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Emily Needs Daddy 2

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12 year old Emily masterbates over the memory of fucking her dad… and accidentally discovers the pleasure her little bumhole can give her.

It was a quiet afternoon at home. Emily, a 12-year-old girl with unruly brown hair and big, curious eyes, sat on the edge of her bed. She could hear her parents moving around downstairs, their muffled voices occasionally carrying up to her room. She glanced down at her exposed legs, with a feeling of anticipation. Emily had been fascinated with sex ever since discovering porn on the internet. She had started exploring her body some months ago, touching herself in the bath and under her sheets at night. But she recently discovered something new about herself: she was turned on by her dad. The week before, while her mum was away on business, her dad had caught her fucking her little preteen pussy with her hairbrush handle, and he’d then replaced her hairbrush with his big adult cock. They fucked until she passed out in exhausted ecstasy. When she woke up in the morning he had gone back to his own bed, and was now acting like it never happened. The thought of him walking in on her that night, of the shock and lust on his face, made her heart race even faster. She didn’t want to lose him as her lover, didn’t want to lose this strange, exciting new part of herself. She glanced down at her panties, already damp with excitement. She had been touching herself under her covers, imagining it was his big, hard cock inside her. The thought made her hips twitch involuntarily. She needed him, wanted him. But he was being so distant, and how could she make sure her mom wouldn’t find out? Emily’s heart skipped a beat as she heard her dad’s footsteps climbing the stairs. His deep voice called out from down the hall, “Honey, can I come in and talk to you for a second?”

Emily swallowed hard, trying to compose herself. She got off the bed, walking over to the door and opening it a crack. Her father stood in the hallway. “Is everything okay?” he asked softly, his voice barely audible over the pounding of her heart. She forced a weak smile, trying to pretend that everything was normal. “Yeah, Daddy,” she lied, her voice shaking. “I was just… um… thinking about what happened, and I wanted to ask you something.” She paused, her eyes darting away from his gaze for a moment before returning to meet his. Her father’s expression softened, and he stepped into her room, closing the door behind him. He sat down on the edge of her bed, his face a mixture of concern and curiosity. “What’s on your mind, sweetheart?” he asked gently. Emily took a deep breath, feeling the heat in her cheeks as she struggled to find the words. She glanced down at the floor, her hands twisting together in her lap. “I just… I want to know if you… if you’re still want me,” she stammered. “I feel like you’ve been acting different since… you know.” Her father’s expression grew solemn, and he reached out to brush a stray strand of hair from her face. “Sweetheart,” he began, his voice gentle but firm, “of course I still want you. You’re my little girl, and I’ll always love you.” He paused, his eyes searching hers for a moment before continuing. “But what we did was a mistake, and we can’t let it happen again, or tell anyone ever.” Emily felt disappointment wash over her at his words. She nodded, her eyes welling up with tears. “I know, Daddy. I’m sorry. I just… I missed you.” She sniffled, wiping her nose on her sleeve. “Can we… can we go back to the way things were before?” she asked tentatively

