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Jinny At The Beach, A Prince-Edwardian Tale

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Daniel, a newly divorced middle-aged man, unexpectedly meets Jinny, a teenage girl who feels immorally attracted to him. He can’t resist!

I’m not usually the type of man that gets a lot of female attention. At least, not anymore. I used to be handsome… 30 years ago when I was 21. I’m still six feet two, still strong and lifting weights and all that, but I’ve gone bald with greying temples, my waistline has got a bit thicker. I look like what I am—an Olympic weightlifter who retired and is now ageing.

I still got a couple of affairs at the office, with coworkers half my age. Without even trying. I have no idea what they see in me, but their lips felt lovely when sealed around my cock.

One of my good-girl coworkers was a Chinese who looked more like 15 than her 26 springs. She was small with raven hair and a pair of perky breasts with those exotic brown nipples. When I took her doggy style, her butt caused me to grow a prodigious erection inside her and soon finish with a relief that turned out a geyser of cum.

The reason for this was simple. Fucking this Hong Kong chick felt like fucking a teenage girl. I felt like some high-school principal having sex with one of the cute students. It was nuclear. To be measured in megatons.

Teenage girls are my sin. They’re so firm and perky all over!

My office affairs proved a terminal illness for my marriage.

Being a divorced man didn’t keep me from taking my usual summer trip to Prince Edward Island.

Going to P.E.I. is a bit like going to Cape Cod, except it’s less crowdy, the earth is reddish, the ocean is a bit colder and there’s lobster too. There’s also female splendor on the beach.

Beach and girls are like sand and the desert. You never have one without the other.

As usual, I didn’t stare at the girls too much, nor any female for that matter.

After pitching my tent, I felt it was a gorgeous day and went straight to the beach wearing Bermudas and a polo shirt—I never go in public without wearing something that has a collar. I also wore a stylish Panama hat that had the shape of a fedora.

Walking to the beach, each step I took on that soil informed me I was in Canada’s tiniest province. The ground was red enough to feel like the earth came from Mars.

The sky was blue. I knew the ocean would be blue with a touch of greenish mystery and foaming surf. I already heard those surfing waves. The sea must be choppy out there.

I came by three teenage friends. One of them looked at me and I saw the expression of disgust on her face. She was probably something like 15. Most girls at that age are positively repulsed by the sight of middle-aged-men, no matter how great they think they look.

Age is just a number, they say. If you have true self-confidence, you can get any girl you want, right?

Well, in my case, self-confidence meant minding my own business.

So, there I was, under my umbrella, sitting comfortably on my retro portable chair and reading a literature classic (the Brothers Karamazov) while sipping a Corona beer out of my ice box.

The sky was of a hue that suggested calm and meditation. The sound of the surfing waves was spiritual music, and quite powerful too.

Some youths were playing beach volleyball. A sailing boat was slanting under the wind and cutting through the waves, foam under her bow. The sea wasn’t so bad after all.

Many people were taking a swim in that salty water, while I prefer to merely breathe the salty air. The female lifeguard kept a keen watch. She was blonde. I loved her legs and feet.

Thanks to her, I had a hard-on while reading my novel.

I took another sip of Corona. Life was great!

Tonight, I would go to the restaurant and have a lobster dish. Then, I would read on and turn in for the night.

That naturally occurring boner was great news. I had been off porn for like three weeks, and things were getting back on line in that department.

I sighed. Going over there and starting to chat with that 20-year-old lifeguard would no doubt be an exercise in futility.

Yes, indeed it would! Some jock wearing pinkish swimming trunks came close to her and they held hands. Her boyfriend. Can’t blame the guy!

I would have a shooting chance at getting laid with meeting some 45-year-old local woman at a local bar. I wasn’t after such gravy.

My mind, my body knew what I wanted.

I sighed and kept reading.

My chances of meeting and fucking a teenage girl were about as good as meeting a true mermaid out of that ocean.

