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Gamer Girl

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If you ask incels on reddit, and read the comments on Youtube, the illusive “Gamer Girl” is a myth, but don’t listen to those guys.

Agnes (PoV changes each chapter, so they both get to tell their story. Chapter heads have their name, so you know who’s talking…)


So, I finally unlocked Firestarters, and crafted a flag, for more XP, so I could unlock more of their parts. They’re light, and have decent Durability for their weight, so I was able to get my car tougher, AND more durable!

Lucky me, Gareth came over after church, and my mom showed him in. “What’chup to?”

“Well,” I showed him, “I’m just clearing out my weekly Challenges, I need Wires to unlock this skill on Jade.” In the Garage, I showed him Armadillo. “I don’t have Aegis Prime yet, because that’s a legendary, but.” He got out his phone, and held it out, over my shoulder.

“I just got started,” He showed me a screencap, from his garage.

“Well, you really should space that armor out, for cannons better. You on Steam?”

“Yeah, why don’t you log out, and show me what you’re talking about?”

“What’s your login?”


“All one word?” I started typing.

“No, underline it, between Goblin, and King.”

“Okay,” Goblin_King_14.

“No, just between the words, not the numbers.”

I deleted the second underscore. “What’s the password?” He leaned over, so I scooted back, and let him type it in, but he must have gotten sweaty sitting in church all day, because he had a little damp spot underneath his arm.

“There,” he stood up, and popped his collar, then took his tie off, and looked down. “Uh, can I use your restroom?”

I turned around, and nodded. Just stuck my thumb over my shoulder, but bit my lip, and looked back. On his way out, he was walking funny, and I tried looking at his car in the garage, but I let the giggle out as soon as he closed the bathroom door.

“Huh, okay…” Growl, but still Van pieces for armor, and when I hit [Tab], he only had one Canvas Top for the back, I guess. Not even Van Doors, because he was only Engineer’s level 6. So he must’ve bought the Growl, on my recommendation, because it has the most energy, and you don’t need a Generator as much, but he’s still using Luparas, instead of Goblins, because he hasn’t unlocked Lunatics yet.

He, had an offroad bumper, and he sure was in there a long time just to take a piss…

Okay, he’s cool, and I like him. Especially since he doesn’t give me shit about playing video games, but if you ask the guys on the forums, a girl can’t drive, can’t fight, and can’t build a decent vehicle to save her life. So, whenever I posted pictures of my rides on there, they just say “Yeah, it’s pretty, but I bet you’re going to get 1-shot if you ever take that in Clan Wars.”

Okay, maybe he’s taking a dump, but I noticed that he sure had to go to the bathroom a lot, when he was over here. So, I got up, and I didn’t knock, I just listened to him grunt through the door, and then I heard it.

Fap Fap Fap Fap. I covered up my mouth, and tried not to giggle, but then I went right back, and got the table knife out of the drawer. My dresser drawer, just in case my little brother locked it, and climbed out the window again, just to play a practical joke. I swear, he’s like Rocket Raccoon, and stealing people’s cybernetic body parts, it’s his favorite joke, but he was really going at it now, and if I could hear it slapping through the door, it must be loud enough to drown out the table knife, scraping the latch while I pried it open, and wiggled the tip in the strike-plate to push the latch in.

“I knew it!”

“Uh!” He stopped, and turned around.

“You WERE looking at my tits!” I lowered my voice, and closed the door, so mom wouldn’t hear me over her movies, but I barely even saw it before he covered it up, and turned around.

He had his pants open, though. Of course, and he tried pulling them back up, but I grabbed the belt loop, and pulled it. “It’s okay, I don’t mind at all, but you didn’t just pretend to like Crossout, just to get in my room, and beat off in the bathroom?”

He shook his head, but jumped when I stuck my hand in his pants, felt his warm but cheeks clench, and then goosed him to feel his balls.

“No, uh uh. I like Crossout too, but you’re not mad?” He turned around, and I looked down.

