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Groomed part 9: don’t ever disobey your filthy grandparents

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Stuck with my rapist grandparents for 2 days without anyone around to save me.

I was cautiously starting to accept that I was my grandpas play toy. He told me the hard parts over and now I’ll have fun and feel really good. He insisted he wanted me to feel so good that I always crave more. It felt so wrong but I learned I love getting my little pussy vibrated. Uncle drew said it’s because of my button and grandpa liked that word for my little clit. It all felt so naughty that grandpa started using that word to talk about my little baby part.

“Let’s make your little baby button feel good sweetie. I want to teach you something. You don’t always need sex toys or a family member to make you feel good, you can do it to yourself too.” Grandpa pulled out my usul plushie and tossed it on the bed next to me while grandma was still shooting a home video. “Sit on top of your new toy and start grinding your little button on it. Move back and forward, your fuzzy little friend will start to make you feel good.” I did as grandpa said and started grinding my parts on my new toy, soaking it with my preteen juices. I was a little upset because it was a new toy that I had just got, but I didn’t want to disobey my grandpa. He could over power me and put his thing in my baby hole again. That felt so wrong, anything to prevent that!

“Oh oh wow it does feel nice.” I felt force to speak so that grandpa knew I was feeling good so I didn’t have to do anything else. I looked down and focused on grinding back and forth when I felt my grandfather push me down on my back on the bed. “Oh no please don’t grandpa please” I pleaded. “It’s going to happen sweetie, just accept it. Don’t worry, it’s not happening just yet” referring to his cock penetrating my little baby part. “we have a long weekend planned. By the end you’ll be begging for more” he grinned like a creep I’ve seen only in cartoons. Grandma put the camera on a stand and came over to cuff my hands and feet to the bed while grandpa held me down and looked deep into my eyes right before leaning down to kiss me on the lips then kiss my little nipples. They were so tender and soft, developing. He got my nipples hard so quick and my body reacted by making my pussy juices start flooding out of my body. “Ohhh looks like you’re ready for more sweetie.”

Grandpa moved his naked body down putting his face right between my legs breathing in deep. He tapped his tongue on my outer pussy walls lightly before diving his tongue directly on my clit. “AHH OHHH OH ohhh grandpa please stop.” I struggled to free myself while my grandpa ignored my cries, licking up and down on my little button, giving it nice long sucks and kisses making me squirm in place. It felt so wrong but it’s better than having his huge cock penetrating my little tight hole again. Lick lick licking away at my baby part swirling his tongue then zig zagging up and down. It felt so fucking good but I didn’t want him to know, I was hoping he would start feeling bad for doing it.

“AHHHH GRANDPA OW!” His finger penetrated my hole as he licked my clit. “Be a good girl and show the camera how much you like it sweetie.” Grandma said as she got close to my face as I was gasping from the pleasure. “Uhh oh grandma please, I don’t feel well. I’m so sleepy please stop this.” My grandma then slapped me so hard in my face “OW OHH Ohhhh” the slap hurt so bad while grandpa licking my clit and finger fucking me felt so good. I started crying from the slap. “Grandma why did you-“ “DO AS YOURE TOLD OR IT WILL GET WORSE.” She demanded. “Okay okay ahhhh oh oh grandpas tongue feels so good mmmmm” I squealed. “Not good enough. I guess grandpa will just have to put his cock head in your baby hole and vibrate your button into submission. “Please no.” I begged for mercy “please I’ll be good please.” It was too late.

I didn’t perform well for the home movie, so my punishment was my grandpas cockhead re-entering my little slit. At least I get a vibrator too I thought. Grandpa got up and positioned his cockhead right at my entrance making me look away from him but I made sure to look into the camera, as my naked grandfather got ready to push only a little in. He grabbed the tongue toy and placed it on my little baby button and turned it on. Wow! It was actually going in a licking motion, it was more steady and basic than my grandfathers tongue, but it still felt amazing. Grandpa was jerking his cock in place while letting out little grunts, watching me, waiting for an orgasm. My eyes closed and I started enjoying the toy tongues licks as it sent me to total paradise. “Ohhhh mmmmm oh yes yes ahhhhh I’m gonna.. I’m gonna… ahhh ahh” I felt my pussy building up again and right before I was about to explode into an epic orgasm, grandpa turned the toy off and took his cock head out of my entrance.