Someone was talking to me. A girl?!

Her voice felt like something out of another dimension.

“Excuse me, Sir? But… I’m a bit curious… What, what are you reading?”

“The Brothers Karamazov.”

“I’m Jinny. What’s your name?”

“Daniel. Uh, nice meeting you. Uh, do… do you come here often?”

“Ha! Ha! HA! Ha! Aahh… You should see your face, Sir!”

Her laughter did me in even more than her nubile body.

Jinny was visibly about 16 years old and wore a black bikini that highlighted her light suntan. She had shoulders that looked like the perfect landing place for my hands.

The top of her bikini looked more like a bra, and a small one at that. Encased in it was a pair of full, perky boobs that kinda look like they wanted to be out and loose under the sun.

She had long raven hair and looked a bit like some Italian girls given her suntan. I noticed a tiny heart tattooed (or simply marked?) as a simple black outline near the corner of her eye on the right side of her pristine face with such delicate features that told me she was most probably under 18.

“Is this a tattoo, that little heart?”

“No, just a marking for fun, a game with my little sister, but… (she looked back over her shoulder) I’m… I’m not here to talk about the family, and certainly not about the weather.”

She looked straight at me and smiled. My eyes went south and I checked the soft canyon of her cleavage—pale olive softness of skin between the small cups of her bikini.

My gaze came back up to her. She was beaming!

“Sir… Would you like taking a walk with me? There’s a nice trail in that wood over there.”

Again, she took a look behind her as she spoke. I saw the worry in her face. She had the ways of a girl afraid of getting caught while doing something bad.

“Well, young lady, there’s nothing in the law against it!” I said, closing my book and moving to fold my portable chair and take my icebox.

“Oh, you’re… loaded. Let me carry your icebox… But, quick! We must be off now!”

There we went. Walking fast and she was accelerating and now a good five yards ahead of me.

As soon as we got to the edge of the wood, she waited for me, and smiled. Barefoot, holding my icebox.

We got under the trees. We came across a middle-aged couple. The woman stared at me with a stern face. The man looked positively jealous of me. Something in the way she was walking and smiling told them she couldn’t be my daughter.

Once we were alone, she led me into a smaller trail that took us to a more secluded place.

We came near a thicket of white pines that looked majestic.

“Wow! It’s lovely here!” Jinny said.

She dropped the icebox and turned toward me.

Her hands went up to the strings of her bikini top. She was smiling at me with a slightly gaping mouth, licking her lips with a playful air about her.

She laughed lightly as she looked deep into me. My jaw must have been gaping a mile wide!

In what looked like a time-stopping dream, she lowered the strings of her bikini top and there she was! Topless. Her top rolled down as a pointless item under a pair of boobs to die for.

Jinny’s boobs were bathed in sunlight with soft-looking nipples that were like small burgeons amid matching areolas of a warm light brown; perfect circles on that pale olive field of her intimate splendor. Some tan-lines there too. There was an electric blue butterfly tattooed near her nipple on the left side.

“Well, Sir! What do you think?” Jinny asked me with the same tone as a teen girl writing “Rate me!” on Quora.

“I… I…”

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! If you saw your face!”

“Jinny, I… Someone may come and… I think we sh…”

Her lips got in the way.

She had swiftly closed the distance and she was now kissing me, standing tall on her toes as I naturally stooped down, for she was a short, petite girl.

Our tongues said hi! to each other. They twirled around one another and I felt complete. She was so sweet! A fountain of happiness. Was she for real?

“Oohh, Sir! It’s so good to kiss you!”

“I’m, uh, a bit surprised…”

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Would you like to fuck me, Sir? I’m eighteen, you know! And ooh, look at that tower you got down there! It’s big!”

She was already down on her knees and reaching inside my Bermudas.

Her agile hand found its way inside my boxer and… Oh, good Lord Jesus help me! I didn’t believe her when she said she was eighteen.

