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Five shades of Nike – Chapter 17

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Part 17 of stories told about a group of typical UK estate chav’s and their lives. See part 1 for any full intro

A first and a last
Things have been much better since my mum has a new partner and our step dad is not too bad, though he works a lot, but when he is free, he does spend time with us, and even the tensions between him and Steve have improved. He has also got better in that there is far much less favouritism between me, Steve, my sister and my stepbrother Darren. Darren is a little weirded out by my sister and I once caught him playing a little more attention to her than aught to be right for someone in the family, and I reminded him that my sister is a no-go zone. I think it was more a mix of hormones and curiosity, which my sister did not help by at first teasing and almost flirting with him, so I had to put a stop to that too. My brother Steve still had his girlfriend, and my dad did relent a few times about having her over when they were in the house, but there was to be no ‘noise’, because of a houseful of younger children, as my dad described it. He would often go over to stay at his girlfriends, where the family there were not so traditional, though I cannot image they wanted to hear the sex either. I think the fact that it was difficult for Steve to get together with his girlfriend was one of the reasons he played the field. He could get it easily round other girl’s houses, when either their parents or boyfriends were not there, or worst ways in a park or a quiet spot. Rarely would he pay for a hotel, though sometimes the girls did. My step dad was a printer by trade, he opened a successful company and one evening he came home and seemed in a particularly good mood. He said that his company had won an award and that they would be presented it at some fancy gala dinner. Mum was to go buy a new dress and shoes for the event, and in fact he took us shopping and we all got bought something, mostly from a sports shop.

The award was Friday night, and so they would travel there on Friday morning, stay the weekend and be back Monday morning. My step dad was not too keen on leaving Steve in charge, but mum said that he had done it before OK, I was also there and that if he was that worried, she would get her sister to come over and check up on them. Steve said things would be fine, and my step dad said he did not want Steve’s girlfriend Sam visiting while he wasn’t there. In the end he said sure, but the downside was he would have to remain there to look after us. My sister was next to cause an issue. She wanted to go away for the weekend and stay with one of her friends, who since moving to a nicer part of town she saw less often. At first, he said no, but in the end, mum persuaded him to agree, and he would drop her off and collect her from the friends. I suggested the same, and said that Darren could come along too, but my step-dad did not want Steve left on his own.

