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The Dark Family Pt. 1

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This is going to be a darker series who keep it all in the family.

Grace had just lost her adopted father. The train blurred by the countryside. She could see nothing but black outside because it was night. She would arrive at her biological father’s house in twenty minutes. She had heard things. He didn’t like kids. He was older and more grumpy. Good She thought, I won’t have much to deal with. When the train stopped, a dark man got aboard. He came up to her. “Are you Graceland Delessio?” Grace raised a brow. “Maybe why?” He laughed and without hesitation looked into her eyes. “Pull up your dress.”

She wasn’t wearing panties. Her palms were sweaty. She wanted to hurry and part ways with him. He smirked. “Because you’re the one I’m supposed to do this to before we arrive at the mansion. Your father wanted me to prepare you.” He found her wearing no panties and got out the syringe with a clear medicine inside. He rubbed an alcohol pad on a place at her hip and thrust the needle in.

Immediately a warm fulfillment enters her. She grunted. He bit his lower lip. “The drug I gave you is a hormone shot designed for your female organs to make you a woman.” This made her worried. He laughed pulling out his 12 inch engorged cock. He rubbed it against her ten-year old pussy lips. He entered her, the strange veil of her virginity being severed.

She glanced at him. As the train moved onward in the darkness of night you could hear his balls smacking against her as ass his cock filled her tight cunt. Finally with a guttural moan, he released his warm seed deep into Her slick folds. He pulled out and she could feel his semen slick on her inner thighs. “You must play with your clit and orgasm as to not waste the semen. It must do its job.”

When they got to the train station and their departure point he exited following her. “I am Mr Bryan, your caretaker while your father isn’t around. Your father is in a business meeting tonight so he asked me to pick you up. You will have one shot a day in the morning to work your hormones up. Another one time a week. It will be to make you produce milk in your breasts.. you have a few chores. Desiree is your half sibling. She had a complicated birth with your other niece and half sister Angel. So you will breast feed your niece and half sister.”

She reached the mansion situated on a hill. Her father called her into his office. He was on a FaceTime call with his boss. He told his boss to excuse him. To Grace’s surprise he pulled out his 11 inch cock and stroked it in front of the screen. He motioned for her to join him and he bent her over. Her used a kleenex to wipe off semen off her legs. He entered her pussy and began to pound away until he was balls deep and cummed deep into her unprotected womb.

He gave her a strict diet and everyday the shots were administrated to her. She breast fed the little sister and soon she was heavy with her father’s child or either Mr. Bryan’s. Little did she know, this was just the beginning of her life. She was learning what women were made for.

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    good start…more

  • Reply G RJ ID:1dvsv1rus3k9

    Not very good,sorry

  • Reply Milkmytitties ID:1e8e26u55l85

    Needs to be longer

  • Reply Sajian ID:1d4nz4n5a44y

    Interesting story so far, but it needs to be longer

  • Reply The truth ID:vaknozgqzpd

    Don’t write anymore of this. It didn’t deserve to be a story. Forget a series. HORRIBLE