking covered thighs and he began to rub up and down on my pussy lips. I was getting wet, very wet, and I knew he will be able to feel it through my silk panties.

I began moving my hips against his fingers. He wanted better access, so he took his hand out of my skirt and found my zipper and loosened my skirt, he started to pull my skirt down and I grabbed his hand and said , “No !! no more !! please”!!!!

His hand went back up my skirt again and he began to play with me again, my body loved it and I started to cum, bucking my body against his fingers and moaning ,”Ohhh my god !!!! Ohh my god !!!!!”

It wasn’t a big orgasm, but it was a good one, as I came down from it. I felt his hands on my waist of my skirt. This time I lifted my body to allow him to slide my skirt off, with my skirt out of his way his hand went back to my white lace silk panties.

This time I moved my tan stocking covered legs apart, and now he had full access to my most private place as he stared at me and growled.

“You look so fucking sexy looking like that !! laying there with your skirt on the floor and with your tan nylon stocking covered legs attached to your girdle spread wide.

That got me to realize the position I was in, so I closed my legs and covered myself with my hands as much as I could, but that didn’t last long before his moving fingers had my stocking encased legs pulled apart again.

“Oh god ! What are you going to do to me”??? I whispered in a low voice.

“I’m getting ready to fuck you”!!!

“You mean rape me”!!!!

“I won’t rape you !! You’ll ask me to do it”!!!

While we have been talking his fingers found their way pulling my white lace silk panties to the side and slipping them in my soaking wet pussy.

“No… no… no… no”!!!!!! I cried as he finger fucked me hard. I was feeling dizzy with the sensations. He kept on finger banging me and I felt like I was going to explode, while I was gasping and humping back on his hand as he worked my pussy.

“OH MY GOD !!! YES !!! YES !!! YES !!!” I screamed as he flicked his thumb on my pussy and the whole dam broke. Fireworks went off in my head as I exploded in the most intense orgasm of my life. My God it felt so good even though it was so wrong for me, I was so wet with my juices running and soaking my stocking covered thighs.

He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and he took my hand and put it on it and wrapping my small delicate fingers around his solid shaft. I love uncircumcised cock, and it was fascinating to see his purple bulbous head appear and disappear, as I moved his foreskin up and down and it was hot in my hand. At that moment my body wanted it inside me while the danger to me is that it can make me pregnant and destroy my marriage. But I want the emptiness inside my pussy filled by this large thick, uncut, purple headed, monster cock.

“We need to go into the backseat”!! he said softly.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea”!!! I said nervously .

“It’s a good idea for me ! You have two choices ! The backseat or I leave you here”!!

Oh no !! I looked out at the pouring rain and looked down at myself with only my white girdle and my attached tan nylon stockings and white silk panties still on my bottom part and my back and white 4-inch heels that adorn my feet.

“If I go back there you’re going to rape me aren’t you”!!?

“No !! You’re going to ask me to fuck you and I will”!!!!

I still believed that I wouldn’t ask him, I quickly got out of the front and went into the backseat, and he followed right behind me and pushed a button on each front seats and they slid forward leaving loads of room in the back. His pants and briefs were around his knees and his shirt is unbuttoned.

Within seconds he had my tits in his mouth and his fingers found their way under my girdle and into my pussy, and a few seconds later I was cumming like a freight train and wanting his uncut cock inside me.

He quickly slid down between my nylon stocking legs and began the most vicious assault on my pussy with his tongue. He licked outside each of my pussy lips while still finger fucking me and It’s arousing to have my inner stocking covered thighs tickled by his beard.

As he licked and finger fucked me, he got my G-spot and I went off like a bomb.

“Oh god !! don’t stop !! don’t stop doing that”!!! I cried out as I gushed all over his face and hand, he didn’t let up and kept on doing it as I kept on cumming and crying out ,”Ohh god !!! Ohh my G…God”!!!!!

He raised himself up and knelt between my tan nylon stocking covered legs, his hot purple cockhead was so close to my unprotected pussy entrance that I can feel the heat radiating off it.

He leaned forward to kiss me but I kept my mouth shut, and turned my head side to side, but he put his hand inside my girdle and fingered my wet pussy as I opened my mouth to gasp out, he jammed his tongue inside my mouth ,”MMmmmmmmpphhhh”!!!!!!!!! was the only sound coming from me.

I can feel his uncut, purple cockhead is just touching my wet pussy lips inside my open bottom girdle, I tried pushing my body up to it. The feel of it was sensational and naughty, but the desire to be filled with it was overwhelming for me.

I had no more resistance in left in me I reached down and aimed his rigid purple bulbous uncut cockhead at my pussy opening, he pushed it in and stopped.

This bastard was teasing me, I moved to get more of his cockhead into me, but he moved with me.

“Please !! please !!” I pleaded with him.

He slid his 7-inch uncut purple bulbous cock into me, I felt every protruding vein and ridge of his cock as he slowly opened me up and didn’t stop till his pubic hairs were tickling my bare pussy.

It was a wonderful feeling being so full of big uncut cock, I can feel an orgasm building just with him being inside me.

