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My dad was a slave master, and were the richest people in my area. Our family was of very high status and we had the most amount of slaves. Often, we would see my dad beat a slave to death, or he would fuck them out in the open.

In our family it was my dad, mom, me, the eldest, and my younger sister who was the middle child, then my brother the youngest. Our dad also fucked us, from a very young age, and would usually include our mom on his incestious fuck sessions.

When I was 10, it was the first time he fucked me. I let him of course, like a good daughter. My mom and my siblings watched intently as he fucked me with his big cock. My mom at one point even had a girl slave lick her pussy.

Back to the treatment of the slaves, most if not all were beaten daily. Like my father, I too enjoyed beating them up and would usually bring a whip around with me as I walked past them.

One time, when I was 12, I saw my dad rape one of our youngest girl slaves. We were out in the field when my dad spotted a rather small, pretty ish slave that was working. My dad went up and grabbed her by her dirty hair and shoved her to the ground. The girl started crying and begging for mercy, but of course no one helped her. Not even her own parents who were forced to just stand there and watch as their precious daughter was beaten and raped.

My dad had the parents of the girl slave hold her down while he lined his cock up with her hole. When he thrusted inside of her, the whole field could hear her screams of agony and torture. The parents cried as they could do nothing but hold her down and make her take the white cock.

I got really horny and started to rub my own pussy while my dad continued to fuck her rough. “Get over here and smack this black bitch,” my father said to me. I did happily and sat on the ground, hitting her small boobs and stomach.

“Is it nice to see your daughter be fucked?” I asked the dad. He just looked at me but didn’t say anything. “I asked you a question nigger, now show me your cock!” I shouted at him.

He obeyed immediately, this big black guy listening to a small 12 year old white girl.

His cock was huge and hard as a rock. “Wow dad look at this slave all excited while his daughter is being fucked!” I said. My dad scoffed and continued his thrusts.

I then decided I wanted to fuck this big man. I told him to get fully naked, while we were still in the middle of a cotton field, lots of eyes on us. Once he was naked I told him to follow me and brought him over in the shade, away from the other people. They could still see us though.

I told him to lay on his back, and when he did, I start stroking his huge black cock. “Wow you blacks really have huge cocks,” i said. He stayed silent but I could see he was enjoying this.

I massaged his dirty balls and starts sucking on the tip of his cock. He groaned in pleasure and his hips bucked. “Tell me, did you like your daughter being raped?” I asked. He nodded, “yes ma’am i did,” he said shamefully. “No need to be ashamed it’s normal, I give you permission to fuck her anytime you want.” I said.

When his cock was nice and wet I lifted up my skirt and told him to fuck me. He got up and i leaned agaisnt a tree, offering my cunt to him. He lined his cock up and slowly thrusted in, I could tell he was scared about making me mad. “Stop being so delicate, fuck me nigger!” I yelled.

He listened and started fucking me normally, I moaned without shame loudly, feeling his black cock stretch me out. “Good slave,” i moaned. “I might just have to keep you,” i told him.

“Yes ma’am” he said in between thrusts. Who new black cock was so good.

I felt him speed up and we came at the same time.

I brought him back to my dad and told my dad I wanted this one as my own personal slave. My dad didn’t care, and it was settled. I would have my own personal cock to use whenever.

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