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Raped by aboriginals

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On the first of May, Anna and Amanda arrived in Alice Springs in a Pajero 4-wheel drive en route from Perth to Cairns, they were touring Australia. Anna is a 21 years old girl from Finland with long blond hair and Amanda is a 28 years old from Germany, with black hair.
That evening they sought out a place to park their vehicle and rest for the night. They parked in a cul-de-sac they thought was a safe area as it was well lit with several houses nearby. They got into the back of the vehicle and went to sleep. Amanda slept on the driver’s side and Anna on the passenger side.
After midnight three aboriginal men, Bruce,Kernan and Green,entered an Alice Springs residence while the occupants of the house slept. They stole the keys to a dark green Toyota Corolla and drove it to various locations in Alice Springs.
Shortly prior to 3 am, they drove the vehicle to Mount Johns Estate, where they noticed the Pajero parked in the cul-del-sac.
The three men got out of their vehicle and approached the girls’ vehicle. Anna and Amanda were awoken by the sounds of banging on their vehicle and male voices:
“Come out you pussy!”.
Fearing for her and her companion’s safety, Amanda climbed into the driver’s seat and attempted to start the vehicle. At this time, she noticed Kernan standing at the driver’s side door. Amanda managed to start the vehicle and as she did Kernan smashed the driver’s side window. At the same time, she observed Green running around the front of the vehicle towards the driver’s side window. Green was armed with a rifle, which he pointed at the side of the girl’s head. This put Amanda in fear of being shot should she attempt to drive the vehicle off.
Kernan reached inside the vehicle and took the keys from the ignition. He then used the keys to unlock and open the driver’s side door. Both Kernan and Green had the lower part of their faces covered by cloth.
After the door of the vehicle was opened, the Amanda noticed the presence of Bruce standing back a little near the men’s vehicle which was parked on the roadway next to the Pajero. He also had his face partially covered and a cloth covering on his hands.
The men demanded money from Amanda. She told them that she would give them money and reached over into the back seat for her wallet, as she was doing so taking out $500 in cash from the wallet. She presented the wallet with $50 remaining inside it to the men. They demanded her credit card and she handed a National Bank Visa card to them. One of the men asked for the PIN and Amanda pretended to comply, giving an incorrect number. Meanwhile, Green went to the passenger side front door. He smashed the side front window before opening the door.
At this point, the men noticed Anna in the back of the vehicle. She had remained awake but quiet while the men were occupied with Amanda. One of the men yelled:
“Who is in the back, you pussies, who is there?”.
Anna felt one of the men grab her feet, which were facing the front of the vehicle. Fearing for her safety, but also not wanting Amanda to face the men on her own, Anna moved into the front seat of the Pajero. At this stage, both front doors were open and Anna could see all three men, who still had their faces partially covered. She could see the rifle in Green’s possession and noticed that all three men smelt weird, like they were drunk. Their eyes were bloodshot and they seemed affected by something, because of their angry and aggressive behaviour.
Green said to Anna:“Give me your money”.
Bruce said:
“Give me your money. Where’s your wallet? How much money do you have? Money or sex”.
The girl could see Green holding the rifle up. She was terrified and in shock at this time. She told the men that she had no cash, only a credit card. Bruce demanded Anna’s card and PIN.
At this time, Kernan and Green were both on the driver’s side of the vehicle with Amanda. They said to Amanda:
“Show us your pussy.”
Bruce laughed at this and appeared to lose interest in taking Anna’s credit card.
“No, no, please no” Amanda said to Kernan.
She was still seated in the driver’s seat of the Pajero at this time. Kernan took off her shorts and panties and fingered her cunt, overcoming the resistance put up by Amanda and insisting that she remove her tampon. While Kernan was fingering Amanda, Anna picked up her mobile phone and dialled 000 before placing it down beside her. She was too afraid to speak, but hoped that someone would be able to hear what was going on.