This is just cruel I thought. They weren’t going to let me cum. It made me upset but all of a sudden I felt like I had to pee. “Uhhhh grandma grandpa I have to pee. Please can you untie me?” Grandpa smirked at grandma and then looked at me with his devilish look. He got up and then cuffed his hands over my pussy lips. He then spread my pussy lips apart and pushed my pussy back and grandma got into position with the camera. “Okay sweetie, go ahead and pee.” No way! Did they want me to wet the bed? “Uhhh I can’t I’ll get the bed wet.” I was so nervous and scared. “Don’t worry about that sweetie, I wanna see how far you can aim your pee in the air. We won’t be mad at you!” Grandpa said chuckling softly. I had to go so bad I paused and then just went for it.

My pee stream started out as a trickle and then went up and far reaching the edge of the bed. My grandpa was smiling as my grandma was recording my hot stream shooting out my pee hole, pussy lips super exposed to the camera. I was so humiliated. The thought crossed my mind, what if daddy ever saw this video? Oh no that would be awful, what if I get in trouble?

This was the worst day of my life. But my body couldn’t disagree more.

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  • Reply Bob ID:1comn0nruc7a

    Your grandparents are so fucking good to you, baby. I’m anxious to read more of your hot, sexy parts in this awesome series. Thanks so much, honey. Love it.
    Love, sucks, and fucks,

    [email protected]





  • Reply Nichole ID:1v4n6s520k

    My grandpa is who got me started sexually. When I was 11 he used to get me to sit on his lap a lot. Or it seemed like a lot to me, and it was when nobody was home but me and him. At first, the only thing that seemed suspicious was how much he did it. Then one time, he told me to move my butt around while I was in his lap and showed me how to do what he was talking about. It was grinding on him. One thing led to another later on and he got braver. A lot braver. He said we needed to put a blanket across us so we wouldn’t get cold. It was actually so that I couldn’t see that he had his cock out. He told me that he was going to pull my shorts to the side and we’d play a game. He said that it may feel weird but not to worry, it was nothing bad. He must have spit on his cock or something (it was wet anyway) and I felt it pressing against my butthole. He asked me if I could feel it. I said yes. Then he said he was going to slip in inside but just a little. Which led to him putting his whole cock in my butt, of course. Then he told me to grind my butt around. To be honest, it hurt but not that bad. Since then I’ve heard other girls say they couldn’t even begin to have anal sex. I didn’t notice it was all that bad. It mainly felt like I had to poop really bad. Anyway, after a few minutes of “playing our game”, he tensed up and told me to do it harder. Then he kind of made a grunting sound and told me to stop. When he pulled it out, it kind of felt good honestly. So good that if I was being totally truthful with myself, I’d admit that I kind of wanted him to do that again. So the next time he told me to sit on his lap, I hoped it was to play our “game” again. It was. It felt kind of good and I liked it. Maybe it was simply that somebody was paying a lot of attention to me or that he had groomed me so well that I “thought” I liked it when I really didn’t, I don’t know. I just know that I never said no to it and I actually looked forward to it.

    • Another Reader ID:371mgx044

      Thank you for sharing your story. I wasn’t lucky enough to have family members that would play with me. I wanted it! I did have a cousin, they and I would play until they moved away.

    • I wish it was me ID:1dfldgjb5kn5

      Nicole, you shouldn’t feel guilty about finding pleasure in sexual expermentation. If sex didn’t feel so good, the population would have stopped a long time ago….
      Society tells you what happened was wrong….stop listening to society and listen to yourself and the pleasure you experienced and enjoyed. You don’t have to justify being sexually stimulated at a young age, you have a right to experience sexual pleasure without guilt. feel free to email me if you would like (I’m a woman) [email protected]
      I am also an author on this site

    • Friendly Uncle ID:2qm4gx0hi

      Damn these stories are super hot! Girls hmu for fun and hot chats

    • Bob ID:1comn0nruc7a

      I’d love to talk with you, Nicole.
      Love, sucks, and fucks,

      [email protected]





  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    You got what you deserved for telling your teacher at school . If I was your grandpa , I would be fucking you every chance I got and would get grandma to fuck you with a strapon cock . You would be our little cumslut sex slave . I hope there is more to come in this story .