So, Friday morning, they left, and Steve was left with just us two. We had gone off for a morning ride on our bikes, and we saw Rachel and her youngest sister Poppy as we were out and about. Darren was surprised that I knew Rachel, seemingly so well, but Poppy I only new a little bit, she was 14. We didn’t chat for long though, and I had explained that we were alone with Steve. Rachel said, she might see us later then, and with that we headed back home. I made some lunch for all of us, and then Steve’s phone had rung, and he went into the garden to talk. He came back about 20 minutes later and said, so you both met up with Rachel then? Yea, that’s right, we told her what’s happening at the moment. Steve said, I need a favour from both of you. Well, to be in debt to Steve was always a good place to be, and Darren said sure, he was trying to make a good impression to Steve, so he said Rachel wants to come round, watch some TV and then stay the night, but of course you can’t tell dad or there will loads of crap to deal with. Darren looked like it was more than he would accept, but before he could caution this, I said sure, after all Darren and I are good at keeping secrets and looked over at him. I think he twigged I meant about the porn videos, and so as I had him cornered on that he agreed. I did remind him she needed to be out of there by early Monday if she was staying over the whole time. In return, Steve was to lend us one of his porn films. I think he was a little a taken back by the terms, firstly that we knew about them and secondly remembering neither of us were children any-more, even Darren who is 7 months younger than me. So, with the deal done, that evening Rachel comes over, and actually it is a bonus, as she brings us KFC and then we all sit around and watch a film, but not a porn one, though there is a bit if a sex scene in it, and I can see Rachel’s hand reach over and tease Steve’s cock. It is getting late and normally we would be supposed to be in bed, but no parents around, however Steve declared he was ready for bed, he handed me a blank covered box, which had our ‘request’ in, and we all went upstairs. Darren said, come in my room tonight, we can watch some porn before bed, and you can sleep in my bed too, nothing gay or anything, just brothers. I agreed and we went into his room. We messed about a bit on the bed, play wrestling, but then we inserted the tape and pressed play and the film started. It was about young innocent girl, one day after going back home from church she starts to think she should meet some boys and feel loved, she share her thoughts with her friend who she advise her to go to the pool and meet some men there, when the girl takes her shower she finds her friend already with few men so she joins her and both young girls end up having a Gangbang. It was a good film, but then we can also hear some additional noise. We stop the tape and at first, we listen in silence, then whisper about what is going on, and then we creep out onto the landing and listen against Steve’s door, to the goings on. It was both hot, and also in some ways a bit funny, but mostly hot. I think we all tented our shorts, and then dashed back to watch the porn, stopping when Steve and Rachel’s first climax hit. We did wank our cocks, we had become comfortable in doing that with each other. Steve’s room had gone quiet and then I heard the shower going, and then after a few minutes it stopped. The video was playing away, both of us were getting close to cumming, we had been edging ourselves for 2 hours. The bedroom door suddenly opens, and Rachel is standing there with towels wrapped around her. Oh, you two, what have you been up to then, I heard all the sex noises in the hallway. We had scrambled to grab the covers over us and to switch off the tape. Well, she said, Paul I am surprised at you, at which I turned red, and then she teased more, and to bring Darren into your porn watching too. I did not know what to say, she laughed and said, you should know me by now, it doesn’t bother me, and I am glad you are having fun, I have had mine tonight and she laughed again. She sat on the edge of the bed and said, so then show me what you are watching, and Darren, who is still not sure if he is in trouble, switches it on.
The scene continues with the girl now being fucked by 2 men. She is moaning and they are taking turns in fucking her, while one guy stands by either wanking or being sucked. Oh, she says, you like that do you Paul, I am sure you have had experience of that. Again, I go red, thinking of what had gone on with her and my brother. She says, and what about you Darren, do you like this? Darren blushes and nods and she says, and have you experienced this, and Darren just freezes, and I said, well no he is a virgin. And Darren turns to me and jabs me with his hand, and then tries to say he isn’t. I laugh and say its OK Darren, Rachel will not think less of you. No, she says not at all, let me look at your cock, and she gets up and pulls the bed cover back. Darren has a nice sized cock, not quite as big as mine and neither of us are as big as my brothers, though I have seen few if any that are as big as his
