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Neighborhood Creep: Cravings

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Two teen girls crave for neighborhood creeps cock.

Samantha was upstairs in her bedroom, it had been almost two weeks since she had that threesome with the creep and her friend. Unfortunately for her, her parents didn’t have any invites last weekend and this weekend. This’s what led her to her room where she lay down on her bed in her underwear and began to masturbate. Her left hand cupped her left breast, and her right hand rubbed her pussy through her white panties creating a wet spot on them. A few blocks down, Samantha’s friend Candice was doing the exact same thing only she was completely naked, she was fingering her pussy with her middle finger whenever it got wet, she took it out and sucked on it enjoying the taste of her own cum. She was in desperate need of the man’s dick thinking about how it would feel if the creep came inside her.

At the end of the neighborhood where the creep lived, he was doing the exact opposite of what the two sixteen-year-old girls were doing, he had decided to abstain from fapping. Saving up his sperm in the event he got to fuck those two vixens again. Unfortunately, when he checked with Samantha, she had informed him that her parents had no invites for the next two weeks. He thought about inviting the two girls over to his place this weekend, but he had to be careful about it, he didn’t want to end up getting caught by the police. Throughout the next two weeks the man was planning the best way to get the girls to come over along with a cover up story should someone report him. The story he came up with was that the two girls were there to help with some yard and housework since he didn’t look after his yard or the house, it was in an utter pigsty.

Samantha sat down on her bed, she changed out of the panties she was wearing and put on the white one she was masturbating in for the past week. She was about to start her session when she heard a message ping from her cellphone. She grabbed it and looked at her recent message it was from the creep.

Creep: How would you and your friend like to come over to my place for a change today?

Samantha: I’m not sure what if someone sees us?

Creep: Don’t worry about that I got a cover up story for why you two are their

Samantha: OK let me check with my friend if she’s fine with it

Creep: Good girl

Samantha scrolled through her contacts until she found her friend’s number.

Samantha: Hi the creep wants to know if you’re OK with meeting up at his place

Candice: Definitely I couldn’t get his dick out of my mind for the last 2 weeks

Samanth: LOL see you then

Candice: You can stop by my place first then we can go to his place from there

Samantha: Sure

Samantha put down her phone and got ready to head over to meet up with Candice so they could go to the creep’s place together. Candice was excited, she got dressed, she changed into a black mini-skirt and wore a see-through top which showed off her black bra.

“Mom I’m meeting up with Samantha.”

“Ok dear just be home before it gets dark.” Candice’s Mom replied from the kitchen.

Candice stood outside her house for a few minutes waiting for her friend, she saw her arrive. Samantha was wearing a tight white top and black shorts with black heels, it was evident that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her hardened nipples were pushing out against her top. Her black shorts were so tight that it created a camel toe. The two girls greeted each other, the two of them started to discuss how they would go about their day.

“Should we go to his house now?” Asked Samantha

Candice smiled. “As tempting as it is we should head to the mall first.”

“For what?”

“To get some sexy bikinis of course.”

Samantha blinked then smiled mischievously. “Got a plan in mind?”

Candice smirked “A fashion show.”

The two girls giggled and headed off to the mall, as soon as they entered the mall the guy’s looked at them with lust filled eyes while the woman gave them shrewd looks at their current choices of clothing. The two girls ignored them and went straight to the clothes store, they selected several bikinis. Once the girls were done, they left the shop after paying for the items, one of the clothing items they bought was a large hoody and large sweatpants, they put them on in the girls bathroom. Leaving the mall the girls ordered a cab from an app to take them to the creep’s house. Everyone in the neighborhood knew where the creep lived, the parents used to warn the children to not go to the end of the neighborhood alone unless you want the creep to get you but in this case the girls wanted the creep to get them.

The driver started up some small talk. “So, you two are going to the end of the neighborhood?”

The two girls nodded, the driver carried on talking. “Well best be careful, there some unsavory types there that can take advantage of you two.”

The two girls glanced at each other but kept quiet, upon reaching their destination, they got out of the cab with their shopping bags in hand after tipping the driver.

