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Your wife gives good head

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On June 12, Mitchell B., who had a drug problem, agreed with two young men to rob a family, who were renting a home from Mitchell’s parents. Mitchell had the keys to the home, which was at 416 Harsh Ln in Castalian Springs. There a white married couple, Brian H. and his wife Allyson Jane, both 36, were living with their 10-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter.
That night, at approximately 10:30 p.m, Mitchell stayed in the car, parked approximately 50 to 75 yards away from the family’s home, while his cohorts entered the home.
Allyson heard their dogs barking, and a few moments later, she saw two African-American young men standing in her bedroom. One was wearing a light-colored shirt, and the other was wearing a dark-colored shirt, and they were both wearing baseball caps and had bandanas covering their faces. They were both average build, and they looked like teenager. They had flashlights and a gun.
Her husband woke up and the intruders ordered him to get out of the bed and they pushed to the floor.
They demanded Brian to give them a rope, and he told them that he did not have a rope. One of the men removed the gold wedding rings from the couple’s fingers and used a bed sheet to tie Brian’s hands behind his back.
The other man said,
“You finish tying him up while I fuck this one real quick.’
He held a gun to Allyson’s head and walked her into the hallway. He opened the door to her daughter’s room and then closed it. Allyson asked the man not to hurt their two children. The man told her that they would not hurt the children as long as the couple did whatever they asked.
He then took Allyson, who was wearing only a T-shirt and panties, into the master bathroom. There the young man put his gun onto the floor and pushed the woman against the wall. He pulled Allyson’s shirt over her head, exposing her breasts.
“Nice boobs”, the man said and he began to fondle and suck Allyson’s breasts.
He then turn around the woman and pulled out her panties which dropped to the floor.
“Beautiful white ass”, the black young man said, while he was squeezing Allyson’s buttocks.
The man then lowered his pants, spread Allyson’s legs with his right leg, lifted her buttocks with his left hand and inserted his erect penis inside her vagina. Allyson was worried that her children would wake up, so she didn’t scream or cry.
After penetrating Allyson and thrusting for about 10 minutes, the man ejaculated inside the woman’s vagina.
He told her to call him, “Daddy.” He then ordered her to get into the bathtub and wash her vagina very well.
In the meantime the other man demanded that Brian give them his guns, drugs, and money, and Brian told him that he did not have any of those. Brian told him that he had $50 in his wallet in the kitchen. The man could not find the Brian’s wallet, and he returned to the bedroom and threatened to kill Mr. H.. Brian told him his wallet might be in his shorts.
At that time, both intruders were running through the house and ransacking it.
The same man who penetrated Allyson returned to the bathroom and asked her what his name was, and she responded, “Daddy.”
After some time had passed, the same man returned to the bathroom again and ordered her to perform oral sex on him. He threatened to “blow her head off” if she bit his penis.
Allyson sucked the man’s penis for about 10 minutes and then he ordered her to get back into the bathtub.
The man returned a third time, he sat on the edge of the bathtub, undid his zipper and pulled out his penis. He then ordered Allyson to sit on him and penetrated her by pushing and pulling her onto him.
In the bedroom Brian could hear his wife moaning in the bathroom. He tried to get up but the other man kicked him in the head.
In the bathroom, in the meantime, the man had withdrawn his penis from Allyson’s vagina and made her bending over the top of the toilet tank. He then rubbed his erect penis on the woman’s buttocks and pushed it into her anus.
After about 5 minutes, the man pulled over, made Allyson turning around on her knees and pushed his penis into the woman’s mouth.
Allyson sucked the man’s penis and licked his testicles for about 15 minutes.The man finally released his semen into Allyson’s mouth and she swallowed it.
Immediately after, the man leave the bathroom and entered in the bedroom where Brian was tied. He esposed his penis to Allyson’s husband and told him,
‘Your wife gives good head. You should compliment her more.’
Next the intruders started again rummaging around the house and removing things from the house.
The men ripped the TV off the wall in the bedroom and took another television, a laptop and a camera.
They then drove away.

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