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Caught my uncle and little sister together

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I found out my uncle was having sex with my little sister, and now I can’t wait until next week, it will be my turn.

My parents go out every single Friday night and my uncle Trevor comes round to babysit, although, I’m 13 now so don’t think I need a babysitter, he’s mainly there to look after my 11 year old sister, Lisa.

Lisa and Trevor always had a close bond, she always gets him to play board games and stuff with her, I thought it was a bit weird but I didn’t really care to be honest, I spent most of my Friday nights in my room playing online tournaments on my console.

We live in a big house with 3 floors, my room is on the top floor because I like being the king of the castle, my parents is on the first and Lisa’s is on the second floor.

Last night I was in my room playing a tournament and I lost, big time, when I lose I like to keep watching the game and see how the other players do, but it normally lasts for hours so I decided to go downstairs and get supplies.

As I was heading back up the stairs after getting some snacks and drinks, I couldn’t help but notice how quiet it was, when I got to the second floor I listened out but didn’t hear anything, but then as I took a few steps heading up to my room, I heard voices coming from Lisa’s bedroom.

I came back down and listened at the door, which was left open about 2 inches, the light was on inside and I could just make out the bottom of her bed, the corner was kind of wobbling and bouncing, and I heard loads of heavy breathing, whispers, gasps and Lisa making occasional moans in that mousy little girly tone of hers.

I slowly pushed the door open with my foot, that’s when I saw what they were doing, both of them were naked, Trevor was sitting on the middle of her bed, Lisa was sitting on his lap with her arms and legs wrapped around him, she was clutching her teddy bear behind his back, she was lightly bouncing and rocking on his lap and I could clearly see Trevor’s cock going in and out of her as she bounced.

“Uncle Trevor?!?!” I asked in total shock and disbelief, dropping my snacks on the floor.

He turned his head and looked directly at me, first he looked surprised, then he grinned at me, “Oh, alright lad.” He replied.

Lisa looked at me and smiled, open mouthed, she unclasped her hands from around his back briefly just to wave at me, “Hiya.” She said, then she continued to rock on his cock, like she’d done it a hundred times before.

“What – What – Wha – What – What are you doing?!” I stuttered.

“Getting your sister settled for the night. Come on in, close the door.” He replied.

He got me to sit on the side of the bed and watch as he fucked my sister, I knew it was wrong what he was doing but she looked happy enough, he wasn’t forcing her to do it, at one point he put his hands around her back to hold her steady, then she unwrapped her arms and legs from around him, stretched her legs out like she was doing the splits and held on to her toes with her hands, “I’m a ballerina.” She giggled.

Trevor bounced her on his cock while she was in that position, I had the perfect view of her tiny pussy with his thick cock tightly wedged inside it, “Watch yourself.” He said, forcing me to stand up and move out of the way.
He laid her down on her back and got on top of her, she wrapped her arms and legs around him once again, and then he started to fuck her incredibly fast, his big hairy ass bouncing up and down rapidly as he drilled my little sister.

They were both moaning and groaning loudly, Lisa was the loudest, she sounded like she was being murdered at one point, then she squealed and Trevor groaned joyfully as his humping ground to a halt, “Cum time!” Lisa cheered pleasurably, he just came inside her.

He sat himself up and pulled his cock out of her small hole, which I could then see had been stretch very wide, he picked up her teddy bear which had fallen out of her hands during that last few seconds and handed it to her, she cuddled it, “Thanks, Uncle Trevor.” She said with a smile.

“You are most welcome, Princess.” He replied.

She curled her legs up and pushed them under the bed sheets, Trevor tucked her in and gave her a kiss, “Sweet dreams.” He said.

“Night.” She replied, then rolled over in to a comfy position and closed her eyes to go to sleep.

We left the room and he explained to me that he’d been doing this for months, and that if I promised not to tell on him, he’d convince Lisa to let me “Settle” her in next Friday night.

Seeing them fucking made me horny and even though she was my sister, I did wonder what it would be like to have sex, I’m a virgin, not afraid to say it, they looked like they were having so much fun, and I want to know what that feels like, so I agreed I wouldn’t tell.

I can’t wait until next week, I’ve already jerked myself off loads of times just thinking about it.

