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My little brother pt.2

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The last day of the trip but also a day when we finally get to have sex together.

If you haven’t read the 1 part I recommend you to do it, mostly for the context of the situation.

The day comes and it’s the last day of our trip, we were supposed to go to the beach with our parents so we did. We all went and spent there couple of hours. During this time we were swimming and sunbathing. My little bro gave me a back massage, which our parents thought was cute, but he was literally massaging and touching my boobs when they weren’t watching us. We were both horny and we couldn’t wait to be alone. After a while we told our parents, that we will go back to our flat, which wasn’t far away from the beach, to pack and prepare things before we leave. Of course that was an excuse.

We went and we talked on the way back about our situation and sexual feelings we have for each other. We stopped by the shop to buy condoms, because we couldn’t risk it getting me pregnant(we didn’t use them after all, but you will find out about that later in the story).

After 10 minute walk, we were finally back. We locked the door and went to our parent’s bedroom, mostly because of their bed, which was super comfortable, but the excitement of fucking my little brother in my parents room also added to fun.

We were so horny for each other that we couldn’t really wait long. We started by passionately kissing and like I said in previous post, kissing him was amazing, he knew exactly how to follow my tongue movements and when to add his.
After a while of kissing, I reached behind my back and unzipped my dress, let it slowly fall of my shoulder, revealing my black lace bra, I continued to take it off, exposing my belly and then slowly also my matching black lace panties. While I was doing that, he was staring at me the whole time.
We started kissing again, he removed my bra, exposing my breasts. He immediately started touching them and licking them carefully.
Not so long after, “My turn…” I said and gently pushed him to lay down. I pulled his boxers off and revealed his hard cock. I took it in my hands and began stroking it, then I took it in my mouth.
He was so excited and I think that my skills weren’t quite bad either, he came and filled my mouth with sperm. After quick consideration I swallowed it and I have to admit it tasted neutral, not bad but not good either.
After that we kissed again, not long before he got hard again.
Then the roles switched, he pushed me gently and when I was laying, he began to lick and kiss area around my pussy.
He finally removed my panties and he started to lick it.
I must admit it felt amazing, but the best thing is yet to come. I moaned quietly for most of the time.
He finally stopped and we both looked each other in the eyes. He couldn’t say a word, so “Are you ready…” I asked with playful voice. He confidently said yes.
That’s when he reminded me about condom, but i was so horny, that I told him not to worry about it. I knew I had my safe days, but I would also told him to pull out.

I layed down again, spreading my legs widely.
He got on top of me, slowly guiding his young cock inside, he began to put it in slowly and I felt his cock penetrate me.
I moaned loudly at first, saying to put it deeper. In this position he could fit his whole dick inside, even though it still wasn’t that big, because of his young age, but still it was quite challenging for me.
He was thrusting in and out of me and fucking me really well.
My quiet moans were disrupted by loads of kisses.
He fucked me for a couple of minutes and those minutes were amazing, he surely knew how to use his young cock.
Saying his name and also calling him my little brother, while doing that, excited me even more.
He hit every pleasure sensor, before pulling out and ejaculating on my belly.
I took some of it and tasted it again, same result this time, maybe I’m not a fan of sperm;)
I was still laying on my back and I invited him to join me, he laid by my side and kissed me one more time passionately, showing me all his love to me.
We stayed like this for a couple of minutes, but we knew that our parents might come back soon, so got cleaned up and left everything like it was before in the room.

That was the first time we ever had sex, but soon after that we started to do it almost everyday, when we had an occasion. I’m looking forward to some feedback and I can post some more experiences out here if you guys want.

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  • Reply A. ID:h2f7zeynlxc

    You need to beg him to breed you, now that’s truly love between a brother and sister to proudly carry and have his baby

  • Reply Wolfe ID:1ck80j2k3d0i

    Nice story. The closet I ever got to fucking my order sister was. She would make me masturbate in front of her so she could watch me cum. Sometimes she would make me masturbate in front of her and her friends. I most say. I did enjoy it. I was 12 yo and she was 16 yo at the time. As it turns out. I love being watched masturbating to this day.

  • Reply Kevin ID:1dw4fehx3cgd

    thanks for sharing. so hot!

  • Reply Georgie ID:h0nrtbbzl

    Omg that was so hot reading all of that, I’m literally still touching myself, i bet you went to bed later than day and started fingering yoursekf like a good girl 🥵🥵

    • Jaaye ID:1arfc2boik

      Hit me up Georgie on twitter