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Amy was only 17

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Having Amy when my dad made me look after my little sister

My mum and her new husband worked together but they had a holiday with work coming up this next weekend

I had to look after Amy my little step sister
She was in highschool

We live in Australia Queensland on the Gold coast in Surfers Paradise a holiday destination for people from overseas to stay and enjoy their holidays

I’m Anton I’m 28 and worked in some of the hotel’s in Surfers Paradise.

I was busy most of the time & Amy was at school
When I was told that I would be looking after her when dad and mum took off.

That afternoon when my parents told me I was looking after her and we were eating lunch because my dad made mum and me something to eat & that Friday afternoon they were living me in charge of Amy over the weekend

It was gymnastics day for Amy and she wouldn’t be home until 6 pmor 7 tonight

But my parents had to go to the airport so they could join the rest of the team from there work.

And they had taken off for the holidays and lift us guys at home for a weekend

Mum said that I needed to go around 6.30pm
And pick up Amy from her gymnastics class she had at school.

And I couldn’t be late at picking her up

And they left me at home

I just chilled out in the garage out in the back yard
Smoking marijuana talking with a friend on my mobile phone

And as I was smoking and talking with my friend I seen a picture behind some boxes in the garage.

And got up to have a look what it was.

It was my step dad and mum and Any
As I looked at the picture of them 3 standing there.

I seen George my step dad standing there but he’s pants were unzipped and a little pulled down and my mum face and Amy’s little face looks red and they were smiling back at George

I was wondering what day did they all take the picture and where it was.
It looked like a hotel IV worked in before
So I took the picture and put it in my wallet

And finished smoking my Weed and started putting my smoking tools away but as I was Bend over and putting the bowling scissors in a box so no could find it but as I was standing up Amy out of nowhere yelled at me saying I cought you and she said I’m telling on you for smoking in the garage Anton

I pushed the box away and turn around and looked at her
She was looking really hyper and she was smiling
And she pulled out the box I just put away and she said I know where you put your shit now Anton

I said please don’t tell on me Amy and she laid back at me and looked back to see if anyone else was around to catch me out

Then she lifted up her dress and pulled her underwear over and I seen her pussy but Amy laughed at me and hide her pussy and looked at me laughing and said if you can keep a secret with me
And she looked back at me and walked up to me getting closer

I said ok Amy and said what do you want to see my dick and she smiled and said yep

I said I’m so much older than you and she said So looking up at me and said well you want mum and dad to find out about this stupid shit your doing in the garage and she smiled and looked at me

I froze for a moment and thought shit she has me now because I didn’t want mum and dad to know I was smoking Weed when they not here when they were on holidays

Amy said well do you Anton

I just looked at AMY as she looked up at me!

I lost thoughts of everything and looked at her and thought of the picture and pulled it out

She watched me as I pulled it out and she seen what it was and took a step back
And she said to me where the fuck did you get that from Anton

I looked at the picture and back at her then looked at the picture and I was about to say something but she quickly interrupted me and said ok I’ll do anything you want to do and she unzipped her little skirt and it fall to the garage floor and she looked up at me in her little green top on and her highs on because she was doing gymnastics today at her high school and she said just don’t say anything about it ok

And I looked at her and she bent over and picked up her little skirt and said I could even get Cristina from school and she’s only 15 if your interested in that shit and put her little skirt on the beach and sat down and she spread her legs wider apart and pushed one of her little hands down her tight pants and looked at me

I just looked at her as she looked at me holding the picture and she started to play around with her self with her hand under her tights and said to me as I looked back at the picture mum and dad got me drunk that night and dad took pictures of me and mum on a hidden camera he got from he’s work

I said Amy when was it taken she said to me it was when you took off with your friends to go camping on the beach Down at THE SPIT
And mum and dad where happy because dad got extra money from he’s work and shouted mum and me to a resort in Surfers Paradise at the Q1 it was so awesome there the pools where excellent and the rooms looked amazing

I replied back to her saying fucking Hell and sat down on the lounge next to Amy as she was playing around and looking back at me and she said just don’t say anything ok Anton