Bruce too inserted his fingers into Amanda’s cunt, simultaneously with Kernan. Amanda was in pain.
“Please stop”.
They ignored her pleas and continued in their actions for a period of approximately five minutes. Amanda was mindful of the rifle throughout and was afraid of what might happen should she not comply.
Then Kernan said to Anna:
“You stay here” and then to Amanda:
“You come with us behind the bushes”.
Kernan together with Green then escorted Amanda into the bushes at the end of the cul-de-sac. Anna could see Amanda being walked off into the bushes by the men and could see that one of them had the rifle. She was worried that they were about to kill Amanda and worried about what would happen to her. Once into the bushes, Kernan pushed Amanda onto her back on the ground and started licking her breasts and her pussy. Then he pulled out his hard dick and penetrated the woman’s cunt. He also tried to penetrate her asshole.
As Kernan was trying to fuck Amanda in her ass, Green forced Amanda to give him a blowjob. Green had the rifle pointed at the girl’s head. Amanda complied and started sucking Green’s dick.
Kernan then turned Amanda around and instructed her to suck his dick. Amanda saw that Kernan had discarded the condom he was previously using at her request and asked him to use a condom. He ignored this request. Amanda gave him a blowjob. Kernan then fucked her for some time.
After Kernan finished to fuck Amanda, Bruce approached her. He instructed Amanda to suck his dick and the girl complied. After an exchange between Green and Bruce where Green pointed the rifle at Bruce, Amanda complied with a request to go back to the Pajero.
As Amanda was being taken to the bushes by Kernan and Green, Bruce remained with Anna at the Pajero. Bruce said:
“Show your pussy”.
Anna said:
“Please no”.
Bruce continued to demand her money and credit card while rubbing his dick against her leg, frightening Anna as she could feel his erection. She placed one hand against his chest to try to push him away. This angered Bruce, who said:
“Don’t push me, don’t touch me”.
Anna said:
“Why are you so angry”
“Because I want to have sex”, Bruce said.
Green then returned from the bushes and pointed the rifle towards Anna’s face and breasts at a distance of about half a metre. She was afraid of what the men would do to her if she did not comply and took her tracksuit pants down. At the same time, Bruce removed his pants. He moved closer to Anna and inserted two fingers of his right hand into her pussy and moved them in and out while Green continued to hold the rifle at her. She felt like she could not move or do anything and that she had to let Bruce do as he pleased.
Bruce then removed his underwear down to reveal his hard penis. He attempted to insert his dick into Anna’s cunt, but was having difficulty in doing so. He spat on his hand and went to rub his hand on Anna’s cunt. Anna was concerned about Bruce rubbing something he spat from his mouth into her pussy and put her hand over her crotch. Bruce told Anna to remove her hand and she complied. He rubbed his hand over the Anna’s cunt and then over his penis. He then inserted his dick into her pussy. He was not wearing a condom. Anna was still seated in the passenger seat of the Pajero with her legs facing out of the vehicle. Her tracksuit pants were down with one of her legs inside the leg of the pants. Bruce told Anna to take her pants fully off and Green pulled them off of her leg. Green then lifted the Anna’s leg upwards to a position above her shoulder. He had a hold of her ankle with his right hand and in his left hand, and he still held the gun. Bruce then reinserted his dick into Anna’s cunt and starts thrusting into her.
While he was fucking her, he spoke to Anna, asking:
“Are you afraid? Do you like sex?”.
Anna did not want to let Bruce know how afraid she was and said:
“Well, yes, a bit”.
Anna engaged Bruce in further conversation, asking whether he had a girlfriend. Bruce replied:
“No, you can come with me”.
This made Anna apprehensive that she might be taken away by the men. Bruce kept making the girl change position. After a while he said:
“Can I lick your pussy?”.
