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Daddy’s Back…

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Daddy planned to make her first anal special, but some things can’t be helped.

Chapter 2 of Oh no, Daddy’s Drunk

Daddy has been coming into my room most nights now for a few weeks. I found out Mom has been picking up some night shifts to save for a family vacation this summer. Some nights he wakes me up with his mouth on my pussy, though my favorites are when I wake up when he’s mid thrust into my pussy.

I know it’s wrong, and I should totally feel bad. But my mind just kept replaying what he said, ‘your mother said I could use you’, and it would just make me hot all over again. We never talk about it during the day anyway, just a few hours a week of hot sex while moms away since she gave her young daughter to her husband as a plaything.

Tonight I got woken up by the sound of mom saying telling Dad to fuck off. I heard her grab her keys and a few seconds later the front door closed. I immediately pulled my nightie off and tossed it to the floor as I assumed the position like Daddy taught me. He likes to fuck my throat, and if I hang my head over the side of the bed I can almost take the whole thing! He storms in the room and is already undoing his pants.

Daddy caught sight of me on the bed and paused for a second before pulling his throbbing cock out, “You’re such a good girl for following directions for Daddy.” That was the most warning I got before he shoved his dick down my throat and started fucking my face. I gurgled and moaned around him, reaching up to stroke him with one hand and play with his heavy balls with the other. Daddy leaned over me and began roughly playing with my pussy as his cock continued its assault on my mouth.

I was wiggling and moaning with a mouth full of cock, slurping and sucking because in the last few weeks I’ve learned how yummy Daddy’s cum is. He almost never cums in my mouth, he prefers my pussy for that. He was fucking my face rough and face and I couldn’t help choking and gagging. He groaned as he pulled out, long streams of saliva dripping off his cock and down my face.

“Daddy please fuck your little girl, I need it so bad!” I was still catching my breath but I sat up and moved closer to him. He grabbed me by the hand and stood me at the edge of the bed before having me bend over. I love it when Daddy fucks me doggy-style. He gets so deep and the creampies feel incredible! He smacked my ass and I jumped, causing him to spank me a few more times. Each time my yips changed a bit more to moans until his hand left my cheeks and moved to my pussy.

He pinched my clit, hard, and I cried out. “Please Daddy hurry I need your cock,” I wiggled and shook my ass, trying desperately for any kind of penetration. Daddy obliged and shoved two fingers in my cunt and started finger fucking me. I was moaning for him and ripping at the blankets around me because it felt so damn good. I felt so empty when he pulled his fingers out and started smearing his fingers up and down my ass crack.

I tried to look back, but it just earned me another hard spank. “Daddy, wait, I…” Three more hard spanks and I knew to shut my mouth. He slowly eased a finger into my ass, using my own juices as lube and I gasped. I don’t think it hurt as bad as I was expecting, but as an anal virgin it still wasn’t completely pleasant. He was slowly pumping his finger in and out of my little hole while he said, “Your mom won’t let me fuck her ass anymore. But that’s ok babygirl cause your asshole is gonna be so much better.” He emphasized the last word by adding another finger and I squealed, involuntarily pushing back against his hand.

“That’s it babygirl, you’re gonna love taking Daddy’s cock in your tight little ass. I’m gonna cum so hard with my pretty little daughter’s virgin asshole around my cock.” His fingers were starting to feel so good I wanted to believe him. He picked up speed and I moaned a bit, pushing back onto his fingers again. “God… Please just – oh god Daddy!” I nearly came the instant his free hand touched my pussy, his other hand still finger fucking my ass. He played with my clit, circling and stroking it before he plunged two fingers into my twat and I came so loud I’m not sure how the neighbors didn’t hear.

I was still an orgasmic mess when he put his cock to my tiny barely used hole. He put both hands on my hips and slowly started to push into my ass, a hiss escaping his lips. “Fuuuuuuuuck babygirl you’re so fucking tight,” a few more pumps, “baby I wanted your first time to be special,” my moaning was nearly drowning him out. “I’m sorry,” and then he slammed his cock balls deep in my ass. I buried my face in a pillow as I screamed out. It hurt so bad! But god it also felt so exquisite to feel Daddy throbbing in my tightest hole.

He didn’t stop after slamming it home either, he seemed like a different person the way he started fucking me so hard and so fast I had no time to get used to him. “Daddy please uhm oh god – fuck daddy it hurts so good! Just slow down please!” But my pleas fell on deaf ears, or rather daddy just had plans of his own. “Sorry princess,” spank, “Daddy needs this so bad. Just milk my cock with your ass baby you’re taking it so good.” His balls smacking into my clit was driving me insane and I could tell by his grip on my hips I’d have bruises in the morning.

I reached for my nipples and started pinching and twisting them, the pleasure building in my ass was all I could think about as I pushed back onto my daddy’s perfect cock. He was grunting and telling me how perfect my hole looked around his dick and how perfect we fit together. “Oh fuck yes Daddy please don’t stop. Fuck your little girl’s tight ass Daddy, use your little whore!” I was so close to cumming and it felt so different and so much bigger than any orgasm I’d ever had. “Shove your big daddy dick in my ass Daddy, tell me you like it better than mommy!”

That was all it took and Daddy lost control, grabbing my hair and forcing my all the way back on his cock. He lasted a few more rough thrusts before coating my insides with his special daddy juice. The feeling of him filling me broke me and I screamed for him as I came, squirting all over him and the bed, which is when I looked up and saw my mother standing in the doorway….

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  • Reply Bob in Tulsa ID:sxy6o1o98db

    I would love to find a woman who has this type of training when she was a kid. I bet it would be the best fuck in my entire life And I would show my appreciation I know there’s gotta be people like that here in Tulsa

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    Need a next part

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Well, it sounds to me like your first anal was special – rough and aggressive, always the best! Hope Daddy tells Mummy to fuck off!

    • Kiddyfucker69 ID:1cs9t1l4j365

      You are correct, rough and aggressive anal is ALWAYS best, but doing it completely dry is even better…

  • Reply Jimdandy ID:1cyit7b07yqz

    Needs a sequal.

    • Kiddyfucker69 ID:1cs9t1l4j365