“Ohh !! Please stay still !! I want to feel the fulness of your cock inside me”!!! I moaned

He held still for a while and leaned over and sucked my erect nipples and that’s all it took.

“Do me now and do me hard”!!!! I told him in my lusty voice.

He put his arms under my tan nylon stocking covered legs and lifted them up high and wide and pulled back until the tip of his purplish cockhead was in me and rammed it back in me, it took my breath away.

He pounded me like a jackhammer, ramming into me hard and fast as I squealed and yelped out ,

“OHHH !!!! OHHHH !!!! OHH M…MY G…GOD !!!!!! OHH GOD !! OH GOD !!! OHHHH MY GOD”!!!!!!!!!

I looked down at my body and I can see his uncut purplish bulbous cock ramming in and out of me, and coming out shining with my wetness. He hammered me right through my orgasm and I went wild as I wrapped my tan nylon stocking covered legs around his waist and pounded my 4-inch heels into his back, while I pulled him into me, and he just kept on screwing and ramming me so hard that his car was rocking, while I saw my stocking covered legs and heels rocking and swaying back and fourth.

I screamed as he sucked my two nipples and blew his seed inside me, while he kept on ramming me non-stop, pushing in and out with every thrust as I dug my long fingernails deep into his back screaming and squealing out , Ohhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!! yes !!!!! yes !!!!!!! Ohh god yes”!!!!!!!

“OOhhhhh I’m cumming all over your uncut purplish cock”!!!!!! “Ohh yeah baby !!! give me your seed”!!!

He finally finished mating and rutting me as he slipped out of me, I was a mess down there.

My girdle was splattered with his sperm stains all over the white fabric and both of my tan nylon stocking encased legs and thighs are soaked through with both my pussy cum and his sticky white, creamy sperm.

I pulled my white silk lace panties back across my pussy and felt them fill up with his seed, he got up from between my nylon stocking thighs and slumped back onto the seat. His big and soft loosely hanging cock is glistening with my cum is resting on his leg.

“God you’re good !! So fucking tight and wet !! This is the first time I’ve fucked a lady while she’s wearing an open bottom girdle and stockings and a lace netted hat”!!!!!!

I laughed !! I had forgotten that I was wearing it as he was screwing me in the backseat.

“Mmmmmm !!!! you were good too”!!!! As I reached out to his cock and took him in my mouth, and licked and sucked him, then I felt him get hard again. He was at full hardness again.

“Have you ever fucked in the pouring rain”?? He asked me .

“Oh my God no !!! But I wouldn’t mind trying it”!!!!

We got out into the rain, and he pushed and bent me forward over the hood his car and slipped my white silk lace panties to the side and thrusted his purplish uncut cockhead into my married pussy. My big tits were pressed against the hood of his car as the rain is soaking my opened blouse and my hiked up black pencil skirt and girdle.

He used his foot and kicked each of my 4-inch heels out further from each side of me as he rammed and pounded my pussy while my heels dug into the ground. while he’s screwing me, we heard a car coming up the road and as it passed us, we heard the horn honking with guy voices yelling and cheering out ,”Fuck her good”!! “Knock her up”!!

That was such a rush being seen in that position that I started to cum all over his cock again, he was more focused this time and kept on slamming into my pussy as I felt his car rocking while he’s fucking me hard against it.

I felt him put his finger underneath my girdle near my asshole, making it slick and slippery. I don’t like anal sex and I was worried that he was going to do me there.

He slipped his finger into my ass as he started to shoot his hot load deep inside my womb, as he slid his finger in and out of my ass each time he spurted inside me.

I screamed and went wild, pushing my girdled ass back up against him while another massive orgasm went through my body.”Ohh !! my god !!! yes !!! yes !!! fuck me hard !!!! Ohhhhh !!!!!! god”!!! My tan nylon stocking covered legs were so weak that I would have collapsed if I hadn’t been laid over the hood of the car.

He stayed inside me until he softened and slipped out. I kept my nylon stocking covered legs apart to allow all his sperm to drip out of me, there was quite a puddle on the ground beneath me.

While I was readjusting my silk lace panties we slumped onto the backseat of his car and wiped ourselves off. My nylon stocking covered thighs were sticky and wet with all his and my cum, my panties were drenched .

I stripped off my now useless white lace silk panties and used a few pieces of tissue to clean my pussy and legs, once we were cleaned up as best as possible, he reset the seats to their normal positions.

The rain stopped and he kissed me tenderly and gave me his phone number as he drove me to the next town and dropped me off, he kissed me goodbye and I asked him his name, he said his name is John, but his friends call him big John. Okay ! my big John !! I’ll be calling you soon. I shut the door of his car and blew him a kiss. Then I thought that I better have sex with my husband tonight, just in case I’m impregnated with big John’s baby, it will look like my husband impregnated me instead.

Ten minutes later my husband pulls up and I got in and he asked how did my theater audition go, I said it went awesome and they want me back once a week and they will also pick me up, so you don’t have to drive me sweetie, as I gave my husband a kiss as big John’s sperm is still leaking out on my pussy and down on my front seat of my husband’s car. If he only knew how I was auditioning.


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