And her fingers around my granite erection were like the hand of a virgin goddess.

I was as hard as a stallion.

“Well, Jinny, I’d love to rape you, uh, I mean I’d love to…”

“To rape me?! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!”

Jinny got back up on her feet. Was she going to run away?

She didn’t.

She was kissing me again. Her lips like a dream of soft wine out of some Homeric poem.

“Oh, Sir… Yes, rape me! Rape me! Like a dirty old man!” Jinny blurted out, panting with her light-olive face flushed with pinkish arousal.

“But it’s dangerous! Someone may come… And what if you’re just fifteen?”

My question was a valid one. Sex with anyone under 16 would land you in jail in Canada.

She didn’t answer. She was already back down on her knees.

Jinny lowered my Bermudas and my swimming boxers. Her hand was on a ravenous quest.

“Ohh… The dick of an old man!” she whispered as she found and kissed my cock.

“Aahh, Jinny! Yes! Yes… Ohh, this feels so great!”

“Not too loud, Sir… Someone may come…”

With those words of wisdom that sounded quite mature for her young years, Jinny—I gasped as I realized this was happening—Jinny engulfed my cock in her mouth.

Her lips closed around my shaft and she began to suck my dick, ravenously so.

As she did, she kept looking up at me with a bit of worry in her expression. It felt like she wanted to know if she was doing well.

“Oohh… You’re doing great, Jinny! It feels amazing!” I said, putting my hand on her back-and-forth head and starting to tenderly stroke her raven hair.

Was I going to complain?! Seriously?! 99.999% of men my age would have freely volunteered to take my place. But she was probably nervous and thinking of all the more experienced women who had done this to me before.

Teenage girls are often unconscious of how powerful a charmer they truly are. The mere fact she was a high-school kid was enough to drive me dangerously close to my edge as her agile tongue worked my full length with slurpy reinforcement from her slobber-sliding lips.

One of her hands was resting on my upper thigh, and she—Oh, God!—she took hold of the base of my erection with her free hand.

She was massaging my throbbing erection while worshipping it with her sealed mouth and twirling tongue.

There are no words to describe how good that felt.

I took my decision and made her stop. I wanted to cum inside her pussy! I just had to. Still a tough decision, for the other option—pulling out of her mouth and shooting a massive load of fresh cum on her boobs—was very appealing in its own rights.

“Now, young lady, I’ll show you what it’s like to be used by a dirty old man!”

“Oh, yes! Call me young lady! I love it!”

As she spoke, I got down on my knees and nudged her into lying down on that reddish ground.

Then I did what I had wanted to do from the first time I looked at her.

I kissed the tip of a breast and engulfed its nipple. I circled my tongue around her areola and felt the softness of her flesh yield slightly under my gentle caress. The taste was like seawater mixed with her natural scent.

She ran her fingers through my nonexistent hair and went down on my temples.

“I love silver hair!” she purred as I kept sucking her tit.

I cupped her other tit and gently pressed its teenage freshness under my hand.

And then I went down on the silky desert of her abdomen. My trail of kisses found her navel… It was just as neat and sexy as the rest of Jinny.

“Oooohh, Sir…” she moaned as I went further down.

With feverish hands, I lowered the bottom of her bikini and learned that—much to my joyful surprise—she didn’t shave down there. She was just like any teenage girl back in the 80’s!

“Do you mind my beaver?”

“Are you silly?” I let out just as my lips met the upper fringe of her triangular carpet of raven hair.

I covered her beaver with a flurry of adoring kisses, letting that young hair caress the tip of my nose as I went further down and found her entrance. There was my answer to her silly question!

“Oooohh, Sir! Sir! This is so improper!!!” she moaned as I gave her my tongue inside her pussy!

“Ooooh, yes! Eat my pussy!”

I did.

