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Author: BBK

Daddy made me do it

When I was 12 my parents divorced like so many others, I went with dad and sis went with mom, we moved all the way from New York to San Fran, dad has a job with one of his high school... # # # #

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Round and round

Sam gave me a fantastice blow job just to stay a the house so Sam would not be alone, the bus was in the barn out of sight, Sam looked at me while kneeling in front of me, Sam said... # # # #

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48 States

Next morning at 0600 and tractor trailer combo came into the farms yard, everyone come out to look at what is happening, The drivers door opens and out steps John, he is a small man... # # # #

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48 States and running on empty

Running on empty, my balls that is, the girls each took turns sucking me dry, it got to the point my balls are sore from shooting blanks, but the girls kept sucking me off, love these... # # #

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48 States and wanting more

She fell asleep on my lap as we drove down the hwy, as we got into another state I asked Nicky to take the girl into the sleeper as we would have to cross the port of entry scale, Nicky... # #

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48 States and counting

We headed north we got as far as Denver CO, had a breakdown on the truck was going to made us late for delivery, I told the broker this and he asked me to talk with the customer and... # # #

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48 States and still running

We all got up about noonish we are all hungry, Lily looks at the time and goes I have to go, I was expected home hours ago, I tell her just tell the Parents you lost track of time as... # # # #

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48 states we run

next morning im up and driving as we only have a limited number of hours each day to get to the next location to stop for the night before we are forced off by night fall, we are running... # # # #

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Work Work Work 8

Vicky is woken again from the smelling salts, again she is screaming in pain from the thrusting horse cock in her cunt, she is wishing she could die and not feel all the pain in her... # # # #

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work work work 7

Church, when a person thinks of church, one thinks person at the front trying to explain to his or her group of people what there book of words means, some believe in what is written,... # # # #

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Work Work Work 6

They all looked at the opening wall, Vicky gasped, but no one else did in the room, this put some fear in her body, what they all looked at was a 20ftx20ft room of sex machines, all... # # # #

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Work Work Work 5

It is now Friday morning, Donna and Vicky 321 322 get up at 0500 like every morning, but this time it is not just them in the room, they look around and see at least 15 more girls in... # # # #

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Work Work Work 4

Lee and Lily wake and head over to the barn, they hear and see what Vicky and Donna have been doing, with their new lovers, Lees cock is rock hard from watching and hearing all the... # # # #

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Work Work Work 3

Vicky is late back to work from are lunch time fun , she walks into the shop front offices and goes straight into the women’s washroom, no one sees her, she removes her dress,... # # # #

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Work Work Work 2

After we kissed I tell Vicky to put a pair of coveralls on and nothing else except for her steel toe shoes, she looks at me with disbelief on her face, I tell her I own you slut now... # # # #

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Work Work Work

I am in the shop at work, talking to my led hand about the job I am starting, (engine work) one of the service writers comes out into the shop and walks right up to us and literally... # # # #

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Schools not out for summer 2

I woke up the next morning, sore stomach and my balls hurt too, I dragged myself out of bed, I heard mom call out time to get up your leaving today for summer school, mom came to my... # # #

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