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Little foreign exchange sister

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I’m sitting in my room mom comes in I have a favor to ask you? What? We are hosting a little swedish foreign exchange student. I said, okay so, what’s that got to do with me? Mom said, when your Dad’s cousins were here from Sweden you talk to them,. I said.. yes, yes I did Mom, I talked to them in Danish, and,.if you remember they spoke both, the Danish I was thought by my Grandpa. Who was full Danish, he was from Denmark.

Mom said, I know you pick up some swedish from them. But Mom didn’t realize, as I can pick up a little bit of swedish, I was fluent in swedish, and I wasn’t about to tell her that.

I told my mom, no, no! I’m not going to be your interpreter for her. Mom,, says, please and, walk out my door.

Two days later we show up at the airport we meet her she has one of those electronic voice thingies that changes your language to another language,. she hardly know any English.

I found out her, name was Anita and,. She was 13. So, we go home and, my older sister was moved out so, she got her bedroom.. Mom told me to translate for her, I told her if she needed anything Mom said she and, Dad were in the living room and, my bedroom was right next door.

Anita comes in and tells.me dinner was ready..I know in honor of Anita being there Dad fixed his world famous swedish meatballs.

Let me describe Anita to you. cute, a typical, little, swedish girl, ,13, blonde hair, blue eyes, maybe s C cup.

We go in to eat..Anita said something to Dad she tries his swedish meatballs, she reaches for her voice thingy, and I’m thinking to myself this can’t be good. She tells me. And, Dad asked,. me when did she say? I said, she says,. your swedish meatballs are very good, just like back home. Dad smiles at her,

After dinner Dad said to take Anita into the living room and, let her pick a movie out to watch.I showed her the movies and, told her to pick a movie out she picked out Brother Bear to watch. Mom brings us in a big bowl of popcorn to share.

And, after the movie she told me movie very good really like it, enjoy it, very much can we watch the other one? I said maybe tomorrow we have school tomorrow.

And, there it was Mom’s booming voice . Mom said okay you two of to bed.. She looks at me and, ask me what did Mom say? I said of to bed. She gets up and, smiles at me and,, says good night Brother Bear. and, she goes of to bed.

Mom asked me what did she say? I said she called me Brother Bear. Mom said that cute I think she has a crush on you. Mom Stop it! Shut up! No she don’t. Mom you’re turning it awful cute embarrassing red look at you you’re embarrassed you’re already in the face.
L go
To . my bedroom thinking to myself NO,! NO! She don’t she’s 13 to.my 15. NO she don’t she just came her from another country she just wants and, needs a friend.

Next day we go to school Mom and, Dad go to work. School get out And, I go home I’m sitting at my desk doing my homework when I hear very low knock at my door, I said come in Antia come in crying.

Ok her crying got to me I will admit with her crying I tell her to sit down on my bed, she does crying.

Ok I asked her what’s wrong? She says this Brother Bear, she hands me a letter from the principal to be signed by Mom or Dad. Then she says crying I don’t want to go back yei

I look her up and down thinking to myself do I or don’t I show her the secret to my success, one of my best tricks.

I reread the letter, and she still crying I asked her did you do what they say you did? Crying she says no I tell her I can’t blame a lot too. So, you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time right?

She creeps crying, mom’s going to send me back. I smile at her, you’re not going back if I can help it I said Anita. I’m dead since one of my secrets for success as I open my top desk drawer I pull out a sign check my dad. I take Dad’s and, lay.the letter over the top of it and, grab a black pan and Trace over dad’s signature.

She keeps on crying, I put the check in the black pan back in my top desk drawer and, close it. And, I go sit next to her on my bed.

What happened next should have never ever had.happed. as keeps crying I hand her back the letter. She asked me won’t I get in trouble for this? I smile at her and tell her I haven’t got caught yet have I neither have my sister, I find dad’s name and if the principal calls I answer the phone with a deep voice and it comes from Mom my sister just uses a higher voice to answer the phone and we haven’t got caught yet. And, we’ve been doing it for years. She was still crying, but she slowed it down a little, but then it happened.

I smiled at her again, I took my hand and, brushed her blonde hair out of her eyes and, I looked into her deep blue eyes and,. Started to kiss her on her neck, she sad Brother Bear what are you doing to me?
I keep kissing her neck I asked her until you want me to stop?

She doesn’t answer me, she grabs my face and kiss me full on the lips and then like an animal in heat her tongue goes and invades my mouth.

I like her gently down on her back on top of my bed. She tells me she’s never been with a boy before. I slowly move my hand up into her blouse lifting her bra up under her blouse as I cup her C size breast she moans real low. We kiss some more.

I slide my hand under her skirt and, go to slide it down her panties and she says, stop I’m wet and tingly down there. I told her it’s okay, it’s fine that’s how you’re supposed to feel. I get my finger up into a young pussy and, she jumps a little bit I ask her are you okay? She says yes.

I asked her, do you want me to continue? She kissed my face real hard. I took that as a yes.i start to.finger fuck her pussy as she moans out real load. I haven’t even done it for 2 minutes when..

I panic I hear a car pull up I look at my clock. I think to myself oh Shit!. I tell her mom’s, home go to your room and, get fixed back up, and, I and her the note I tell her don’t lose it and, don’t let them see you. And don’t tell them or anyone what we were doing in here, and we will do some more tomorrow. She kisses me and. She’s out my door.

