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48 States and counting

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We headed north we got as far as Denver CO, had a breakdown on the truck was going to made us late for delivery, I told the broker this and he asked me to talk with the customer and tell him we would be late, no problem I said, call the customer, she flips out on me, I need the fucking pipe, its sold, it has to be cleaned and ready to go saturday morning, I told her we would do what we can, she was pissed.

As we are in Denver the girls want to go sightseeing, I asked if there was a service truck i could use for the day as we would like to go into town and my truck is down, the owner lent us his I got a small cock truck, fucking thing had to be four ft in the air, monster truck type deal, chrome everything, pint job to match, had to be a 20k stereo with in dash dvd player and speakers in every place even under the seat, made the seat vibrate depending on the tune you played, the girls loved it, two wet pussies cumming up.

We got into town and looked around, loads of big money places, the girls thought they seen some teen heart throb of the time, they had a blast, window shopping, they went into this boutec and seen all sorts of silky cloths, under cloths that is, Nicky and Alish tried on all sorts of things, I got bored and went to a sporting goods store, I walk in and it was redneck heaven, I was in love, Nicky and Alish were having the time of there lives as girl do in clothing stores, Nicky trapped Alish in one of the change rooms, Nicky told her to strip all her cloths off, Alish said what will you give me if I do, Nicky smiled and said two fists and multiple Os, Alish smiled and stripped, Nicky told her face the mirror, she did, Nicky took her store panties off and put them in Alishs mouth, she told her keep them in as this is going to hurt and make you want to scream with releaf, ALish looked into the mirror and watch Nickys face as she started get fingered by Nicky, Nicky shoved two finger into Alishs cunt, she took them nicely, her cunt was getting wet from just the thoughts of fucking, Nicky worked them in and out of her, Alish Moan softly, Nicky added a finger while fucking Alishs cunt, she moan a little louder, Nicky added a fourth finger, Alish Moaned louder and longer, Nicky looked at Alishs face as she finger fucked her, alish let out another long moan, just as she her moan tapered off Nicky shoved her hand into Alishs cunt, Alish jumpered and cried into the panties in her mouth and moaned a lot louder, Nicky kept watch Alishs face as she pumped her fist into Alishs cunt, moving in and out twisting as she did this, opening and closing her hand inside her, Alishs face was all over the map of expressions, pain joy lust sad happy mad and then came the face Nicky loved to see on her face, the cum face, as Alish had her first of many Os, Nicky spend up the pace of fisting Alish cunt, she drove her hand deep into Alishs cunt, almost elbow deep into that cunt Alish could not stop squirting with each thrust of the hand in her cunt, she was shaking and trying not to cry out, she held on for dear life, Nicky was trying to make her scream out, she was trying everything she could think of to make Alish scream in Orgasim, then she thought, two hands better than one, Alishs eyes tried to jump out of her head when she felt her asshole being forced open by Nickys other hand, she shook her head no, and the begging in her face only made Nicky wetter and to shove more into Alishs ass, Alish was biting down so hard on the panties in her mouth she was biting through the silk, Nicky worked both hands in Alish, Nicky got four fingers into her ass as she fucked her cunt, pistoning away into and out of her, she had tears in her eyes as she was in so much pain and yet it felt so good, Nicky worked her hand into Alishs asshole, she open up just enough for Nicky to do the final shove into her ass, Nicky grabbed the inside of Alishs cunt and pulled it back as she shoved the rest of her fist into her ass, Alish eyes wide face of extreme pain, as Nicky fist got past her sphincter and let her fist all the way in Alish, Screamed at the top of her lungs and shot cum all over Nicky and the wall behind, she was total lost in the pain that caused her so much pleasure, she had never cummed so hard in her young life, she started to cum down from the heavens and collapsed on the floor in the change room, she had passed out, Nicky was about to pull her hands out of Alishs cunt and ass as a girls voice calls out are you all right in there and opens the door to the change room, what she sees is Alish a shivering mass on the floor her ass in the air head on the floor moaning and groaning, Nicky with a massive wet spot on the floor under her and her two hand in Alish, one in her ass the other in her cunt, the girl stand there her mouth open, her nipples get rock hard as she is not wearing a bra and a tight tee shirt, Nicky looks at the girl and she yells at her mother, I just banged my knee, and stepped into the room and closed the door, she got down and asked if she could do that to her as well, Alish said no more I cant walk as it is, Nicky said if you want we will be to the truck stop all night, we are in a big Freight shaker, she smiled and ok see you at 9pm, I will seek out and see you two then, Nicky pulled her hand out of Alishs ass and then her cunt Alsih grunted and groaned as they came out of her, Her ass was Gapped, they got dressed and left the shop looking for me, Nicky seen the sporting goods sign and knew, redneck heaven. I asked how was shopping and Alish said fisting fantastic, she was a little weaking the knees, I asked Nicky what she did and she told me it all, well all most all of it

We got the truck back to the truck stop, are ride was ready to go, I told the girl thank the nice man, and they did, Alish told me he had a 4 inch cock and he shot his load in like two seconds, Nicky said so we sucked him off three time and eat each other in front of him.

I was ready to rock as we had a every long way to go and not time to get there, Nicky said the girl from the store would be here any minute, I said we had to go, just then this girl maybe grade 8 walks up to the truck and Nicky invites her in, I look at Nicky like what the hell, Nicky tells her that we have to get to canada in less then 24 hours, she said ok lets go, In was going to argue about all of this but dont have the time,

I driving down the road and all I hear is girls giggles from the sleeper, then the new girl comes out of the sleeper and sits on my lap as I am driving, she puts her hand on my chest and snuggles into my neck, she whispers in my ear, can I play with my favorite toy, I said sure, not knowing what she meant at first, she moved her hands, down between her legs and started to rub my cock through my pants, My cock got hard in no time she got off my lap and unzipped my pants and undid my button, she pulled them down as I lifter off the seat; she was very happy to see my rock hard cock for her, she licked her lips and strated to suck on my cock, it flet O so good, she bobbed her head up and down sucking as much into her mouth as she could, ocne my cock wet nice and wet she stripped her cloths off and climbed onto my lap again, but this time she sat right onto my cock she rubbed my raging hard on with her wet pussy, she pushed her self up on to my cock and slid down it till my ball touched her ass cheeks, she let out a long and deep moan as it was all she could take, she rode me for almost 60 miles, she was not a virgin but tight all the same, she loved the feeling of me deep inside her, she loved the feeling of my cock in her cunt and the slit vibration the truck did as we drove down the hwy, she could feel in her cunt, she came on my cock twice, she lifted her self off of me and sucked my cock clean, she climbed back into my lap rubbed her cunt on my cock and snuggled into my neck again and this time she whispered, thank you Daddy for letting me cum.

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  • Reply Mrwolf ID:21c77a5yhj

    Another fucking amazing chapter. I wish I was a trucker and could enjoy adventures like this

    • Crypto24cm ID:zddce9fia

      I wish I had a niece like Nicky