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Thanksgiving Dinner

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The last thing I remember was going to bed the night before Thanksgiving. I always sleep in on Thanksgiving since my mother spends all day cooking for dinner and refuses my help, so I sleep in until my mother, brother, or father come to wake me up.

The next thing I know I’m waking up on the dining table with an apple in my mouth and red rope wrapped around my throat, traveling down past my chest to my wrists which are tied between my ankles so my fingers wrap over my heels and my arms keep my legs spread, and I were to move my legs down, the ropes around my neck would tighten.

“Dinner’s ready!” I heard my mom call from the kitchen. I listened as I heard my brother, James, rush downstairs and my father make his way into the dining room from the study.

“Oh, the turkey looks delicious!” My father exclaimed as he came over to the table and started to massage my boob, rubbing my nipple until it hardened.

“Mhm. I bet it tastes just as good.” James said, licking his lips and he moved between my legs and pushed one finger inside me.

I moaned into the apple, biting down on it harder as my father took my tit into his mouth, sucking on it. James moves his hand out of the way and swiped his tongue over my clit, sucking it in between his and nibbling on it.

James switches between fingering me and licking me for at least five minutes while my father switched between my breasts.

“You know Mom, I think it’s time we stuff the turkey.” My brother said as he undid his belt buckle and pulled his jeans down enough to release his hardened prick.

James lines up with my hole and quickly bottomed our inside me, making me scream into the apple. My father removed the apple from my mouth and replaced it with his dick as James set a brutal pace that my father matched, Janes destroying my pussy while my father destroyed my throat.

My mother sat back in a chair, her legs thrown over the arms and her red dress pushed up to her stomach. She reached her hand down and started to play with her dripping pussy.

James reaches down to run his thumb on my clit, matching the pace he was fucking me at. I moaned and bucked down into him, my abdomen contracting around him as I came. My vision turned white at the edges and I struggled to breath for air as James came inside me and my father strayed to cum down my ruined throat, slightly choking me.

My father untied me and pulled me to my feet, spinning me around an pushing me down so my chest was against the table. He kicked my legs apart and tied my hands behind my back.

“Mary, come eat your daughter’s ruined and needy cunt filled with her brother’s cum.” My father commanded and I heard my mother’s heels clicking on the floor as she walked over towards me.

I heard her get to her knees behind me and felt her tongue push into my sore pussy, overstimulating my clit. I bit into the table cloth and thrusted back into her mouth. I could here my father fucking my mother but I didn’t know where James had gone.

Minutes later my father cums deep inside my mother while she cums on his cock and I cum on her face. My father untied me again and forces me to my knees and ties the rope around my neck and hands the long end to James so it works as a collar and leash.

“Crawl.” James said as he tugged on the rope, forcing me to follow him. My knees where aching by the time we made it through the kitchen and down the two steps into the living room. He led me to the glass door that led to the back patio and the pool.

James slid open the door and made me crawl on the rough and sharp stones of the patio, scraping my knees as he led me to the pool. He pull me down the steps and untied the rope from around my neck and tied it around my left wrist and then to the railing of the steps.

James grabbed my jaw and forced my head back as he squeezed my throat with his other hand. My vision was going black at the edges when he finally released me. I started to pant and he shoved me under the water and held my down by my shoulder and my head.

When he let me up for air he kept my on my knees so just my head was above the water. He forced his dick into my mouth and squeezed my throat as he thrust in and out. He changed the pressure on my neck in no pattern and didn’t stop his relentless pounding into my mouth.

James finished in my mouth and held me at the base of his prick, choking me and forcing me to swallow his cum. He continued to hold me there before forcing me back down under water and holding me there while gripping my throat.

James pulled me back up above the water and sat me on the edge of the pool as I choked up water and struggled to breathe. He waited until I was done spitting up water and panting before scratching the inside of my thighs, just enough so the sink broke and blood just barely beaded at the surface of my skin. Enough so the chlorine would sting when he yanked me back into the water.

James spun me around and bent me over the steps and started to rub my clit before sliding into me and fucking me at a pace that was faster than when we were in the dining room.

After I came at least two more times and he finished inside me, he climbed out of the pool and left me to sit on the steps until I recovered enough to walk back inside and up to my room.

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    Boy baby girl I’d sure love to come play with you… [email protected]

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    Great story even though it’s bull shit.

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    Surreal, but I like it! 4 Stars.

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