Oh, she says what a nice cock and grabs it and starts to wank it, I find it half funny and half horny and a bit jealous that he is getting the attention. Well, she says, I think I need to feel that in me I am sure you have seen enough videos to know what to do, and then she says get off the bed and stand up. He complies as in that it is almost an instruction he must follow, and she suddenly takes his cock into her mouth and starts to suck it. He moans loudly and he feels her warm mouth around his cock. She removes her mouth from his cock and says, was that nice Darren and he nods and says yes, she then turns to me and says and why aren’t you stroking your cock? I pull the covers back and start to wank. She climbs onto the space on the bed and says to Darren, ok, so come and put your face against my pussy, I am going to need to be woken up down there. He does as he is told, and she says, so suck around my pussy like you are eating a juicy peach. I have to say that Darren turned out to be really good at oral, and Rachel’s instructions meant he must have got her near to an orgasm if he didn’t push her over the edge. She then says, OK come up here and place yourself on top of me and I am going to grab your cock and try and guide you in. You need to hold still once you get inside until you can stop yourself cumming OK? He nods and gets into position; her hand goes down to his cock and I can just about see her feeding his cock into her cunt. Mmm she says as she instructs him to push, and then slide out and then push again, and then she tells him to hold still. It is like a sex instruction class. After a few minutes, she says, are you OK, and he says yeaa, and she says so start to slide it in and out for a bit, slowly for as long as you feel you want to and then you can speed up, but remember when you do, you will likely cum, but you can cum inside me, as I am on the pill, and I am sure you are safe. He starts to pump slowly for a few minutes in the missionary position, and then he starts to speed up. His arse is now pumping and then for a final fast number of pumps, I hear him grown and his arse cheeks clench and he is pumping his cum into her. He then collapses on top of her and enjoys the afterglow of the fuck. I have to stop myself from cumming at that point from the live sex show. That was wonderful, she says, you’re not a virgin any more. I am so glad your first time was with me, and I hope you enjoyed it too. Darren said yes, and for the first time, there is a small amount of kissing. He climbs off her and turns to me and says, so come on then Paul it’s your turn get on with it. I climb over on the bed and Darren walks around the bed and lays where I have been laying. I need no instruction, or am I worried about a cum soaked pussy, and I slide in and start to pump. She seems to be enjoying it more than with Darren and there is more noise, but I know I am not going to last too long as I am so horned up. Before long, I can feel my balls tingling and my cock throbbing so much inside her wonderful pussy, most likely the nicest I will ever be in. It just grips and pumps you all in the right places, like one of those electric sex toys. I warn her I am cumming and she says, that’s it, come in my you hot man, and that does it and I blast away at her cunt, pumping into her, adding more to what is in there. After enough time to recover, I climb off her and then we are all sat on the bed and end up talking about sex but also other things. As well as an amazing body, she is also very kind but also very clever and knows many things. I think she must like my brother for his cock, rather than his intellect. At least she has worked out I am the brainy one of the family, though we now have Darren who has had the advantage of a private education. She says I need to go and have another shower and wash all your stuff out of me, and Steve will be wondering where I am and likely will want to fuck me again. If I had not told him I was going for a shower I would have made him fuck me in your cum. I was amazed at that statement, but she was a bit of a wild person and I have heard stories of her having group sex with several men, including with Matt and 4 other guys, and possibly Steve and 2 guys, but I have so far never gotten the full details. The next evening, she says, to us that they are off to bed, and not to stay up too late, and heads up the stairs we follow about 20 minutes after, and as we get to our door, we can see that Steve’s bedroom door is slightly open and that they are obviously having sex. I whisper to Darren, lets take a look, and we creep to look through the open door. Steve is on top of her pumping away into her pussy. We stay and watch the live show, and then she gets him to get off her and then he lays on his back and she quickly slides back on to his big cock and starts riding it. We can now see the large cock clearly as she slides up and down on it, and at one point she looks straight at us and smiles, and then voices to us to wank. We are both hard and indeed we do start to want as Steve’s thrusts speed up, and he is now really pumping into her. I hear him moan and then she is now shuddering and moaning wildly too, and then with a loud roar, we see his cock start to stab at her entrance, as it is obvious he is cumming into her, and it makes us both cum too, I am trying to catch the cum in my hand, but blast most of it into my underwear, as does Darren. We quickly head back to our room.