I looked at Amy and didn’t know what she was talking about and didn’t say anything for a moment then
I looked at her and said about what Amy and she said Anton well since you found the pictures dad had taken and seen everything we were doing with each other that day and I looked at Amy and said
Why did you keep this a secret from me and everyone else and she replied looking like she was about to cry and she started shaking a little and said well Anton as she looked across the lounge at me then
Amy said and mentioned if anyone else was to see what mum and I was doing with George our Dad I quickly yelled and replied saying step dad and Amy said whatever and smiled back at hem!
But we are a family bro & everyone well tell stories about us to everyone in the town and we will be harassed by all kinds of people and might even make it to the front News paper’s here and on the internet by the world Anton and she had tears running down her face and she slowly slid across the chair and got closer to me and pulled out her hand and pleased it on my leg and started crying really hard and started hugging her legs hiding her little face and saying I well be the laughing stock of the school and I leaned over and put my arms around her and said shut up Amy and she said no I quickly said to her it well be like that If someone else finds out and said it’s a secret and Mum and Dad wouldn’t say anything about it ok and mentioned that if dad or mum said anything they would be put in jail for doing this with you and I would have to look after you until they were free
And she looked up at me and said seriously and I looked at her little head and I just Hugged her skinny little body harder and said of course Amy and she sat up looking at me

She wiped her eyes and I slid closer to her little skinny body and said if someone funds out about this all of us could be questioned over it at the police station and go to court and she looked up at me as my are fall around her little body down to her little round bum bum

And I said yep she said really over us playing around with each other I said yeah we could

And she grabbed the picture out of my leap and looked at the picture and said it was really exciting that night Anton and I said how did everything start she looked up at me and said well me and mum were coming back from the SWIMMING pools and walked in on daddy in the bathroom and he was setting on the toilet looking at he’s mobile phone spreading he’s legs part and pulling on he’s small fat dick and mum didn’t know what to say as he was pulling on it and he didn’t notice we opened the door

Mum and I just watched dad pumping he’s hand up and down on he’s cock.
And as Amy said cock as she was looking at the TV in the garage telling me what happened I slowly pushed my hands in my pants so she couldn’t see and put it through the zipper
And grabbed my dick and started playing around with it as my other hand was never her little round bum

As she was telling me what had happened that day to me and she mentioned that mum laughed at dad and he looked up at me and mum standing in the bathroom doorway watching hem playing around with he’s cock and he said oh shit and stood up quickly and picked up the tail end said what the hell guys doing home so early and mum and I just laughed and laughed and laughed and mum said well well well to daddy and he just smiled at us as we slowly walked in the bathroom door together

Daddy said it’s recording to mummy and she smiled at dad and dad just looking at me as he held on to the bathroom tail
Trying to rap it around hem self.
Dad said Amy well now you have seen your step daddy’s cock and looked at mummy and smiled and started smiling More as he said let’s see your one and laughed a little bit and mummy yelled out saying what the fuck are you talking about and said she is only 17 and looked at Amy and then dad said she’s going to see one soon or later than mummy and daddy sat down on the toilet again.
And I looked at both of them and spread dad feet slowly spread apart and he said well she’s seen it all ready and opened the tail that was raped around him started showing me he’s Big hard Cock and mummy yelled out saying what the fuck are you doing and daddy got up and walked over to the bathroom sink where he had some Bourbon or whisky in a bottle and a glass

Mummy just looked at Daddy and watching hem purring hem self a drink and mummy yelled saying you Fucking drunk aren’t you and daddy said no and Laughed and laughed and looked at us and said so you going to show me Amy and mum said shut up and walked up to hem and daddy drinked he’s drink and mum asked if he was going to make her one and slapped him so hard on he’s stomach he yelled saying FUCKING BITCH and mum laughed at hem

I was shocked as I watched mummy and daddy standing there as daddy made mummy a drink and mummy drank it as she was pocking daddy in he’s belly and he was moving around trying not to laugh

I just couldn’t help it but Smile at both of them Amy was saying to me .

And Amy to me and she was started saying that mummy asked her If she wanted a drink and she was making a drink and Daddy looked at Amy as but as I looked at hem and he’s long dick because it was bouncing around and mum looked at me and said here Amy drink this but as she said that she grabbed daddy’s Cock and looked at me and reached out to give me a drink but dad then said fucking be gentle Jennifer Amy said
Jennifer was our mother.

