Amy does NiS Friday

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Something really nasty happened today. Will the Program go on?



I woke up as the alarm went off. I dragged myself through the shower and feel the stiffness caused by yesterday’s excitement dissipate. I check in the mirror and see the two cane marks are still visible on my butt. The pain is long gone and just a bit of tenderness still remains.
‘I wonder what excitement today would hold.’ I ask myself as I walk naked into the kitchen to find Dad and Marcia making some breakfast.
“Nude again?” Marcia asks.
“Still… Remind me to collect my school uniform today. It is still locked up at school since Tuesday.” I say as I pour myself some coffee. “I’ve been thinking that I should stay like this through the weekend. I like being nude.”
“I can see that.” Dad says scraping some eggs into my plate. “Sunday you’ll have to pay some attention to your schoolwork. This week has been chaos. You cannot afford to get behind.”
“I can’t.” I say. “I still need those chains.”
I finished the fry-up and coffee. Brushed my teeth and jumped onto my bicycle off to William’s house. He was on the curb waiting for me just as nude as I was.
“Last day.” He says as we ride off to school. “We better hurry or we’ll be late.” William says as he speeds up. I peddle really hard to keep up with him.
We arrived at school and in homeroom just as the bell rings. I was still panting from the bike ride when I sat down.
It was only when I caught my breath that I realized that the rest of the class was in heated discussion.
It sounded as if Patricia – My fellow NiS participant with the peanut allergy – died on her way to school today. I recalled that she told me that she will also be coming to school in the nude to avoid the public stripping.
I asked around and learned that she got caught by some religious extremists on her way to school. Her being nude offended their sensibilities and religious doctrines. She was beheaded right there in the street!
I must say that the news nearly paralyzed me with shock. It was terrible. It could very well have been me! I haven’t worn a stitch of clothing for days.
Our homeroom teacher came in and confirmed some of the rumors. He informed us that school has been canceled for today, and that we should come back on Monday. He also asked that William, me and our fellow NiS participants who started on Monday stay behind and go to the teacher’s lounge that now serves as a conference room.
Everybody went home. It was chaos. William and I met our fellow program participants outside the teacher’s lounge. Chairs were set up for us to sit and an urn was boiling for us to make coffee if we wanted. Every one of the original participants was there, except for Patricia and Elma who took a day’s sick leave. We were all still nude. There were some heavily armed military guys standing around though. The army mobilized quickly when the news about Patricia broke. They swarmed the town like locusts and looked under every stone to weed out the extremists. They put up roadblocks on every exit.
The execution of Patricia was seen as an attack on the government, who retaliated in full force.
Our role today was to answer some questions and give testimonies that would help them decide whether or not the program should be continued or not.
They called us all in one by one. They started at grade twelve and moved down. It also meant that I would probably be the last one to go in.
It took four hours before they got to me. I was right though, William got called in before me. I was left alone with two big guys in camouflage staring at my naked body. I felt a little uncomfortable, but they didn’t do anything.
William came out and he told me that he’ll wait for me before I went in.
We made arrangements for his mother to come and pick us up. William would load our bicycles onto the bike rack fitted to her car while I give my testimony.
They told me that I should sleep at the Smiths tonight. I did not quite understand what they meant by it until I walked into the teacher’s lounge to see both Dad and Marcia sitting there with a whole bunch of other people. Principal Winslow was there along with Ms. Black and the lady from the government. One of the guys I recognize as one of Dad’s lawyers. Most of the people I did not know. They told me that they’ve all been drafted into a quickly assembled panel to determine the future of the NiS Program. They said that they needed the testimonies of the participants to help them make a decision, and pave a way forward in light of what happened this morning.
They started off by asking me a whole bunch of questions. When they asked me about my rape on Tuesday I felt uncomfortable. Ms. Black said that I did not have to answer, and the panel moved on. They asked me about the caning I received on Thursday. It was not in my punishment record but an asterisk leads to my testimony and reason for my caning. They asked some other questions about how I feel about the Program and if I benefitted from it so far. They asked if I would recommend the Program to others. They asked about the questions I’ve raised and if I would be interested in starting up a student panel to collect and try and solve some of the issues. I suggested an online forum for students instead. That got some nods of approval and probably will be launched if the Program is to be continued. I got dismissed and met William and his mother at the front gate as the panel deliberated.
It was recommended that I wear some clothes on my way home, just to be on the safe side. I found and put on the school uniform that I last wore on Tuesday morning. It felt strange and unfamiliar – Uncomfortable even.
When we got to the Smith house I asked Mss. Smith if I could take the clothes off again. I told her that it feels uncomfortable. Fortunately she agreed. William and I both got undressed again.
We had a late lunch and decided to catch up on our school work. We were too bummed out to fool around. We did our homework, ate, showered and went to bed early.
I slept with William in his bed… Or tried to at first.
We couldn’t sleep. This was a first time novelty for both of us. Although I’m used to sleeping in Daddy’s bed with him and Marcia sometimes, this was different. For me it was the first time sleeping next to a naked William and for him having a naked Amy sleeping next to him. We made out a bit before I decided to do something about our mounting hornyness.
I had William lay down on his back and mounted him like a cowgirl. I slipped his thirteen year old cock into my very wet pussy and rode him like a wild beast until we both came in a wet sticky mess.
We collapsed and fell asleep. Me on top of William. His cock still buried inside my pussy.

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    no one care

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      You’re right. No one cares. Until it’s a school teacher in France. Meanwhile the same thing happens to hundreds of people in Mozambique.