“Put your hoody up.” Reminded Candice


Samantha pulled her hoody over the back of her head, this way no one would guess who they were. The two girls reached the creep’s house, the house itself looked normal it was only the front yard that was poorly kept, the height of the grass reached the girl’s thigh’s the middle was paved so the two of them walked forwards, stopping when they reached the door. Candice lifted her fist and knocked three times. The two girls heard the unlocking of the door as it opened revealing the bald headed man who smiled as he saw his two vixens standing in front of him.

“Hello girls.” The man greeted them.

The two girls giggled at the man then greeted him back.

“Can we come in?” Asked Samantha

“Of Course.” The man answered.

He moved to the side extending his left hand welcoming them into his house. The girls stepped in scrunching their faces at the smell and at the sight of the mess the living room was in, the man’s clothes were strewn everywhere, as the girls walked further into the house, they could see that the kitchen sink had a lot of dirty dishes in it.

“This place is so dirty.” Said Samantha “Do you even bother to clean it?”

“When I have the time.” The man locked the door behind him. “Now what’s with the lack of skin?”

The man raked his eyes over the girl’s large hoody and sweatpants.

“No one would recognize us in this.” Replied Candice. “Also is there somewhere we can change?”

The man gestured to the living room. “You can change right here.”

Samantha lifted the shopping bags she was carrying. “It’s a surprise.”

The man thought for a moment. “You can leave those for later, right now I want to see you cleaning this place with the underwear you have on now.”

The girl’s put down their shopping bags, Candice set about removing her clothes while Samantha did the same. Once the two of them finished undressing, the man licked his lips. Candice wore a black bra with a black thong while Samantha only had white panties on, her breasts visible for the man to see. The creep’s lips moistened at the two sixteen-year-old girls standing in his living room in their underwear.

The man took a deep breath calming his excited nerves. “Well, what are the two of you waiting around for start cleaning.”

The girls gave the man a salute and got to cleaning up the living room, the two of them folded the clothes and kept them in a neat pile on one of the couches. The man also undressed to his underwear or in his case boxers a tent already formed in them. He sat on a nearby couch that didn’t have many clothes on it, he watched the girls clean the living room whenever one of them got close enough to him while cleaning he gave them a motivational spank on their ass.

“I’ll finish up cleaning here.” Candice turned to her friend. “Can you wash the dishes in the sink?”

Samantha nodded, she walked over to the sink in the kitchen, observing this the man followed Samantha to the kitchen, he stood behind her as she started to wash the dirty dishes. The creep couldn’t help himself he leaned backwards a bit so that his boner could grind against Samantha’s ass, Samantha glanced at the man.

“Don’t mind me love.” The man rubbed his hands over Samantha’s exposed skin. “You keep doing what you’re doing.”

As Samantha kept washing the dishes the man kept groping her, she felt her clit get wet from his touch alone. Whenever his hands moved upwards towards her breast, he squeezed them together and pulled at her nipples making her let out a gasp each time. He slid his right hand downwards across her belly towards her panties, he slipped two fingers into her underwear, they entered her pussy.

“Wow you’re soaked.” The man continued to finger Samantha’s vagina. “Any reason you decided not to wear a bra today.”

“Just decide not to.” Samantha breathed heavily. “Also, this underwear that I’m wearing now is the one I had masturbated in for the whole week.”

The man pulled his two fingers from Samantha’s pussy, tasting both. “Dirty girl.”

While this was going down, Candice had finished folding the clothes in the living room, she sat on a couch that was in view of the kitchen, she masturbated at the sight of her best friend getting felt up by a creepy older man. Samantha placed the last dish on the dish rack, she was letting out soft moans as the man fondled her breasts.

“Now that you put all the dishes on the rack love.” The man said. “Turn around so that I can see your rack.”

Samantha giggled at the cheesy line the man used but turned around anyway, the man admired the tits he was not able to see the last two weeks.

‘I want to suck on them so bad.’ He thought ‘But first.’