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  • Reply Johnny v ID:1dqow0raj40j

    That was good that you got to sit there and watch your sister take a nice big cock

  • Reply skimofkr ID:7xsdkem4

    lucky Uncle

  • Reply Terry glass lad ID:1da50xjdfpcp

    Loved the story , I ve had a similar experience Iam the dad of an 11 year old and last week I can home early from work , to find my prim and proper daughter naked and bouncing up and down on my brother in laws cock I stood in the doorway watching my daughter ride him , turns out he’d been inside her every Tuesday for nearly a year ,

  • Reply Cody ID:abugtoic

    Nice would been more fun if he didn’t go in and secretly watched the fun instead.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2oia

    I have always liked this story. reminds me of a friend that told me his sis always like to fuck and swallow before bed. She said it helped her sleep but I never got to tuck her in. hehehe!.
    Good story and simply love young sexual awakenings and freely giving it up. Sex is a natural part of human physiology as is nudity.
    Keep em cuming hehehe!

  • Reply Donald Nickell ID:h6r7br4nq

    Yes let your uncle kept fucking you to see who gets pregnant first and hope they are baby girls. Wickr me bigkitten5205

    • Negative ID:60aaribd3

      Dude your a numb skull he is fuck the sister and the unlce promised to let the brother fuck her proof read what you say before you speak so the correct term is yes let your unlce keep fuckinf her and see which one of you gets her pregnant first dumbass

    • Negative ID:60aaribd3

      I spelled uncle wrong oops

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      When I was between 10-11 me and a girl cousin used to live with my grandparents my youngest uncle was about 19 at The time and everyday he used to fuck the shit out of my cousin she was my age I later found out that they been fucking from she was 9 she became a dick addict and when my uncle left for uni it was my dick she then craved Had my first ejaculation at 10+ didn’t even know what masturbation was yet but there I was creampieing pussy 🥰😂😆

  • Reply Emma ID:1eilcetd1

    Fuck! If it’s real, you are so fucking lucky. If it’s a story, it’s awesome! I would have loved an uncle like yours!

    • yourweird.com ID:fx7i94oij

      it’s not real LMAOOO 💀 it’s fanfictionnnnn

  • Reply Lolz4gags ID:bo2qeos44

    You should add to pictures to the end of your next stories, from when you have sex with your little sis

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    I cannot wait to read more

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    So hot reminds me of the time I caught my little sister getting her tiny 4 year old toddler pussy fucked by our 30 year old uncle

    • Horni 14 yr old ID:9cfk6y41

      Oh! I wanna hear the story!

    • Andy swift ID:bo1u8y0qi

      I’d love to hear about that please my email [email protected]

    • Big ed ID:11awnw3im9k

      Did the uncle get his cock all the way in

    • Jade ID:2vn9ytem3

      Hope you joined in

    • Daddy’s girl ID:1fr5gtbzm

      I would love to hear more about your uncle and little sister Story lover.

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      Please tell that story

    • Hippie ID:1e0rhnrr5ke2

      Mmmm I seen pictures like that

    • That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

      @hippie I would love to see those type of pictures

  • Reply realNstDad32 ID:vuf1mr8i

    very turned on from this story and would love to hear more, too bad there isnt pix or videos to show, god what i wouldnt give to break in a little girl like that….

    • Bkner ID:iz07s8k

      I walked in on my uncle and my 10 Yr old sister, she was face down on the bed with her leggings and knickers round her ankles, he’s elbows held her legs open his hands were spreading her bum cheeks so wide.
      I saw her red hole, it was really wet.

      They both looked worried at first, my sister also called Lisa shouted fuck off out, I smirked feeling excited
      uncle Allan said keeping a secret like this is easy.

      He told us we both had to do something really nasty something that was so bad we’d never be able to tell anyone else on the world.

      Yeah OK I said, Lisa didn’t seem as keen as me.
      He made me lick her bum hole I had to do it for ages
      He said Lisa loves that more than anything
      Don’t you young lady?
      She moaned as I licked,

      He made her do jt to me, she didn’t want to, but he said if she did, we would all be even and nobody could tell on anybody else

    • Aran ID:99uwotzm

      Bkner I had sex with my niece when she was 11 now 16 she lives with me we are a secret couple she’s my everything