And i took the drink from mum Amy did and drank it as both of them looked at little amy and Daddy and pulled our Mummy’s head towards hem and wispped something into her ear and she said no she’s not old enough and he said yeah sure and laughed at mummy and daddy said Amy do you want another drink and looked at Amy and mummy looked down at Amy standing there in shock

Amy said she told mummy and daddy yes only if no one else well ever find out about what is happening here and looked up at her mum and as she was making her a drink and then daddy said too Amy

The only reason someone else well ever find out is because one of us says something about it to someone ok darling and said to her Come here and looked at Jennifer our mother and she looked at George and nodded her head saying to Amy if you want another one just ask me or daddy and Amy said yeah sure and tried sculling her drink and started coughing and looked at Daddy as he played with he’s dick a little bit and he quickly said drinking some water Amy and took the glass off her and turned on the tape to make her a drink of water and as he was doing this Jennifer the mother started undoing her Jen’s and looked at Amy as she stopped coughing and drunk the water she started sneezing and sat down on the toilet and dad was patting Amy on the back making her feel better and said don’t drink it so fast Amy ok as he was explaining to Amy you need to drink it slowly and stop Amy stopped talking about what happened that day for a moment and she said Anton since I seen you smoking WEED in the garage and she asked if she can I try some .
I just LOOKED AT THE TIME AND BACK AT AMY AND thought this might be my only chance and SAID yeah only if you keep this a secret with me

She looked at Anton and didn’t say anything for a moment and she said yeah ok I won’t say anything to mum or dad to Anton

Anton looked at her and asked what else happens that night Amy and she looked at Anton and said well a couple of things happen and said I can mention what she was about to tell me

I said Amy I’m 28 and I don’t tell everything to mum or dad all the time ok

And Amy said yeah I understand where you’re coming from bro

And Anton said continue with the story Amy and she mentioned that she had a few more drinks with mum and dad but mum fall asleep on the lounge after she had 5 more drinks
And we went to the lounge room and dad put on some boxes pants and a shirt

And mummy fall asleep on the lounge and dad and I sat down on the floor in front of the TV

I was drinking a big glass of what my dad made me Amy said

And Amy looked at the time and she said shit I better have a shower and stood up really quickly but Amy fall over and dad cought me as I was falling over she said to Anton

Anton looked at Amy as she stood there telling Anton what happened that night as they stood in the garage

Amy said hold on bro and started closing the garage door and said I don’t want anyone to hear what I’m about to tell you ok and Anton just looked at Amy closing the garage door and it got really dark in the garage and Anton put he’s mobile light on so they could see in the garage

Amy finished closing door and seen Anton holding a light and said well daddy and I made a promise with each other and said to Anton you can’t tell anyone about this and he nodded and smiled and said yeah sure Amy to her

Amy looked up at Anton and said well daddy licked my puppy and she up at her step brother and Anton said did mummy find out about this and she said no because it’s a secret

And Anton looked at Amy and she started to pull down her underwear and said as she looked up at Anton and she started crying please don’t tell anyone bro ok and I promise I’ll never say anything about you smoking WEED in the garage and hugged Anton

I was shocked because Amy was hugging me and I was in my boxes and it was making my dick hard as she hugged me and she said if we are keeping secrets from everyone else can me and you make some to Anton

I couldn’t think right because my dick was pushing into her stomach and getting bigger and bigger as Amy’s little body hugged me

I asked her do you want to make a secret with me and her little round head nodded up and down and she put a finger across her mouth and she said I want tell anyone
And said that she promises to keep it a secret

And I said ok Amy
And she said yeah I asked her if she could hold my mobile phone and shine it on me as I get the weed from the box I put away earlier and she did exactly what I said

I rolled 2 or 3 joints and give 2 to Amy to hold and made myself a very big joint

As she held the light on me as I pushed the box away with the weed in it I looked at Amy and asked her to come closer to me and said ok are you ready to Amy and pulled out a cigarette lighter and light up my joint and asked him if she was ok

She looked at me smiling as I started sucking on my joint and said my turn now Anton

I give her the lighter and she light her joint up and started smoking it and coughed a little bit and she said it taste ok not the bad as she smoked her joint and looked at me as she blow out smoke

Anton looked at he’s not really quickly and turned out the light and said what’s that to Amy as they stood there in the dark in the garage

Anton couldn’t see Amy standing in front of hem and thought ok he’s my chance and pulled down he’s box and pants and stood there naked and asked Amy can you hear that and she replied saying no what is it to Anton