Every second was an adventure in girly land. She tasted absolutely amazing. I took the risk of someone coming by. She tasted like some sort of salty honey with a tiny touch of anchovy.

I heard footsteps.

We moved quickly.

I got my Bermudas up just in time. I stood up and pretended to be picking up the portable chair and the novel I had dropped on the ground as we started kissing.

Jinny was already properly “dressed up” in her bikini. Teenage girls can move extremely fast when necessary.

It was that same middle-aged couple.

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” she whispered as she passed.

If looks could kill, then I’d be ad patres. The husband, a man about my age, looked even more jealous. I felt for him. As for myself, I was divorced and didn’t even had to worry about a jealous wife.


They were gone, finally.

She laughed like a little girl when we started kissing again.

Her scent was like roses with a dab of vanilla, all rolled with the ever-present taste of seawater.

I kept kissing her while tenderly stroking her hair. I wished this could be the beginning of a long relationship, but I knew I had no dice. She probably was one of those rare girls who fantasize on old men and just wanted her bit of fun, for the big kicks of it. Who was I to complain?

I went down again and took a tour of her body. I made no gesture to take off her bikini, and after that close call, she herself didn’t even uncover her boobs, let alone the rest.

It was fine with me. I ran a long trail of kisses down her legs as she leant on her side and I knelt with my head down in deep worship of her lower legs, looking like some convert to Islam praying for Allah, and thanking Him?

I then went down to heaven by kissing her ankle while caressing the other one. Then I began to lick her feet, finding red earth under her sole.

“MMwwAAah-ha-ha-ha-ha… Sir, I’m tickly down there!”

I shifted to kissing the upper part of her feet while giving her a massage from my weightlifting-strong hands.

“Oooohh… This feels so nice! Ohh, so nice!! Oh, Sir! No boy my age could do this to me like this!!!”

I kept unravelling the dainty secrets of Jinny’s lovely pair of feet. I was back to being granite-hard.

“Let’s go to your tent, Sir! Is it far from here?”

Then I heard the voice of a woman, still at a distance, but it was coming closer…

“Jinny? Jinny?… Where are you?! Jinny… This ain’t funny!”

“My mother! She must not see us together! Come quick!”

She quickly got up to her feet and went off away on that small trail as I hurriedly picked up my portable chair and my icebox.

I followed her light footsteps.

“Jinny! Jinny…”

The voice of her mother died away. What a felon I was! But in the state I was in, I only had my hard cock for brains. If her mother was after her like that, she clearly wasn’t over sixteen and could well be… fourteen.

We walked among pines and beeches with a quick pace.

At one point, she waited for me.

“Is your tent far from here?”

“Oh, about a mile…”

“Then, let’s go… Ouch, my foot!”

She had stepped on a small rock.

“Do you want to take a break?”

“No, I’m all right, let’s go!”


We walked on. I felt guilty. I was a criminal, already, for doing what I just did with her. I felt it in my bones, she was only 14 or 15. But I couldn’t help it.

We couldn’t get to my tent soon enough. I felt the same impatience from her as we walked fast and she ignored the slight pains in her feet as she walked barefoot, while I was wearing the same black Chuck Taylor’s I wore in the gym.

But most of the time, the reddish earth was caressing. I loved seeing that earth acting like sand on her feet. Sand from a desert on Mars.

At long last, my tent came into view.

I dropped my portable chair and my icebox. I realized I had forgotten my novel in that spot where we’d had our first sexual encounter. Too bad! I wasn’t going back there, not with who was in my tent! Not with the tent I had at the front of my Bermudas.

My tent was large enough for a family of four. She was already topless and smiling at me as she discarded her bikini top, smiling a mile wide with stars of joy in her hazel eyes and a touch of teenage nervousness on her lovely face.

“Don’t take this off, young lady,” I said with a commanding tone, nodding at the bottom of her bikini she still had covering her hourglass hips. “Let your old man take it off for you!”

