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The child maid, part 1

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Last summer, I went on holiday, at a small resort with my parents, for the first time since becoming an adult. Unfortunately they forgot to mention that they had bussines in the area, so for the short week we spent there, I was mostly left alone to figure out how to spend my time. I resorted to just staying in the lounge, and talking to locals and hotel staff. At one point on the first day, I noticed a young girl carrying some brooms up the stairs, she seemed a bit too young to be working as a maid, so I asked one of the guys I was talking to about it, and he told me that’s the manager’s daughter. I found myself staring at her while she struggled to move the brooms but immediately shook off any weird thoughts, she was just a small child after all. Later that day I was in my room scrolling on my phone when I heard a knock on my door and a timid voice saying “housekeeping”. I opened the door to reveal the same girl from before, standing shyly in front of me. She was about 4’6, had a petite stature, long brown hair and had the most gorgeous amber eyes that were staring at me with innocence. We looked at eachother for a bit, and then I welcomed her into my room. She was sent to clean the dust off some old furniture. I sat on the bed, watching her doing her work and making small talk, that’s how I found out her name was Ella, she was 11 years old in 6th grade, and was working at her mother’s resort to make some money in the summer. She was really attractive for an 11 year old and I couldn’t help but watch as she did her thing. Her skirt was quite short, so any time she would reach for a shelf, I’d get a peak at her small plump cheeks. This made my dick hard but I continued to talk just like normal.
At one point she dropped her duster on the floor and immediately bent over to pick it up. This gave me a clear look at her little ass, her long hairless legs and her hello kitty panties, they were so childlike and tight, I could perfectly see the outline of her small pussy. I just couldn’t stop staring, my dick being as hard as ever. She knew what she was doing and slowly turned around with a smile on her face, “you like what you see”, she said, “y- yes”, I responded. My sweatpants didn’t help hide my erection so she could clearly see how hard my dick was. “I guess this is my fault”, she said, as she put her tiny hand on my cock and started to stroke it through the pants. I didn’t know what to do, I knew this was wrong but couldn’t stop her either. All I could do is reciprocate, so I undressed her gently, revealing her small child body, I then pulled her panties down to expose a small pussy, it was just a slit that wasn’t fully developed yet, her tits were a small A cup and firm to the touch, her body was bikini tanned leaving her tits and ass as white as milk and her skin was so soft without a single hair on it. I undressed aswell and picked her up, sitting on the bed. We held eachother in a tight hug and started kissing. I never imagined a child’s lips could be so soft and taste so good. Her skin was so smooth on mine, her thin arms wrapped around me and the embrace of this little girl had a healing effect on me, all my stress and doubt went away, I knew I was going to make love to her. I broke away from our kiss and placed her on the back, I opened her legs up revealing a wet pussy that was waiting for my cock. I was meserized by this until I heard her say “please, be gentle, it’s my first time”, I put the tip of my penis against her slit and started to rub her clitoris. She moaned softly as I did this and slowly I put the head of my cock inside of her. There was resistence at first and then and a small pop from her hymen breaking. This made her silently cry from pain but I wiped her tears and assured her it would feel good from now on. I grabbed her by the waist and slowly made my way inside her, she was so light I could barely feel her weight. My penis fit perfectly inside her 11 year old vagina. I could feel her cervix kissing the tip of my dick and her wet warm pussy pulsating tightly around my cock. As I started going in and out, her soft moans and pussy lips that kept pulling me in, made my dick throb hard inside of her. I continued to gently fuck her, pressing against her cervix with every thrust, putting my penis fully inside her child pussy. She was weak from all the pleasure so I picked her up and started to fuck her cowgirl style. She put her arms around my neck and went limp, letting me pleasure myself with her small body as she softly moaned in my ear. Her soft skin touching mine was so warm and she smelled of child bodywash, I wanted to feel her body entirely, so I started squeezing her tiny ass cheeks, as I slowly put a finger in her asshole, it was so tight and it seemed to hurt her a little, but after softly kissing her lips, she eased up and I started to move my finger inside her ass causing her to shiver from pleasure. So her I was, balls deep inside an 11 year old girl’s pussy, in a hotel room on her mother’s resort, and I was ready to cum. I put her on the back again and started ramming my dick in her, she got tighter and started to moan so loudly that I was worried someone might hear us. Eventually I thrusted a last time and shot loads of cum inside her warm child pussy, she came at the same time as me and squirted love juice all over my belly. I slowly pulled my dick out, revealing the big gape I left in her. My sperm started flowing out of that small cunt with every heart beat and after a bit I picked her up and we both got in a hot bath. I washed her small body as she sat in my arms, she was left without any energy. I occasionally planted a kiss on her soft lips and for a while we both sat hugged in the warm water, gently kissing and relaxing after the hot sex we had. Eventually she had to go, I helped her dress, pulled her panties up and kissed her soft lips a final time before she went out. I had the best sleep of my life that night, and wondered what else was to come in the rest of my vacation.

