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Dr’s medical at his home pt2

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More fun at the Dr’s house MMFFFbgzoo anything goes

Jane just stood there with a big smile on her face and the dog (a boxer) sitting but sniffing the air smelling all the sexual aromas floating around, she let the dog go said its name was Bruce and it came up to me and smelt my cock then give it a lick which sent shivers down my spine to my toe’s as I had just cum all over the floor the dog went down and licked it all up, jane asked where the ladies were and D1 said there in the garage with Max (Dog).
Jane “OOOH lets all go in and see”
With that we all got up went into the garage and there on a bench bent over was M2 with Max pounding away cock deep in her pussy OOHH OOHH AARRR comming from her. in the corner was a camera recording what was happening as the dog fucked Sarah’s Mum my cock was pointing straight out hard as rock D2 Said “oh the blue pill is working” giving my cock a squeeze. I realised then what he ment, they must have crushed one and put it in my drink, Sarah came up to me gave me a soft kiss then said “We all have had the blue pill”.
Max stopped fucking M2 and I was pulled forward and bent over the bench I knew what was happening and let them lube my hole, Jane then got Bruce to come over to my arse which he got his tongue right in my hole which was still a bit open from being fucked, I heard Sarha say “Mount” I felt his fur on my back as he was prodding about with his cock missing the mark, I felt a hand slide in between us as Sarah grabbed hold of it and aimed it right for my hole and push in as far as it could, then Bang it went at such a fast pace I thought I would pass out, D1 came round to my face and said open up just as I did he slid his cock in my mouth as far as he could I gaged slightly as the dogs Knott started to swell in my arse I was so full my prostrate was being pushed and prodded liquid was pouring out of my cock, I didn’t know if it was precum cum or piss, D1 was slamming my face and I felt his cock expand and shoot his load down my throat. He held there till he was finished then pulled out. I could here things going on behind me but couldn’t see everything lots of moaning and skin slapping wet and juicy sounds I strained my neck around and saw Sarah with a hand up my Mums cunt licking her clit and M2 with her hand in her arse pouring lube over both of them to get as much in as possible, all this and she was sucking Max’s Cock which looked about 9-10″ long with the knot down to the base and back out again, I was still in the same position it was a bit uncomfortable but couldn’t move much D1 was going round every one with a hand held camera filming close up shots of all the action. D2 was sat on a chair wanking slowly precum pooling on the floor, and all I could think of is someone will slip on that, after 15-20 minutes Bruce’s knott had shrank down and slipped out the ladies and finished what they were doing. They started sucking Jane’s tits fingering her pussy with Sarah behind her face right in her arse I assumed was rimming her arse, Jane’s head all the way back with her mouth open.
We all stopped for a drink and sat on the Chairs Bench and floor, just trying to get our breath back and save some energy, me wondering what was to come and I would soon find out,
D2 went and got another bench and put it a couple of feet next to the other one, then asked Sarah to lay back on the bench, her butt was at the edge and legs were strapped open to the bench and arms cuffed at the top, Both mum’s lead Jane over to the bench and put her in the same position all holes were available and both mums put on a strapon, a bowl was placed underneath Jane and Sarah’s arse’ D2 said “Lets see how much cum we can catch from the ladies who wants to go first”
I said “I’ll start with Sarah” both mums agreed to start on Jane I crawled on my hands and knees between Sarah’s legs staring right at her Pussy and Asshole, I started to rim her arse and cold feel her ring grip my tongue Her small moans started to get a bit louder as her ring opened up and my tongue was sliding in and out. on the other bench Jane was getting both her mouth and pussy holes filled with strapon dildos Max was licking her arse and all you could hear was UMMPH UMMPH UMMPH as they slammed in and out of her, I started to finger Sarah’s pussy starting with 1 then 2 moving on to 4 fingers pumping and wiggling away inside, MUUMMM MUUMM MUUMM comming from Sarah’s mouth as both Dads try to get their cocks in her mouth slobber and spit making them slide in and out. Bruce was lay in the corner licking his cock, but still watching looking for a hole to fill. 10 minutes in and Sarah’s body shook and squirted all over my hand and face liquid dripping into the bowl me trying not to suck it all up but direct it into the bowl, a minute later Jane squirted all over the strapon and that started to fill her bowl, Both mum’s swapped ends and shoved the cum stained dildo in to her mouth, and the other up her arse and there was no stopping the slapping squelching of sex from Jane’s bench. I stood up and started to push my cock in Sarah’s arse with all the rimming and spit in there it slid in slowly as I could feel her ring squeeze my cock as it slid in all the wat to the base, both Dads had let her breath and was sucking each others cock both faces down to the base, guttural murmurings comming from both of them, Then D1 got on all 4s and D2 slid into his arse and started to fuck him fast. my cock was going in Sarah nice and slow I was savoring the feeling, then I could feel it start to build in my balls and up through my cock shooting my cum deep in her arse, just as I did Sarah squirted again all over my cock balls and stomach it wasn’t just a small amount but at least 2 cups full, It drained into the bowl.
D2 was pounding D1 and He tensed up shooting his cum right up inside, they swapped position and D1 pounded D2’s arse till he shot his cum inside him, they then went onto all 4s and both Max and Bruce saw them went over both sniffing their arse’s and licking the cum out of both holes then Max jumped up on D1 while Bruce jumped up on D2 trying to get their cock in the holes missing a couple of times then both got inside ramming it in quickly I could see the Knotts of both of them push past their rings and slide out a few times and back in till they were both locked in shooting their cum inside both dads.
We let the ladies up and let them rest while both mums went to prepare some food, I cuddled Sarah who had a big smile on her face, I caressed her face shoulders then her nipples which were hard but didn’t squeeze them, after a few minutes jane got up and checked on the Dads who were still locked then went in to help both mums with the food.
More to cum 🙂

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