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My wife and drugs

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My wife was addicted to drugs and ended up paying for them with her body

I’m Jason . I met my now wife when we were both 15 . Cindy was a cute thing at 15 . Only 5ft 2 . Nice ass . Little A cup breasts . Tiny body frame . We decided to start dating when we were 17 . By then not much about her had changed . We married at 19 . I left school and got a good job with my family and she went from job to job .

We are now 22 . The last 3 years have been getting alot worse as she got addicted to drugs through one of her friends . Three months ago I was tired of working my ass off to pay her drug debts all the time . So I told her we should go see her dealer and work something out . I knew who her dealer was . He was a big deal here in the high up drug trade . He didn’t bother much with small stuff only bigger deals and I mean like I would pay him $1000 a week at times . So we went to his place of business on a Friday afternoon when I finished work . When we arrived the huge guy at the door let us in . The lady at the front of the house asked what we wanted . I told her I wanted to see Mr Marcus .

She asked our names and i told her our names . She got on the phone and I heard her say ” Mr and Mrs Oliver Would like to see you sir are you free ” . She hung up and told us he would be right out . A minute or so passed then he came out . Now he is so intimidating . He stands like 6ft 3 . Build like a brick wall . Always a deepstern voice . ” So you want to see me . Better come to my office ” he says to us . We follow him and get to his office .

” Well have a seat he says as we enter . We sit on this green two seater sofa . And he is staring at us . ” Well what can I do for you ? ” he asks . ” Well sir I can’t keep paying her debt all the time . We were wondering if there is anything she can do ? Maybe work for you some way to make money and get it in the drugs ” I say to him . I watch as he looks her up and down . ” Well is do have a second business but seeing you guys are married I don’t think she will be to interested ” he says . ” What type of business ?

” she asks . ” Let’s just say some men don’t have lady’s they can have sex with at home so I offer a place with ladies that service their needs ” . She looks at me and says what do you think . First thing I think is well our sex life has been crap for the last 18 months and now other men will be getting her . I ask her are the drugs worth that to her . She instantly says it might be the only way . I feel sick thinking she is willing to do it but agree . ” Well turn up here at 6pm sharp tomorrow night for your first job ” he says handing her a piece of paper . We get up and leave . The whole trip home was so quiet . We hardly talk all night .

That night in bed I try to get some thinking well she should as she will be alot soon but she just pulled away saying ” not tonight . I need to rest ” . Well the next afternoon comes and she dresses in a tight short top and mini shorts . We drive to the address . We arrive at 5. 57pm . Mr Marcus is waiting at the parking spot . We get out and he says ” Well good start being on time . Come with me . The place is like a medium sized shop . When we go in it’s like a small front area selling smoking stuff .

He leads us through a door at the back and we enter another area . ” Guys this is milly she runs back here . Cindy this is where you will be working . Oh Jason you can stay and watch . Now milly will give you the run down ” . ” Well Cindy each night here we offer a different service to men . As this is your first time Mr Marcus thought it would be good to start you off simple . Tonight is our oral night . You will be giving men blow jobs . Now these men just don’t want simple . You better take them all the way down your throat .

You better swallow ever drop of cum they shot into your mouth . Now follow me ” . I’m sort of in shock . Now Cindy could give head but ther gag reflex was shit . She would always only last a few strokes in her throat before she was gagging . Now she would have to for God knows how many men . Milly asks Cindy if she is ready and Cindy noods . Milly then asks us to follow her . She leads us down a small hallway and we soon enter a room . It’s small and has a single bed in it ” Please wait here will I go get something ” Milly says . In about a minute she arrives back .

She tells Cindy to strip . I watch as she takes off all she has on . Next milly asks her to kneel on the ground . Cindy knees . Milly gets behind her and puts restraints she had just gotten around her ankles . Then attaches a lead . Then she grabs Cindy’s arms and pulls them behind her back . Another set of restraints are put on her wrists . Then Milly attaches the lead to both sets and pulls it tight . There is Cindy in the middle of the room kneeling and restrained so she can’t move . These men will have full control of her .