And handed hem the joint but she put her little hands on Anton’s stomach and said to her brother what are you hearing to hem

Anton just took a pufd of the joint and he could see in the light of joint Amy was really close to hem and he grabbed her hand and put it on he’s long cock and she grabbed it and dropped it and hit Anton really like In the dark and she said fuck what was that and Anton took a puff again of the joint and she could see a little bit and noticed that Anton looked like he was naked and her brother said and she sucked it and she cought more and Anton started to laughing at Amy and she said your fucking Naked to her brother and he said yeah sure I’m naked Amy like a smart ass
And he said your only 17 and I’m 28 and Amy said well daddy’s 53 and mummy is 43 and that didn’t stop dad and mum did it

Anton looked at her and said hold on sister
And turned the light back on he’s mobile phone

And when the light was turned back on he seen Amy smoke the joint and she looked like she was really stoned but as the light was on as Anton looked at her smoking she was right in front of my dick and she looked at it and said fuck I feel like I’m drunk like how dad and mum got me last time

I said yeah good Amy are you ok and she said yeah I’m all good and handed Anton the joint and said it looks just like your dad’s dick and laughed at Anton

I just thought you might want to see it and she replied saying no but it looks bigger than your dad’s cock and touched it on the tip

Anton looked at her as she touched it and Anton made he’s dick jump and bounce around and seen said it’s alive and we both started Lau and Anton said we should start and joint and Amy said yeah ok
Anton looked at Amy as he was trying to use the lighter to get the 3ed joint going
And noticed when she was bending the a little bit he could see she was getting little boobs and reached out and put all of he’s hand over her right boob and she looked up and put her hand over he’s and moved it away and Anton said to her we can keep secrets from the and Amy looked up at Anton and suddenly Anton leaned forward to kiss Amy on the lips and she didn’t move and Anton kissed her softly but pushed he’s toung inside her mouth and she pulled away saying bro what are you doing Anton stopped and said it’s our secret and light up the last joint and looked at her as she stood there looking at hem naked

She said your just like your dad and he said to her who am I Amy and she said well you kiss like little boy to Anton and he looked at her little body and said to her well fucking let me do what I want to do and grabbed Amy by the head and started pushing he’s toung inside her mouth kissing her little mouth like a grown woman

And said as he pushed her to the garage floor and she didn’t say anything to Anton and she could feel he’s cock pushing up against her legs a little bit and he put his hand on her chest and said don’t move and pulled down her tight pants and she said stop it and Anton said it’s our secret ok from everyone else

She didn’t say to Anton slipped her little face and slide down a little bit and found her little pussy and started pushing he’s toung inside her pussy and she grabbed Anton by the head like she was enjoying what he was doing to her

And Anto asked Amy can you put any fingers inside your pussy yet Amy as he kept on eating her pussy out and she said yeah I can get 2 of them inside and said I’ll show you Anton said great show me

As Amy layed down on the ground Anton put the light on her and she quickly sucked on her little fingers and smiled at him as he was watching

She slowly spread her legs wider than before and spread her little lips to her pussy and looked at Anton and said see And she pushed them inside her pink cunt and looked at Anton as he watched her and helped her a little bit by eating her little pink pussy as she fingers her self and Anton started pulling on he’s dick and watching Amy playing around with her self and said ok Amy look and she stopped playing with her self and looked down at her brother and he was pumping up and down with he’s hand on he’s dick and said I want to see if this fits inside you and she said it looks to big to hem and he said yeah I know but it might fit inside ok and she said asked hem well it hurt me and looked nervous and her brother got into position and told her to spread her legs wider and he started getting in position but couldn’t find the hole and she was laughing at her brother

Anton looked mad a little bit and then said just lay on your side and I’ll come up from behind and she did what he said

Anton layed down behind Amy and said ok this is better than pushed he’s dick up her ass and pushed it up and she yelled saying not my ass and spread her legs wider lifting up leg in the air and said try again and Anton found the hole and pushed the Tip of he’s dick inside Amy’s little pussy and she said ouch ouch ouch to Anton and he asked her spit on her hand and runb it over her pussy so it makes it all wet and she turned around and said really and Anton said yeah it’s going to help me with getting inside you and she licked her hand as Anton looked at her and she rubbed it all over her pussy and said is that better Anton and he said yeah it should be and pushed it in her little round pussy lips and the tip went inside she froze up and didn’t know what to say as Anton kept on pushing it into her small little pussy