“Huh!” I giggled, and went right for his crotch. Pushing his fist out of the way, but it popped up, so I had to pull his shirt up to get a good look at it.

“No, oh no. I’m glad that I finally. Huh!” I bit my lip, and shook my head, before I said something stupid like, I imagined it would be bigger.

Of course I did, just looking at the guys’ on the internet, they must have some casting office that only specializes in men with 8 inches or more, but I don’t really care, one way or another.

“Ope, bahahehehihn!” Just as soon as I got a good grip on it, and rolled his balls in the fingers of my other hand, they pulled tight, and he started shooting.

“Uh!” Shaking too. “UhHhuhuh! Huh!” His knees went weak, and he knocked his phone in the sink, before he fell down. That made his dick slip out, and it popped up, bouncing, and twitching again, to shoot another long stringy drop, and then it just kind of ran down.

“Huh!” He sat down on the toilet, while I looked at my hands. The thick sticky blob that stuck to my arm, and held it up, so it ran down. While he caught his breath, I smelled it. Sperm, real live sticky white jizz, just like in the stories, but it didn’t smell tangy, and when i licked it off, it wasn’t salty, either.

I read a lot of stories too, and even the ones I can believe a girl wrote it, because she knows the first thing about being a girl, when most of them are obviously written by boys, because you can tell.

Okay, if she starts off with her bra size, first thing before she ever even says what color her hair, and eyes are? (I’m Scotts, so reddish brown, and green, bye the way.) No, that’s a boy, trying to imagine what it’s like to be a girl, but I’ll have you know that we don’t wake up every morning, look in the mirror, and thank god for 36DDs.

(No, I don’t have 36DDs. Not even close, and don’t you think that much would get in the way?)

“Mh!” You know what? It kinda reminds me of Kindergarten paste, or glue sticks, for some reason. Maybe that’s what they mean by tangy, but it sure didn’t smell like that. I just stood there, and felt it sticking to the roof of my mouth. It has a weird mouth feel too, but the aftertaste? For all the world, it reminded me of doing collages in, I don’t know. Grade school, and the teacher told us not to eat paste, so of course we tried it to find out why not?


Gareth (mf NS Date/Talk)

So, she washed up, and then we went back to her room, so she could change into something that didn’t have sperm all over it.

“Here,” she got out a sheet of paper, and a pencil. “Why don’t you write something, while I get changed?”

“Okay,” as long as she isn’t kicking me out, I sat down while she pulled her dress off, and sniffed it. “What do you want me to write?”

“I don’t know, whatever you’re feeling, and especially what you think of me.”

I nodded, and she turned around, slipping the bra straps down her shoulders so she could pull it around, and unhook it in the back.

[Agnes,] I started, and then looked back, just in time to see her bare boob from the side. [She’s not like the other girls. Yeah, she’s pretty, and her green eyes really bring out the red in her hair.] She laughed when I showed her the gamer girls I was looking at, on my phone. I don’t know what the one was playing when the other came in to mess with her, and get her horny, but she just shook her head, no.

Now, she’s putting another bra on. “Uh, what size bra you wear?”

“Uh!” She rolled her eyes, and shook her head. “What’s with you guys, and inches? It doesn’t matter what size they are, how big is your dick?”

“I don’t know, I never measured it?”

“Exactly, because it doesn’t really matter.” She finished hooking the new one up, and turned it around, so she could shake them into the cups, and pull the straps up over her shoulder. “Let me see what you got so far.” She leaned over, in just her bra, and panties. “Uh!” She rolled her eyes, and shook her head. “Cliche’.”


“She’s not like the other girls.” She laughed.

“Well, what do you want me to write?” I asked again.

“Huh, I’m sorry. Go on.” She pointed, and went back to the dresser. So, I tried to think about what I ment by that.

[I like her freckles, especially the ones on her shoulders, and neck. She doesn’t sun-tan, she burns, but the first time I saw her by the pool, in gym class. It was right after summer, so her freckles were really large, and a lot darker than they are now. Now, they’re lighter, and redder, but her hair is darker, but I guess pink? Yeah, like her nipples, and her lips, too. I just noticed her lips are the exact same shade of pink as her nipples, and is that?]

