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The Patriot

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Union city is protected by the blonde muscle super hero who hold dark secrets.

Its tough being a hero here in Union City. A freak accident in the military gave me super powers flight, strength , big muscles, and covert energy into power blasts from my eyes and hands. Living a comic book dream but the side effects of this is I stay horny 24/7. The government set me up here in Union City as its protector inturn for black op mission over seas.

Its been 10 years as the Patriot and I have stopped thugs, crime bosses and other super villains. Lately I have been feeling bored with the gig and have been indulging in my dark side. The other day I saved a 20 year old girl in the alley from her drug dealer Big Al Horton. Her name was Abby after putting Al in the dumpster for the fifty time she hugged me. My dick got hard as diamonds as her soft body was against my harden steel like muscles.

She starting rubbing her body up to mine to thank me and began to walk away. She was a sexy little red-haired creamy pale skin with F cup size tits and small tight ass to match. As she was leaving the alley I grab her and told her that she didn’t thank me properly. I could sense the happy face turn to fear.

I took her and flew her to my favorite spot on a old rooptop.
This was my spot to released my sexual desires and not have the public seeing. The other day Union City’s young photographer was sucking my big veiny cock down his throat for some exclusive pictures of me in action. Timmy Page deep throated me the little faggot not that he had a choice in it. At the end of the day I win cause I’m the Patriot and can rip an average man in half. Watching Timmy’s throat almost rip apart while dump a gallon of man milk in his gut is always a thrill.

Abby was about to experience the full magnitude of my power. I rip off her purple sun dress exposing her soft pink nipples and red bushed pussy hair. Abby was shaking with fear and lifted her up and rammed my 6 inch tongue inside her cunt. The smell of fear and musk was the turn on that pumped me up. Raping citizens was a plus benefit for being the city’s hero.

My first rape was the city reporter Doris Daye a young black woman who got the chance to interview me at loft over dinner. Everything was going fine until my side effects started to take over. She was wearing a sheer yellow dress with F cup tits and thick hips. After we ate she stared in my sky blue eyes and I could small the deep musk from her pussy. She got up and thank me for the interview but I was not done. Told me she had work in the morning for the paper.

But I don’t take no for an answer and grab her flying her out of the loft to the first rooptop I saw. The beginning of my power over the people of Union City. Doris fought her best against me but gave up after I crushed a pipe in my bare hands. Her chocolate brown skin against the yellow sheer dress made want her more. The fear and excitement made her musky scent stronger. I told her get naked bitch and she slowly took of the dress and the thong panties.

Her dark cunt with black hair was moist as she tried to hide her big breast and big nipples. I told her I never had a nigger bitch before. She grasp when I called her that and even I was taken a back. I was never a racist but the dark side was taking over and didn’t care.

Doris’s big plump lips quiver with fear as grabbed her face shoving my thick long tongue down her throat. Taking my fingers jamming them into her moist cunt finger banging her fast and hard that she came leaking clear fluid. I unbucked my trunks told her to suck my powerful cock. She told me no and try to get a way. I grab her head and told suck my cock or I skull fuck your brains. That black bitch wrapped them cock sucking lips around my dick fast. The tears and snot running down her face made this experience even better.

I didnt want to cum in her mouth and took her over to air conditioner and bent her over using her fluid as lube I pound her tight asshole as she begged me not to. Buttfucking the black bitch was heaven her screams and crying made me hard expanding my cock large. Her ass wall were expanding as well then I knew how I could control the girth of dick. Hell I could feel her spine she told me she was going to pass out. I took it out of her butt and slammed in her cunt making her eyes roll back and tongue poke out. I dump gallons in her womb she laid on the metal box breathing hard.

It was day break when I dropped her back to her loft. She could barely walk but I told her nobody will believe but if she did I’ll crush her skull. She looked me in my sky blue eyes and told me us Master. That sent me off and I raped Doris again.

Abby was gunting riding my cock didn’t take long to break this whore. They all break under me saving the citizens is my civic duty as is keep them under control for their own good. Uncle Sam know I’m doing my best as a supersoldier for the greater good.

I dropped Abby at her place and flew off to rest to save the city again.



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