Milly says she better go and get the first man as he is waiting at the office . Now in my eyes a small cock would be in the 1 to 4 inch size range . Medium cocks would be from 5 to 8 inch . Larger in size would be 9 to 11 inch . Anything above 11 inch I would call massive . For me I’m at the start of medium . I’m around 5 to 6 inch so not that big really . In a minute maybe two the first man comes in . He glances at me sitting in the corner . He pulls off his pants and walks to Cindy . His cock is already semi hard and looks a good 8 inches .

He looks at her and says ” You better take my whole cock and swallow all my cum . Now open that mouth ” . She opens and he sides in his cock . She starts to move her mouth up and down his cock . As her mouth starts moving his cock grows more and more till its fully hard . I watch her mouth moving up and down his hard cock . He grabs hold of her head . He is holding her head still . He wants control now . He starts thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth . Each thrust going closer and closer to her throat .

Then I hear her cough . I know his cock has touched her throat . He keeps working his cock back and forward in her mouth . I can see her mouth being stretched so wide . Drool is coming from the side of her mouth . She gags as he gets his cock to start sliding down her throat . She fights against the restraints and him holding her head but it’s no use . He soon has his whole cock in her throat . I watch the outline of his cock through the skin of her next . Him forcing it all the way down then back up . Each time he pushes his cock down her throat she gags .

Each time her throat sweels taking his cock . Finally he is ready . He holds her head so tight as he forces his cock all the way into her throat and starts cumming . I can see she is having trouble but only a little bit of his cum drools from her mouth . She has swallowed her first load of cum . He pulls out gets his pants back on and leaves the room . She is having to catch her breath but has no time to rest . Within a minute another man comes in . His pants drop . This one is another near large size cock . But guess he has been getting ready as already hard .

He walks to her and even though she is trying to recover from the first she just opens her mouth . He tells her to move her mouth slow . She slowly moves her mouth up and down his hard cock slowly . Her lips rolling along his hard shaft . After alittle of her moving slow he tells her to suck faster . So she starts moving her mouth faster up and down his hard cock . She groans alittle as she starts to speed up . I can see from the motions of her mouth her tongue is trying hard to play with the tip as she is moving her mouth . Soon it’s the same for her again . He grabs her head and starts to take over . He starts to pull his cock back slowly then hard back in .

Her eyes starting to water from the fucking her mouth is getting . Again she is soon coughing and slightly gagging as this second cock hits her throat . For a second time I watch as a cock is send down her throat . Again her throat is getting fucked deep and hard by a cock . Now tears are coming from her eyes . Her body wanting to fight but can’t . Hearing the muffled groans coming from her filled up mouth . The longer he goes her body starts twitching . Again the outline of this cock is showing as it’s moving in and out of her throat . Soon she is having to swallow her second load of cum . Soon as he is done he puts back on his pants and leaves not saying a word .

The next couple of men that come in are all medium in size . They get her to start till they are fully hard and then take over . Her eyes always teary and she is trying so hard to not gag but can’t help it . Her chest and titts are covered in her drool . Her lips are starting to swell up . Her lips that are normally a pale pink ate bright red . I can tell by the time she has taken the fourth cock she is already warn out but she knows that there will probably be alot more to come . Now the fith guy comes in and drops his pants . I nearly fall of the chair I’m in . I also see the shock in her eyes . This guy was well on the larger size .

He had to be at least 12 inches . He walks up to Cindy and says ” So you not use to a cock this size I take it ? ” . ” No I’m not . Please be slow and gentle and don’t hurt me ” she says . ” Oh you will get use to it fast . I’m going to make your throat so sore baby ” he says . He looks back and grins at me . I know Cindy is going to hate this . She opens her mouth and he slides in the tip of his cock . ” Now lick it like a good bitch ” he says .

Her tongue lacks all over the tip of his cock . After alittle of her licking his cockhead he place his two little fingers at the sides of her mouth . He pays her mouth open more . I could see it all but tearing . Tears flow from her eyes . She is making sounds I’ve never heard her make . He starts making her take more and more of his cock . Her mouth gapped wide open not able to close even the tiniest bit . Soon only half his cock is inside her mouth . She is already gagging worse than she was with the others in her throat . His cock had not even started going down her throat yet .