Mom, kids I’m home. After dinner we’re watching Brother Bear 2 she’s kind of up to me, mom comes in with the big bubble popcorn again she sees her cuddle up to me I m thinking to myself oh damn, we are so dead, but, before I can get out, it’s not what you think Mom, she smiles she says, isn’t that so, cute you’re adopted little sister took a real shining to you. I was thinking to myself, mom you don’t know the half of it wow that was too close.

The next day at breakfast, sorry kids I will be a little late, I have to work a little bit later and,Dad has a.meetig..All I could get out was ok..I told Anita what was said, she smiled and, ok.

We left walking to school and, she shocked the shit out me. She said so, when we get home to day are you going to Fuck me! Wow I was thinking to myself she can speak English that was clear as hell with her accent attached to it.i was thinking were did that come from right out of left field. I wonder to myself where she heard that from. I ask, her do you want me to? She said yes.

So all day long all I keep thinking about was banging this little 13 year old pussy from another country,, iny pretty sure she was thinking to herself what it would be like.

3,pm came and, I ran all the way home and, I was running around like a crazy mad man! I grab an old blanket out of my closet and,layed it out on top of my bed.

There no way in hell I could explain to Mom all the blood on my blanket or sheets next I went Into the kitchen and, got a trash bag to throw . my bloody blanket away in afterwards. At least the bag, you couldn’t tell what was in it.

My clock said 315 pm I was thinking to myself Anita should be coming in at any time. She came in as I was sitting on the edge of my bed.

She jumped up on top of me smiling and kissing my face.

I start to unbutton her blouse all the way down open and low I start to kiss her I get up and she asked me what’s wrong? I said nothing. As I close and lock my door

I tell her we don’t want no interruptions from mom or dad coming home early. As I go back to kissing Anita my hand reaches up down and around and unhook her bra, I take 1 of her C. Nipples in my mouth and suck hard and she moans next I take off my tee.

And take off her cute skirt, I look at her laying there and ask her again are you sure about this? Again she says yes.

Take off her white panties and, I take down my jeans, and my underwear and, she sees my dick, she tells me it’s so big I hope it will fit it’s bigger than my brothers, I don’t even want to know.

I tell her now open your legs and she does and I get between the and she’s got a nice little blonde hair covering her pussy up. As I pull her pussy open and start to eat her pussy out again she moans I have my tongue darkening out of her pussy. I start to suck on her pussy lips now she in total ecstasy.

My cock starts to grow he has like you her wet for me to fuck I’ll tell her you’re ready, she says good, but first I need to pee, as I keep eating her young pussy out, I tell her you don’t need to pee you’re having an orgasm just let it go, he will feel much better afterwards.

She lets her orgasm go and I get drowned in my face and my mouth.

At this time I asked her, are you ready for me to fuck you? She says yes. I tell her at first is going to hurt you but once I get you by the pain you will enjoy it I promise you.

She says okay. I tell her the pain gets to be too much for you let me know and I will stop, she says okay.

Take my hard dick and push it into her pussy,, she says it hurts a little bit going in, but I’m okay I’m fine keep going.

I push a little more into her pussy and, start to fuck her. She tries to hold back her tears but, I see them running down her face. As I keep fucking her. I come to her hymen, that touch it, she says that hurt. I asked her do you want me to stop? She says no.

I say I touched your hymen once I have broke through it you won’t be a virgin no more and you will be bleeding bad you want me to? She says yes.

I tell her to hold on, I will get you through it as fast as I can. Hypo my dick out and push it in as hard as I can and she screamed, just as I knew she would.

I start to fuck her slow as she cries and screams, I pick up my pace and, I fuck her hard but, she still crying and screaming and, I go a.little bit faster that she keeps crying and screaming, now her crying and screaming turns to moaning. Tells me you were right you can enjoyable now I said I told you. As I keep on fucking her.

She moans and she feels building up but only this time she knows she don’t have to pee she orgasms all over my dick.

I keep fucking her I f*** over at my clock, I think to myself oh shit! Thank you be coming home at any time. As I pick up my pace once again fucking her kee she keeps on moaning and, I cum in her pussy.

She asked me, why was that? I said, I cum in you, she said, your daddy’s seed is in me? I said yes, I m pregnant? I said I don’t know, I kiss her and

I tell her to get dressed before okay come home. She says, I love you brother bear and smiles at me I said, I love you too. now get dressed.. she gets dressed.

I take the bloody blanket and put it into the trash bag and take it out to trash.


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    I would love to be exchanged to France and visit all the French lingerie shops and purchase some corsets and lacey undergarments and all types of nylon stockings !!

    • Brother bear ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      I bet you would it beautiful any time of the year and you being there would make that much more beautiful

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    Breed the little bitch, send her back home with a baby in her belly

    • Brother bear ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      Thank you for the suggestion

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    Leave the kid alone or better yet just leave. Brother I enjoyed it don’t let the shit doctors around you of also you keep doing what you like to do riding from your heart and I’ll be waiting for a part two or another story from you

  • Reply Yeeta ID:1i2kucyi8rk

    Jesus I know it’s smut but at least proof read it. So many mistakes. Could have been a decent story but I’m not going to even finish it. For your future stories I recommend reading it out loud so you can hear the mistakes yourself. Unless you just don’t care, then do you I guess.

    • Bad brother ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      I don’t care

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    this shit made my head hurt.

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      Good then it did the job

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    A little hard to read but great story