“Aye Aye, Sir! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, God… If only my friends knew how much fun it is to be with an older man…”

“They criticize you?”

“You bet! But I’m not here to chat! Come on, Sir, take off those clothes. I wanna see what man I got myself. After all, I’m about to lose my virginity!”

I stopped dead in my tracks, realizing what she just said.

“Come on, Sir! Hurry up, before I change my mind!”

If there’s a Guiness world record for how quick someone can take off a pair of ankle-high Chuck Taylor’s, then I beat it or came seriously close.

In less than a minute, I stood naked in front of Jinny, my erection proudly pointing at her topless figure.

“Now girl, get down on your knees! I’m gonna take you from behind!”

“Oh, God! Yes, Mister School Principal! Your bad student will do as you say!”

“You… You fantasize about…?”

“Don’t break the roleplay!” she said as she lowered herself in a lovely display as she got down on her hands and knees.

Her beauty filled my tent with the lights and the vibes radiating out of her well-toned body. Petite, yet immensely powerful. I was giving her commands, but I was a strong slave she was controlling like a powerful sorceress.

There only remained her bikini bottom between my eyes and the juicy butt I already saw the shapes of.

I let my hand run along her leg, from her foot all the way up to the back of her thigh, then to the curve of her teenage bum.

I had the urge of ripping that bottom off, but I checked myself. If she came back to her parents with a borrowed pair of shorts too big for her, then I’d be cooked and on my way to jail. She was jailbait all right.

But she was worth the insane risk.

With unfathomable elation, I landed my hands on the girly shapes of her bum, feeling it under my touch as its firmness almost refused to yield.

She moaned, “Oaah, my God!!!”

“NNrrrRHHHH!!!” I went, grunting with savage satisfaction as I lowered the black bottom of her bikini.

Her intimate crack appeared at the base of her butt cheeks. I ran my hands around that lovely contour, unable to wrap my head around the reality of what was happening.

Jinny’s butt was almost white with subtle tan lines, and it was both wide and slender. She was petite with such a slim waist that her butt almost looked curvy.

It felt like my cock tripled in size as I plunged down and buried my face into the silky softness of her butt!

I started licking those buns! She tasted like seawater mixed with vanilla girl sweat, but there was nothing vanilla in what we were doing, at least legally and morally speaking. This was why it felt so intense!

My tongue got acquainted with the butt of a girl I wasn’t supposed to get intimate with, not even close!

As I licked Jinny’s buttocks, I pictured myself as a rebel leader in Congo who just captured a family of tourists with his men. I roleplayed as a black man. I was now having fun with their 15-year-old daughter. I was going to be first inside her, then my men would take their turns on her.

“Young lady, I’ll make a woman out of you, but not before I do, this!”

Jinny filled the tent with a moaning whimper as I sank my index finger inside her pussy and began to gently caress that special place I call the pleasure button.

I kept caressing that special place inside her. I remembered the taste of her pussy and wanted some more. And now that we were safe in my tent, I could afford to take my time. If I went straight ahead inside her, her pussy would make me die quick, and this wouldn’t be much fun for her. She deserved better.

“Jinny, lie down on your back. Your school Principal is going to eat your student’s pussy!”

“Yes, Mister Principal! Anything you want, Sir! Do as you please, Sir!”

Soon enough, she lay with her back on my sleeping bag, now acting as a spread-out blanket. And she—God!—she spread out her legs for me!

I had the most inviting display of a girl’s paradise, with a lovely triangle of black hair to boot! This was my Jinny.

If anyone had walked by close enough, they would have heard Jinny and wouldn’t have any doubt as to what we were doing in there.

There was the off-chance that her parents would walk by, but this was a calculated risk I decided to take. I had my hard cock for brains.

My tongue was back inside her, my nose was back against the black-satin hair of her beaver.

I kept at it, taking the risk as her moans increased. She was so loud in that enclosed space! I was very curious to learn what she sounded like when hitting her jackpot, so I kept insisting with my tongue on her clit.