“Huh!” She was reading over my shoulder this whole time, but now she had a loose top on. “You know what? I never noticed that before, but I think you might be right?”

“About what?”

“Well, the girls in the locker room, I guess, but now that I think about it, yeah.” She nodded, and picked up her purse. “Maybe they are all the same color. You ready to go?”

“Go where?” I got up, and started folding up the sheet of paper.

“No leave it. That’s for me. MOom?” She called down the hall, “I’m going over to Gareth’s house to work on his truck.”

“Oh,” I looked back, “I better sign out, so we can sign back in, when we get back to my place.” I shook my head, “You mean in Crossout, or the real truck, in the barn?”

She made that dirty little giggle, then stopped to think about it. Then she nodded, “The barn,” and zipped up her hoody. Then, she grabbed the keys from beside the door, and when we were outside, she said. “I didn’t really mean that, it’s just an excuse to go back to your place, but maybe we can use it, to make out in the barn?”

“Sure!” She unlocked her door, then hit the locks, and got in. “So, we’re really boyfriend, and girlfriend now?”

She laughed, and looked back. Put her arm on my shoulder, but gave it a squeeze backing out. “Of course!” I figured that ment I could kiss her, so she held the break, then bit her lip, and looked down, blushing. Smiled, and shook her head, then put it in gear.

“So, if you don’t like lesbians, then how come you look at the other girls in the locker room?”

“Oh, I don’t mind lesbians, I just don’t want to watch it.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s not that sexy,” she shrugged, “Unless there’s a dick in it.” She let go of the steering wheel, as soon as we’re going straight, on her street, and pulled the hood off her hair. Unzipped the front a little, too. “I guess it’s okay, when it’s like 2 girls, and a boy, playing bisexual.” She shrugged, “I’m not bisexual, either, but it’s okay if some girls are. I guess I just looked at the other girls in gym class to see what they have, that I don’t.”

“Like who?”

“Well, you know Tawandah, especially.”

“Yeah, she’s really busty.” I remember reading what she wrote, “But maybe a little too busty, they probably get in the way, huh?” I nodded.

“Yeah, well she needs 2 bras, her regular bra, and a sports bra just to keep them in check, when she’s dribbling.”

“Not like you, your’s are still nice an perky, and I bet she sags a lot too.”

“Not as much as you might think, but yeah.” She shrugged, “A little.” She laughed, but didn’t bite her lip, the way she usually does, and I like that. It makes me think, what she might be holding back, but she didn’t hold back. I kinda wish she did, just to see her bite her lip again. “Thanks. You like my butt, too?”

“Well, honestly, I never got a good look. It sure doesn’t stick out as much, as Tawandah’s, but you always wear skirts, or dresses, and when i got a chance to see you changing. I looked, but you’re topless, and then you were standing there with your bra on, so I forgot to check.”

Whew! I can’t help noticing that was a test. You know, the does my butt look big in these pants, or does this make my butt look big? Test. I think I passed it, and then I got scared that I forgot to put the seat back down, before I remembered that i never put it up i the first place. Of course, I didn’t really have to pee, that was just an excuse, to let a little pressure off.

I don’t suppose that I have to do that any more, now that she finished it off, and we’re going over to my place, to make out in the barn. That should be plenty of time to get it up again, especially with her talking dirty, and using dirty words like dick. TBPH, I was a little worried that she might no just be a bit of a Tomboy, even though she never dressed like one, but what a relief, she’s straight.

She likes my dick, and that’s just such a relief, it even feels more awesome than us going out, officially. “Can I hold your hand?”

“Sure,” we’re up to speed now, so she doesn’t need it to shift gears, like a pro, I might add. Maybe when i get the truck running again, she’ll show me how to work the clutch, but it was just reassuring?