Later we can hear them fucking again, and that weekend, she must have fucked Steve several times, and she visited us once, more, this time sucking us off each in turn, telling us how hot it was that we watched her having sex, so she must have seen us, and Steve hinted that Rachel had told him that he has an audience and he wasn’t bothered in the slightest. It was the last time we had any sort of sex with her, but we did meet her a few times and I still see her to this day from time to time as a friend.
She did leave before my parents and my sister got back, and they never suspected a thing and both me and my brother reported nothing as happening. One day, my brother comes into my room and tells me he’d met Rachel and Poppy and then later had seen Poppy again on her own and they had gone to the park and in the end started to kiss and she rubbed his cock through his shorts. He had managed to secure a girlfriend before me it seemed, and he found excuses to meet her in the park when he could. I knew they had not had full sex, but I was told that he pushed his finger inside her pussy, and she had sucked his cock for maybe 10 seconds before they thought someone was coming.

The next time we got to be left alone, was the start of summer camp in the scouts, and my sister was the first to be taken there, and the following day Darren and I would go. So, my parents again left with her but this time, my brother wanted to escape out to see Sue, his girlfriend, though he had been told not too, we were not going to stop him or tell on him. So, we were all alone and then Darren wanted to go out, but said he would not be long, and indeed 10 minutes later, he was back with Poppy. They sat on the sofa as I sat on a chair, and we talked and then she giggled a bit and then Darren kissed her. He then gave a signal by moving his head to go into the kitchen. I got up and then he followed. He said that he wanted to take her into his room and have some fun with her, and did I mind? Of course not, she has recently turned 15, so there is always the legal question, but he is the same age, so I guess it is good. Just need to keep an eye on my brother coming back or our parents, so I would keep a watch from my bedroom window, which looked down onto the driveway. With that, they must have headed upstairs by the time I left the kitchen, and I also went upstairs to my room to look out of the window. After about 20 minutes, Darren comes in and says he needs a rubber. I go over to my draw and give him a rubber and some lube, and he leaves the room and a minute later, he is back saying about putting it on. I said that he’s got to make sure its on the right side, and he drops his pants and before he can say anything I grab it and slide it on. I don’t suppose he was expecting me to do that by the looks of it, but I at least could have a bit of fun. He goes back into his bedroom, and he is soon having sex with her, I did say that if he cum’s too quickly to start again with another rubber and had given him 2 further condoms. I am bored and go and watch some TV, I don’t hear the front door and Steve suddenly appears at my front door. He looks at me and says hello, and he then goes to open Darren’s door, and I say he’s got a girl in there and then when we both go near to his door, we can hear the sex. What a lad he says, but did he wear a rubber? I said yea, and he wants to know who it is, and I tell him Poppy. He comes into my room, and we start to chat, and then the door opens about 10 minutes later and Darren comes in holding 2 knotted condoms and asks where he should put them, but then suddenly sees my brother and goes a bit red. Steve laughs and says, here I will get rid of them, just check them in Paul’s bin, and I will take it downstairs and put them in the bin there, we don’t want them to block the loo. He then says, well done lad you’ve now popped your cherry.

