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A sexy news reader forcefully fucked

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He was sitting naked in his cabin. I was shocked. When I turned back, I found that the door through which I entered has been closed

This is full and full of imagination. Not real story.
I am a news reader in a famous TV channel in India. When I was new to the field, many were fainted in my beauty. I was 24 at that time. I was earning an adequate salary as a newsreader. Even though, I received calls from many directors to act in movies, I refused as i didn’t have interest in acting.
One a new news channel approached me, with a salary package of one lakh per month. I believed that and went for attending the audition. I wore a tight yellow colour short skirts up to my knees. The workers in that channel received me and brought me to the -3rd floor. I mean the floor was underground.
My heart was beating more rapidly. Indicating something bad is going to happen. They told me to visit the cabin in the left side. I entered the cabin. There was a man inside it. He was sitting naked in his cabin. I was shocked. When I turned back, I found that the door through which I entered has been locked. I turned back. The man was not there. I felt hands on my 36 D boobs. Yes, he was squeezing and my boobs vigorously standing behind me. I can’t oppose him. I can’t even move. Then he told me, that if I cooperate, he will leave me alive. If you oppose, I will kill you and bury at the same place. No one is going to ask me.
I begged,” please leave me”.
But he didn’t hear my begging. He just started to enjoy me. As I had no option, I decided to cooperate. Till then, I was a virgin.
He started unbuttoning my upskirts. I was now standing in front of him a pink coloured bra. He took a scissors. I thought he was about to kill me. And i cried. Don’t kill me. He slapped me and cut my bra with that scissors. Now my breasts were completely exposed. He started squeezing my boobs and played with my nipples. He pulled my nipples as if pulling out from my boobs. Do you wanna fuck me? He groaned. Aaaagh I accepted due to unbearable pain. He then let my nipples and ordered me to kneel down. I did as he told me. He started rubbing his dick allover my face. And now open your mouth whore he shouted. He inserted his cock in my mouth and ordered me not to bite it but to suck it. He started thrusting vigorously. It was beyond my throat. His hands were squeezing my boobs terribly. After sometime, he cummed in my mouth. I tried to spit but he ordered to swallow it. Then he pulled me by hair and dragged me to the bedroom attached with his cabin. He threw me on the bed and he pulled my underwear away from my body. Played with my navel for sometime. Now he reached my pussy. Have you shaved your pussy? He asked. I didn’t answer. He again got angry and started pinching my nipples. Aaaagh yes I answered. He bit my lips as he was fascinated by my scream. He reached my white panty.
He tore my panty and inserted his finger into my pussy. Being first time, It was more painful. I cried a lot. But he didn’t concern. He inserted fingers one after another and I started to scream because of pain. He slapped me and ordered me not to shout.
After fingering, he crawled over me and and started sucking one of my boobs while squeezing the other with his hands. I was about to cum at that time. For few minutes, he played with my tits. Suddenly, he inserted his 10″ cock in my cunt. Aaaagh please gently I cried. He didn’t listen to my words. He started thrusting vigorously. I started bleeding as it was my first time. After 10 minutes, he drained a huge load of cum into my cunt. He laid beside me and relaxed himself. I thought that it was over and he would leave me with that. But he chloroformed me.

To be continued… According to your ratings…

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