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I’m 14 f and I have been secretly dating a guy who’s 24 M for the past 2 months

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Since January of 2024 I met a college guy online and have been dating him in secret since then. We’ve been texting and calling for a while.

Just a little about us. I’m currently 14, half white half Filipina, between 90 – 100 lbs, and about 4’11” or 5′. I’m not very curvy as you can tell, but I do have “tight” features according to my friends, if you know what that means then you know. For the sake of privacy I’ll call myself Angela.

My boyfriend, let’s call him Alex, is a lot taller than me. I don’t know exactly how much since I didn’t ask, but maybe 6′ more or less? Probably around 170 or 180, lean, and handsome.

As I said before, we met online. It was a sort of group chat where people of similar interests come in and share what they like. We ended up chatting for a while without knowing too much about each other. We’d chat and watch anime together for a while in our own private call. Sometimes we’d play games. Technically we’ve known each other for a couple of months before we started dating, but we were just friends then. One day while we were texting, he asked to know a little more about me. Particularly about my age since we didn’t think our agr gap would be too big. When I told him I was 14, he didn’t respond for a while. About an hour or so later, he finally responded with his own age and asked if that would be something I was ok with.

I though about it for a while and I knew it’s not the safest thing to do, but considering how much fun I was having with him, I didn’t mind as long as we don’t take it public yet, since it would get both of us in trouble. Once I told him that I was ok with it and we agreed on some general ground rules, we officially started dating.

As you can expect, we would send each other pictures both sfw and NSFW. He’d request things and so did I. If this post does well, I’ll update with more details later about this stuff.

After another month of a lot of the same, we agree to meet up together since we lived pretty close by. Picking me up from a meet up point at a local park and drove to his place.

We were both clearly shy since our age difference was kinda significant as well as our hight difference. The first night we met up, we just cuddled and watched a movie, snacked, etc. nothing NSFW yet.

The second time which was almost a week ago now, was when we actually started being more physical. We had talked a lot more about what we may and may not do the next time we met and we agreed on starting off slowly. No penetration yet, but just in case, he caught some condoms just to be safe.

I’m not on any birth control right now and don’t have any way to purchase it myself so that’s what we went with for now.

When we met up that day, we started off like normal. Cuddling and a little teasing here and there. At a certain point we started making out which then led to taking our cloths off. Not fully naked, but pretty close. He still had his shirt on but his dick was fully out and I had my top off with my panties still on. I did my best to give him a blowjob, but my lack of experience and his size made it a bit difficult.

I mostly just stayed at the tip since I couldn’t go too deep without gagging too much. This lasted about 10 minutes more or less before he came in my mouth. I was surprised since he didn’t warn me and ended up swallowing it. While he took a break, he returned the favor by fingering and licking me too. He was a lot better at this than I thought, but it was expected since he has more experience than I do.

We couldn’t stay together for too long that day, so after a few hours of being together and slowly starting becoming more intimate, he dropped me off near where I live. We are planning on going further next time, but it won’t be for about another month. When that happens and if this post does moderately well, I’ll update. This whole post was mainly my friend’s idea since she’s one of the few people that knows of our relationship. If it weren’t for her, I’d probably never post this.


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  • Reply Al777n ID:174a3lfib

    Well done, taking control, enjoying each other. Need a friend!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7j3f744

    Zompie I am very proud of you for taking your own sexuality in your hands. I think all young girls even younger should seek out an older male if not for a mate then for massive pleasure. To to guided exposing you to all kinds of kinky sex so you can decide what you like and don’t like plus the added bonus of a large cock and someone that doesn’t cum in two minutes. I am very proud of you and yes I would like to hear more. I myself have been with well over a hundred young females throughout my life and to this day love the excitement in their eyes.

    • Zompie ID:1cu6lvi0ekry

      Thanks for the nice comment! I agree that his size is a bonus though a bit difficult to manage right now. He can last quite a bit from the looks of it. If people want to know, I can ask him more about himself and I can add more about myself in another position. Go more into detail I guess…

  • Reply Tim ID:tb9kj0eh

    Hi Zompie,
    Sounds like he’s patient with you & I’m glad he’s taking care of you when you’re intimant. Keep going slow & let him make you feel wonderful . . . Explore each other & your separate & shared fantasies. Most of all – don’t be afraid – when he’s deep inside you – you’ll feel more complete & warm than you ever have before!

  • Reply Zompie ID:1cyg1457t8j7

    I’m not sure what proton is and I haven’t used SC yet

    • Z ID:1e9xs7j9uc60

      What’s the best way to get ahold of you

  • Reply [email protected] ID:yg1h5i68

    My first wife was 10 years younger than me. I was 25 at the start. We were married for 15 years. Then she decided she liked my best friend more than me. Such is life.

  • Reply Wolf from Australia ID:cor7kim99

    Outstanding. I used to have a much younger gf a few years ago and it was a wonderful experience. I definitely approve of your relationship. If you want to chat some more, msg me at [email protected]
    Hope to hear from you soon

  • Reply Older guy for fun ID:1cz7b7dqa3n5

    Zompie I would love to hear more!! Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback6996

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    [email protected] He’s definitely a lucky guy to have a Asian girl. You will have the nicest tightest pussy for him to enjoy too bad you’re not in Australia.

    • D girl ID:4bn00en3fia

      Wow peter,your comment makes me feel horny already,text me