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Raping my daughter christenna while she slept because she had broken our deal

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It was late at night after midnight
.I went into my bedroom my wife was asleep I had a hard on .slid up to her she was laying on her side and I gently pulled her panties down and tried to put my 9 inch cock in her I slowly i put the head in and she rolled over on to her stomach. Which was a position that I found was just about impossible to sneak some pussy .
. I got up with a still hard dick. I went to my 14 year old daughter who had reneged and broken a deal we had made to let me fuck the her .I had already snuck in her room several times and fucked her while she slept. Pushing your dick In slowly so as to not wake her up was only a little better than jerking off at least I got to cum in her pussy. I went into her room I could see her laying on her right side with a just a sheet covering her from the dim light from the hallway.
She had her back to me and was facing the wall I slipped the sheet down and she was wearing a halter top with spaghetti straps and no bra. I slid my right hand in her top and cupped my hand around her nice c-cup left tit gently rubbing her nipple it soon hardened to my touch. I slid my hand out and slipped my left hand in her top,all the time listening to her breathing nice and steady. When my hand got to where her right tit should have been it wasn’t there. It was pinned between her right arm and her side. I gently tugged it and soon sprang free. Cupping it in my left hand I worked my gentle ministrations with my thumb and forefinger and her nipple was soon hard also. I then slid my hand over to her left tit and her nipple was still semi hard. Not the best result, if it had been flaccid I usually had no problem fucking her. If had been rock hard she usually woke up and pushed me away .which all I had to do was wait a half hour or 45 minutes and she would be deep asleep and I would have no problem with fucking her. I figured what the hell worst thing that would hap. Happen is I would just have to come back.
I slipped the sheet down and to my surprise and delight she was wearing a pair of baggy gym shorts instead of her usual daisy May’s. Which were difficult to get down. I slid my hand up the leg of her shorts when I got to her panty covered pussy it felt like the temperature went up 10 degrees .I slid my hand feeling the outline and the hot moisture of her slit. I slipped my hand under the hem of her panties and when I got to her cunt she was wet ,damn this girl was always wet when I touched her pussy. I slipped first one then another finger into her pussy up to my knuckles working them in and out a few times. I removed my hand and brought it up to my nose and smelled her musky sweetness.
I then tugged her shorts on the top and the bottom back and forth till I got them past her right hip and they then slipped easily to mid thighs. I leaned over working up some spit, I tongued it it in her pussy sticking my tongue as far as I could in her hole. She had a tasty pussy. I stood up and saw glint like a diamond as I dropped my shorts to the floor and got on the bed spooning up to her.
I moved my hips back and forth I could feel wetness on the head of my dick, but I couldn’t feel that familiar spot.
I took my dick in my hand and rubbed it back and forth till I found that familiar spot and slowly pushed it forward.I had the head of it at the entrance to her vagina but every time I pushed forward her outer pussy lips would stick to my dick and I couldn’t get in. I pulled back and reached down with my fingers and spread her lips and I entered her vagina a couple of inches. I pulled out and I slipped 3 or 4 inches in when suddenly Christina grunted and pushed herself half way down my dick. I stayed still for minute and thought what the fuck was this this had never happened. I slowly pulled out of her and started to slowly push forward again with ungh she pushed her pussy 3 quarters down on my dick and stopped. My head was spinning and my dick was throbbing and I knew if I moved a millimeter I was going to cum. I laid there not moving for a few minutes till I I got control of myself. I slid out of her and started to push forward and again she grunted and shoved her self down again. I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer and shoved my dick as hard as I could three four five times and came deep inside her. She stopped moving and I laid there till my dick went soft and slipped out of her. I wiped her cunt with the sheets and pulled her shorts and panties up and went into the living room. I sat down and smoked a cigarette, a porn channel was on and some girl was bent over the table and getting her self pounded.
My dick started to get hard again so I walked back to Christina’s room and got on bed. Spooning up to her I grabbed her shorts and pulled them down along with her panties.she was fully wet and I rammed my dick into her and it was off to the races with her meeting my thrusts as grabbed her hips pounded her for about ten minutes with her moaning so loud I was afraid she would wake up the house. I pulled out of her and flipped her over onto her back and grabbed her shorts and panties she kicked out of them. I climbed between her legs and sank all 9 inches in her with one thrust she moaned her delight as kissed her and are tongues tangled. She was meeting my thrusts and I felt her cum as I grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples. I felt myself getting ready to cum a and with one final thrust my dick was throbbing and spurting my spunk into her she moaned oh God I’m coming again. I lay there for a couple of minutes and pulled out of her. And she said next time you better ask me or I will tell mom. She never did and I kept fucking her in her sleep but now I try and wake her up with my cock in her and she loves it or sometimes she will push me away and say no but not to often

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  • Reply Calvin Lull ID:1hr6flemqrb

    I would say that English is not your 1st language.
    Your word usage takes away from the story.
    I would suggest you read a bunch of different stories, then see where you are messing up the story.
    The story in itself, is good. Do your homework on this, then write it again.
    Good luck.

  • Reply Rebecca ID:nh5z5iv3

    I wouldn’t mind you waking me up like that

    • Nick ID:5u0x7kap8k

      I will

    • TennesseeTallMan ID:bo1u8y58l

      I’ll wake you up like that
      Add my Kik let’s talk about it

    • Simpleboy ID:2ddln2w20c

      What’s your kik and snap??