Me Dean and the hoover

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After the day Dean came round mine wile his Mummy went to Swindon to see her Mother in hospital and he got to taste my cunt cream,there was no stopping him,he wanted it as often as he could he absolutely loved it and I of course loved it having this 10 year old boy’s mouth on my cunt getting as much of my cunt cream as possible ,but because he was now not just satisfied with looking up my skirts but wanted my cunt cream it became difficult ,I mean we could not sit in his kitchen having coffee with his Mum while he pushed my skirt up to get his tongue up my cunt as appealing as that really was but of course would never happen ,so we had to make a plan so we could meet and so we decided that could meet him at lunch times from school, his Mum would be at work and so he could come to mine, i would always be naked for him at these times and he soon found out that playing with and sucking my tits would make my cunt creamy, he really enjoyed my naked body and told me he wished i could be naked all the time,I did say to him that it was all up to him if he wanted to keep playing with me or if he wanted to stop as i would never force him to do anything he did not want to he said he never wanted to stop playing with me and wanted to get as much of my cunt cream as possible, laughing I said I should bottle it ,he said yes then i I could drink your cream st school which got me thinking how could i do that, then a few days later he was at mine and I said I know how you can take my cunt juice to school with you,I got the hoover out and i said i have fitted a jar in the hoover to collect my cunt juice i then laid on the floor took the hose of the hoover and pushed it up my cunt and i told Dean to turn the hoover on so he did ,it was amazing the sucking on the inside of my cunt felt so good i got Dean to come and play with my tits as the hoover did it’s work on my cunt i orgasmed and orgasmed and orgasmed time and time and time again when I got Dean to turn the hoover off we took the jar out of the hoover it had a reall good amount of my cunt juice in it and which i puy in a bottle for Dean to take to school with him that afternoon
More from me and Dean soon….


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  • Reply Sw ID:1dfxztqtyv1p

    Damn you look hot with that hose sticking out of you

  • Reply Cute Lucas 11 ID:nili1a6ij

    You are so great teaching him lick you so much! So hot mature lady and so hot and hairy mmm

  • Reply 🤬Hank ID:1eg0a31r5l1u

    Sounds like you get Dean cum drunk on that hooch in a pickle jar.

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    I’ll come and visit and we can do age play . I can play young boys for you

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    Nice big hairy cunt

    • Karen ID:1kssyr8m

      Yes it is and very creamy

  • Reply Jess ID:1fjhfviq20c

    Nice. hairy pussy 🤪

    • Karen ID:1kssyr8m

      Thank you

  • Reply Ct97 ID:1d9eozl68zpx

    Wow you’re such a great person for helping him with your cream .

    • Karen ID:1kssyr8m

      We both love it

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    What else are you gonna shove up that gash of yours,you filthy bitch?!

    • Karen ID:1kssyr8m

      AHH wait and see

  • Reply StanCush ID:1ck7nuo5b7g0

    Cunt cream yummy. Lucky kid!

  • Reply Ash ID:1yr6fsl42

    I’m from Wallingford

  • Reply bobby ID:1ede0yxk4fw6

    fuck thats good and you look fucking hot