Anna wondered why he was asking, given she did not have any choice. Bruce took his dick from Anna’s cunt and proceeded to perform cunnilingus on Anna. His tongue penetrated the Anna’s cunt and he was masturbating at the same time.
Bruce wanted to kiss Anna and removed some of the covering from his face. He placed his mouth on Anna’s and placed his tongue inside her mouth. Anna did not try to stop Bruce as she was scared.
Bruce then said to Anna:
“Suck my cock”.
He placed his dick in front of Anna and pushed her head towards it. Out of fear, Anna did what she was told and gave him a blowjob. Bruce held his hand to the back of Anna’s head for most of the time. After a while, Bruce let go of Anna’s head and reinserted his dick into her cunt, thrusting in it. He continued to ask Anna whether she liked sex, to which Anna said:
“I don’t know”.
Bruce then instructed Anna to get off the passenger seat of the Pajero.
“Come here”.
Anna complied and got out of the vehicle. Bruce sat on the seat again and instructed the girl to perform fellatio on him. Bruce took hold of the girl by the back of her head and pushed her mouth onto his dick. Bruce’s penis penetrated her mouth and he continued to move her head backwards and forwards on his dick.
During the course of Bruce’s multiple sexual penetrations on Anna, Green returned with the rifle and started fingering her, trying to fuck her in the ass and penetrated her cunt while she was sucking Bruce’s dick. Bruce remained seated in the passenger seat of the Pajero after Green left and instructed Anna to climb on top of him and insert his dick into her cunt. She complied out of fear. He fucked her and the said her to suck his cock.
Anna complied and Bruce once again held his hand to the back of her head. After a while, he said:
“Can you taste it”.
Anna thought that he had cummed although she was not sure as her mouth already tasted “weird”.
At various times Bruce warned the girl:
“Don’t tell the Police, don’t tell the Police”.
Bruce also said:
“We know your face and my family is in Alice Springs, so it’s not good if you tell the Police”.
After Bruce concluded his sexual performing upon Anna, she sat back in the passenger seat of the Pajero. He walked off towards the location of Amanda in the bushes, where he requested her to perform fellatio on him. At this time, Kernan returned from the bushes, again, digitally penetrating Amanda’s cunt and made her sucking his cock.
Green and Bruce then emerged from the bushes with Amanda. All three men and both girls were now back at the Pajero.
Bruce asked Anna:
“Are you okay with sex?”.
She said:
“What do you mean?”
“Are you going to call the cops?” Bruce asked.
Anna said:
“I promise I won’t tell the cops”.
One of the men said:
“Where’s the gun, where’s the gun?”.
One went back into the bushes and retrieved the rifle. Green spoke with Anna, asking her name and where she was from. She told him she was from Finland and asked whether he had been there. He said he hadn’t been, but had been to Athens, because he was half Greek and half Aboriginal. Anna asked Green whether he had a younger sister who he loved and cared about. He replied that he did. Anna explained that she too had a big brother who loved and cared for her, to which Green remarked:
“That’s life I suppose”.
While Green was talking to Anna, he had his face partially uncovered, but pulled the cover over his face after the conversation concluded.
One of the men asked for tobacco and was handed a pack of tobacco by Amanda. They kept telling the girls not to tell the cops. One of the men asked the girls where they were going and when told:
“Yulara to see Uluru” , the men replied:
“If you tell the cops, we have family in Uluru and it won’t be good for you, we know your face”.
One of the men then said to the Anna and Amanda:
“You can’t sleep here, it’s a sacred place”.
But then said:
“It’s okay, you can stay, but next time you can’t come here”.
Green then said:
“Now you go to sleep and you stay here”.
Amanda told the men that they were going to drive on and Green said:
“No, you stay here tonight, you drive tomorrow. Don’t tell the cops, we know your face and it’s not good”.
The men then got into the vehicle they had arrived in and drove off. After the men departed, the girsl stayed by the Pajero at the roadside for a short while. They were confused, afraid and in shock.

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