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Surfer hippy boy sausage party

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Hello I’m a long haired hippy beach boy hitch hiking but had gone down on a small beach in “what you doing today can you give me a ride” ” you can come and you can do me a favor lets go”

We drove for awhile he took some different roads then stopped by an old shack ” your a very young hippy now what I want is to play wirh your cute ass how about you just kick back and feel my big cock but first just watch me a man is coming to stay lets see if he likes what he sees”

“Go ahead grope me you can anytime”

He groped me pushed me into the back of his Van pulled his sweats down as I got on my knees as his big dick bounced against my mouth he could not believe I was on my knees sucking his big dick
“Hello” said a man who came in “hello have a seat take a load off”

“I am from Pakistan can I bring my things over and ask you about customs?”

“sure” said the western man “now what do you think about this?”

“In Pakistan its custom to have sex with other boys men please let me fuck him and if you need your dick sucked I am at your service anytime”

“good to know

He came back with his things and sat down taking out his dick he had a large,fat ,uncut cock the owner said

“wow that’s a big dick!” he said

” want to see me fuck him?”

“ok fuck him after me we’ll take turns…now hippy lay on your tummy over here”

I went their pulled off my suit and the owner got behind me the Pakistan man with his strange uncut monster pushed his dick in my mouth and I started sucking it got massive

“ya what a great way to start his powerful build rubbed up against me meaning business they both were very tall and their dicks swelled the phone rang next to the Vaseline

” ya want to here it go in ?….hang on”

He was tall and strong he had a container of Vaseline put a handful into my ass cheeks he yanked my head back by my hair as he forced his dick in my ass as I screamed 5 times in a row but then he pressed his left hand down on my back making sure to have me stay up on my knees keeping my head pulled back as he pounded his dick into my ass as the phone was picked back up
“you liked that get over here then bring candy”

A big black man came in he looked me over loaded a big hit went to give it to me then took it away yanked me by my hair “My name is sir Nicky you are going to get this hit then spread your ass so I can rape it understand?” “yes sir Nicky” the Pakistan man was being very rough and began to hammer his cock in me as I took the hit holding it in gave back the pipe as the owner took a turn doing me very very hard then busted in my mouth as the other man pounded me pulled out doing the same thing

. I looked over to see this black mans nightmare it scared me I began to freak out this guys dick was not a sight of joy he yanked me down with a handful of Vaseline he pushed my face down and raped my hole as I cried out he worked that massive dick up my ass as the owner told the man from Pakistan that thus place isn’t the place its their pointing close by to the trail to some stairs while the black guy began to fuck me like a rag doll they drove their cars out and around the street way on the other side but returned down the stairs then took the trail into the riverbed to the cottage also on the bluff to offset much lower next to the dry inlet the black guy began to ram his entire dick up my ass knowing he was hurting me a stranger came walking around from the party going on at his house hearing me beg him to stop the man was shocked as he changed his fucking angle to downward and pounded his dick into my ass giving me rug burn on my knees causing them to bleed covering my mouth until the man took out his big dick and shoved it in my mouth hyper pounded my ass at high speed he thrust his cum load up my ass gave me a big bag I put in my pack he left going to his car “Im coming back for you what’s your name?” “Curtis” I returned the wave

I headed up the stairs of a cliff house just as guests were starting a party with lots of drinking the first thing they do is go invite young boys up to the party give them booze have them get naked while doing cocaine with them
Soon I was taking dick after dick and given snorts from a mans bullet(a device shaped like a bullet but a little bigger you hold up to one side or the other to sniff cocaine into your nose to get high) an entire group of perverts would encourage their buddies to fuck me as hard as possible hearing the ladies were going to a chick party the men took me upstairs and the local black dealer was just about to come over to make money hearing about a hot hippy boy getting high and fucking like a wild slut was great
Upstairs a large cooler was placed in the living room a cushion put on it in a plastic bag they poorer cooking oil all over my back as a large man with a big dick began giving them a show his dick way to big
“No let me up I need a break!”

“oh no you don’t I’m fucking your little

hippy ass now!…..”. ” ya Big Bill rape him we want to hear him suffer just get it in then ram it in…..!” “let me do just that hold him !….ya like that…..! up the rear

” Please No No Noooo….!!! Nooooo….!!!”

“just let it happen ok and I won’t slam it in ok?”

“its to big please…..no please…!!!!! Nooooo !!

” he looks good with his ass being fucked tell us about some rape sex experience

” my uncle told me one morning ….he couldn’t pick me up but would send someone to pick me up from school skip the last 2 hours of school so at lunch time I changed and exited not seeing anyone I began walking 3 blocks later a van going the other way passes me going ,4 blocks past the school turn around comes back passes me parks on the next block ahead of me as I walk past the 2 men give me cat calls
In broken English he says ” ride?” I say are you here to pick me up ?” “” yes see you enter see” “ok thanks. ” “like your jeans cutoff ” “make us like you ass to fuck we go candy n play see?”
“see you like porn magazine ?” “yes yes very much the other very large Mexican was on the carpet in a cowboy hat looking at boys being fucked as the sound of his belt buckle as he had removed his boots then his pants ” look at this dick now you get up on your knees spread those cheeks apart …..oh ya feel that dick going up your ass gringo you like” “oh see its nice see”
” now these men who are with me following will enjoy you as well” he told them something in Spanish and they followed us to some park in a ghetto area with an abandon housing track and took me to the merry go round and 5 of them fucked me in plain view of whatever homes were lived in a big tall man one from the car was he fucked me on the spring rocking horse then they left me their I walked back under the overpass to a super market where a pervert drove me towards the ocean and to a secluded place and threatened me with a knife and fucked me and realized I had my bag on me but kept fucking me till he busted he had put the knife down I knocked it out the drivers window as I went out the other and took off across the field he fired up his car but got stuck and I was free pulled up my suit checked to make sure I had everything

Rested at the library went in began looking for books about chicken hawks and boys,runaway hitch hiking boy gets raped,a man showed me his dick and Romans fucking and told me he lived across the street so went over and played with his dick he licked cum out of my ass another man came over he liked to free ball his cock and balls hanging out he would go out then come back in and force me to take his dick he tied me up put me in a tiny cottage in his yard put a shocking device on me he had a remote to and took me to a park put a drop of blood on my pucker some men would walk their great Dane around me in my g-string and t-shirt the guy told me to get down on my hands and knees the mans dog got on me his dick found its mark and began fucking me with his big dick it swelled up then he took me to a horse boarding place where he had a pony he filmed me sucking its dick then on a bench it fucked me a man and his horse watched he was about to load the horse he had his pool boy take the horses cock up his ass invited me to his home and we went in going into his big ranch he wanted me “your how old?” “10” the other boy is near 15 if you can you get $500 but only when he busts his load fucking you ”
I took that dick and he pumped me 26 times and busted and I got $400 he got $100

The End

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