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Daddy Taught Me About Sex

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The story of my dad taking my virginity. I asked him about sex and he took a hands on approach

When I was about 10 years old, I was watching some TV show that may have a bit too adult for me. There was mention of sex, with some suggestive scenes but didn’t really describe what exactly sex was. I was so curious at the time, I tried asking my mom but she dismissed me and told me not to ask about that- she said it was a private thing between a man and a girl.

Later that night she dropped me off at my daddy’s house, and the question was still fresh on my mind. It was kind of exciting watching that scene in the show and how they were making out. Once my mom pulls off, I walk to my dad’s bedroom where he is laying on his bed watching TV.

“Hey daddy?” I say as I come into his room.
“Yes princess?”
“What does sex mean?” I ask innocently

He looked kind of shocked for a moment but I wasn’t really sure why, but then he asked where I heard that. I explained how I saw it on TV and described what happened in the scene, and he nodded.

He started to say that sex could mean a lot of things sweetheart. He motioned for me to come towards him to the bed, and pulled me up when I got close and sat me next to him. He pulled his arm around me and pulled closer cuddling me, rubbing lightly down the side of my waist and hips.

He looked down at me and told me “First, sweetie, sex could be when a man puts his cock inside a girls mouth”
“What’s a cock?”
He explained that a cock is the same as a boy’s peepee, but a lot bigger and can do more things. I asked him what kinds of things, and he told me that one thing it can do is get hard.
“So you have a cock daddy?”
He nodded his head and asked if I wanted to see it when its big. I said yes and I remember just feeling so curious and excited to see what it was like. He started unbuttoning his pants, unzipped, and opened the slit in his briefs. I could see the bulge it created, but when he finally pulled it out, my mouth fell open!

I had only ever seen my younger brother’s when we were younger and took baths together, and it was so small. My father’s cock was so huge compared to anything I had ever seen before, and even now that I’m older I am still amazed at how thick it was. It had good length but how thick it is was so shocking.
After pulling it out, he rubbed it a bit and asked me what I thought. I told him how I thought it was so big, and he laughed.
He then started telling me the second way you can have sex is by a man pushing his cock into a girl’s tight pussy.
Again, I ask him what a pussy was and he told me I had one.
He explained my pussy is the same thing as my cookie (what I called it at the time) and he went on to say that when a man puts his cock inside, it can make your pussy feel really good. He said that’s why the TV people acted like that. He was still slowly rubbing his cock and I asked him if it also felt good on his cock. He nodded.

He then said that since he’s showing me his cock, I should show him my pussy and he could show me how to rub my pussy so I can feel good like him. “Its like a really good massage baby girl”
He unbuttoned my shorts, and worked them down my hips and legs, asking me to lift my butt so he could take them off. He did the same for my flower panties.

He rolled on his side and pulled me closer into him, pressing his thick cock into my ass resting in the crack. He pressed up even harder and i feel his cock twitch against me, and soon his hand starts sliding down to my pussy

He rubs his finger over my smooth lips and it is so tickly. I giggle, and he spreads my lips to rub my clit. I shudder and let out a little yelp. It was so sensitive at first, but my daddy held me tight and kept rubbing my clit. I soon relaxed and it started to feel so good, I was letting out little moans

I still feel his hard cock pressing into my ass, rubbing up and down with him groaning into my ear, nibble and licking my ears and neck. It is feeling so good, and I’m moaning louder and louder. Daddy is going faster on my clit, and I can feel my pussy squeezing and suddenly it feels like an explosion. My pussy starts to spasm, and my hips lift against his hand.

He pulls my ass pressing back to his cock and tells me we aren’t done yet, and now he can show me how I can make daddy’s cock feel good.

He flips me over on my back and climbs on top of me, sucking and biting on my small tits. I let out a small yelp because of how sensitive my puffy nipples are, but he just starts pulling on them with his teeth. He holds my small 75 lb body down as he’s biting me all over, and starts kissing me. Suddenly i feel the large head of his cock rubbing up and down my wet slit, swirling over my sensitive clit. I relaxed as I grind my hips to massage my little rose bud on his dick.

He stops kissing me, and sits up a bit and I feel his position his head right at the entrance of my tight hole.
He looks me in my eyes and explained how it might hurt a little bit at first, but that I need to trust daddy and that his good girl is going to make him feel so good.

Suddenly I feel him trying to push, and there is so much pressure. I feel him try to push harder and his cock out of place sliding up my slit. He sighs in frustration, readjusts and firmly places his hand on my chest and the other positioning his cock. This time he shoves it in with no care of being gentle, and I feel my pussy stretch in a way I had no idea possible. I cry out as he tears through my hymen, and I feel how tight my young pussy is clinging to his cock as he’s starts pumping in and out. He groans and leans closer over my little body sliding arm under my back holding me. He tells me that I’m such a good little girl taking her daddy’s thick cock, and that he can feel how much I’m stretching my tight pussy to take him.

After a few thrusts, I feel him pushing deeper and deeper with each stroke. Each time it feels like I can’t take anymore, but the feeling is going further up my stomach. I’m completely filled, all I can focus on is his cock and how it is taking up every spare inch of my lower body. He still hasn’t pushed completely in to my cervix yet, and after a few more stroke I feel my pussy relax and I hear how wet I am as my daddy is plunging into my cunt. Soon my tears turn into whimpers, which then turn into moans. He chuckles and asks if I like daddy’s cock now. I start to feel that really good feeling in my pussy again and I moan out “Yess daddy! I like your cock i really like it!” My pussy spasms around his cock and suddenly he starts fucking me faster and even deeper than before. Then I finally feel him hit my cervix and it hurts. I try to push against him, but he drills into my pussy pounding into me until he punches my cervix with each thrust. There is a mixture of pain and pleasure while my pussy continues to quiver around his hard cock that’s plowing his daughters young cunt.

He starts to moan loudly, wrapping his hands around my waist picking me up and starts thrusting into me with such force bruising my sore cervix. He does a couple more hard thrust and pushes hard and deep as possible holding me down on cock. I feel my pussy start to flood with something warm, and he starts to set me down. He gives me gentle kisses as I feel his cock get smaller inside of me.

He told me again how I’m a really good girl, and how I did a great job making daddy feel so good. He then takes me into the bathroom and gives me a bath, being extra gentle and taking care of my sore pussy.

Since that day, I spent most nights in my daddy’s room and this was just the beginning in my training in becoming an obedient fuck toy. I miss fucking my daddy but he definitely taught me how to serve and keep my future daddy happy.

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    My dad taught me everything I know about sex a lot like this.

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    Here I’am at 4am reading these great stories while my K9 is having a feed on my 💦💦 pussy, anyway my Grandparents took advantage of me at 12 but I loved it, Grandma watched as my Grandfather fucked me after school, While waiting for my Mum to pick me up around six after she finished work. This went on for a number of years and even after I had finished school I visited them on weekends. Married now to a very understanding Husband and have two daughters 12 and 14 and are little slut fucks like me and wouldn’t change a thing, they were never forced into it just have there Mother’s Gean. 💖💗💓🌹 Love you all Emma from Aus.

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