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The Swimming Hole

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For a little background, read my other story titled “Traveling Salesmen.” In this story, I found two sweet little girls when I went hiking.

One of the things I like to do when I travel is to go on hikes as it is a good way to relax between customer visits. One day I was hiking and came upon a swimming hole where two young girls were swimming and enjoying the beautiful day. As I approached them, they suddenly looked up and were startled. I guess they were having so much fun, they didn’t hear me. I immediately tried to put them at ease and said, “Sorry to scare you, I just wanted to get a little fresh air. How is the water? It looks really nice!” The girls smiled and in unison said “Awesome!”

Nearby was a picnic table and I asked the girls if they would mind if I sat down and had a snack. I always travel with snacks and drinks as you never know when they will come into good use. They said – “Go for it!” So, I sat down and began taking my snacks out of my daypack, then I turned to the girls and said, “I have plenty of snacks here if you want anything.” They must have been hungry as they quickly got out of the water. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – these little cuties were wearing the sexiest bikinis. My cock got rock hard and as they were drying off, I had to adjust myself as I didn’t want to come across as a perv. Ha – little did they know I was!

The girls came over to the picnic table and I formally introduced myself – “Hi, I’m Mr. John. Please help yourself to what you want, and I also have some drinks if you want – I have water and Coke.” They each grabbed a couple of bags of chips and jumped at the Cokes. As we sat there, we began to chat a little. They told me their names – Misty and Crystal, that they were 10-years old and best friends. They told me about their families, what they liked to do, about school and so much more. I also learned that both their sets of parents worked a lot and wouldn’t be home until late.

So we continued to chat and I began to tell them that I grew up in a town like this and we had a place just like this that we would swim at. And when I was about their age, we would sneak out of the house, go to the swimming hole snd drink. The girls looked surprised and told me they had never had anything to drink. I said “Really?  I just figured it was normal for every kid to experiment.” They said some of their friends had, but they never had a chance. So, I knew this was my opportunity and said, “Have you ever wanted to try it?” They looked at each other and said “Yes!.” I told them I had some wine coolers in my car and could go get them If they wanted me to. They smiled and both said “Sure!”

It was a short walk back to my car. I grabbed my special wine coolers – the ones I lace with ruffies and some other “supplies.” I make sure I don’t overdo it with the ruffles though, just enough to get them loopy. So off I went back to the swimming hole to give the girls their first taste of alcohol.

“Hey girls – I have some wine coolers for you and something a little stronger for me – some bourbon.” I handed each girl a wine cooler and they began sipping it. Then in unison they said, “This is pretty good!” I encouraged them to drink more and they did. We chatted some more, at more snacks and they continued to drink the wine coolers. As the ruffies kicked in, they began to get loopy. I told them not to worry, they would be fine, it was part of drinking for the first time. Crystal began to close her eyes, so I decided I would do her second. So, I grabbed my bag of supplies and tied her hands together, then tied her to a tree so she wouldn’t wander off.

Now it was time to have a little fun with Misty. I began to play with her little titties through her bikini top. She had the cutest little bumps. Then I began to play with her cute little ass. It was so round and sexy in her bikini. My dick was rock hard at this time. I put a blanket on the picnic table and laid her down. I tied her hands over her head so she wouldn’t get away or resist. There she was, ready for the taking. I pulled her bikini top off first and began licking her little nipples. She tasted so sweet. Then I pulled her bottoms off revealing her smooth little pussy. I ran my finger up between her little pussy lips and watch her flinch as I touched her. I took my finger and put it in my mouth so I could taste her sweet innocent nectar. Mmmm, I love the taste of a sweet young pussy.

I spread her legs and began licking her pussy, circling my tongue around it, then pushing it inside of her. She was still conscious as I ate her and she squirmed a bit as my tongue went deep inside. My cock was throbbing at the sight of this beautiful little girl. I could have sat there all day and night eating her pussy, but I was so horny to fuck her virgin pussy. I took my shorts off and got on the picnic table. I spread her legs wide, grabbed some lube and rubbed it on my cock. I positioned the tip at the entrance of her little hole and with a solid push, forced my cock into her. Her body clenched in pain as I pushed deep inside her little body. I could feel the blood running down my cock as I broke through her hymen. I grabbed her legs and lifted them towards her head as I fucked her with vengeance. I was so hard as I fucked her and began slapping her little face, harder and harder I would fuck her until I couldn’t take it anymore. I began pumping her little pussy full of my cum. What a hot little fuck she was!

I untied her and cleaned her up a bit, then grabbed her shorts and a t-shirt out of her bag and dressed her up. Then I tied her up to another tree. It was not Crystals turn. I untied her and brought her over to the picnic table. I played with her titties a bit, biting her nipples and suck on what little she had. This started to get me hard again. So, I pushed her face down on the table, with her little legs barely touching the ground. I tied her hands over her head to keep her in place.

With her ass in perfect view, I began playing with her cute little bottom through her bikini bottoms. She was a little chubbier and really filled out the bottoms. I love a nice ass on a little girl and it got me so hard again.  I ripped off her bottoms and began fingering her sweet little hole. Then I went down and began licking her little bum hole. It was so sweet and tasty. I stuck my tongue deep in her ass, then I began fingering her little pussy. I love violating both holes at the same time.

I was hard, horny and ready again! For Crystal – I knew I wanted to rape her little ass with vengeance. I put a little lube on my cock, then into her hole. I moved the tip of my cock to her hole and with one thrust pushed it deep inside her. The effects of the ruffies were beginning to wear off and Crystal yelled out as I penetrated her hole. I grabbed my hands and began chocking her as I fucked her sweet little ass. I fucked her hard and would ease up on my hands to keep her conscious. Her virgin ass felt so good as it wrapped around my cock. I could feel my cock tensing up and I shot my second load deep inside her.

I collapsed on her and then pulled my cock out. I cleaned her up, then got her in some shorts and a t-shirt as well. I untied Misty and sat them both at the picnic table. They were both beginning to come out of it, and it was early enough, so I left them some snacks, a couple of bottles of water and a short note saying – “Hope you enjoyed the wine coolers and had fun. Welcome to being an adult. ;-)” Off I went, and never saw them again on my travels. But I knew there would be plenty of little pussy and ass throughout the South for the taking. On to the next conquest…

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  • Reply Sex lover ID:1cp2qnnzk8fv

    Love the brutal way you took them and also the slaping.

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    Loved that story John would love to caht more or hear more about your travel. Email or session me.

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    Daddy’s cock is always the best

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    No way I would leave a pussy unfucked, what a waste.

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    Little girls , all girls are mean to serve their daddy’s , especially my three girls

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

      That’s what my stepdad said to me while he was fucking me prone bone with his hands covering my mouth !!

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    Mmmm little girls being raped for daddys happiness like they should be

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      Hmmm Daddy loves the way you think!! Add me on Snapchat if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback11