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Sex With Three School Girls

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a 60-years pervert male fucks three little chicks- – – 13, 12, and 11 years old.

I am now sixty-years old. I am the Chairman of a Girls School of a special kind. The school is dedicated to physical culture and some sports like dancing, swimming, and acrobats. The school having forty-seven girls, aged 7- years to 13 -years. I was a man of character, and still I am so. I as my principal do not fuck kids between the age of 10.
The said Girls School is operated by a staff of seven lady teachers, among them one is Principal. The teachers’ age here is restricted to between 17-18 years. I appoint sexier teachers, and a principal to administer these teachers. Currently, the Principal is a fat woman Kotabai Motatkar, ( 48-yers ).
Kotabai operates special administrative lessons with the lady teachers. Four lady teachers are 17-years and three are 18-years old. As a rule, introduced by me she fucks with these teachers of tender age.
When she fucks 17 and 18-years girl-teachers I nicely fuck with three 11-years kids together. Then I fuck 12-years dolls; finally, I again fuck with three 13-years girls.
today I have penetrated my cock into the mouth, ass, and pussy of the three girls of 13-years. But my favorite kid is an 11-year-old doll or baby named ‘ baby bum-bum.’ Her asshole is pretty soft. Yes, I assfucked her. She was weeping when I fucked her cruelly; Kota Bali had held her head and slapped the baby girls; face cheeks. I found tears rolling down but I greatly enjoyed it.

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  • Reply Boner

    We just teased girls about being bald at that age,
    we were older and we’d treat them like little kids
    Then be nice for a while, then mug them off again calling them little bald girls

    Straight away they’d be like I’m not a baldy,
    We’d joke about and persuade them to flash us their pubes
    Just a quick flash will do

    We did that trick loads of times, it even worked on my little sister

  • Reply Martin-the-perv

    Stupid story, must have been written by a 5 year old, idiot

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    Yeah, this reads more like a math question. If I have 47 kids, ages 7-13, then how many kids per grade are there? (6, or 7 on average.) Slightly less sexy than reading a phone book. At least that has some names to go with the numbers.

  • Reply Just this once

    Now let’s try for some content. Be descriptive. Nice try on being inventive about the “teachers” but 17 & 18 yr olds are themselves still in school for the most part