The man leaned down and kissed Samantha on the lips, Samantha willingly opened her mouth giving the man access to explore it with his tongue. Samantha wrapped her hands around the back of the man’s neck, she jumped onto his body wrapping her legs around his waist. The creep supported her by holding her ass. Meanwhile Candice continued to rub her pussy more aggressively, she felt herself coming close to an orgasm, she stopped masturbating, shaking her head, she got up from the couch and walked over to where the creep and her friend were.

“Sorry to interrupt.”

Candice saw the man and her friend break the kiss, she placed her hands on her hips.

“We still got a fashion show to do.” Candice reminded her friend.

Samantha got down from the man, the man gave an apologetic look to Candice.

“Sorry if I made you feel left out Candy, got lost in the moment for a bit.”

“It’s fine.” Candice waved it off. “Is there anywhere we can change here.”

“You can change in the kitchen.” The man offered. “I can sit on one the couches that doesn’t have a view of the kitchen.”

The two girls nodded, Candice went to get the shopping bags then went into the kitchen and Samantha followed her, the man was about to go and sit down on the couch when Samantha’s white panties flew his way onto the ground, he picked it up and sniffed it taking in her sent. The girls put on a pair of matching purple slingshot bikinis. Candice walked out first, she saw the man already had his dick out with Samantha’s white panties on top of it, she walked back and forth from the kitchen to the living room, imagining that she was on a catwalk. She even teased the man a little bit by moving the straps to the side showing her boobs. Samantha went next, she teased the man by taking of her white panties from his cock. She moved the bottom part of the slingshot showing her vagina to him, she gave the man a short lap dance, she even placed the tip of his cock into her pussy, she took it out and headed back to the kitchen leaving the creep yearning for more.

The next swimwear the girls tried on was a dark blue micro bikini, they both went out this time, they displayed their curves in front of the man who was jerking off to them in the couch. The two girls stood side by side, they turned around showing their barely covered asses to the creep, they bent down twerking their asses as they did so, they turned their heads towards one another giving each other a small peck on the lips. The man felt himself ready to burst as the two girls did that but refrained from it as he still needed to fuck them.

The final piece of swimwear that the girls changed into was a see through one-piece white swimsuit which left nothing to the imagination as their whole body was on display for the man. The creep couldn’t handle it anymore he got up from the couch his erect cock wanting to get inside the two teen pussies in front of him.

“Girls remove those swimsuits and head upstairs to my bedroom, first room on the right.” He turned towards Candice. “Before you go up, I need that black thong you were wearing.”

Candice went back into the kitchen and got her thong handing it to the man, the two girls went upstairs to the man’s bedroom. The man followed suit after he picked up Samantha’s white panties. The man entered his bedroom and saw the two naked teens on his bed smiling at him. The man dropped the thong along with the panties, he quickly moved in and began sucking on Candice’s nipples. Candice moaned as the creep’s hands moved up and started groping her chest.

“Oh!” Candice gasped, as she felt Samantha’s face go between her cheeks as her tongue found her pussy lips. Candice squirmed as she found herself stuck between her best friends and the creep. She found her body becoming increasingly hot as she felt both of their tongues on her body. Candice found her nipples responded to the creep’s playful licks by getting hard.

“I love your tits but I don’t want to waste all my time on them.” The creep told them. “Candy I want you on your back with your ass up, facing Samantha.”

Candice did as instructed, meanwhile, Samantha had spread her legs and sat right in front of Candice. Candice looked up at Samantha, who was biting her lower lip. Candice could see how wet Samantha was and knew what she wanted. She moved forward and stuck her tongue out, beginning to lick Samantha’s pussy as she felt the creep’s hands on her butt.

The man began by slapping his cock against Candice’s pussy, her juices already leaking out onto his cock. Candice felt his cock at her entrance, she could feel the heat rising between her legs.

“Tell me how much you want it.” The creep commanded, pulling Candice’s hair and lifting her head up. “I want to hear you beg for my dick.”

“Please give me your dick.” Candice begged.

Smack! Candice’s fat ass sounded, as the man slapped down hard on her ass.

