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Jail ‘Bate

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#Lies. Right off the bat, I want to point out that this is a convicted sex offender, telling his side of the story…

“It’s not like that. See, she turned out to be 19, but she said that she forgot her ID. She wanted to buy a bunch of cans, 4Loco, Smirnoff Ice, that kind of thing.”

“24 ounce.”

“Yeah, but they just poured them all in a punch-bowl. I told her that I couldn’t sell her them without ID, but I’d be taking the trash out. How many you need? There’s a mic on the register, but it only goes out to the pumps if you push the button.”

“I know, man. It’s just underage drinking, but that’s not how you got a statch charge.”

“Huh, well when I got off work, they were waiting for me. Out front, in a jeep. Actually, a Bronco II with the top taken off. So they could all pile in the back in their bikinis, and they had the case of punch with them in a cooler.”

“So, you hopped in the truck with them?”

“No, but they said I did them a solid, so they invited me out to the party. Turns out one of them was house-sitting, up in the hills. They had a pool, hot-tub, sauna, and mud room.”

“So, a pool party.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t have any trunks. I was the only man there, but I didn’t exactly go around, checking IDs. I stayed out of the pool, and got drunk. They got drunk enough that they started stripping down in the mud-room, and toweling each other off. I guess some of them were bisexual, but when I headed in, they all wanted me to strip, and I was too drunk to care. All those hot horny girls laughing, and getting naked. You know, Girls Gone Wild?”

“I haven’t been in here that long.” My cellmate, he was transferring out of prison, so they had him in the jail, while they finished his paperwork, and set up a halfway house. I was awaiting trial, but the sentence wasn’t as bad as the Registration. Some of the charges, improper acts with a minor, no idea how many counts yet.

“Well, they took pictures, and video. After I passed out, they posed with me. Sat on my face, and my crotch.”

“Yeah, but did you get to fuck them?”

“No, they just gave me head, and jerked me off, but. About 2 or 3 times, I think. Honestly, I lost count of how many times they sucked me hard again, and beat me off.”

“Sounds like some wild night.” He rolled over when they turned the lights out, but I don’t know about him. Ever since I got here, I don’t know if I can trust him. He said he never had to kill anyone in prison, it was just GTA, and possession of stolen goods. A chop-shop, but he didn’t know it was a chop-shop. Or a body-shop, where they also parted out stolen cars, for the black market, or whatever.

The showers made me uncomfortable. Even though it’s just like the locker room, back when I was in high school. PE, but the worst thing you had to worry about was a wet towel, rolled up into a whip to snap if you let your towel drop too long. You looking at my dick? No, of course not, but not looking around.

The whole pod got rounded up, and led down to the showers. Like a chain gang, they didn’t chain our feet together, because where are we going to go? The handcuffs were strung on the chain together though. They didn’t have a Sherriff in there, with us. So, if anything was going to happen, it would be in there, but you have to trust the rest of the criminals to stop the homos, if they tried to rape somebody.

This is just jail, but I know I’m going to prison. I hate to ask him about that part of it, but how do you survive in prison? Other than getting teardrop tattoos to warn anyone not to fuck with you. Shank someone so they know you’re probably armed, and I guess I’m handy enough to break off a mop handle so it’s got a point. Sharpen it on some rough concrete, and find some way to carry it in my coveralls where they won’t see it.

All right, yeah. Technically, I did the crime, and when I’m convicted, I’ll be a convict. A criminal, and a registered sex offender, but how was I supposed to know those high school girls would bring their little sisters, and let them pose with my body when I passed out? They didn’t roofy me, did they? Come on, college girls don’t roofy guys to molest them while they’re passed out, they shouldn’t have to. Unless they’re fat, or ugly or something. Even then, I’m sure there’s plenty of fat ugly college guys for them, too.


“Huh?” I tried to brush his hand away. “No, don’t.”

“Relax,” he just held on. Stopped stroking, but he got down off his bunk, my cock out the fly in my shorts, and somehow hard before I even woke up.

“I said no, man. I’m not gay.”

He laughed, “Me neither, but you don’t see any girls around here, do you?”

“No, but that don’t mean I want to get molested by another guy.”

He laughed again. “Of course not. If you wanted it, then it would be gay. Just close your eyes, and think about those girls. All those horny little drunk girls.” He’s not going to stop, but honestly. I couldn’t even get it up since I got here, and he knows what he’s doing. “Where you’re going, there aren’t any girls neither.”

“Shut the fuck up, man.”

“So, you better get used to it now.” But he wouldn’t stop talking, so I could imagine some girl, with big rough hands, a firm grip, and a slow steady stroke…

“I knew it, that’s how you made it through prison, huh? You join up with a fag gang?”

“Huh, no. Of course not. You want the truth? I had contacts in the guards, and some of the other prisoners. When you work with cars, you get to meet a lot of people. All kinds of people, because everyone needs a car. I never had to get rid of a body neither, but I knew a guy. If I ever needed to get rid of a body. Say there was an accident, that doesn’t look like an accident. You understand that. Sometimes people make mistakes, and it ends up looking much worse. Like those little sisters, how young where they?”

