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When my Father died, I became the man of the house

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Mommy dearest, for 15 years you have ignored me, now it’s time for me to have some fun.

My Father was a waste of space and my Mother wasn’t much better. We lived in a dumpy trailer in a dumpy trailer park in Indiana, where probably 50% of the people were unemployed, just because they wanted to be. It seemed that half had Meths Labs in there trailers, which blew up from time to time that gave us all something to watch of an evening when the fire trucks turned up and apart from that excitement there was fuck all else to do.
My Father rode a Harley and most nights my He and my Mother went out , until I was 10 I had to be in bed by 8 pm , so by sheer luck and with nothing else to do I became a good student. By the time I was 14 I was staying up until midnight, they never came home until 3 or 4 in the morning,waking the whole trailer park up ,then the sex and fighting would start, and not necessarily in that order.
Then a few days after my 15th birthday my Father got shot to death in some biker bar. A few days of hard thinking and my Mother could not remember anything about the incident, even though she was sitting 5 feet from where he got shot, so everyone walked.
It didn’t seem to take my Mother long to get over my Fathers death, about the same amount of time as it took me ,two weeks of sitting in watching TV ,drinking, and talking to me was enough for her, then one evening a couple of guys on bikes turned up, and my Mother in a short skirt and her leather jacket was heading out the front door , same Mother just a different dick to fuck her I assumed.
It was almost light the next morning when I heard a bike pull up followed by a car ,I looked out of my bedroom window in time to see my Mother stagger from the car, fall over the front two steps and lay on the ground. The car drove off but the biker got off his bike picked her up and bought her in the house.
I could hear the bath running and then she got it in and they were talking , the great thing about living in a trailer is you can hear whats being said five trailers up the lot let alone everything that’s being said in your own shit hole of a home. Seems Mommy had ended up at the Club, and after a few drinks ended up over a table getting fucked by some gang leader who upon my Fathers death had decided it was his job to keep my Mother happy.
After he had finished with her the gang bang started and I could hear him answer my Mothers question of how many of those guys fucked me with a one word answer, an nice round number TEN.
I laid in bed listening to my Mother give her guardian angel a blow job as a thank you for bringing her home, then after he left I got up took 20 bucks out of her purse ,went to Micky Dee’s for breakfast, fucked around at the mall and it was past lunchtime when I got home,in time to see my Mother come out of her bedroom with her robe open and her tits and cunt showing.
She didn’t even know I was there as she walked into the kitchen, it wasn’t until she turned round from putting the coffee pot on she even noticed me. Hurriedly she drew her robe around her self and did the ties up, “I hope you didn’t see anything you shouldn’t have” she said”,I just smiled and said no, I didn’t see anything “. Truth was what I did see wasn’t half bad, she had big tits and a hairy cunt, but for a Mother she didn’t look bad. I was quiet surprised, and so was my dick I could feel it twitching in my pants.
It rained all afternoon and evening and my Mother sat there drinking a bottle of rum with coke while we watched the TV, the more drunk she got the more she talked about my Father and how he used to make her go into bars and sell herself, then take the guy out into the parking lot and either blow him, or bend over the hood of his car and let him fuck her.
Around 6.30 suddenly out of the blue she said ” I got fucked big time last night”, and I said ” I know”, and she said ” how do you know” ? I laughed and said ” I heard you and biker boy talking”. She said ” do you still love me”, and I said “what” and she said “tell me you love me, come here and tell me you love me, I love you so much”.
Shit ,this was a first time in years my Mother had said she loved me, and I think she actually meant it so I went and sat on the couch next to her it. As she lent over to get hold of me the front of her robe fell open and her tits fell out, I put my hand on one of them and started to rub her nipple between my finger and thumb. She said nothing , pulled me closer to her and then said “do you like touching me there”.
I said of course and she was kissing me on my mouth like I was my Father, I took a hand full of her tit and squeezed and she made a little aagghh noise. She was pulling me onto her, I let go of her tit and put my hand on her hairy cunt. “Be careful honey” she said softly, “my pussy’s sore after what those bastards did to me last night”.
I don’t know why but I suddenly wanted to a) Fuck my Mother, b) to hurt the slut. I grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled it, and looking at her I said “don’t you ever tell me what I can and can not do, do you fucking understand”.
She closed her eyes and said “yes Jim” which was my Fathers name not mine. I said “open your legs” and she slowly opened her legs, letting go of her fuzzy hair I put my fingers against her cunt lips and said beg for it whore, fucking beg me to fuck you.
For the last four months my time during the locked of the CV19 pandemic has been very nice, the bars were closed so my Mother was unable to go out, I would wake up each morning go and make coffee take her a cup and then climb into her bed, where I would either have her give me a blow job, or I would fuck her.
Some time during the day normally before Jeopardy starts I would make my Mother take off her undies and play with herself, we would play our own game, she had to climax before the theme song started, if she didn’t when the show finished she would get to turn over a playing card out of the three that were place face down on the coffee table.
A queen got her six spanks of my hand on her ass, a queen got her a dozen with the wooden spoon, and the Joker meant she was my slave for the evening .Oh God how I loved it when she turned over that Joker.

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    I absolutely love to be involved in gangbanging your mother but please save that pussy bald

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    Awesome story, would love to meet you and your mom… Quite sure I could interest both of you in something

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