“Huh!” I laughed, “It almost feels like my prayers were answered.” I joked, and she laughed too, but I just don’t know what else to say, and she’s not talking. So, I just held her hand, and felt her fingers in mine. Just like pinching myself, to prove that it’s not just another dream. I guess girl of my dreams is another cliche’, but it’s true. I just have to ask myself how I ever got so lucky?


Agnes (fm Date/Talk. ff Toys.)

Yeah, I’d seen that video before, so I don’t guess it was a big surprise that it came up, while he was looking at porn on his phone. I mean, maybe it’s not the most common one, but it sure pops up often enough on the story sites.

It got quiet, and awkward, so I just drove for a while. Since he lives way out in the country, which is why his family has an old barn they use for a garage. He’s not religious, by the way. He’s just from a religious family, but not me. Yeah, my dad went to church, but he didn’t make us go.

Good for me, I guess. That means we don’t have to wait to get married, and he doesn’t expect me to be a virgin, even though I am. Well, “Huh! I tried it, with another girl, once.” I giggled nervously, and bit my lip. “I wasn’t really curious, I just. Well, I guess Lauren, she used to be my best friend, until she put the moves on me, but her brother was a gamer, and she showed me a trick, with his Playstation?

Oh yeah, and I mean a real gamer guy, you know the type.”

“Not really, I only just got into them myself. Always thought they were a waste of time, personally.”

“Yeah, well, I guess he was the first one that I heard say stuff like; ‘Oh, well you can’t play this, because you’re a girl. It’s too violent, and scary,’ to keep his sister from playing with his Playstation.” I had to laugh, “If he only knew! Well, let me explain first, his favorite game was Dark Souls, and it would have been a lot better if he played it on X-box.” I joked. “So anyway, he had this controller, it’s called a Dual Shock, and it’s got these little handles for you to hold onto.”

I had to pull up to a stop-light anyway, so I timed it, so I could let go of the wheel, and show him “Like this?” Then, I dropped the clutch, and shifted it into second, when we got up to speed again.

“Uh huh?” You have to watch out, on these county roads, because the Sheriffs really like to hide, and catch you speeding, or running stop-signs to make money off of tickets.

“Well, it turned out, she used it like a vibrator. You see, in that game, you could put on armor, and dodge roll. So, she leaded up his character with the biggest fattest armor, so the controller buzzed when she spammed the roll button to buzz us off to orgasms. Then, she tried to kiss me, and feel me up, so it got weird, and uncomfortable to be around her after that. So, I stopped hanging out with her.”

“Oh, so that’s why you thought I might have just pretended to like Crossout to get in your room?”

“Yeah, I guess. That, and you were kinda reluctant, but not too reluctant, you know? Like you weren’t really interested in that, and then you started using my bathroom, a little too long, and too much to just be taking a piss in there.”

“Yeah, uh. I mean, yeah, I like the game, and it’s really cool too. It just takes a long time to get anything decent, but I like you too.” He took my hand again, “So, it’s not like one thing, or another, I like both, but if it weren’t for you, i never would have gotten over the video game thing.”

“Yeah, and what’s up with that?”

“Well, you know my dad, and his dad.”

“Not really,” I try not to spend too much time around either of them, but it’s his garage, and his father’s tools.
So, it’s not like i have much of a choice. At least not until next year, when I can take Shop, as an elective. Then, i can use the school’s garage, instead of the gym.

“Well, they’re just old fashioned, so anything new they don’t understand must be witchcraft, from the devil.”

“Oh yeah.” I laughed, “Huh!” It is kinda cool, in a way, how his grandad said he could have the old Dodge, when he got it running. I guess, it was a good lesson, so he appreciates hard work, and he gets a truck out of the deal. I have to finagle mom just to let me use this, cheap piece of shit hatchback, because it’s all she can afford, and dad worked it out with the divorce lawyer so he doesn’t have to pay alimony, or child support,
So, I’ll never see a cent of that money until I start college, but if I chose a nice cheap trade school, then there should be plenty left for my brother, when he graduates.

