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How I got raped at 11

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This started when I was 11 and my mom was a prostitute. So we were hanging around a club and my mom snuck us in with distraction, and while we were in the club we had to look out for people that she could make a quick buck or two off of. She eventually found some one and they headed off to the bathroom and my mom told me to wait outside. That’s when it happened and a couple guys walked up to me and asked if I was lost. I said no and they looked at each other and nodded. They walked closer and picked me up and headed off to the men’s bathroom. They dropped me on the floor and they took off their pants. One guy shoved a cock in my mouth while two others standing next to me said “start jerking” so I started jerking them off. Then another guy started to rub on my pussy with his cock and said

“This pussy looks tight. I bet your really young aren’t you.”

He stuck his cock into me and started groaning talking about how tight my pussy was. I made loud moans while gagging on a cock and jerking two cocks off. The guys I were jerking cumed on my stomach and the guy I was sucking cummed in my mouth. The guy fucking my cummed inside my pussy and when he pulled out my pussy oozed with his cum. My body was so drained and tired I just layed there with my legs propped up.

They wrote on my body right over my pussy “cum dumpster” and “Insert here”. Later on I was raped around 40-50 more times.

That made me realize my only place in this world is to be a cum dumpster and to serve men.

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  • Reply Cindy ID:1d48yps2a3kf

    When I was 11 yo in the 6th grade, I was raped by five 11 yo boys in the woods by our school three days in a row. I was faced fucked by all 5 boys, then raped by all , and forced to masterbate myself while they urinated on me. They tore up my blouse and skirt, making me walk home naked, just using my ragged cloths to cover myself. The rapes continued, with more boys rapping me, and many of their 11 yo girls looking on at me being raped while they played with their own pussies. Each time, my dress or skirt was ripped, and I would have to go home, more like running, naked. I became the school slut, whore. The rapes got so bad, I did not care any more. I got used to the fist to the mouth, broken nose, black eyes, bruised face, and kicked to my stomach, and kicked to my pussy. By this time, I was leaving my town clothing in the woods, and just walking home but naked. Even the other girls started to physically abuse me, making me lick their twats and piss on me.
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  • Reply Jessica ID:1arcumkfid

    I wish I was you

    • Babysitter rape ID:2kyhpc18rd

      I was 6 years old and my babysitter started to abuse me.
      It started when he caught me trying his cigarette and instead of being in trouble he said to take another drag and he grunted and then he took his wallet hac a line then pulled me down sofa and just pushed dress up and spread my legs and then got ontop of me and started forcing his cock in till he just blasted inand covered my mouth .

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    I agreewith jackyboy, tell us more about it. Make the story have details about what you were thinking what it felt like.

  • Reply jackyboy ID:2m816pxwhj

    you could say more

    • chance ID:1dnfaia9xpax

      I agree with you specially the cute ones nothing turns a man on as much as fucking a 9 to 11 yr old girl it is so exciting they are so sexy

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    Good girl! You recognise your place in the world and being raped is a great way to lose your virginity!

  • Reply Pregnant fetish ID:60a9y93a8

    Part two get pregnant