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Groomed pt 8: after the rape

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12 years old, and completely destroyed by my grandparents actions, I went to the mall with daddy to pick out a toy with the money grandpa gave me.

I was so sore from my grandfather raping me and taking my virginity. My dad kept looking at me suspicious over how quiet I was and wouldn’t make eye contact with him. Daddy finally asked “sweetiedoll, are you feeling alright? You haven’t said much to me since I picked you up. Do you think you’re getting sick?” Exhausted by what I had just went through, I built up the energy to whisper a raspy “yes.” “Okay, you can stay home from school on Monday. We don’t want you going into school feeling sick, do we?” “Thank you daddy.” I said in a low tone. The flashes of what grandpa and grandma did to me devastated me.

Daddy let me go off on my own in the mall as he headed to the food court and told me to meet him by the ice cream stand in an hour. I walked through the mall, looking around at all the store fronts. I finally found Limited Too and decided to go in and look for neopet plushies. Usul’s were my favorite and I figured getting one would cheer me up. As I looked through the store, I noticed I was in there alone with one store clerk and another man hiding his face under a ball cap and sun glasses. He kept glancing over at me and I wondered, could he tell? Was it written all over me that I was damaged goods? Is he judging me? I bought my plushie and left.

As I was walking down the mall hallway, I suddenly really had to pee. I found the nearest bathroom and got into a big stall to give me space, pulled down my blood and cum stained panties and could feel my grandpas cum still dripping out of me. Or was it my cum? Oh I was so humiliated. I started sobbing a little then I realized someone had walked into the bathroom. I looked through the stall crack to see that man in the ball cap looking under the stalls! Oh no! Who is this guy? Is he… looking for me? I folded my legs up on the toilet seat and stayed as quiet as I possible could, I was watching him through the stall crack unzip his pants and pull out his hard cock. I was frozen with fear thinking he would find me and I’d go through it all over again. “Mmmmm fuck” I heard him moaning as he stroked his cock. I accidentally dropped the bag with my usul plushie causing the man to pause “Pretty little girl are you in here?”

I slowly and quietly hopped down from the toilet seat and decided to try to make a run for it. I opened my stall door so fast and it slammed in his face! I had no idea he was that close to catching me, and I ran so fast out of there. The man started swearing and then as I looked back at the bathroom I saw him fast walking the opposite direction. It creeped me out thinking about how he would try to put his cock in me like my grandfather did. It gave me perspective that at least my grandpa was nice to me, even when he was violating me.

I ran straight for the ice cream stand and waited for daddy. I told him immediately that a man was in the woman’s bathroom and daddy got serious. “Oh sweetie I’m so sorry that happened.” He was so apologetic. The security was called and took it from there. Daddy and I left immediately. Once we were home I was just so excited to crawl in bed when I heard the telephone ring.

Daddy picked up the phone and hung out in the hallway. I could hear him talking about the mall incident and how shaken up I looked. “Daddy who’s that?” “Just your grandma, sweetie.” I froze, again with flashes of my grandmother teasing and licking my pussy with her back massager. Daddy walked away and they talked for several minutes. “Okay, bye mom. See you in a bit.” I heard him say from the other room, then he came into my room to tell me to pack my bags for a couple nights. “Why?” Nervously I asked. “Grandma said you can stay with her and grandpa for the next two days while you get well. She’ll make you tea and honey and get you back on track for school.”

Shocked and hopeless, mouth wide open, I begged daddy to let me stay home in my own bed. “Sweetie I’m sorry but it turns out I need to leave town for a night to see your uncle. He’s gotten into some trouble, I think it would be best if you went to stay with grandma and grandpa while it gets sorted out.” Tears rolling down my face, I packed some clothes and my new toy. It crossed my mind that maybe I should tell my dad what happened, but would he even believe me? Now I won’t even have access to Mrs. Myers on Monday to ask her what I should do.