“So, I finally decided I have lots of time to waste, and it’s my time, but I’m glad I get to spend it with you.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet!”


Gareth (mf…)

“Uh, you want to pull in? I don’t have a back seat.” I got out, and pulled the door open to let us in.

“Don’t worry about the back seat,” she’d got a 2 door anyway, or her mom does, but there poor, so it’s the best she could afford. She looked around, and pulled the door shut behind her. “Huh!” she turned around, “Why don’t you come over here, and kiss me again?”

“Okay,” I’m nervous again, when for some reason when she caught me, all that went away. It’s weird how I had this feeling, and I guess she wants me to write or talk about my feelings like any girl. You think that’s why they like stories better then pictures, and movies? Because they write about there feelings?

“Smooch!” She bit her lip again, but it was too dark to see if she’s blushing or not. “I love it when you bite your lip like that. Does that mean you’re nervous too?”

She nodded, but that didn’t stop her going for my crotch, and rubbing it hard through my jeans again.

“You sure weren’t too nervous when you grabbed my ass in the bathroom.” She took the hint, and felt around while I kissed her some more, and felt the smooth porcelain hard enamel of her teeth with my tongue. She pulled me in, and I hugged her arms, until she spread her legs, and started humping one of my thighs through her skirt.

“Smooch, huh!” I caught my breath, “So how do you do it, when you’re alone, and thinking about boys?”

“Not boys,” she shook her head seriously, but just smiled. “You, just you. I never wanted anyone else but you.”

“Oh!” I kissed her again real quick. “But you can’t just hump my leg through your clothes.”

“Huh, I don’t guess you have any rubbers in here?”

“No, of course not.” My family don’t believe in Birth Control either, just God, and the devil wants us to have premarital sex so He can take our souls down to hell with Him. I shook my head, “Never mind that, there’s lots of stuff we can do without getting you pregnant, I just have no idea how girls do it.” I joked, “I sure donlt have a Playstation controller, or a copy of Demon Souls.”

“Dark Souls. Demon Souls was the first one.” She looked around, and took a deep, ragged breath. “Huh, too bad they took all the hay out when they brought the tools in.” She went around the corner of the truck, and pulled the latch on the tailgate.

“That’s stuck, here. Let me help you up.” I almost looked away, when her skirt flipped up, and fell down her leg, then i remembered she’s my girlfriend now, and it’s okay to look. “Yeah, you have a nice butt.”

“Thanks!” She turned around, and shrugged out of her hoodie. Dropped it, and took her top off first. “Well, since you asked, i just use my fingers.” She shrugged, pulling out the shoulder straps, and letting them down, so she could pull her bra around, and unhook it in front of her. “Oh,” she looked up, “28 C.”

“What?” I looked up.

“You asked what size bra I wear?” She held it out, hanging like a dead fish. “28 C.”

“Oh,” I shrugged, “I don’t care. That was just for the story.”

“Oh,” she shrugged, and jiggled a little. Then, she squeezed them together, pushing down her skirt, and shimmying out of it to kick it off. She giggled, “This sure isn’t anything like I imagined my first time.”

“Honestly? I know it was all your idea to come over here and,” I held up quotey fingers, “Work on my truck,” unquote, “But honestly, it’s almost exactly like I imagined it.”

“In the barn, in the back of a rusty old pickup?”

“Well, no. In a garage, and an old car with a back seat, but other than that, yeah. You belong here, in a garage, with tools, and an engine to work on. This is like your home, where else would I imagine us doing it?”

“Huh!” She thought, then looked down, and smiled, shaking her head. “Well, I always imagined us getting married, and maybe going up to Niagra falls, for our honeymoon.”

“Is that what you want? Because I’ll start saving up right now to take you up to Niagra Falls, for our honeymoon! Turn around.”

“Okay?” She twisted around, in her panties, and looked back.

“Now, take them off, but slowly.”

“Like this? Or slower?”

