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This can be your worst or your best tale.

My name is Ricardo. My mother really wants me to become a priest but I live with erotic dreams. One of them is with my aunt Tieta. She usually sends us letters. In one of these letters came five photographs. When observing a portrait of her wearing a bikini on Copacabana beach I was very excited. My mother, Perpétua, threw the photo in the trash, however, I took it out and put the bag in the trash so she wouldn’t bother me. I did every homage to her, dumped my sperm on top of her fine art. Pure pleasure.

In my town there is a popular brothel called “Casa da Luz Vermelha”. I already aspired to attend, however I gave up. But I learn of many stories that I unwittingly end up hearing. One of them involves a certain Osnar. Comment that his penis measures 25 centimeters in length and 8 centimeters in width. He is notorious in this den of perdition. A walking drunk nicknamed “Goat Breath” tells that a harlot even died after she asked Osnar to penetrate deeply into her vulva. I have a story of mine too. I remember visiting Amorzinho, a widow friend of my mother. She’s an exaggerated Catholic. As I entered her home, I beheld what I never imagined I could behold: her in sexy red panties and wearing an almost revealing shirt. She begged me for sex:

– Ricardo, I want you. Do what you want with me.

I saw her radio was tuned to a channel with a pastor preaching. I turned it off and inexplicably she woke up and fled to her bedroom. I regret it bitterly. The way I imagine I should grab her by her hair, smother her with a kiss, throw her on the couch, take my clothes off and choke her. Then I would hit your buttocks with my leather belt. It’s a shame I didn’t allow the devil to possess me. I heard that my aunt was returning to town for her vacation. I went on her arrival. A charming woman and even more up close. All my tributes were not for nothing. I wanted her fiercely. I tried to surround her as much as possible. In a way she responded well, seemed to enjoy my presence. I set a trap for her. On one occasion when only the two of us were at home I undressed, took a photograph of her, placed it on the bed and started masturbating. He moaned liltingly, hoping she would see. I hear the door open slightly, feign inattention. Surprisingly I hear the following sentence:
– if you wanted to have sex with me you just had to say it. But since you are naked…

It was a delightful afternoon that I will tell you later.

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