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our rich adopted parents loves to film me and my little sister

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Brian and Ivy were orphan and they were adopted by a rich couple. but the couple used brian and Ivy to create a ch**d p**n to sell them online.

my name is Brian a 10yo orphan with white skin, blonde hair and baby face. because of my cute appearance a rich married couple adopted me. they had a huge house and many expensive furnitures and appliances inside, they introduced me to their daughter ivy.

my new sister was the same age as me and she also has a cute face. I was surprised when they told me my new sister Ivy also adopted and she recently arrived 3 days earlier than me. my new parents gina and shaun were around mid 20’s, they both have an attractive appearance and athletic physique.

”big brother” ivy ran and hugged me.

”hi ivy, nice to meet you as well” I hugged her back and her sweet perfume entered my nose.

”ahhh, how sweet of you. you two will surely get along” my new mom gina said smiling.

”as long as you both are behave and obedient we will give you a reward” shaun said hugging us.

after that short introduction Ivy dragged me in our room with 2 beds. we shared room since we both were still a kid. as I observed the room my eyes glittered when seeing all expensive toys,clothes, shoes, we even had computer and Playstation inside our room, They seemed really love us.

after chatting with ivy we went to the kitchen for our dinner, there were no any maids or helper around so my mom and dad were busy preparing for my welcome celebration . we ate happily, I learned both of my parents job was film maker, since I don’t understand anything I just smiled and listened to them.

while lying in my bed I thought about how lucky I was being adopted to this family, specially how they love me and Ivy. I was so excited thinking for the next day how I would play the xbox and watch on the big screen tv, I even saw outside there was a swimming pool.

next day. I woke up late because last night I couldn’t sleep. I felt small hand grabbing my shoulder and shaking me. I saw Ivy’s cute face and I smiled at her and greeted her good morning.

”get up quickly! mommy said we will play after breakfast. so get up lazy ass!” ivy said while still shaking my shoulder.

”yes yes yes fine. I’ll wash my face and you go out first” she nodded excitedly and ran out the room

I quickly arrived in dining area and ate breakfast with my new family. they asked me about my first night and I answered them honestly.

”after we eat we will accompany you two to play okay?” mom said smiling

”yes and for sure you both will enjoy it”
dad added

Ivy and I were excited and eat so quickly to play. after resting for a while, mom and dad brought us inside one of the room, it was so wide inside and colorful there also 2 expensive looking camera setup and it looks like a studio type with a lot of lighting devices. in the middle there was a large inflatable swimming pool, inside there were different types of toys such as rubber duck, small colored balls etc. there’s no water inside but a slime. (lubricant oil)
Ivy and I were excited and our eyes glittered when whe learned it was slime.

”hey dont run, we don’t want any accident here” dad said while setting up the camera. I noticed him doing that but I just shrugged it since it wasn’t my concern.

”come here you two. you should wear this first before you play there okay” mom said while showing us our swimsuits.

mom helped me first to get naked then ivy laughed while pointing to my small penis. I blushed and rushed mom and she helped me to wear a super tight boxer brief the same as the professional swimmer. then mom moved to Ivy next to change her, I looked at Ivy’s naked body and blushed after seeing her naked petite body, her cute undeveloped chest with pink areola and tiny nipples, her ribs and flat belly, her bald pussy was so small and beautiful, it was my first time seeing pussy . then Ivy caught me looking at her naked body and she stucked out her tongue as if she was annoyed but she became more cute.

mom gave Ivy a tiny bra to cover her chest but it didn’t help every time ivy moved her bra kept pulling up and her nipples getting exposed. and also mom gave Ivy her piece of panty or thong style, there was no garter but only a strings, mom tied it on ivy’s side waist. behind her all of her round and soft butt cheeks weren’t covered and only one string in the middle of her ass and her pussy covered in a small piece of blue cloth…

I lived in orphanage for 10years so I didn’t have and knowledge about sexual stuff and lust the same as Ivy. because of our innocence we overlooked the fact we were wearing almost nothing and our new parents holding expensive camera each. in our mind we were just happy to play that pool of slime and colorful toys.

holding hads while walking towards the center of the studio where the pool of slime located, Ivy and I carefully stepped in the pool and we both giggled how amazing the slime was. it was warm and super slippery on our skin. Ivy also having fun throwing colorful balls around her. Mom and dad didn’t say anything, they just let us play for 30 minutes while holding each camera and filming us.

”okay I’ll teach you how to play and follow everything i say, we will give you a reward later if you’re a good kid” mom said smiling while putting down her camera, but dad still filming us.

Ivy and I cheered after hearing the reward we would receive, we thought mom would teach us how to play so we follow her what ever she said.

”Brian seat here and ivy sit on your big brother’s lap” mom instructed while pointing in the middle of the slimey pool. the slime or lubricant was only about 2 inches inside the pool but enough for us to enjoyed its slippery.