It was like a river of drool flowing from her mouth . Now it started . His cock found her throat . As the tip entered her throat her body starts to thrash around. His huge arms gripping her holding her still . He pushes and pushed . I could hear the muffled screams coming from her . In no time I could see her throat bulging from his cock . Him moving it in and out . More and more she was gagging . I could see all but a inch of his cock was in her mouth fucking her throat now .

I watched her as he was fucking her throat . Her eyes starting to roll into the back of her head . After about 5 minutes of him fucking her throat she passed out . He held her so he could just keep going . Thus guy never seemed like he was going to cum . She came back two after a few slaps to her face after he wanted her back . ” Now get ready for my load slut ” he says . He grabs her hair and pulls her head into his crouch . Her throat fully bulges as his cock is shoved deep into her throat . He starts cumming . It’s like you could see his cock pulsing and cumming through her skin .

She was fighting as much as she could . He cummed and cummed . She could hardly take his load . So much cum flowing from her mouth . He pulls out and says ” Not to bad you will learn ” . He pulls up his pants and as he is walking out he looks at me and says ” Oh I hope she comes back so I can fuck that pussy . My cock will break her in nice and good ” with a laugh . The night never seems to end . Man after man comes in . Each taking their turn at fucking her mouth and throat . Each filling her tummy up with their cum .

As the night went on she was gagging less . I think that her throat just became so numb . Her lips were so puffy it was like she had gotten an injection . They were red raw . Her face was covered in tears . Her chest was saturated in cum and saliva . Milly finally came in and told her that her night was done . Milly told her she had done a great job servicing the 20 men . I couldn’t believe she had 20 men take her mouth and throat . She was looking so sore and tired . Milly walked us to Mr Marcus’s office .

Once in there he ask her to sit down . Once she was he said to her ” Well we charge $80 for these men to get to use your mouth . So that is $1600 for the night . So you get $500 of that . Do you want it in drugs ? ” She looked at him and said ” yes please ” . He handed her two little bags . I thought she could hardly last a day on them so I added enough to get her two more . On the trip home we hardly spoke . Once home she went straight to the bathroom . I could hear her throwing up .

Well she had taken all that cum into her stomach . Then I could hear her in the shower . The next couple of days we were really quiet with each other . It was 3 days later and I was on lunch break at work and I got a call from her . She had ram out of drugs and really wanted more . She asked if I could call Mr Marcus . Well I called him and said to me same place same time that night . I called her back and let her know . Once home she got ready and we drove there . He was waiting and took us in . He took us to Milly and told us she would get things going .

She told us that tonight was sex night . That tonight men would fuck her . They would have to wear condoms . Cindy asked her about how many men . Milly said thee was 15 booked in but maybe more . I saw the look on Cindy’s face and knew she was so worried . Soon Milly had got us to another room . It was beside the one we had been in last time . Once in there I saw what was in store for her . I had seem one of these when my sister was pregnant and went for a check up and I took her . The type of seat they have there where your legs go into the stirup things .

I watched Cindy strip naked . Then milly helped her into the chair . Her wrists were strapped to the arms of the chair piece . Milly placed her legs in the stirups then I watched as milky spread the stirups really wide . I could see a pain look on Cindy’s face . Her legs had been spread so wide I could see her hip bones poking out . Then her ankles strapped in . There it was her perfectly shaven bald pussy . Full access for these men . When the first man walked in I don’t know who was more in shock me or Cindy . It was the guy with the massive cock .

He takes off his pants and walks up to her . Now she isn’t say fully tight but I can only fit 3 fingers inside her . My cock is a nice tight fit in her . So this cock I knew was not going to be fun for her . As he gets to her he says ” I told Mr Marcus to give me a call when you came back and I’m so happy it’s on this night so I get to fuck that cute pussy of yours . Don’t worry it won’t hurt for to long ” . I could see the look of fear in her eyes . It was about to begin . I expect him to get her wet before starting but he lined his cock up with her pussy . He starts to push . I watch the head of his cock starting to part her lips .