Her father considered her words for a moment before responding. “I don’t think that’s possible, sweetheart. We can’t change what happened, and we can’t pretend it didn’t. But we can try to move forward together, as long as we’re both honest with each other.” He reached out to pat her knee, his expression gentle and understanding. “I’m here for you, Emily. Always.” He kissed her gently on the lips and got up to leave.
As the door closed behind him, Emily felt a mix of emotions: relief, guilt, confusion. She knew she should be grateful for her father’s support, but a she still longed for the intimacy they had shared. She climbed back into bed, curling up under the covers and staring at the ceiling, lost in thought. Her mind drifts back to that night with her dad and her fingers slip down to her already wet preteen pussy.
Her own fingers reminding her of the way his big fingers felt inside her. She recalls how he had made her feel so good, so wanted, so sexy. She leans over and grabs her hairbrush from next to her bed. Holding it by its head she pushes the chubby 4 inch long handle slowly into her dripping little pussy.
The cool metal glides effortlessly into her wetness, filling her up. She remembers the feel of his cock stretching her, the way it made her ache for more. She rolls onto her stomach, arching her back, pressing the brush deeper inside her. She closes her eyes, imagining it’s him, fucking her, claiming her.
Her hips begin to move in time with the rhythm of her hand, lost in the sensation. She bites her lip, tasting blood as she grows closer to the edge. The sensation of the brush inside her is overwhelming, making her feel full but wanting more . She gasps as her orgasm crashes over her, waves of pleasure washing through her body.
Her fingers tighten around the brush, her nails digging into her own skin as she cries out, arching her back, lost in the release. She lies there for a moment, catching her breath, the room spinning around her.
Emily reaches down and pulls the brush out of herself, feeling a strange sense of emptiness as it leaves her body. She rolls back onto her side, her face flushed and her small pubescent chest heaving. She wishes she could talk to her father about what she just did. But she knows she can’t. As she lies on her back she can feel her pussy juices dribbling down towards her little star.
She reaches down between her legs again, spreading the lips of her smooth bald pussy apart. She touches herself gently, recalling the feel of his fingers, his cock. Her slick fingers gently moving up and down her sensitive lips, then lower still, tracing gently over her tight little preteen bumhole. Her whole body shuddering in reaction to this new sensation.
She rolls over onto her side, resting her head on her hand as she continues to explore herself. Her other hand finds its way back to her brush, still warm from her body. She guides it down, slowly, until the handle presses against her rear opening. Her ass is still slick with the overflowing juices of her last orgasm. She pushes, feeling the handle press up against her tiny ring. She tries to relax and pushes again. Amazingly the brushhandle slips inside her, she stops with just the first few centermeters of the handle inside her little 12 year old asshole. Her head swam and her pussy tingled. This was a whole new feeling. She’d seen anal porn on the net and thought it was hot, but hadn’t really considered her own little bumhole as something sexy before. She slowly pushed the handle deeper into her ass. Her whole body shaking with the sensation.
Emily begins to move her hips in rhythm with her hand, the brush pushing deeper and deeper into her. She can feel her muscles tensing around it, clenching around the cool metal. She arches her back, moaning softly as she loses herself in the sensation. Her other hand finds its way back to her pussy, her fingers slipping easily between her wet lips. She touches herself lightly, teasing herself as she continues to thrust with the brush. The pleasure building inside her, threatening to overwhelm her once again. As she fingers her soaking pussy and slides the brush in and then out of her ass. Her own pussy juices running down onto the brush handle making it slick.
Her breath comes in short gasps, her body trembling with anticipation. She’s never felt so alive. She pushes the brush deeper still, feeling it press against something sensitive deep inside her ass. Her orgasm builds, unstoppable, unbearable. She cries out, her body convulsing as wave after wave of pleasure washes over her. She comes harder than she ever has, her muscles clenching tight around the brush, her juices dribbling onto her sheets.
As the sensation begins to fade, she pulls the brush free from her ass, feeling a strange sense of loss as it slips from its tight grasp. Her fingers still slick with her own juices, she brings them back to her pussy, tracing circles around her swollen clit. The cool air of her room feels good against her flushed skin, and she takes a deep breath, trying to steady her racing heart.The memory of how Daddy had felt inside her, the way he stretched her, filled her up completely. What she needed was a plan. A way to make her dad’s lust for her overcome his self restraint. Maybe she could wear something revealing, something that would force him to notice her in that way, or maybe just ‘accidentally’ flash her smooth little preteen pussy at him.
Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock at her bedroom door, followed by her mother’s voice. “Emily, are you okay in there?” Emily’s heart leaps into her throat. She quickly hides the brush under her bed, doing her best to straighten her rumpled covers.
“Yeah, mom. I’m just…um…taking a nap. Can you come back later?” There’s a brief pause, and then her mom opens the door, “Okay, sweetie. Just wanted to make sure you were feeling ok”. Her mother wrinkled her nose and said “and open a window in here please, it smells like…er, well, very feminine.” The door closes, and Emily lets out a shaky breath.

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