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Camping day two

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Gail, my sister and me make some crazy decisions

I woke up at daybreak naked in my tent remembering Sherryl my baby sister drinking my cum the night before. God that was a hot moment, and I began thinking how much she’d matured in a few months. She was thin weight about 115 lbs and tall about 5’9″ had shapely legs, pert 34c titties (looked at her bra), furry hole with black hair and dark caramel colored pussy lips, her areola’s were slightly darker than cousin Becky’s. Her long hair was straight and jet black. Yes she was maturing nicely. I wondered how long this was going to go on this exploration of our sexual beings.

I went and got breakfast before the girls got up, both of them had slip on their pj’s and bot smiled as they greeted me, “hi cuz , hi Dave” I nodded as I ate at a piece of toast. I notice both girls tit’s as the dangled braless in their pj’s, Sherryl’s were quite nice looking clinging to the fabric and my cock started to respond, Gail on the other hand her fabric was hardly extended her little titties paled to my sisters.

“Later can you take us down to the creek to swim “, Sherryl asked. I again nodded as I finished the rest of my breakfast. The girls started to eat as I left for my tent to change into my swim trunks a tee shirt and my sneakers, the path to the creek was rock covered and in places muddy. About 2 hours went by before the two of them showed up to go swim. Gail was in a one piece bathing suit, it looked ok on her but as I knew my Aunt was pretty strict with her girls, I knew that from having fucked Becky. On the other hand Sherryl had on a two piece and I noticed that a wisp of her cunt hair jutted out from her taut bottoms. We all trekked to the creek , soon the girls we in the water frolicking with each other I had already took a dip and was sunning myself on a large rock. Gail jumped up in the water “hey” she yelled trying to get my attention then I noticed shed lowered the top part of her suit exposing her little tits. They bobbed for a second on the water and then went below, I later found out that Gail’s bra was a 32 a cups (just a quick note here- Gail matured finally and today she’s a 40 c). We spent about an hour splashing each other and swimming. but it was soon time for supper. So we made our way back to camp. My father was staying with Naomi his girlfriend in the cabin. Naomi was a nice lady about 15 yrs younger than my father and had a very curvy body. I once saw my mother naked after a bath ,she reminded me alot of Sherryl but in a larger build bigger tits but her hairy bush was the same. Naomi was a redhead about 5’7″ long legged and well groomed. Time for supper and we all sat at the picnic table ,Naomi had made Italian sausage, burgers and dogs for us all. She was bringing the meats from the bbq as I sat there she was dressed in a loose fitting sundress with what looked like daffodils printed on it. As she reached the table she bent over to put the plater of meat down her vneck sundress exposed her breast she wasn’t wearing a bra and I could see her areolas and nipples. She had beautiful tits. I admire how quickly she noticed a 16 yr old boys scoping her titties and she pulled the fabric as to block their view to me damn…..

After supper and a campfire, we all retreated to our places Dad & Naomi in the cabin, the girls in their tent and me in mine. Hours later around midnight I heard whispering outside my tent ,yes the girls were back for more. Gail step in first with Sherryl in tow… “you ready” gail said…ready willing and able off came her pj’s and she rubbed her little clitty with her palm. Sherryl whispered “she wants you to lick her!” Gail walked over towards where I sat and I wrapped my arms around her ass and placed my tongue on her velvet cunt lips. She moaned as I licked her slot slowly up and down, along her folds increasing my lapping. My bear hug tighten and soon Gail’s ass was squirming in my arms .She was now melting on my tongue and I knew she’s quickly orgasm… ooooh, then I heard the tent flap open…. oh christ it was Naomi “what’s going on here” she said. We were caught like a rats in a trap nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. She stepped inside my tent clothed in her bathrobe…. “you girls back to your tent..” to which Sherryl handed Gail her pj and she slipped them on and they left. “you should know better Dave, you should protect them…. not play with them. .I shuddered “I guess dad’l kick my butt for this, probably be grounded for months… “No I won’t tell him sweetie, I noticed you checking my boobs out this afternoon and I realize that young boy’s need to experiment.” “Just promise me you won’t have sex with Gail ,you could impregnate her and we’re ok.” she said. ‘We were just masturbating one another” i replied…” you masturbated Sherry, ” she asked, I lied “no” – that Gail and her experimented on each other. “Oh did you masturbate also” she quizzed “and did you cum?” “yes ” was my answer….. Naomi seemed intrigued that I let Gail and my sister watch me masturbate. “Did the girls see you shoot your load” I was now getting a bit red in the face and ashamed about what had happened and I didn’t respond. “well i guess we’ll see…” and Naomi zipped the tent and order me out of my boxers…. my cock by this time was as soft as a marshmallow. Naomi looked down as I knelt on the tent floor at my flaccid cock. ” Not as big as your father but ok I guess for a 16 yr old.” she bent over slightly and I got a look at her tits again and yes I was in trouble. My cock started to harden looking at her melons. “Want to see more you little shit” she said as she pulled on her drawstring. He robe opened to a red furry covering of her women hood, her breasts were still perky for her age and her areola was light colored , same for her huge nipples (my god they were the size of berries) her titties we larger than even Becky’s . My cock was now at full staff ,hard as a rock. I saw her lick her lips ,at first thinking that maybe I’d be having Naomi sucking me off. “You need your hormones satisified….stand up…” Naomi gathered my cock in her hand, I quivered under her adult hand as she stroke it some and my cock twitched. Naomi lowered the two of us to the sleeping bag, now Naomi’s titties and her red hair covered crotch were more visible. ” keep still and don’t make any sounds your dad is sleeping let’s keep it that way ” and she lied back and pulled me atop of her heaving breasts. Naomi’s legs spread and I fell between them much as I had with Becky. Naomi reached down pointed the head of my cock towards her slit and got it to pop my cockhead into her. “Oh you naughty naughty boy, I will curb your taste for girls…” she spoke as more of my dick sank deeper into her fur cover womb. She pressed my ass to shove more cock into herself “now pump you little fucker “she whispered. About 5 pumps was all I did before I shot my load into Naomi.. “Wow that was fast” she chuckled.. “that’s ok honey your first time is usually that way” , little did she know that I had fucked Becky numerous times before her. Naomi was either horny and saw me as fresh meat or she was just trying to teach me to leave those girls alone. I never ask Naomi if it was ok to shoot into her nor did she offer that she was on contraceptives. That scared me as much as this whole ordeal. Naomi stood as if nothing had happened, she seemed like she fucked every 16 yr old boy she ran across, her indifference crushed me some knowing I’d fucked a 32 year old women and she cover herself and left me in the tent with a kiss, thank you or anything. It made sex alot colder.

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