Her pink lips opening and wrapping around the head of his cock . His cock reaches her hole . He pushes again . I watch her hole opening the head starting to go in . She grunts so loud as it enters her . He keeps pushing till the whole head is inside of her . He let’s it sit there for a minute then starts again . She screams as more and more of his massive cock is worked into her . Her pussy is stretching so wide open . Her tight lips are gaping wide . The more he fucks inside her the more she screams .

He is starting to fuck her in a slow rhythm but each thrust in is so hard . She yells each time he does . Soon he is fully inside of her . His balls slapping against her ass . With each hard thrust in you can see her belly bulge . I can’t believe how deep he is getting into her . Her hands are gripping the handle of the chair so tightly . Her pussy lips are trying to grip onto his shaft so tightly . With each pull out I watch her little ring pull back with his cock . Her pussy is being stretched so much . She screams louder and louder with each of his hard thrusts .

Her body trying to buck away from him but can’t with the restraints . More and more he fucks her . Soon her screaming stops and she just grunts with each stroke he makes . Her pussy now dripping wet . I think it’s been to painful for her to orgasm but her pussy is reacting . Juices starting to flow . He is groaning . His speed slows down . He grabs her legs and pushes in hard and is cumming . Soon as he finishes he pulls out . He takes off the condom and puts it in the bin near the door .

He pulls on his pants and says ” Fuck that was so good . I hope I get your ass as well ” . God I hope he doesn’t . I don’t want her to do anal she hates it . As he leaves I look at her pussy . It’s gapping wide open . It’s pulsing trying to close up . He has really stretched her open . The door opens and a second man walks in . He strip’s down . I think thankgod as he isn’t as big .

Maybe middle size cock . It was thick but not so long . It’s time for her to take her second cock for the night . He walks up to her and places his cock at her pussy . With her pussy still pulsing from the hard fucking it just got it pulls his head in . He gently starts to rock his cock back and forward . More and more till his entire cock is in her . He starts to fuck her slow and gentle . She is starting to moan with his thrusts . He move a finger to her little clit and starts to rub . Her moans grow with the touching of her clit .

He starts speeding up . Her hips girating with his thrusts . Her pussy is now leaking so much . Her whole pussy shining with her juices . ” oh God , oh God ” she cries out as she has her first orgasm . He can tell her body is starting to react so starts to fuck her harder . She is panting as his cock fucks her hard . He isn’t stopping with her clit . It’s already come out of its hood and is starting to enlarge . In now time she is crying out again but this time I watch as her body trembles . ” Fuck .

Oh my God ” she cries out as she is cumming . Her white creamy cum starts flowing from her . The condom my white with her cum . Soon as she is finished she is trying to catch her breath . He can’t last and groans and cums ad well . You can hear the sloppy sounds of her drenched pussy as he pulls out . Her pussy now looks so used and covered in her juices and cum . He takes off his condom and gets dressed . Soon as he leaves it another man . But it took me a minute to work out what was going on . He didn’t strip .

He just walked up to her . He looks at her soaking pussy for a minute then I find and so does she what his plans are . He leans in and I watch as he starts licking her clit . Her body instantly shivers . His tongue going all over her clit . Her clit is soon fully erect and hard . He keeps going licking and licking at her clit . She is moaning so much now . He changes from licking to sucking on her clit . She is going crazy . Moaning and shaking as he teases her clit with his tongue .

He now is moving and licking up and down her slit . As he goes up her slit he let’s his tongue touched her clit . With each touch of her slit she shakes . His tongue soon finding her hole and starts darting in and out of her wet pussy . Her legs are starting to shake . She is breathing heavy . His tongue moving I’m and out . Him getting to taste her juices . I now hear her saying ” Please don’t stop . Keep going , more please more ” . I can’t believe she is asking .

He gets all of his tongue in her . It only takes a couple of minutes of his tongue getting deep into her for her to start screaming out . Her body is shaking all over and then she is squirting . I hardly ever make her squirt and here I am watching her squirting all over his face . She is moaning like crazy as she squirts and squirts . Soon as she is finished he licked all over her pussy taking in all her cum and juices . He finally gets up and walks out . The night goes on and man after man comes in . Most fucking her . A couple more just eat her out . During the time she goes through multiple orgasms .