“Oh, my God! My God! This is soo… Aaahh! I’m being raped! Raped by two janitors! Dirty old men… They, aaah! They ahhh! Got me in the, Aaahhh! Locker room!!! Aaahhh! Took off all my, aaah, clothes!! And… AAAahh Yes! Had their… Fuck-aAAAhh Way! With aaAAahh Jinny-me!… Aaahh AAAAAAA… Aaa-AAa-aAA-AAA-AA, A, A, A, Aaa-a AAaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Mi G’d!!!”

She sounded like a machine gun of high-pitched whimpers that she let out like a fast-paced salvo, and ended up with a long outburst of ecstasy… She squirted her juices right against my face as I kept licking her walls and tasted her sweet happy-girl sap with a touch of bitter sourness from that time where she made a quick stop to pee among some bushes, while I also relieved my bladder.

She lay on her back, panting, purring.

Time stopped as I realized… It was my turn now.

I moved up and kissed her lush patch of hair, then I licked her lower abdomen and soon met her navel again. She was now covered in sweat and breathing hard, basking in her post-climax bliss.

As soon as I was at her tits, her hands ravenously caressed my bald head.

“Now, Sir! Come inside me! Rape me!”

At the word “Rape”, my cock got stiffer.

After a passing kiss on her tits, I moved myself to where I kissed her lips and she kissed me back as if her life depended on how intense a kisser she was.

I jockeyed for position and awkwardly slithered myself in line with her entrance, my lap between her welcoming legs. I was about to fuck Jinny!

My cock entered almost like in butter! She was drenched with her juices. I was no novice in this. But the feel of so young a pussy was as good as entirely new to me. It had been decades since I lost my virginity to a girl my age.

Her demented whimpers told me what I already felt… I was inside Jinny.

I began to pound her, picturing myself as a Congolese rebel leader raping a fifteen-year-old daughter in front of her horrified parents as my men were waiting and masturbating and her mother was begging them to take her instead.

I pounded her like an unstoppable piston, a human piston, now grunting like a rutting orangutan. My face getting lost in the nape of her sweaty neck, lost in the black forest of her long silky hair. It felt like fucking a Turkish teen.

There was a pressure around my loins and I realized she had wrapped her legs around me and was hugging me as she kept moaning and whimpering. I felt her nails into my back as she clutched me and tried to become a part of me.

In my thoughts, only one word remained. Rape.

I always had sex while fantasizing about a gang-rape. Congolese rebels were a favorite of mine.

“Jinny, you’re, aahh, you’re an amazing girl!” I whisper to her ear as I pass my edge.

In that supreme moment, I see her in my fantasy… Her breasts are jiggling under the powerful thrust of a Congolese rebel lost in the loud-grunting act of giving her his big black cock! And his African sperm.


Jinny takes my massive load inside her! A hot pile of semen.

“Don’t worry, Sir. I’m on the pill and I’m clean. You just took my virginity,” she says as she covers my face with wet kisses.

I will never forget that tiny heart at the corner of her eye as we kissed and enjoyed the aftermath of our steaming session of sex.

Sex with a teen girl is the best.


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    This is splendid stuff! I haven’t read many of your stories before, but certainly will from now on! ‘a tiny touch of anchovy ‘. Genius!

    • HistBuff ID:4gmi91iv3

      Thanks, Cracksniffer! This is a fun fantasy that would lose a lot of its transgressive power if I was forced to age her up to 18. I’ve kept her age a mystery for now, but it’s a safe bet she isn’t 17 yet.

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    Love it her age she has a Hot body I’m storcking my cock wishing I was there

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      Thanks, Perv Guy! Glad you enjoyed that story. I’ve kept her age indefinite between 14 and 18 to keep the suspense about her being legal or not in Canada, where legal consent is at 16 like the place I’m from (not telling!).