Anton got 2 inches inside her and her eyes light up and looked back at Anton as this happened Anton begin to push it to and pull it out of her and she was looking down at her pussy looking at he’s balls and she started playing around with them and said what ever you doing bro it feels very good so don’t stop

Anton looked at he’s little baby sister as she closed her eyes as he fucked her little by little and so enough he had half of he’s cock inside her body and hugged her tightly as she grabbed he’s arms for deer life

He keep on pushing it up her pussy and she was enjoying the feeling of hem inside her and Anton quickly said this might hurt you she said what and Anton pushed he’s hips forward and he’s dick all the way inside her little body and Anton could feel her ass cheeks over he’s dick and she yelled saying stop stop and cried out slapping her brothers arms and pulling on them like she was hugging them and Anton said it all wet and she said yeah it probably because I’m bleeding and Anton pulled out of her and looked down at he’s dick and seen all of the blood around he’s dick and grass a little tail and wiped hem self and Amy and said ok

And pushed it back in her little by little and said couldn’t say anything as Anton pumped into her little body holding up her and hugging tightly and she started crying again and wispped it feels strange and nice to Anton

He looked at her and could feel it was all inside her little cunt and thought I have her now and laughed to hem self as he was inside her little cunt

Anton said you keep this a secret with me we can do it more and she nodded her little head as Anton Hugged her little skinny body and fucked her hard from behind and Anton said how old is this girl you are talk about at school

my said little Cristina oh she’s only 13 years old but really fat and no one else at school Like’s her Anton said in 3 weeks I want you to get to stay over for the week
Amy looked over her shoulder and smiled at her brother

Anton looked at Amy and smiled at her and said but you need more training Amy and she smiled and said yeah of course stupid as Anton pumped slowly in and out of her little body holding her tightly

And out of nowhere Amy started day it’s cumming its cumming

As Anton looked at her closing her eyes and knew she was about to Cum

So he began to fully pull out he’s long dick until the tip of it was about to fall out of Amy’s pussy and pushed it all back inside her and began to fully push it in her little cunt and she yelled saying it’s too deep it too deep and slapped Anton on he’s arms really hard and Anton was enjoying the feeling of it and didn’t hold back and just kept on pumping in and out of her little round ass from behind and he looked down at her ass and started spreading her legs wider and wider and pulled out of her and all this blood run down onto the floor and then he lifted up her little round bum bum and spread it open and pushed it up into her bum she said no no no to Anton but he held on to her tightly and pushed it in her little ass hole and she yelled and fainted but Anton kept on pumping up her little bum and spread her ass apart so he could see he’s dick going inside of and watching it come out and going back inside again and she had tears running down her little face as he kept on file inside her ass and he’ was more than half way inside he looked at he’s dick and 3 inches were inside her and he noticed that she could talk it all Bec she wasn’t saying anything about it and he fucked her little round bum and looked at her and wanted to take a picture of hem inside her ass so he grabbed he’s mobile phone and took a couple of pictures of hem and her as was fucking her little rough plump ass

She was waking up as Anton pumped into her small little bum and she said when are we going to stop Anton was about to cum inside her

He didn’t say anything to her and pumped for 3 or 4 minutes and she was saying that it hurts and Anton covered her mouth and started pumping in and out of her little round bum really quickly and harder and faster and pulled her hair back really quickly and hard and she yelled out saying fucking cunt stop it and Anton had Cum inside her little bum and pulled out he’s dick and seen all the blood around her little pussy and she had blood around her little round ass and she looked at Anton as he laid back and put on he’s pants and she said ok now you can’t tell anyone else about this
Or I’m gonna to kill myself and stay crying Ag really hard and pushed Anton in the face and slapped him so hard he looked at her and slapping her face back and said stop it Amy or I’ll never do that again with you cunt and she looked at him and said
Just keep it a secret from everyone bro I’m serious about this and Anton nodded saying yeah ok no one is going to know

And stood up and opened the garage door and the sun was about to go down

Anton said come on Amy I’ll make sure you feel better let me make you something to eat
Amy stood up looking at Anton and said yeah that would be nice

And both of them walked out of the garage

Episode 1

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