She looks so drained . I counted 5 times she creamed and 6 times she squirted . A couple of the men not stopping till they had brought her to multiple orgasms . I look at her pussy . I’ve never seen it look like it did . Her hole was wide open . It wasn’t even trying to close . The ring around her hole looked so red and swollen . Her lips were now red raw and so puffy . Her clit was swollen and hard . It was pulsing non stop .

She was leaking out juices still . Her body was covered in sweat . Her hair a mess . Milly comes in and starts to undo the restraints . ” Great job tonight . All 19 men seemed really pleased . Your doing good so far ” . I was shocked that it was 19 men . I’d accully lost count after about 7 . Cindy tried to get up but feel to the floor . Her body was so numb after all the fucking she had taken .

I helped her to Mr Marcus’s office . Once in there we sit down . He tells starts off saying how happy is with her . Then goes on to let her know that tonight the men had to pay $150 to fuck her so they made $2,850 . He then placed 4 bags of drugs on the table and asked if she was happy with that . She said yes and took the bags . Once again the trip home was very quiet . Once home she took a shower and then came to bed . She tossed around all night as she was so sore . The next couple of days you could see her still tender there . Of course sex for us was a no she was always to tired or sore at the moment .

These drugs seemed to last longer . I was hoping we wouldn’t have to go back . But of course soon enough they did run out and again I had to make that call . It was another night I was going to have to watch . We arrived to the same thing . This time Milly lead us to the room we were in before . But once Cindy was in place she adjusted the stirups . Once she was done I was hoping my thoughts were wrong as I saw her cute little ass in the air . I had only ever got to fuck her ass once and I hardly got my cock in before she stopped me . Milly walked to her head and told her that tonight she was going to be having her ass fucked . ” But I’ve only ever done it once and it hurt so bad .

I don’t think I can take this ” Cindy said . ” Well you can leave but you will not get paid and Mr Marcus won’t be happy that you have let him down ” milly says back . ” How many men ” Cindy asks . ” Well you will have 15 men tonight . You will have to have 15 cocks in your ass . We have no walk ins tonight ” milly says . ” Ok I’ll do it ” Cindy says . I’m in shock . She is willing to do this . Milly puts aliitle lube on her asshole and then leaves . A couple of minutes pass and the first man walks in .

Soon as he walks in I hear her saying ” Please no . Please I can’t take your cock . Your going to hurt me bad ” . It’s the guy with the massive cock . He strip’s and walks to her . He says to he ” I’ve paid well to get to fuck your cock . I got told you have really never fully done anal so I paid extra to be the first to break your ass . I don’t care how much pain I cause you ” . She sobs knowing this is going to be more painful than anything she has ever been through . He walks up to her ass . He spits into her ass and on his cock .

I can see his cock is already fully hard . The vains popping out . He pushes his cock against the crack of her ass . Pushes his cock up against her tight asshole . She grunts as she feels the head of his cock pushing against her hole . He keeps pushing and pushing . She then screams out loud . ” Stop . Please stop . Your hurting me ” she cries out . But he doesn’t .

He keeps pushing . Soon her little tight ring gives in and the head of his cock breaks through . She screams out in pain . He pulls the head of his cock back alittle then pushes again . She screams out again as I watch a the head disappear into her ass . I see traces of blood now forming around her ring . He pulls back alittle and can also see traces of it on his cock . He pushes again and she is yelling she can’t take it . He pushes again and again . He soon has half his cock on her ass . Her little ring has been torn .

I can see smears of blood on his cock and around her ass . She is crying with tears flowing down her face . He keeps going pulling back and forward . Forcing more and more into her ass . Every time he gets more in she screams . Her ring is being stretched wider than it should be . ” Take it bitch . Take my fucking cock ” he says to her . He soon has his whole cock in her ass . The size of his cock has torn her little ass . She is in so much pain .