“Not too slow, but huh! Yeah, let me see your privates, bend over, but not too fast.” I must have made a face.


“You don’t dye your hair, or anything.”

“No?” She stood up, and turned around. Sticking her hips out, and bending over to look. “It’s dark in here, and besides, I don’t get any sun on my pubes, you want to go turn on the light, or something?”

“Yeah,” I ran back to the door, and hit the switch box. “So, the sun makes your hair turn red?”

“No, but the red is still there,” she held out her hair, “Underneath the brown, so if I spend enough time out i the sun, it brings out the highlights.”

“Oh,” I walked back up to the side of the truck. “Come here, let me get a closer look.” I turned my head, out of the way so the shop light shone right on her pubes, and “I think I can see a little red in there.” I sniffed.

“Well,’ she backed up, “You wanted to see it, so.” She picked up her skirt, and layed it over the other side first. So, she could turn around, and sit down, spread her legs, and pull her hair out of the way with her fingers.

“Hang on a sec, let me climb up.” I had to look down, and use the bare brake drum, with it off the flat tires, and up on jack stands like that, but I didn’t really mean she had to wait. So, I didn’t mind when i looked up, and saw her fingers busy, rubbing between her legs. They covered up her. Well, she called it a Snatch, but then again, I never thought to wonder what she called the dark mysterious place between her legs. Her sex.

“Can I try it?”

“Huh!’ She moved her hand, “Yeah, but why don’t you kiss me while you’re at it?’ She took my hands, and put one between her legs, the other up on her chest, and it was hard to pay attention to my tongue in her mouth, with a handful of soft warm round breast, and trying to find her nipple by feel, I forgot all about trying to figure out what to do with her sex.

Snatch, I mean snatch.

“Huh!” She rolled her eyes, “Why don’t you try rubbing it, or something?”

“Sorry,” I sat down, and folded my leg under me, to get a better angle, and pay attention to what I’m doing. “Aren’t you supposed to be wet?” I shook my head.

“I probably am inside, why don’t you feel around inside, to see?”

“Okay,” I let go, and smelled my fingers. Sucked them to get them wet, then touched her again, and slipped my middle finger down to feel around for the whole in the bottom. I know it has to be down here, somewhere.

“Ow!” She jumped, and pushed my hand out of the way.

“Sorry, too big? Let me try my pinky.”

“No,” she held my hand up. “You need to cut your nails,” She felt the edge on the end of my fingertip. “You still have that box of blue gloves, for working on the engine?”

“Yeah, let me get one right quick.” I had to reach through the window in the back, to grab them off the seat, but she kept going, and started moaning? I guess, not like oohs, and ahs, but more like humming, and biting her lip.

“How can you do that”‘ with 2 fingers inside her, “With your long nails, then?”

“Well, carefully?” She shook her head, and stopped pumping her knuckles in, and out. “They’re my nails, and I can feel what I’m doing, because it’s inside me. Hurry up.” She practically whined impatiently. So, I pulled the glove on as quick as I could, and thought about maybe cutting the thumb off one, to use as a rubber, but she already got me off once in her hand, and it was amazing. So, it was only fair to finger her off next, before i got my dick back out.

I wondered, since she called it a Dual Shock, if her and her ex-best friend both did it together, or took turns? I think it might be impolite to ask, since she’s so uncomfortable about what happened, and it almost sounds like she tried to rape, or molest her. At the very least, she tricked her, and lied to her. I guess it’s different for girls, because I can’t imagine having any problem with a woman tricking me, and even lying to me, to get i my pants? I mean, yeah, maybe if she wasn’t a hot redhead, like Agnes.

“I don’t like you.” I leaned over, and her eyes flew open.

“What?” Her eyebrows tried to come together into one big one, with a point down in the middle, but I smiled, and leaned over to whisper. “I love you, Agnes,” then I wiggled my finger, so it slipped, and sank deep inside her wet hole.

“Oh, oh! Huh, yeah ah huhn!”

It didn’t take long after that.

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