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    very good

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    not working

  • Reply DavidDef ID:gnrvcvoid

    thank you very much

  • Reply John Carter ID:27m32exik

    Longest paragraph I’ve ever read.

    • Cloudwalker ID:gnrvcvoid

      But you read all of it didn’t you. Good story.

  • Reply anonymous ID:1cu46k5qnm2y

    wasnt hating the story was hating the bitch i was married to who stopped from being able to enjoy my stepdaughter

    • Blue Lecter ID:1dzx99i2xoyn

      That would make a great story if it were to happen

  • Reply anonymous ID:1cu46k5qnm2y

    ps: made me wish i could have done those things with my step daughter

  • Reply anonymous ID:1cu46k5qnm2y

    ya it was good

  • Reply anonymous ID:1cu46k5qnm2y

    if the little girls enjoyed these things as much as these bs stories suggest the there would not be so many hateful old bitches out that cant wait to complain about their bad childhoods i can understand the ones who get beat all the time as i was when i was growing no pleasure in that at all

    • Blue Lecter ID:1dzx99i2xoyn

      I take it you liked the story

  • Reply anonymous ID:1cu46k5qnm2y

    gonzo some of the things you said are true but if it were really that way then so many of the girls that experienced it when they were younger would not hate the fathers and/or brothers who played with them for their first experiences hate them they do when they grow up

  • Reply A. ID:1dp2ryk97v81

    Something cool in writing called paragraphs

    • Truth ID:fzq6pxzri

      Ain’t that the truth

    • Love itt ID:645g3wns8m

      Nicly put A

  • Reply moonshine ID:6ewrrj65m2

    Love this, keep writing more

  • Reply Gilbert ID:1arfc2aehm


  • Reply skimofkr ID:1zftvgx7hk

    Good story .She was a lucky little girl to have someone like you to take her virginity and let her enjoy sex like she should. I’m sure she went on to fuck many more hotel guests in the future. Good job/.

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    Would love to get to fuck another Young pussy again last one was 10 and had a really tight asshole that was good she liked it a lot want more

  • Reply OlderMale ID:1cq7nujqb7pr

    Now that is exactly what I want my vacation to be!

  • Reply Mom ID:1ardd6tchl

    I took my 10 year old daughter to the resort where i worked one weekend. A rich guy that was booked in there approached me with a financial proposal. He offered an insane amount of money to suck her and have her suck him. But the end of the weekend he offered so much to have her virginity.

    • admirer ID:bqluwnrm4

      i hope that you gave yourself to him as well

  • Reply Danny ID:1d0k3x25nm27

    Is absolutely an amazing memory and makes me want a child pussy right now

  • Reply Robert ID:v69zf01pv59

    Child pussy is the best. Should be legal for adults and children of all ages to have sex with each other for sure

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      Mmm yes it should be. Men should be able to drain their cocks in little girl pussy anywhere anytime they need a release.

    • Captain America ID:2kye84kchj

      Grandpasgirl11 how young were you when you started this experience

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    simply love young, bald, little, wet pussy

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itamm2

    Damn I love preteen pussy. This had my cock hard as a rock so I read it again and blasted across the floor. This reminded me of the time the maid brought her younger sister in because of no baby sitter. She made the mistake of leaving her with me. Needless to sday when she was through for the day her sister had five loads of cum in her. At first she was mad but then sucked me thanking me for teaching her sister so well and tenderly.
    The girls are in summer vacation and I tell you it is going to be one hell of a summer.

    Nice story!

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrjplk0j

      It is easy, all you have to do is be open and perceptive to a girl in need. Tell her she is beautiful and you understand her feelings and desires to be touched. Her longing desires are real and happen everyday. Girls are maturing younger and younger every generation yet our laws do the opposite ignoring these young girls desires and feelings to be touch and loved. To feel like they are loved and needed by someone.
      Just let them know you are there for them anytime they need or want anything and you will be surprised at the response. For instance the way I am I was hit on by a 7 year old with an amazing ass. her dad is so out of touch as to his daughters needs. I see it and wanted to give her what she needed but he cock blocked me and his daughter stifling her education and self pleasure. I can see a needful girl wanting to be taught and pleased a mile a way.

      Sex is completely natural and should remain that way.