He slowly starts working it half out then back in over and over . She can’t stop screaming and crying . As he pushes it all back in I start seeing it make her tummy bulge . Then it flattens as it’s pulled back . Harder and harder he fucks her ass . The pain starting to get to much for her . I hear her screaming lessen . I see her get a blank look on her face . She soon passes out due to the pain . He slaps her face hard a few times to bring her back . ” You’re not going to pass out on me .

I want you to feel this ” he meanly says to her . He rams and rams her poor ass for another few minutes and then pulls out and starts cumming over her chest and titts . His cock still with smears of blood . He gets his pants back on and says ” thanks that was well worth the money ” . After he leaves I get a minute to look at her ass . Her little hole is gapping wide open . Her ass crack and ring are smeard with her blood from being torn . She is shaking and crying . She wants this to end . The next man walks in and undresses . He starts to fuck her ass fast .

She still is crying as this new man fucks her broken ass . The pain not leaving her face at all . She I’d screaming less and now more grunting as this guy keeps going at her ass . Her hole now mot resisting the invading cock at all . He just pounds and pounds away at her ass till he finally pulls out and cums on her chest . It’s like no break for her before the third guy comes in . She has like a blank look on her face . It’s like the ass fucking she is taking has broken her . This guy is only just smaller than the first one . He starts to roughly fuck her ass . She groans and grunts as he starts fucking her .

Alittle after he starts something new starts to happen . He starts to pull his cock fully out of her ass . Each time he does her ass prolapsed . He doesn’t care he just uses his cock and pushes her insides back into her ass . Over and over he pulls out making her prolapse and him ramming it back in . This makes her yell and cry . This hurting her ass even more . He us enjoying her pain . Him enjoying what he is doing to her . The constant sound of her crying and grunting . He soon is ready to cum .

Pulls out and another load of cum hits her chest . Once he is done I get to see her fully . Her chest covered in cum . It’s running and dripping of the sides of her chest . Her anus is so red . Her ring is swollen and puffed up . Her hole is pulsing and wide open . Her face is covered in tears . She has this blank look on her face . She doesn’t even react to the next man coming in . I move and he walks up and starts fucking her ass .

He changes things up . I see his hand move to her pussy and he is rubbing her clit . For the first time tonight she let’s out a few moans . Still grunting with each thrust in and out of her ass . Soon she is moaning more as her body is reacting to the finger rubbing her clit . His cock still pounding in and out of her ass . It’s like grunt then moan over and over . Then she let’s out a large sigh and moan as she cums . Her body shakes as she cums . I can see her juices flowing from her pussy . He pounds her ass as she cums .

He then adds two fingers into her pussy . His fingers start moving with his cock . Both her ass and pussy getting fucked at the same time . I can see the pain in her face but she can’t help but moan . Soon she is cumming a second time . Soon he pulls out and walks and makes her suck him off till he cums in her mouth . The night continues till all 15 men had taken their turn on her ass . Mr Marcus gave her 6 bags of drugs . Her body was so wrecked . For the next few days she would have so much trouble walking . She had like this slight limp when she would start to walk .

Sitting down hurt her ass so much .

I got to see her changing a few times and the ring ring of her ass was so red and swollen for days .

Then of course she needed to go there again .

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  • Reply MatEo ID:1esmpkl94hpt

    Should always save some drugs, and do a booty bump,but youd know that if you was the real deal, druggies know this rite outta the hole !

  • Reply Paul ID:bkbx680k0d

    Hey. It’s an OK story. Storyline is good but you first need to to see if you can do at least 2 things here and while writing. First and foremost. Spellchecker, proof read. Nothing worse than reading a story and seeing a lot of errors. It actually ruins the story making it a not very good read.
    Secondly. Elaborate and bet into the sex scenes with tour creative writing.


  • Reply Reno ID:1cwpci6kmhdj

    She hot

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    Very hot story thank you

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    I’m Anne and I love to do Meth and take on 5 or 10 guys at once. I like double penatration when high and sometimes my boyfriend Chuck pimps me out and the idea of being a whole turns me on. Read Anne Fish Goes to Work. Chuck wrote it but it’s true.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:13t7apz6ij

    Hated it trash

  • Reply Jan Stein ID:mp1ng4spusi

    Excellent story loved it. I’d love to do the same