Daddy loads me and my bag into the car and we left for grandpas. As we turned onto their street, my chest felt so heavy, I didn’t want to go. Daddy dropped me off and I slowly walked up the steps to get into the house. Dad drove off in a hurry to get to uncle drew. Grandma was at the door waiting for me. “Long time no see sweetie” she said giving me the biggest hug and smile. “Oh wow what do you got there, a little friend? Well come on in I made the guest room up for you.” The guest room had a lock on the inside of the door so I at least knew later on I could just lock myself in and away from everyone. It was so hard to look at my grandma in the eyes remembering where her tongue was on my body. As I got to the guest room, I noticed cameras up and cuffs tied to the bed poles. On the bed was a tray filled with odd shaped bright colored rubber looking things that looked like my grandpas cock. One was blue, there was a rubber tongue, some clothes pins and other things with weird bumps all over them. On the floor I saw this large box that had a saddle over it. “Um.. grandma” I asked hesitantly. “What is that box on the floor?” “Oh sweetie, that’s the families Sybian. You sit on it and it makes you feel so good. I’ll show you if you’d like.” I looked down as a tear rolled down my face. “Oh sweetie, what’s the matter?” “Mrs Myers’s says that this is wrong. I’m not supposed to feel good like this with family.” My grandma shot up and angrily explained “well Mrs Myers’s doesn’t know what she’s talking about or what’s good for little sweet girls like you. I’m gonna have to call that school and give her a piece of my mind! Do me a favor sweetie, don’t go near Mrs Myers’s, don’t even say a word to her. She’s not your friend.”

I was confused, it didn’t seem like Mrs Myers’s was my enemy. But grandma was convinced otherwise and demanded I stay away from her. She’s still my grandma and I must obey her, so I nodded and told her I wouldn’t go near Mrs. Myers again. Grandma instructed me to strip out of my dirty clothes and she would run me a nice hot bath. I climbed into the tub, laid back and closed my eyes. I was so sleepy I started dosing off a little when I felt a strange object hit my inner thigh. Opening my eyes I saw my grandfather hovering over me. I quickly sprung back splashing all over as my grandpa shhh shh shushed me to calm me down. “It’s okay sweetie doll, it’s just me! I wanted to show you what the toys I left on your bed are, it’s an extra gift for my extra good girl. You made grandpa feel so special today, I went out and bought you even more toys!” I calmed myself a little feeling less threatened by the situation, starting to accept that what my family does to me behind my father’s back is just normal for us. It is for Trisha, so I guess it should be for me too. I decided to let go and let my grandfather do what he was going to do. I was powerless to stop him.

“Grandpa please be gentle, I’m so sore and I don’t feel well.” I said. “Okay sweetie, you don’t have to worry, the hard part is over, I’m going to make you feel good now, okay?” He reached back into the tub with the toy and put it between my thighs, pressing against my violated baby parts, and pressed it into my sore fuck hole. “Mmmph” I moaned, my body was reacting involuntarily. This time it felt good and nice. Grandpa slowly inserted in and out the blue toy from my 12 year old pussy pleasuring me. “Ah ah ah oh grandpa” “yea sweetie you like this? Want more? Grandmas in the other room waiting for us.” Grandpa lifted me out of the bath and dried me off then escorted me back into the guest room.

Grandpa led me to the Sybian and told me to sit over it. I hopped on and positioned myself as he directed. Grandma had a remote in her hand and started pressing a button waking up the machine. It was vibrating my bottom and felt incredible. “Ohhhh ahh ahh wow it’s so strong ah ah ah AHH OHHHHHH MMMM oh grandpa it tickles so much” I was overwhelmed with stimulation and couldn’t think of anything besides the intense vibrating under me. My pussy started soaking the machine as it shook my little girl clit and lips. I started humping the machine as the feeling in my pussy got stronger. I looked up to see grandpa with his cock out close to my face and grandma with the camera recording me. My eyes went wide. Oh no that’s so embarrassing, they’re filming me naked feeling good?! “Ahh oh gr- grandma wha-“ grandpa shoved his cock in my mouth shutting me up and pushing his cock head down to my my throat entrance. I started gagging on his cock while still riding the sybian. Grandma got real close with the camera getting up close shots of my little hard nipples as grandpa facefucked his little sweetie doll. Grandma moved the camera down to the machine getting close up shots of my pussy wildly shaking from the machine. I could feel my clit getting so warm and tingly as I was getting close to orgasm, I think grandma could tell because she immediately turned the machine off making me squirm as my body so obviously was begging for more.

“Okay sweetie, get on the bed. It’s time we make a real home movie.”

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  • Reply Bob ID:1comn0nruc7a

    Oh fuck, Sweetiedoll, you are so fucking lucky to have your Grandpa and Grandma training and teaching you about sex. Be thankful and don’t get involved with Mrs. Myers at school. It’s none of her business what happens at home.
    Love, sucks, and fucks,

    [email protected]





  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    I wish I was in the movie