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Mommy’s Boy

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Matt (23) lives at home with his divorced mom, Sarah (47) They’re very close, probably a little too close

Sarah’s husband, Matt’s father walked out on the when he was just 12 years old.
He’d heard them arguing constantly. His dad always seemed to be drunk most evenings and disappeared over the weekends, allegedly sleeping with other women.
Finally, he walked out one afternoon and Matt hasn’t seen him since.
He was deeply effected by his father leaving.
His schoolwork suffered. He became quite and withdrawn. Sarah was obviously concerned about him.
It was Sarah who suggested he slept with her in her bed so they could comfort each other.
Matt agreed.
He was 12, but still a little boy in his mother’s eyes.
For the first few weeks they would cuddle each other, give each other a peck on the cheek before falling asleep.
Then, one Friday night they stayed up later than usual to watch a movie together.
They went to bed and lay talking for a while.
Matt was only wearing his pajama bottoms, his mom in her nightie.
After their conversation Sarah leaned across for her goodnight peck on the cheek.
Matt closed his eyes and pursed his lips.
Only this time his mom kissed him much more softly than usual. Her lips partly open.
The cuddle was more of a caress.
She kept her lips on his as her hand wandered across his bare chest.
Matt opened his mouth slightly, enough for his mother’s tongue to push inside it.
Her hand moved slowly down her son’s chest, over his flat stomach, and rested on the waistband of his pajama bottoms.
It was almost as if she was waiting to see if he’d resist. He didn’t.
With their lips still locked together, Sarah slid her hand inside her son’s pajamas and felt his stiff cock.
She rubbed it gently, slowly. Feeling him for the first time.
Taking the lead she moved Matt’s hand and placed it on her tit. Matt nervously and clumsily groping his mother’s left boob.
With one hand around her son’s cock, the other rubbing her clit Sarah moved her mouth down Matt’s body.
Kissing his neck, chest, stomach, until she got his pajamas.
She lowers them to his knees.
Shuffles into position between his legs.
Takes his cock back into her hand.
Looks up into his eyes as she lowers her mouth onto his cock.
Matt watches as his mother sucks him.
His first sexual encounter, his first blow job has been with his own mom.
He doesn’t last very long.
He arches his back, let’s out a groan and shoots his load into his mother’s mouth.
Lovingly, she takes it all and swallows it.
Licking her son’s cock clean before laying next to him, giving her boy a cuddle.
That was 11 years ago.
Matt’s now 23….
But still sleeps with his mother every night.
She’s taught him everything he knows in the bedroom

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  • Reply Good little boy ID:8e5vb23a2mr

    Nice, I love mommy story

  • Reply John Ray ID:blf5nmql

    So when her son gets a girlfriend will his mom consider that cheating?

  • Reply Vitja ID:3jh8j3ykfib

    Oma ema on kõige parem panna

  • Reply Martin ID:gnrvcvoid

    I was just 14 when my parents divorced, my father treated my mother very badly and hit her several times. Mum and I were very close and a short time after the divorce we went on holiday to a seaside resort and we shared a double room. I had quite often seen mum in her underwear and a few times naked, as she had me. Now she was 37 and quite tall and slim with medium sized breasts and I couldn’t help noticing her quite hairy vulva. At the the same time I was quite well endowed at 14, with only one boy in my class with a larger penis and I am not circumcised. The first night we were discrete and then something changed. Foedr some reason mum decided we would shower together and we laughed a lot and she got me to soap her all over and then she did the same to me during which she rubbed my penis and drew back my foreskin but she continued and I had an erection. She confided that my father had a rather small circumcised penis. We got excited together and when we decided to lie down on her bed we just got carried away. I had my first experience of playing with a vagina and apart from a school mate no one had masturbated me. Not much later she begged me to have sex and I was surprised that she had brought a condom. It was absolutely amazing and I came a bit too soon but she wanted me to masturbate her until she came. I am now 22 and must confess we live together and have very regular sex. She says that having sex with a man with an eight inch penis is something she never envisaged.

    • Milky ID:202ren3xia

      Damn that sounds horny as hell

  • Reply Lucky one ID:1e1ymlodvh4m


  • Reply East Coast Male [email protected] ID:1cyvoabxmh2m

    Sounds like fun to me.

  • Reply Renee ID:7ylren4oic

    Made up, boring as hell also.

    • Tommy ID:19gz3v3ugv4m

      Hi Renee
      Looking for the stories you’ve written to compare.
      Where are they?