“I don’t know, I passed out.”

“Yeah, but they’re all reporting you together. Don’t tell me your lawyer didn’t show you the list of all the charges.”

“You’re not a pedophile.”

He shrugged, “Honestly, at my age, I don’t care. A hole’s a hole, and age is just a number. I’m sure you’ll realize that when you’re older.”

“I’m 23, damnit.”

“Yeah, but it’s not like you’re all that experienced. What, did you think I’d be impressed, by your little pool party story?”

“No, but it’s not just a story, god’s honest truth.”

“Yeah, I believe you, but come on, man. Try that one in prison, and see what kinds of stories you hear. Oh, I’m not a sexual predator, a child molester, or a fag. You think they’re gonna care about that? You think that’s going to make a difference to the rapists, child molesters, and bull queers when they get to you? Go ahead, tell them no, don’t. Stop, I’m not gay. Go ahead and try that, like they haven’t heard that before. As if they don’t get off on it.”

“UHN! No, god. Oh god, no.”

“Huh huh huh. You’re a quick learner.”

“Ah fuck.” I can’t believe that worked. “What are you some sort of hypnotist?”

“No, just a man. Now, roll over, and pull your pants down.”

“No, you’ll rape me.”

“Not if you let me. Come on, man. Somebody’s going to break you in, but if it’s not me. I can bet you the next guy won’t be so gentle. Won’t make sure you enjoy it.”

He must have caught my wad in his other hand. I didn’t notice, because I was too surprised that he beat me off, talking about all those sick gay things. Happening to me, but with my wad wiped up the crack, he easily wiggled his finger in my tight virgin pucker.

“OH!” I never thought that, what I might be afraid of is that it might feel good. This good, of course it does. Girls wouldn’t let you do it if it didn’t feel good, and they don’t even have a prostate.

“OH! Ngh!”

“Here,” he stuffed my pillow under my face. “Bite on this.” I got a mouthful of foam through the pillowcase, and just breathed through my nose.

“SNH! SnhHhH!” Shaking, I started shaking, like I was having an orgasm, even though. I can’t actually get an orgasm, from this. Can I? Are anal orgasms actually a thing? That’s probably just prostate fluid shaking off the tip of my cock. My flaccid cock swinging with my drained balls, but then he pulled out.

“UH!” My asshole slammed shut, and puckered. Kissing at his fingertips, hungry for more.

“I told you I’d Make you enjoy it.”

“Siph!” I sucked drool out of the corners of my mouth, and bunched the foam block together to wipe my face on the pillow.

“Now, I’m gonna fuck you good.” He slapped my hips on both sides, then dug his thumbs in to pull apart my cheeks. Stretch my crack wide open for his hard cock.

“Huh, yeah.” I just put my face back down, and pit the foam, but it didn’t hurt. It didn’t hurt at all. It felt good, so good, I began to doubt my own sexuality.

I was right, I couldn’t get off on getting buttfucked, but I got hard again. Finally, he pulled out, and beat off so it ran down my balls, and dripped on the floor.

“Huh, you like to suck cock?” I rolled over, and kicked my boxer shorts off.

“Not really, man.” He stood up, and pulled up his shorts. The same shorts, part of the uniform, just 1 button in the fly, but I saw his soft wet wrinkled hairy cock, before he pulled them up. Over a tattoo on his hip of a V-twin with 2 wrenches under it like crossbones, but I didn’t get a chance to read the banner before he covered it up.

“Huh, well if you want a decent blowjob later, maybe you want to show me how it’s done?”

He looked down, under the metal shelf they had up for bunk beds, and laughed. “Huhuhuh! All right. I knew you’d get the hang of it.”

“Huh, yeah. I’m a quick learner.” Luckily, he lied, He got hard again sucking my cock, so I could show him what I learned. I tried to swallow every drop, but a little ran out the corners of my mouth, to wipe up, and suck off my fingers.

“Whew!” I just lay back, and put my arms up under my head. To think, only the light through the window on the door to shut out. The square shining on the back wall, getting dimmer, as I let my eyes closed, and fell back asleep until they got us up for breakfast.

All right, I guess I’ll be all right after all. The next day, he helped me get my story straight. Honestly, they don’t have to know what you’re really in for, but that party. Honestly, he’s right. It’s much better if they had handcuffs, and tied me up before they gang-banged me.

It turns out I’m a bottom. It doesn’t really matter who they are, or what they want to do to me.

I’m down…



Also denial, and gaslighting. It doesn’t really matter what his sexuality was going in. He managed to let himself get talked into thinking that it’s better than getting raped, and the truth is, that’s one way to survive in prison without killing anyone, if you’re not a killer.

Basically, it works on men too, under the right circumstances, but it helps if they don’t have any real choice. It’s just rape by coercion, instead of proxy, strongarm, or threat. It’s still rape, but it’s easier if you can convince them to think otherwise.

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