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I catfished my bully and got her gang raped

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Do I feel bad? No! if anything the fat cunt should thank me for getting her laid

I’ve been going to school with this girl Taylor since middle school and for a while she was decent but when we got to High School I became the her target for abuse. I should stress Im A LOT smaller than her! Im 5’2 and pretty slender but she is nearing 6′ and pretty overweight. I tried going to the school to get her to stop but since no faculty ever witnessed her hitting me or anything there was nothing they could do.

I tried my best to avoid her but it rarely worked, but I found some peace when I met my boyfriend he was a nice tall and buff football player who was a gentle giant with me and when ever Taylor came around I would hide behind my BF. Due to this I fell madly in love with my BF and towards the end of our senior year my BF told me Taylor got his number and has been bombarding his phone with gross messages and pic basically trying to seduce him. This was the final straw and looked into ways of getting revenge.

I couldn’t think of anything good until one day I was hanging out with my male cousin who was perpetually single so he was bitching about how he only match’s with ugly girls on tinder and I said they can’t be that bad! And she showed me and low and behold who was in his matches? TAYLOR!!!! I asked how they matched and he said he swipes right on everyone, I checked her profile “Tall feminine goddess of love who needs a real man to handle this thick passionate queen” oh fuck you you nasty fat cunt. I didn’t have a full plan yet but I told my cousin to message her and flirt with her and pretend to be interested to learn secrets about her then ghost her! Not the best plan but it’s a start. My cousin being awesome and did that flirting with her for a month and he told me all he learned, the biggest thing she was desperate for a man and never even had a kiss.

Seeing how desperate she was I decided to make my own tinder profile using photos of another cousin from his insta and started swiping left on everyone until I found her! I swiped right and waited. It took 1 day until I got the notification and messaged her right away playing into her curvy goddess ego and using what my cousin told me to get her on the hook. It was too easy she was desperately alone, well when you’re a fat mean cunt you tend to not be liked! I got a burner phone to text her on and just told her things she wanted to hear and started hinting at having sex, well she jumped at the chance getting really dirty, for a virgin she wore out quite a few dildos and was a backdoor sally… not sure what do next I just kept leading her on saying i left town for summer vacation to think of what next. Break her heart? No not good enough, don’t ask me how but I stumbled upon a site called Doublelist and thought of a way. I thought about making a post posing as Taylor and see if any desperate guys would be interested, but browsing the site I saw a post about a husband setting up a gangbang for his wife…and there it was!

I made a similar post, posing as a cuck guy wanting to find some guys to run a train on my tall bbw girlfriend who likes it rough! And within a day my inbox was filled with dozens of dick pics of interested guys mostly fat guy but a few guys with absolute units like holy shit! I messaged Taylor saying i want to meet at a hotel for our first time together and she agreed but only if she can get to the room first and have the lights off since she was “self conscious” then eat a salad fatty! I agreed and used money I had from various jobs bought a visa gift card to book a hotel with once the date was set I responded to a few of the dick pic guys telling them the time and hotel and I’ll text them room number the door will be open and lights off and since I was pretending to be a cuck to take pictures of her and tell me about it and a number of them agreed! Thinking that the randos will show up scare the shit out of her there would be a big embarrassing shouting match with her naked and then I would dump her. We’ll the day came she sent me a pic of her in lingerie, BARF, and the room number, I texted it to the guys and sat by the phone waiting for the hilarious angry texts saying she kicked them out or whatever.

Time ticked by and no texts huh…weird, then one came in! It was a picture message of Taylor sucking one of the dudes dicks…well not what I planned but get pranked? And then another with Taylor getting spit roasted, and then another with her being held down with underwear in her mouth and a guy in her butt, then another with her crying, her face red and sperm on her face, then the vid came in…I felt bad for a second watching it but hearing Taylor cry and begging the to stop while one guy was in her vagina and another in her butt and them laughing as a guy shoved his penis in her mouth reminded me of all the times I begged her to stop while crying. But the pictures still kept coming in and I looked at all of them!

From what I could piece together from the guys texting me what they did, one guy got there first and Taylor believed this to be the catfish guy and started going at it. But then the second guy showed up and shoved his penis in her mouth while guy one had sex with her, then the 3rd and 4th guy showed up during this and the first guy came inside her and that’s when she started fighting back only she wasn’t stronger then 4 guys. That’s when they held her down and took turns putting it in her butt, apparently she called for help but they told her to shut it and put someone’s underwear in her mouth and they started slapping her around and putting cum on her face when she refused to let them do it in her mouth. After that they just held her down took turns on her with her crying and asking them to stop while since she was too weak to fight back. The last vid I got was 2 guys raping her butt and vagina, which looked bruised and bloody while she laid on the bed passed out, she looked dead, with each guy finishing in her vagina and then peeing on her face.

I counted at least six guys, I only invited four. And it sounds like each guy fucked her and most of them cumming inside her multiple times. I thought about destroying the burner phone since Taylor just got gang raped I assumed she would go to the cops and they would try to trace the number that invited her there but feeling super vindictive I instead texted her pretending to be angry about catching her “cheating” on me.

I texted her “I can’t believe you, I book us a hotel room and when I get there you are in there fucking 2 guys! Virgin my ass, I bet you are such a slut 1 guy isn’t enough for you anymore, I bet you wish you had 6 cocks in your face! I’m SO sorry I was a few minutes late but apparently that’s a lifetime for a dumb slut like you!!!!”

And waited she instantly texted back

“no it’s not what it looked like! I thought that was you!”

Me – “Oh I didn’t know you thought I was 2 different people, I counted 2 guy in there with you or are you going to try to tell me that was just your life like dildo fucking your mouth!”

Her – “It’s not like that, I got confused last night and I got raped by those guys i swear!”

Me – “Wow thats real fucking low, first you thought I was twins and now you claimed to have been raped! You are a terrible human being to claim that, you are a disgusting piece of shit and a complete whore i never want to hear from you again and hope you die alone!”

After that she tried calling me and left me voicemails of her balling begging for me to believe her, I laughed.

I kept the vids because they secretly turned me on, hearing her cry. Me and my BF haven’t had sec yet, maybe I’ll book us a room at that hotel for our first time…

Taylor and I are going to the same college in the fall who wants to place bets on if the bitch is knocked up with 6 bastards.

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  • Reply D ID:7n7gguh6ib

    The only thing I would’ve done differently was blindfold her entire up at the end and have you go in and molest her

  • Reply Teresa ID:1v4n6s520k

    My friend was being bullied by this girl at school. It was pretty bad. It was much more than insults and name-calling. Finally my friend told her two male cousins and they jumped the other girl in the park in our town and raped her. That I know of, she never told anybody. At first, the bullying continued, at least a little, but it soon died off completely. We just knew she was going to scream about being raped but she didn’t and my friend suspected that the cousins didn’t really do it but they swore they had. They said they took turns doing it, described a small birthmark on her butt and everything. Later, in high school she told this friend of hers that she had gotten “abused” (she called it) one time but she didn’t know who it was and she didn’t like to talk about it. It would be easy to feel sorry for her but she had driven my friend to almost consider suicide so fuck her.