I sat my butt in the middle and stretched my feet, then my little Ivy slowly sat on my lap carefully not to slip. we were facing and our bodies were touching, we both laughed as we had an eye contact.

”you are now siblings and you must love each other. now I wanna see you two kissing” my mom said seriously while my dad kept filming us and he came closer.

I didn’t think too much and I kissed Ivy on her cheek very quickly and she did the same thing. my mom gestured to kiss on our lips as well. we followed her instruction but it was also a quick kiss and both mom and dad seemingly unsatisfied. then mom smiled brightly as if she had a great idea, she rushed outside and after a few seconds she came back with a cup of vanilla ice cream.

”you two share this ice cream but your hands are dirty so let mommy to feed you okay?” mom said excitedly

we nodded and hugged each other even tightly. then mom scooped an ice cream and fed it to me, I happily accepted it, but before I swallow it mom said I should share it to my sister. I stopped for a while and think about what mom said, but when I looked at Ivy’s pitiful face I opened my mouth and stucked out my tongue. as if a hungry wolf Ivy rushed to eat the ice cream on my tongue, she even moved her tongue inside my mouth to eat more ice cream.

we felt delighted after finishing the cup of ice cream together in a weird way, but the most happiest person was my dad filming on our side. after the slime pool we went to the bathroom to clean and still my dad followed us with his camera. mom helped us to clean all slimes on our body and then after cleaning we went to the living room still wearing our swimsuit with some droplets of water all over our body.
I thought we were finished and change to our clothes but dad still filming us so I just keep quiet.

”Brian removed your sister’s bra and panty slowy. just pull those strings. just listen to me and do what I say okay?” mom said in a serious tone and I gulped while nodding.

I pulled the string of Ivy’s bra to remove it slowly. Ivy’s face became red but she didn’t say anything. next I pulled the string on her side waist and her micro panty instantly fell down. after I done stripping my sister, I went silent and waiting for mom’s next order.

”good, now Ivy pull down your big brother’s underwear” mom said

Ivy was hesitating for a bit, but she had no choice but to comply since our parents didn’t harming us. she pulled down my blue brief slowly and my white,soft and uncircumcised penis exposed to everyone. I was about to cover my penis with my hands but mom gestured me not to do it with a frowned.

Ivy and I were oblivious about what was going on, we had no idea our adopted parents were using us to create a ch**d po*n and selling it online.

”look at the camera and smile, don’t move until I say it, understand?” we both nodded to mom and followed her instructions

we were both standing straight naked and smiling awkward in front of the camera. Ivy was smaller than me only reaching my shoulder. mom snapped so many pictures and the flashes of light almost blinding me, while dad still recording everything, he was moving his camera back and forth to find better angle but often close-up to our faces, my small penis, Ivy’s flat chests and to her small pussy.

”now stuck our tongue and play them. brian touch your sister’s clit and nipple. and you Ivy play with your brother’s penis. let me show you how” mom walked toward dad and showed us how to do it properly. their tongues were swirling and their hands were moving constantly to their private parts.

multiple sounds of camera snapping and the lights were non stop flashing when My little sister and I started kissing and touching each other.

”good good, continue doing that” mom said as if she was a very proud mom.

I felt Ivy’s breathing becoming heavier, I could enhale her breath it was fragrant and warmth. my right hand was circling her flat white chest and her pink tiny nipples, I tried to pinch it but I can’t grabbed it because it was still inverted nipple so I just used my index finger rubbing it. bellow, my left hand using my index and middle finger slowly touching her fat pussy, My hand was moving up and down and it became a little bit wet, I thought it was pee but I ignored it because I started enjoying the softness of her pussy.

at the same time my small penis got hard and Ivy surprisingly tighten her stroking and she peeled the skin covering the head and started playing with it. we stayed in the same position for 15 minutes our saliva was flowing down to our chest and belly. mom and dad were excitedly filming the moment.

then mom pointed at the table and told me to lay down straight. I did what she said while my small penis was still hard with some visible veins on it. mom asked Ivy if she want more ice cream and ivy hurriedly nodded. mom grabbed the bucket and scooped an ice cream and put it in my mouth. Ivy didn’t need our mom’s instructions and she knelt down next to me and bent down quickly to eat the ice cream inside my mouth using her tongue.

then mom put an ice cream on my chest I giggled loudly from the coldness of ice cream and Ivy’s tongue lickng my nipples. I noticed our dad still holding his camera, he stood behind Ivy and he opened Ivy’s pussy using his finger and focused his camera on her pussy for a long time. I didn’t understand what he was doing but I just shrugged it.

now my small hard penis covered in ice cream and Ivy didn’t hesitate to sucked my dick with ice cream. the feeling was good, and I enjoyed the coldness of ice cream and Ivy sucking and licking my cock. mom pulled up my both feet and lifted my butt, she told to Ivy lick my butt because there still an ice cream there.

to be continued..

the story is too long and I don’t want to cut or skip the scene. but if no one like this story I have no reason to continue this. bye.

sorry for my english BTW

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