“You can do better than that!” The man growled

“Please…” Candice began to reply, her ass stinging from the creep’s slap.

“Oh! Please fuck me!” Candice finally released her inhibition. “Please fuck me with your… huh!” She gasped as the man shoved his thick cock all the way into her stretching her pussy.

Candice’s eyes started to tear up from the rough treatment, as she felt the man’s cock in her again and his body slamming against her own.

“Hey, don’t cry.” Samantha leaned forward and comforted Maddy. She cupped Maddy’s face as the creep released her hair. “Just enjoy yourself. I know you like it, just like I enjoy it as well.” Samantha told her before leaning forward and capturing her lips in a kiss.

The 2 teens began to make out as the man pounded into Candice. As Samantha kissed her, Candice could feel herself relaxing. She let go a bit, allowing herself to enjoy the rough sex. The man moved his hands down Candice’s sexy body until his hands reached her waist. He gripped her waist as he plowed into her, the loud smacking sound of their copulation reverberated through the room. He watched the 2 girls make out as he fucked Candice. He felt like the luckiest man alive.

The man had hoped for so long to be here in his bed with these 2 teen beauties. He always imagined it being right here with them. And now that he has them right where he had dreamed of, he has to say that they did not disappoint. Their pussies are both perfectly tight and wet after two weeks of not having his cock, perfect for fucking. He only wished this could go on forever.

“Mmmm!!!” Candice squealed into Samantha’s mouth, as Samantha took hold and began to pinch Candice’s nipples.

As her tongue swirled with Samantha’s, Candice had almost forgot who was fucking her. She focused on the sensations, Samantha’s gentle lips and strong tongue, the taste of her best friend’s saliva, Samantha’s dainty fingers touching her breasts, and the creeps dick inside her. Her head was spinning from all these sensations.

Samantha eventually broke the kiss, leaving a string of saliva between their mouths. Candice extended her tongue and licked up the saliva, enjoying the taste of her best friend. They looked longingly into each other’s eyes.

Samantha bit her lip as she slowly guided Candice’s head back down to her pussy. Candice obliged, she enjoyed tasting Samantha.

Samantha took in the erotic scene before her as Candice licked her slit. She gently stroked her head as her tongue dove deeper into her pussy. She could see the creep and her friend’s bodies jiggling as the man pounded into her best friend. The slapping sound of their bodies together was like music to her ears.

“Eeeee!” Samantha let out a squeal as Candice found her clitoris with her tongue and pressed down on it.

Hearing her friend moan and groan only increased Candice’s willingness. She could feel her inhibition melting away and her body was going to cum soon. It couldn’t be helped but she focused on getting Samantha to cum on her instead. Candice’s tongue did little circles all around her friend’s clit, her juices flowing out onto her face.

The creep just smiled as he felt Candice’s pussy on the verge of cumming. He gripped her waist tightly and watched as she licked Samantha’s pussy well as he gave her ass a strong slap.
“Oh… YES!” Samantha screamed as she came and squirted on Candice’s face. Candice opened her mouth and drank up her friend’s cum.

The eroticism of the moment was too much as Candice began to cum just as Samantha started coming down.

“Mmmm!” Candice moaned as her pussy clenched up around the creeps dick. She could feel her body withering and shaking as a wave of pleasure washed over her.
The man stopped thrusting, holding his cock inside of Candice as her 16-year-old pussy squeezed down around him. he wiped his sweat brow as Candice’s pussy finally loosed its grip and he slowly pulled out. There was still much fun to be had. he leaned down and gave Candice’s ass cheeks a couple of kisses.

“How I want to cum inside the both of you.” The man said.

“Nothings stopping you from doing that.” Samantha replied.

“The two of you could get pregnant.”

“There birth control pills for that.” Candice let out a pant.

“Well, if that’s the case.”

The man put his dick back into Candice’s pussy and carried on thrusting, he felt his sperm release inside of her, Candice felt another wave of pleasure as the man came inside her. Her body collapsed onto the bed completely exhausted from the fuck session.