Darren manages to find some alone time with Poppy a few times, I think they both skip classes with excuses for Doctors or Dentists and with a fake note, which I do not know who they got to write, but they go to the house when my mum is with my dad at his work, as she works there now part time doing paperwork stuff and my sister and me are at school, and Steve out looking for jobs, though I think they went at it one time when Steve was there too. They cannot do it too often so other times they find other places to meet, including Rachel’s flat, when they know she is not there, and it is lucky Poppy has a key.
Steve has not seen Rachel, Sue or any other girl for a few days, and although it is nice to have some peace and chill out, he is bored and has already been in the back garden for a bit smoking some weed. This always mellows him, but often makes him horny, so he decides to go watch some porn and goes and gets a tape. He goes into the back room, slides the tape in a plays it. He is enjoying watching some porn when the doorbell goes. He pulls up his shorts and goes to the front door and opens it. It is Poppy and she says that she was supposed to meet Darren but he s not turned up, so Steve says come in, and you can wait here. She can see his tented shorts, and she wonders how big his cock is. She has come over because she is feeling horny and wants some fun with Darren. They go back into the back room and sit next to each other on the sofa, and she says, you don’t mind me meeting Darren do you, and you know… and then looks shy and he says no I am cool with it, just don’t get caught and laughs, he is a little stoned. She can see the TV is on and the video player is showing a JVC symbol bouncing around the screen. She asks what he is watching, and he says porn, so a bit too adult for you babe, and he laughs. She says, she’s seen that stuff before, and she wants to see it.
He presses play and it is half way through a scene of sex and she says, oh the man has a big cock, and Steve jokes, yea he has but I do not get any complaints, teasing her and then grabbing his semi cock which is hardening and then moves it around within his shorts. Oh yes I can see it is such a big one, I am glad my boyfriend isn’t that big, and Steve says, I am sure it would fit and smirks. She says that the porn film is making her even more horny, and Steve says I know tell me about it, and I can’t wank with you here. She reaches over and suddenly grabs his cock and says, well don’t let me stop you. Steve thinks for a few seconds, even him who has few inhibitions is not sure he can wank in front of his brother’s girlfriend, but he is a bit high and whips it out. Oh, she says as he begins to stroke it. It is so big, and Steve smiles and says yea, and so horny too. She takes her hand and wraps it around his cock as much as she can and takes over the wanking. Steve moans as she is stimulating his cock. He starts to think what it would be like to have her suck him or even sink his cock into her tight cunt. You wanna try and suck it babe? he asks. She gingerly puts her mouth towards his cock. She says she’s never sucked on a cock before. What not Darren’s? Well, I can teach you and then you can do it to him. Now open wide and just start to suck he head but mind your teeth on it. She does as instructed and starts to suck the bulbous cock tip, and then he says, that’s it , take it deeper , yea that’s right. She sucks him for a minute and then he says, come on, let’s get comfortable, Poppy thinks they are going to reposition on the sofa but instead he gets up and leads her to the bedroom. He gets on the bed, and he says come over. She is a bit hesitant, and it says, it’s OK, we can do as much or little as you want but hoping that she will at least suck him till he cum’s. Take off your clothes, and he strips naked and is laying there. She drops her clothes and joins him on the bed. He moves his face close to hers and he starts to kiss her, gently but with some passion. His hands go up and start to explore her small perk tits as he rubs them while they continue to kiss and then he slides his hand down and gently touches around her pussy, which he lets out a small moan, almost a squeal. He then gets up and sits astride her, while she lays there with her head propped and he pushes his cock towards her face and she grabs his cock with her hands and starts to suck on it, this time taking it in a bit further, but still stroking it with her hand, and Steve is trying not to pump it into the back of her throat. She sucks it for a minute, and he now needs pussy. He takes his cock out of her mouth and this time his face is down on her pussy. He starts to lick it with his tongue and then presses a finger in as well, making her shudder with the unexpected stimulation. He is sucking and nibbling at her entrance, and it is obvious she is enjoying it. He pushes a further finger inside and now removes his face and is fingering her, rapid darting deep strokes. She is making all sorts of noises, and it makes Steve rock hard. He reaches over to his draws, opens it and takes out a condom. He figures that given the number of condoms Darren is getting through she is not on the pill, and he wants to cum inside her, but at the same time doesn’t want to make her pregnant. He also grabs the lube and puts some on his fingers and again starts to lube her entrance. He then opens the condom wrapper, and she then realises what’s happening. Are you going to have sex with me, as I don’t think it will fit? He smiles and says it will babe, we will take it slow. Will it hurt she asks. Maybe a bit at first, but there will be lots of lube so it will feel good after a minute. She says OK, she watches as he rolls down the condom onto his cock. He now has a large rubber clad cock, throbbing to get inside. He applies more lube to the condom, and then positions himself on top of her, and then holds the cock at her entrance and then rubs it against her slot, while also gently pressing in and out. After about the 8th in and out he presses in harder, and she feels the thickness of his cock pressing into her. He has managed an inch, so he pulls back and presses again this time deeper. He continues this until he is in deep as he can go and then reaches down and again kisses her face and lips. He then starts to slowly rock. He is only moving an inch or so and then he stops and pauses and then starts again. He now is increasing his movements and the speed, and he presses in deeper each 5th or 6th pump. Her face has gone from one of slight pain to enjoyment. He is pumping into her now at a faster pace, but he has not even got close to cumming. He is now pumping at a nice steady pace. Her tight pussy has so much feel and give as it expands each time he slides in, massaging the head of his cock. In some ways the condom is reducing the over stimulation. He wants her to try doggy now. He asks her to get on all fours, He then gets behind her and then slowly presses into her. He then slowly pumps, and the feeling is even better than when he was on top of her. It is really stimulating her small clit and now she is moaning quite loudly. He starts to pick up speed as she moans, and he is now thinking how much he would just love to slide off the rubber and fuck her bare and to cum inside her. To knock up and 15-year-old girl would cause all sorts of crap he doesn’t need and most likely kicked out of the house, plus the grief from Darren and Paul. But the thought drives him on and he is now getting close and he is going to cum, and he then groans and pumps as fast as he can, she is being battered like a rag doll but she is holding out as she reaches an orgasm and starts to buck, and squeeze his cock even tighter, the vain along his cock starts to throb and expand and out from his balls sprays thick white cum, shot after shot. He slows down and then gives one last long stroke as he comes down from his fuck fest. He lays on top of her but still supporting himself as she would most likely not take his full weight and he kisses the back of her neck. He slides out of her cunt and then smiles, and she turns around and he kisses her deeply and says that was wild babe. He then rolls over onto the bed and she also lays on her back, recovering from the sex. He looks over at the time and quite a bit has elapsed. We better get ourselves back together babe, family will be home soon. He goes into the bathroom, takes off the condom wets a flannel and then comes in and rubs her pussy to clean up the lube and the liquid caused by her orgasm. He then uses the flannel to wipe his knob and then reaches down and puts on his boxers and his jogging bottoms and then the T Shirt. He places the used rubber tied up into the draw with the condom wrapper and the lube but shows Poppy how much cum he says she made him shoot. She then gets up and dresses and before long they are back on the sofa, and he turns to her and says I hope you enjoyed the lesson, and perhaps you can try some things on Darren, but you must never let on what has happened or you will get us both in trouble, but me especially. She agrees and says thank you, and she feels a bit bad for cheating on Paul Steve says, think of it as a sex lesson, but we can’t do this again, as much as I would like. Not long after people start arriving home and the video player has had the tape removed and also stashed and replaced with the one which had been in there. Poppy says hello to the family and says that she had come round to see Darren and they chat away while Steve disappears up to his room, to have a final clear up and also to stash the used condom until he can throw it away. Darren and Poppy stay as a couple for a few years but when Darren goes away for college and university, things seem to cool, and they break up. I cannot say if she ever sees Steve again and has some more lessons, when I meet her and we talk about old times, she relates the story of her and my brother, but won’t be drawn on if it was a one off.

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    Even though he cheats, Steve is such a stud, you gotta love him! Silly of Poppy not to drink his cum from the used rubber!!

    • bea ID:136013ftzl

      i would definetly have done that!