The man then gestured for Samantha to come forward, she moved toward him from her side of the bed. The man leaned forward and slipped his tongue into Samantha’s mouth, she could taste the fast food and cheap beer on his breath from before Yet, despite those disgusting sensations, she could feel her pussy getting wetter. The man broke the kiss and immediately went down to Samantha’s pussy lips.

“Oh!” Samantha yelped as she suddenly felt the creep’s tongue on her pussy lips.
Samantha felt his masculine tongue dive into her, it made her moan and writhe in delight. She could feel her wetness only increasing as the creep began to fuck her with his tongue. In and out it went as the man tasted the 16-year-old’s juices.

“Eeeee!” She squealed as the creep’s tongue pushed upwards and seemingly found her G-spot.
Hearing her squeal in delight, the man began to hit that repeatedly. He would move his tongue around the spot, teasing Samantha until he gave in to his urges and pushed up on the spot again.

Samantha would groan every time he hit the spot, a warm feeling emanating from there. She enjoyed the feeling of the creep’s tongue on her. She could feel another orgasm coming and was powerless to stop it. With one last flick of her G-spot, Samantha’s whole body convulsed.

“Oh… I’M CUMMING!” She screamed out as she squirted on the man’s face.

The man smiled at Samantha’s sudden fountain gushing in his face. He wiped his face off as he stood up his cock erect again, Samantha breathed heavily as she recovered from her second orgasm. Samantha was so turned on, she had never felt this hot in her life. She had never wanted anything more than for this man to fuck her in that moment. She needed him and the more he teased her the more she needed it.

“You want this dick?” The man asked.

“Yes, give it to me!” Samantha replied.

“Beg for it, like your friend did.” The creep demanded.

“Please stop teasing me and fuck me like the slut that I am!” Samantha screamed.

He lined his cock up with her pussy and slid his way in. Samantha was so wet, there was barely any friction. His cock was quickly coated in her juices, the man held himself inside her for a second to enjoy the 16-year-old’s pussy wrapped around his cock.

“Mmmhhmmm!” Samantha cooed as the man began to thrust. Fueled by lust the man began to fuck Samantha’s brains out. He didn’t hold back pounding into the teen with wild intentions.

Samantha took the pounding like a pro. She moaned and groaned as her pussy enjoyed the pounding. “Yes! Pound my pussy!” She screamed. The man smirked. He reached down and grabbed Samantha’s fat ass, messaging it as he fucked her in her pussy.

“Oh! Stick a finger in my ass!” Samantha demanded.

The man obliged, spreading her cheeks and sticking his right index and middle finger in her butt. Samantha involuntarily arched her back, the feeling of being double stuffed sending an electric shock through her body. She got goosebumps as she approached an orgasm, her body enjoying the anal fingering. The man to was approaching an orgasm.

“Tell me how badly you want me to cum inside you!” The man told her.

“Yes! Fuck! Cum inside I’m your slut!” Samantha cried out, her body on fire, her mind blank from lust.

“Here I cum!!!” He yelled.

The man came inside Samantha, he could see the teen girls face go into a state of bliss before she collapsed on top of him. The man moved Samantha off him, he too was spent, he checked the clock on the wall, the time displayed 4:00 pm, he looked at the two naked teen girls who were asleep on his bed.

“One hour nap would do the trick.” The man said to himself.

The two girls groggily got up, they could still feel the creep’s sperm inside their pussies.

“That was incredible.” Said Candice.

“It was.” Agreed Samantha

“Well I’m glad the two of you enjoyed it.”

The girls turned their heads to see the man by the doorway, he was holding a black marker pen in his right hand.

“There’s one more thing I want to do, turn around please.”

The two girls did that showing their naked bodies to the neighborhood creep, the man approached them, he wrote the words.


On their vagina’s, he smiled at his handiwork, the girls did to. The girls got dressed, Samantha and Candice informed the man he could keep the black thong and white panties for himself. The two girls then left the house, the creep observed them from the window, he saw the two girls turn around. Candice lifted up her skirt while Samantha pulled down her shorts both of them displaying who they belonged to, the creep grinned at the sight of that showing of his crooked teeth.

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